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Dorothy Bettis




Five More Sioux City Women Join Auxiliary Army

Five more Sioux City women have joined the WAACs and have received orders to active duty at Fort Des Moines, according to Lieut. Marie Eichelberger, recruiting officer here.

The women are: Dawn Sullivan, 410 Helmer Street; Dorothy Bettis, 2821 Second Street; Martha Walsh, 609 W. Sixth Street; Hertha Skaanning, 421 16th Street, and Rosemary Johnson.

Under the WAAC training program they will receive four weeks of basic training after which they will be given aptitude tests to determine what type of work they will be best suited for in the army. Based on these tests, they will be sent to a specialist school or they may be selected for officers training.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, May 1, 1943