Hamilton County

S/Sgt. Glen E. Snider



Six Members of Snider Family in Service

A service flag with six stars on it—a record banner for Hamilton county—is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Z. Snider of Williams, who have six sons in the service of the United States. With the entrance recently of their youngest son Donald (Jack), 17, into the navy, the Sniders now have three boys in the army and three bluejackets. The sextet attended Williams high school before entering service and have all gone into specialized schools after beginning training.

The Sniders’ eldest son, Gilbert A., 32, is a seaman second class with the Seabees and is stationed at Camp Endicott, R.I.  His wife and son, Donald, live in Seattle, Wash.

Next on the list is Staff Sgt. Glen E., 30 who is currently overseas with the air corps.

Corporal Marion E. who is 28, third son in the family, is stationed with the infantry at Camp Carson, Colo.

Corporal Wayne O., 23, is with the heavy artillery with his address in care of the Postmaster, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Next to the youngest is Wendell L., 19, an aviation metalsmith, third class who is with the naval air corps at Tillamook, Ore.

Donald A. (Jack), 17 is now taking his naval training at Farragut, Idaho.

Source: The Daily Freeman Journal, June 17, 1943 (photos included)


The Daily Freeman Journal reported on Aug. 5, 1944 that Staff Sgt. Glen E. Snider, a turret gunner aboard a Flying Fortress has been missing in action over Germany since July 20. The same newspaper reported on Aug. 23, 1944 that Snider was being held by the Germans. 

Wendell L. Snider served with the U.S. Navy during World War II, surviving a kamikaze attack on the USS Saratoga (CV-3) on Feb. 21, 1944. He later retired from the U.S. Air Force after 21 years of service.  (Obituary--Ames Tribune, Ames, IA)