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Miss Sylvia Ross, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Ross, 1317 West Third street, will leave Davenport Sunday for Des Moines, where she will begin training as a WAAC. She was graduated from high school in Charles City, Ia., and was recently employed by the Ralston Purina Co.

Her brother Crpl. Norman Ross, is with the army somewhere in Canada with a port battalion. He has been in the service since September.

Source: The Daily Times, March 5, 1943

Today has triple significance for Miss Susanna Ross, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Ross, 1317 West Third street, Davenport.

Besides being her 20th birthday, and also marks the the date when she was sworn into the WAC by Lt. Jane Smith in charge of the local WAC recruiting office.

Miss Ross was graduated last January from the Davenport high school, and has since studied at Augustana college.

She has a brother, Corp. Norman Ross, who is overseas, and a sister, Pvt. Sylvia Ross, who is also in the WAC, and is stationed in Albany, Ga.

Source: The Daily Times, January 1, 1944

Pvt. Susanna Ross of the Air WACS has arrived in New Guinea, according to word receive by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Ross, 1317 West Third street. Before receiving her present assignment she was engaged in clerical work at Morris field, N.C. and at Ft Oglethorpe, Ga. A former Rock Island arsenal employee, she received her training at Ft. Des Moines.

Her sister, Pfc. Sylvia Ross, who has been in the air WACS since March, 1943, is now stationed at Albany, Ga. Until beginning her service she was employed in the office of Paris cleaners,

Cpl. Norman Ross, also in the military service, is stationed at Ft. Lawton, Wash. He has been in the army two and a half years of which period he was stationed for over a year in British Columbia. His wife, Mrs. Evelyn Ross, and daughter reside at Seattle, Wash. Cpl. Ross is a former Rock Island arsenal employee and all three are graduates of Davenport high school.

Source: The Daily Times, February 8, 1945 (photo included)