Grundy County

Pvt. Joe Nichols




Notes About N. E. Iowans in the Service.

Morrison—Mrs. Elma Cooley of Morrison has three sons in the armed forces, one who has just received an honorable discharge because of a physical disability, and three sons-in-law in the service.

Harry Cooley, 33, was discharged after serving two years in the navy.

Chief Petty Officer Logan entered service Nov. 9, 1936, and recently returned to New York after 11 ½ months with an amphibious repair unit in England and South Africa.  He returned Monday to his base after spending a week’s leave with his mother.  His wife and two children live in Brooklyn.

Cpl. Delmar Cooley, 20, entered the marine corps June 4, 1940, from the National Guard.  When Wake Island fell to the Japanese Dec. 22, 1941, he was taken prisoner and now is in a prison camp in Shanghai.

Pvt. Donald Cooley entered the army May 12, 1944, and has now received his APO address. He was last stationed at Camp Gruber, Okla.

Sgt. Joe Nichols was inducted Dec. 2, 1942, and has been a German prisoner since February 1944.  His wife, Doris Cooley Nichols, and their two children live at Rice Lake, Wis.

Pvt. Joe Wical entered the army May 12, 1944, and is now in France.  His wife, Mary Cooley Wical, and daughter live at Grundy Center.

William C. Minard, motor machinist mate first class, is stationed at San Pedro, Cal.  His wife, Zelda Cooley Minard, is living in Waterloo.

The father of the Cooley boys, the late Lon Cooley, served in the Spanish-American war.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, Wednesday, December 6, 1944 (photos included)