Hamilton County

Sgt. Buster E. King



Four Kings is a mighty good hand in any game and Uncle Sam, now engaged in the deadly “game” of war against Japan, is finding that true-- for he has four Webster City Kings on his side.

Mrs. Mabel King of this city is the mother of the four servicemen, whose duties ranged from sub service in the Pacific to army duty in the Italian war theatre.

Oldest in the point of service is McKinley W. King, TM2/c, 26, who has been in the Navy since April, 1942, and is now serving on a submarine in the Pacific area.  A former truck driver before he entered the Navy three years ago.  McKinley holds the purple heart for wounds suffered in action.  His wife is now living in Chicago.

Sgt. Buster E. King, 21, is with the army air corps in Italy. Before entering the army in March, 1943, he was a service man at Brin’s in this city.  His wife and family live near this city.

Richard N. King, MoMM3/c, and youngest of the quartet, left school to enter the Navy in January, 1944, and is on duty with the Navy in the Pacific.

Clifford M. King, F2/c, entered the Navy from Clarion last February and is now attending commander’s school at Great Lakes, Ill.  He was formerly employed at Adams Coal and Feed Company in this city.  His family is living in this city.

A fifth brother, Keith, 27, is also helping turn the tide against Japan by farming near Clarion.

Not content with having five sons who are assisting Uncle Sam with his war effort, Mrs. King is doing her bit by working at the Closz factory in this city, where all types of sleves and similar farm equipment are made for shipment to points all over the world.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Thursday, May 17, 1945 (photos included)


Four sons of Maroni Fuller and Mabel Fern Norcross King served in World War II.

Buster Elston King was in the Army Air Corps in Italy.
Clifford Maroni King was in the Navy aboard the destroyer, USS Mullany (DD-528).

Richard N. King was in the Navy aboard the USS LSM (Landing Ship Medium) 299 in the Pacific.

McKinley William “Mac” King served aboard a submarine in the Pacific area and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Sources: Daily Freeman Journal and ancestry.com