Hamilton County


Ken Johnson




SERVICEMEN WRITE (to Joy Hanson, Editor of the Ellsworth News)

Tucson, Ariz.

Dear Joy:

The News has been arriving regularly and I have enjoyed it. I was quite surprised, however, to see that article about my graduating from this school on March 15.

As you can recall I spent fifteen days with my family at Cedar Rapids during the last of January and the first part of February and because of my absence from here for a period exceeding ten days I was held over “in the interests of further indoctrination” for an additional month.

Immediately upon reading said article I contacted our publicity director to prevent the same information from going out for the next battalion, but he informed me that it had already been sent to you. I hope that by this time it has found its way to your “round file.”

I expect to be back in Iowa by Aril 15, but at present I have no idea where my next station will be.

This a wonderful place to spend the winter although every one tells me that they had had a cool winter here this year.


Ken Johnson

Source: Ellsworth News, April 5, 1944