Hamilton County

William Keith Hunt, Ph M3-c





William Keith Hunt, Ph M3-c, now believed engaged in the invasion Tinian as a member of a marine division, had a narrow escape from death or injury because of typical Jap trickery during the successful invasion of the island of Saipan, he has written his wife in this city.

Hunt related in his letter that one evening a Jap came out of hiding, carrying a baby and giving signs he wanted to surrender. When he came nearer to American lines, he threw a hand grenade, which hit a foxhole next to the one in which Hunt was lying. “Where he is now, he won’t hurt anybody,” Hunt concluded.

Before taking part in the Saipan campaign, Hunt, former proprietor of the Rio Grande Fruit exchange in this city, was located in the Marshall islands.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Friday, July 28, 1944

NOTES: Keith William Hunt was born Dec. 17, 1920, to Merle E. and Gladys Ruth Boynton Hunt. He died Nov. 21, 1997, and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Red Oak, IA.