Woodbury County

LeRoy F. Barber



Name Iowa Men Held Prisoners

Navy, Was Department List Men of City and the Area

Washington -- The navy department announced Thursday the names of 1,044 United States Navy personnel, including six Iowans, held as prisoners of war by the Japanese, mostly in the Philippine Islands.

Iowans listed were:

LeRoy F. Barber, gunner’s mate, son of Mrs. Nora Barber, 920 Wright Avenue, Sioux City;
Milford Nielsen, yeoman, son of Mrs. Hattie Westphalen, Hartley;
John W. Reimer, Jr. aviation chief metalsmith, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Reimer, Sr., Havelock;
Steve M. Sorensen, chief boatswain’s mate, brother of Hans K. Sorensen, 123 S. Davidson Street, Sioux City;
Rudolph P. Steck, chief commissary steward, son of Mr. Carrie Garber, 416 S. Lafayette Street, Sioux City;
William B. Westerberg, boilermaker, son of John A. Westerberg, Hinton.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, May 14, 1943

LeRoy Barber Is Liberated

Message Received Here Says His Health Impaired

LeRoy Barber, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ned A. Barber, 920 Wright Avenue, has been liberated from a Japanese prison, according to a brief message from the war department which reached the parents Wednesday.

The dispatch states that young Barber is in poor health as the result of his imprisonment. He was a gunner mate, third class, on the cruiser Houston and was stationed at Cavite, a naval base in the Philippines, at the time of the fall of Corregidor. He was taken prisoner at that time.

Young Barber has been in the navy for nine years. He was born here and attended Riverview, West Junior and Central High School.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, September 27, 1945