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Fred J. Stevens



Wake Civilian Worker First Heard From Since Attack

Fred J. Stevens, 48, 4901 Third street, is a Japanese prisoner in Sukuoka, an interment camp on Honshu island, according to a message from him received by his wife Tuesday.

This is the first news that Mrs. Stevens has had from her husband since before Pearl Harbor. He was a civilian employed in construction work on Wake island and was captured by the Japs when that island was invaded. He was employed by the Onawa Waterworks Construction Company which had a contract for work on the island.

The card bearing Mr. Stevens message was received here Tuesday and was dated in July 1944. Mr. Stevens reached Wake island in June, 1941. About a year ago the wife was informed by the War Department that her husband had been on Wake island at the time the Japs seized it, and no further word had been received until the postcard message reached her.

There are six children in the family, two of whom are in the Navy.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, Wednesday, January 24, 1945