Linn County

Verne Sorenson



THREE MEMBERS…of a single family, all in the Navy and all serving in the Philippines are shown above.  At the left is Verne Sorenson, a veteran of the other war, who is with the Seabees and who went down to the South Pacific almost two years ago on the same ship with Johnny Fryrear. He has seen action at Guadalcanal, Bougainville, the Marianas and now in the Philippines.  He’s the stepfather of Paul Shanklin, F1/c , (right), and Cecil Shanklin, CMoMM, both of whom are old Navy hands and once served together on the New Orleans.  Cecil has been in the Navy eight years while Paul enlisted after doing a hitch earlier.  The only member of the family still at home is Mrs. Sorenson, who lives at 1422 First street NW.  Paul made headlines some years back when he pedaled a bicycle from Cedar Rapids to Florida, 1,970 miles, in 20 days.  His wife, the former Hazel Parents, of Cedar Rapids, lives now in Van Nuys, Calif., where she works in the Lockheed plant.

Source: local Cedar Rapids newspaper, Jan. 28, 1945 (photo included)

Paul Shanklin reporting from the Philippines:  “Saw Anson Burlingame two hours this past week and he looks real well, tan and ready to go home after 25 months out here.  Jerry Sprynel is running a speed boat for the captain of a battle wagon.  My brother, Cecil, hitch-hiked 500 miles by plane to see yours truly two weeks ago.  He came down to see our stepdad, Verne Sorenson, but found Vern headed for home for discharge and me holding down the spot instead.  Vern was aboard a boat to come and see me when a yeoman ran out with word that he was to pack at once for home.  So I didn’t see him after all, after chasing him all over this darn ocean.:  Paul sent along a picture of the outdoor meat markets where he’s located.  What a mess!

Source:  local Cedar Rapids newspaper, July 29, 1945