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Capt. George G. Rowland


Former Resident, Capt. G. Rowland, Missing in Action

Capt. George Gerald Rowland, a Sioux City resident for several years before he went into the service the National Guard unit from Sioux City, has been reported missing in action December 16, according to news received by relatives from the War Department.

Mrs. Rowland and their three children had been living in Marksville, La., until this winter when they moved to Inwood, Ia., to stay with Capt. Rowland’s parents.

Capt. Rowland left with the national guards for Camp Claiborne, La., and went overseas first to Northern Ireland and then to north Africa.  He came back to the United States in January, 1944, and was returned overseas last fall.

Capt. Rowland served with an infantry division.  His last letter was dated December 14 from Germany, two days before he was reported missing.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, Wednesday, January 17, 1945

Ex-Sioux Cityan, First Missing, Then Prisoner, Liberated

Capt. George Gerald Rowland, a former resident of Sioux City who was reported missing in action December 16, was taken prisoner by the Germans, placed in a prison camp and then liberated recently when allied troops took the camp. His wife, who resides with his parents at Inwood, Iowa, received a letter from him Sunday, reported it was the first word she had as to his whereabouts.

Capt. Rowland left Sioux City with the Iowa National Guard and spent some time in Ireland and Africa. He was in the United States in January 1944 on leave and returned to the European theater. He was in the infantry.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 18, 1945