O'Brien County

Rowenhorst, Norbert
Finch, Howard
Beldt, Milford


Sheldon, IA.—Sanford Rowenhorst is stationed at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, in an anti-tank destroyer force of the Army.  His brother, Sergeant Norbert Rowenhorst, is a member of the United States Fifth army under the command of Gen. Mark. W. Clark, which invaded Naples.  Both are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Al Rowenhorst of Sheldon.

—Harold and Howard Struyk of Sheldon, formerly members of Company I, Sheldon National Guard unit, are members of the United States Fifth Army under the command of Gen. Mark W. Clark.  The Struyk twins and Sergeant Norbert Rowenhorst of Sheldon have been together since leaving Sheldon in February, 1941.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, September 15, 1943


Norbert Rowenhorst, Howard Finch and Milford Beldt met recently in a Nazi prisoner of war camp, according to word just received here, says the Sheldon Mail.

Sgt. Norbert Rowenhorst writes from a German prison camp to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al Rowenhorst, Sheldon, in which he states that he is well.  The letter, written April 5, was received here this week Monday.  He says, in part:  “By now you know I am a prisoner of war and it is only by the grace of God that I am here.  I can’t complain about the treatment being given me.”

He also said that he was making new acquaintances and for his parents not to worry that everything would be O. K.

Sgt. Rowenhorst is in Stalag Prison Camp 2 B, according to a letter received from Milford Beldt, who has been a prisoner there since February 19 of last year.  In the letter, which was written April 20 to his parents, he stated that Norbert and Finch arrived the week before.  This was the first word the Finch family have had concerning Howard since he was first reported missing in action.

Source:  LeMars Globe-Post, June 12, 1944