Henry County

Capt. Amos Hollis Norton




Henry county relatives of men who were prisoners of war in Germany anxiously await word from them.  All likely have been freed, information from Germany indicates, but the mail facilities out of the country have broken down temporarily.

A list of the prisoners from the county has been compiled by the News.  It may not include all. Corrections and additions should be mailed or telephoned to the News office.

The List:

Prisoners in Pacific Theater:
Capt. Hollis Norton, New London, prisoner of the Japs since the fall of Corrigedor.

Source: Mt. Pleasant News, May 11, 1945

Capt. Hollis Norton Reported Dead
Officer Was Prisoner Of Japanese

New London—Capt. Hollis Norton, prisoner of the Japs since the fall of Corregidor, has been officially reported dead according to a message from the government sent to his wife at Columbia, S. Carolina and forwarded here by her to his mother, Mrs. Amos Norton and sister, Mrs. Ralph McKinnon.

The message stated that he had been removed from a Jap prison camp and placed aboard a ship, sunk early in December 1944, presumably by a U. S. submarine.

Capt. Norton enlisted in the Army in the fall of 1919 soon after graduation from high school.

After the armistice of World War I, he was sent to Germany for reconstruction work and was in that country over 4 years. During his many years of service he had only two furloughs at home, the last being 11 years ago when he spent 3 months here and at Washington, Iowa.

He had been in the Philippines with Gen. MacArthur over a year before Pearl Harbor and had been transferred from Manila to Corregidor just a few days previous to the attack on that city.

Very few messages were received from him while he was a prisoner, the last was a card written in July 1944, and received at Christmas time—after his death.

He was born at Malden, Ill., and would have been 45 years old on June 11, 1945.

Besides his wife, he leaves a daughter, Betty 14, a son Hollis Jr 9, all of Columbia, S. Caro.; his mother, Mrs. Amos Norton of New London, 2 sisters, Mrs. Yoma McKinnon of New London and Mrs. Carrol Sering of Chicago, and one brother, Clair Norton, of Keota.

Source: Mt. Pleasant News, August 2, 1945

World War II Veterans Interred Overseas

Name: Amos H. Norton
Rank: Captain
Combat: Quatermaster Corps
Last Report Date: 20 Jan 1945
Monument: Fort William Mckinley, Manila, the Philippines
Last Known: Missing
U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal

US Rosters WWII Dead 1939-1945

Name: Amos H. Norton
Status: Non-recoverable
Army Captain
Detained: PW Camp 1, Japan

Social Security Death Index

Name: Amos H. Norton
Born: 11 Jun 1900
Died: Jan 1945