Plymouth County

Sgt. Harold Gillespie




The U. S. army signal corps recently sent back an interesting picture entitled “Somewhere Along the Ledo Road” showing a picture of Cpl. Harold S. Gillespie of Akron, playing his saxophone.  He is a member of a unit commanded by the former movie actor, now Captain Melvin Douglas, which goes just about everywhere in India, close to the front lines, entertaining the soldiers.  The accompanying story tells of some of the hardships undergone by the musicians, not the least of them being the necessity of living in the same smelly clothes day after day.

Source: The Globe-Post, May 18, 1944

Akron, Ia.—Sgt. Harold Gillespie, son of Mrs. D. L. Waterbury, has been discharged from the Army under the point system.  Sgt. Gillespie went overseas in January, 1942, and served as a member of an entertainment group with the 10th air force in India.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, July 24, 1945