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Pvt. James L. Akers




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Pvt. James L. Akers is once more in action with his unit, the 32nd infantry division on northern Luzon, after recovering from injuries suffered in his first actual combat action against the Japs.

Serving in the division’s 128th infantry regiment, Pvt. Akers was on his first patrol when the advance was split by heavy enemy fire and he and two companions look refuge in a cave. All three men were slightly wounded and were administering first aid to themselves when  Jap tossed a grenade into the cave. The grenade landed between two helmets laying on the ground and the explosion fortunately caused the men no injury. They lay in the cave all day and when darkness fell they made several attempts to slip out, only to be driven back by machine gun fire. Sometime later they made a break for their lines through the heavy fire without further injury.

Pvt. Akers is the son of Mrs. Edith Akers, Otis road.

Source: Cedar Rapids Tribune, June 21, 1945