Plymouth County World War II DEAD

Compiled by Iowa State Department of History and Archives, submitted by Bessie B. Wilson, War Records Director

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Name Next of Kin Rank/Status Date of death Location of Death
Albert, Wayne H. Mother: Mrs. Gertrude Albert, 120 2nd Ave SW, LeMars Pfc / Killed in Action 6/14/1944 France
Allen, Byron K. Parents: M/M Ernest Allen, Akron Pfc / Killed in Action 7/6/1944 England
Anderson, Sperling Wife: Mrs. Edna Anderson, Akron; Sister, Mrs. George Sawyers, Hawarden Killed in Action 2/2/1945 France
Archer, James C. Parents: Rev/Mrs A.C. Archer, LeMars; Wife, Elizabeth Archer, Wilmore, KY Pfc/ Killed in Action 5/25/1945 Okinawa
Bamberg, Tony LeMars (K)      
Barr, Junior Herbert Parents: M/M Hayes Barr, Akron Died of wounds 12/27/1944 France
Bogner, Herman Andrew Brother: Tom Bogner, Box 305, Merrill Pvt   Died of heart ailment-had been discharged from the Army
Boyle, Joseph L. Parents: M/M Patrick J. Boyle, 306 5th Ave SW, LeMars (K) Sgt / Killed in Action 5/29/1944 Italy
Bradley, Wm C. Mother: Katherine Bradley, 315 3rd Ave SE, LeMars Cpl / Killed in Action 4/14/1945 Germany
Brandenburg, Lawrence J. Parents: M/M Geo. Brandenburg, RFD, LeMars T-Sgt/MIA Apr 1943, Lost in an air raid/declared dead 4/18/1944 4/13/1943 Over Bremen, Germany
Brown, Ralph O. Hinton Capt/Killed at Air Base 4/29/1944 Florida
Brundeen, Arthur Roland Mother: Edith Brundeen, Rt. 1, Akron Sgt/Died of wounds 6/12/1944 France
Burns, Robert J. Parents; M/M James Burns, 409 1st Ave NW, LeMars (K) Sgt/Died of wounds in hospital 11/7/1943 Italy
Carey, Ronald LeMars (K) Killed 4/8/1943 Africa
Cornish, Earl L. Parents: M/M Harry B. Cornish, Kingsley Died at Naval hospital, San Diego, CA, after hospitalized in Ireland; had been discharged   San Diego, California
Crowe, Robert F. Parents: M/M A.F. Crowe, Rt. 7, LeMars Pvt/Died of wounds 9/26/1944 France
DeJager, Norman Parents: M/M Ed DeJager, 227 2nd St. SW, LeMars Pfc/Died of wounds 4/14/1945 Leyte
Delaney, James Patrick Remsen      
Dirks, Howard Willard Wife, Craig, Ia.; Parents: M/M Fred Dirks, Chatsworth S Sgt/Killed in Action 9/19/1944 France
Dorale, Fred C. Father: Henry F. Neddermeyer, Kingsley Sgt/Killed in Action 3/12/1945 Pacific
Fahrenkrug, Harold Father: Richard Fahrenkrug Killed in Action 4/6/1945 Pacific
Falk, Elvit Wayne Parents: M/M Frank Falk, LeMars: Wife: Dorothy B. Falk, Rt. 6, LeMars Lt/Killed in Action 1/1/1945 France
Feeney, Marion Parents: M/M Clem Feeney, Kingsley Killed in Action   Germany
Fleege, John Akron Sgt    
Flynn, Gerald Brother: Kenneth Flynn, Remsen Marine/Killed in Action    
Foley, Milton N. Wife:Myrna Eilers Foley, 325 Central Ave NW, LeMars: Mother: Elizabeth Foley, 201 1st Ave NE, LeMars Mach Mate 3c/Killed in Action 5/11/1945 Pacific
Harnack, Donald John Parents: M/M John F. Harnack, Remsen Aviaton Cadet/Killed plane crash 3/10/1943 Phoenix, Arizona
Heeren, Richard J. Parents: M/M John Heeren, RFD 3, LeMars Pfc/Killed in Action 9/24/1944 Italy
Hoffman/n, Martin Parents: M/M T.F. Hoffmann, Merrill Pfc/Killed in Action 1/14/1945 Germany
Jennings, Donald Parents: M/M Walter Jennings, LeMars Pvt/Killed plane crash 12/25/1944 Chengto, China
Keihn, Eugene P. Wife:Mrs. Eugene Keihn WAVE. Parents: M/M Edward Keihn, 209 3rd Ave SE, LeMars Killed in Action 2/16/1944 Italy
Kelly, Edward O. Father: Orrin M. Kelly, 700 1st Ave, LeMars Pfc/Killed in Action 4/12/1945 Germany
Kempker, Edward Parents: M/M John F. Kemper, LeMars Lt/missing on bombing mission 11/5/1943 Over Germany
Kempker, John Charles Parents: M/M John F. Kemper, LeMars (K) Cpl/Killed in Action 10/2/1943 Italy
Kettler, Walter B. Parents: M/M Leo J. Kettler, 303 Central SW, LeMars (K) Pvt/Killed in Action 5/29/1944  
Knecht, Marvin George Parents: M/M Roy Knecht Pvt/Killed plane crash at Municipal Airport 8/15/1943 Memphis, Tenn.
Kock, Harm F. Wife: Nora M. Kock, Craig; Parents: M/M Ulrich Kock, 109 2nd Ave SW, LeMars Died Jan 1944 England
Koenig, Kenneth O. Mother: Mrs. A.L. Koenig, 5280 Cass St., SanDiego, Cal. MM 1c Merrill/died in the siege 5/6/1942 Philippines
Kohnke, Raymond H. Parents: M/M Otto J. Kohnke, Remsen Cpl/Killed in Action Solomon Islands   Bougainville, South Pacific
Kosse, Roman L. Parents: M/M Martin Kosse, Remsen Pfc/Killed in Action 2/1/1945 France
Kunkel, Dale A. Wife: Delores M. Kunkel, 515 4th Ave SE, LeMars Pvt/Killed in Action 6/4/1945 European area
Kutil, Earl Marion Mother: Mrs. Rose Kutil, Akron Merchant Marine/ Killed when USS Knoxville City ship was torpedoed 6/1/1942 Atlantic Ocean
Langendorfer, Donald Robert Parents: M/M Chas. Langendorfer. Sister: Frances Langendorfer, 2132 McDonald, Sx City Navy/Accident 2/23/1943 Ft. Ord, California
Lanners, Frank Father: Peter Lanners, Rt. 1, Remsen Pfc/Killed in Action 7/12/1943 Sicily/North Africa
Lanzendorf, John W. Parents: M/M George Lanzendorf, Oyens Sgt/Killed in Action 7/8/1944 Pacific area
Lawrence, Casey Donavan Wife: Leona Bogner Lawrence, Merrill. Father: E.E. Lawrence, Merrill Pfc/Died of Typhus Fever 4/22/1944 New Guinea
Letsche, Leland Philip Parents: M/M Herman Letsche, Rt. 2, Remsen Pfc/Killed in Action 4/28/1944 Anzio, Italy
Lindblom, Lowell Parents: M/M A.M. Lindblom, Hinton Killed on plane mission from England 10/26/1943 Over Germany
Ludwig, Alphonse T. Parents: M/M Mike Ludwig, Rt. 1, LeMars Sgt/Killed in Action 9/19/1944 France
McCarty, Wallace Eugene Parents: M/M Harry McCarty, Box 123, Westfield Pfc Marine/Killed in Action 5/16/1942 Coral Sea
Mack, Harold John Mother: Gertrude Mack, 2733 1/2 Gilroy, Los Angeles, Cal. Navy Gunner's Mate 2c/Killed aboard U.S.S. Vincennes 8/9/1942 Off Savo Island
Manson, John Parents: M/M John Manson, LeMars S Sgt/Killed in Action 6/22/1945 Okinawa
Meske, Eldor Parents: M/M August Meske, Box 221, Akron. Wife: Cora Lace Meske, Lebanon, Penn. Sgt/Killed in Action 9/24/1944 Belgium
Miller, Vernon E. Mother: Mrs. Carl N. Miller, Rt. 5, LeMars Sgt/Airplane crash 1/19/1944 California
Montague, James R. Mother: Martha Montague, Akron Pvt/Killed in Action   South Pacific
Neubrand, Stanley L. LeMars RM 3/c Killed in Action, but first listed MIA 10/26/1944 Leyte, Philippine Islands
Nissen, Martin Aunt: Mrs. Fred Schell, Remsen.   2/4/1944  
Ommen, Henry Parents: M/M John Ommen, Howard, SD (formerly of LeMars), Sister: Mrs. Gerald Henrich, Akron Pfc/Killed in Action 1/21/1945 over Belgium
Paulin, Kenneth R. Brother: Huel Paulin, RFD, LeMars Killed 3/30/1942 Corregidor
Pelton, Clyde Jr. Father: Clyde Pelton, LeMars; Mother: Emma Pelton, Seattle, Wa GM 1c/Killed in Action 5/1943  
Phelan, Roy W. Parents: M/M Wyatt Phelan, Rt. 7, LeMars T-Sgt/Killed in Action 2/10/1945 Germany
Phillips, Chas. F. Jr. Father: Charles F. Phillips Sr, Kingsley; Grandparents: Rev/Mrs W. W. Phillips, 2007 College, Cedar Falls PM 2c/Died of gunshot wounds 9/1/1943 Pacific
Reisch, Walter Henry Mother: Hattie Reisch, Struble Pvt/Killed in Action 4/29/1943 Tunisia
Rhode, Edmund Mother: Alma Rhode, LeMars Lieut/MIA over Germany-declared dead   over Germany
Rohlfs, Leo F. Parents: M/M Fred Rohlfs, Craig S/Sgt 4/23/1943 Airplane crash Avon Park, Florida
Rohlfsen, Russell Wife: Vivian Rohlfsen, LeMars; Parents: M/M Henry F. Meyer, LeMars Lt/Killed in plane crash 3/7/1945 Morotavia Island
Rosenow, George C. Merrill Lieut 11/9/1944 Shot down over France
Rosenow, Wm. Carl Parents: M/M Chas. Rosenow, 317 West St. Sx City--formerly Merrill MM 1c/Killed in Action 11/30/1942 Pacific
Roush, Jack Mother: Mrs. Fred Dahlin, 626 N. LaFayette Blvd,South Bend, Ind. (K) Killed in Action 7/16/1944 Italy
Seggerman, Eilert Wm. Sister: Mrs. Alma Scherner, Remsen Killed in Action/air patrol duty 4/5/1943  
Stoos, Herman Joseph Mother: Mrs. Matt Stoos (K) T4gr/Killed in Action 4/27/1943 Tunisia
Stoos, John M. Jr. "Jack" Father: John Stoos Sr, Remsen. Sister: Mrs. Elmer Nitzschke, Remsen Pfc/Killed 5/6/1942 Corregidor
Stortz, Wayne Mother: Mrs. Clare Stortz, Kingsley Lieut/Killed in Action 4/30/1945 Germany
Tindall, Alan Parents: M/M Adam Tindall, Rt. 1, Akron Pfc/Killed in Action 2/21/1945 Italy
Trafford, Donald James Father: Frank Trafford, 321 1st Ave NE, LeMars. Wife: Frances F. Trafford, Onawa. Military service: Nov 1941-Aug 1942, medically discharged. Dead.    
Treinen, Richard Parents: M/M Chas. Treinen, Remsen Lt/Killed in bomber crash 1/20/1945 near Pine Mountain,Oregon
Vanderwal, Robert J. Mother: Mae Vanderwal, LeMars (K) Killed in Action 10/2/1943 Italy
Waterbury, Arnold L. Brother: Myron Waterbury, Akron. Wife: Mrs. Arnold Waterbury, c/o Mrs. Arter, Elk Point, S.D. Lt/Killed in Action 7/7/1944 France
Wilkens, Edward Parents: M/M George Wilkens, Hawarden; formerly Brunsville Cpl/Died of throat infection in hospital 4/28/1945 England
Yoch, Verne B. Mother: Nadeane L. Yoch, 401 2nd Ave NE, LeMars Pfc/Killed in Action   Europe
(K) denotes Member Co K        
List Complete as of May 31, 1946  
**there are possibly other county casualties NOT on this list

County Fortunate;
Has Fewer Fatalities

Published by the Sentinel this issue is the list of Plymouth County World War II dead as compiled by the Iowa State Department of History and Archives in Des Moines.  The department does not intend to have this list taken as official, but extreme care has been taken in collecting information and it is probably the most complete list available.

Those men who are still missing in action are not included in this record.  The War Department carries missing men in that status for one year and then unless information is received to the contrary they are declared officially dead.

If there are any mistakes or omissions in the list, the Sentinel will be glad to make the correction.  After the list has been accurately compiled, the Sentinel will print some pamphlets of these names and any individuals or organizations wishing one may write the Sentinel

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, January 4, 1946