Source: Mapleton Press May 22, 1941

Monona County Contributes Large Force of Men to the Armed Forces of the U.S.

Monona County has contributed nearly 100 men to the armed forces of the United States, in addition to those who have enlisted since Registration day and those who have been inducted through the Selective Service act, according to information compiled this week by Carl Nielsen of Onawa, chief clerk of the Monona County draft board, at the special request of the Mapleton Press for the benefit of its many readers.

Chief Clerk Nielsen compiled three lists of names ñ men in the service prior to registration, enlistments of registrants after registration and all inducted men to date. He announced that there are a number of men from Monona County in the service that the board does not have any record of because the ìhome addressî report has not been received by the Draft board.

Herewith are the three lists of men, as compiled by Clerk Nielsen:


Enlisted men and officers from Monona County now on duty in the Regular Army, Navy, Air Corps or Marine Corps throughout the world. These men do not include men in training through the Selective Service act. Names are taken from the files of the Selective Service board.

Name Service Rank Home Address
Allmon, Leland Navy Apprentice Seaman Soldier, IA
Almer, L. E. Army 1st Lieut. Med. Res. Moorhead
Bailey, Warren Army 1st Lieut. Onawa
Baker, Andrew Navy Machinists Mate 2/c Ute
Barsby, Gerald Army Private Onawa
Bentley, Bernard Army PFC Onawa
Berg, Glen Navy Seaman 1/c Soldier, IA
Boehme, Virgil Army PFC Onawa
Bray, Byron Army Private Mapleton
Brown, John Army PFC Ute
Carnes, Earl Navy Seaman 2/c Blencoe
Carnes, Ivan Navy Seaman 2/c Onawa
Chedester, Glenn Army Private Ute
Clark, Darwin Navy Seaman 2/c Rodney
Clark, William Navy Seaman 2/c Onawa
Conyers, Harry N. Guard Private Moorhead
Dahl, Don Army Private Whiting
Daugaard, Park Air Corps Private Onawa
Dausel, Leo Navy Seaman 1/c Turin
DeLashmutt, Van Army Private Onawa
Dinwiddie, Lowell Navy Aviation Ordnance Mate Onawa
Finley, Delain Navy Apprentice Seaman Onawa
Foss, Martin Navy Seaman 1/c Onawa
Funkhouser, Elliott Army Corporal Onawa
Fymbo, James Navy Machinists Mate 1/c Onawa
Graetz, Ronald Navy Seaman 2/c Soldier, IA
Hall, George Army PFC Mapleton
Ham, Hallard Army Private Castana
Ham, Leon Army Private Castana
Hamil, James Engrs. Res. 2nd Lieut. Onawa
Hansen, Arthur Navy Ships' Cook 1/c Ute
Hansen, Clarion Army Private Soldier, IA
Hansen, Hiram N. Guard Private Moorhead
Harris, Gale Navy Apprentice Seaman Onawa
Heisler, Vernon Army Lieut. 1/c Ticonic
Hershiser, Edwin Navy Cpl. Boatswain Onawa
Hopkins, Carl Army Capt. Dental Res. Whiting
Hunting, Franklin Navy Seaman 1/c Onawa
Jacobson, Dale Navy Apprentice Seaman Mapleton
Johnson, Leroy Navy Apprentice Seaman Onawa
Jordahl, Julius Navy Fireman 1/c Castana
Kee, Gail Navy Chief Waterlender Rodney
Kee, William Navy Fireman 3/c Mapleton
Kendall, Charles Army PFC Mapleton
Kendall, Merlin Army PFC Grant Center
Kisling, Lloyd Navy Seaman 1/c Castana
Knapp, George Navy Machinists Mate 2/c Ute
Koenigs, Leonard Navy Seaman 2/c Mapleton
Laursen, Harry Navy Apprentice Seaman Turin
Lee, Anton Navy Machinists Mate 2/c Ute
Litster, John Army PFC Turin
Lundeen, David Navy Seaman 2/c Turin
Mattis, Johnnie Navy Radio Man Ute
McCall, Verter Army Corporal Mapleton
McGee, William Army Sergeant Blencoe
Miller, Boyd Navy Fireman Onawa
Muckey, Paul Navy Seaman 2/c Mapleton
Murray, Fred Army Technical Sgt. Mapleton
Mustard, Lester Army Corporal Onawa
Myers, Frank Marine Corps Major Onawa
Myers, Kenneth Navy H.A. 1/c Mapleton
Nelson, Adolph Navy Seaman 1/c Ute
Nelson, Numan Navy Storekeeper 2/c Ute
Newkirk, John Army Sergeant Mapleton
Olson, Willard Army PFC Soldier, IA
Paseka, Ludvik Navy Apprentice Seaman Onawa
Peterson, Alfred Army Staff Sgt. Castana
Prichard, Bryant Navy Apprentice Seaman Onawa
Prichard, George Army Major Inf. Reserve Onawa
Rawlings, William Army Private Spec. 5/c Onawa
Reed, Robert Navy Coxswain Onawa
Reese, Frederick Army Technical Sgt. Turin
Reicks, Gerald Army Private Mapleton
Richards, Charles Air Corps Flying Cadet Whiting
Richtermies, Leo Navy Chief Torpedoman Mapleton
Rohmiller, Aldace Marine Corps PFC Blencoe
Rueber, Gerhardt Navy Boatswain 2/c Mapleton
Rueber, Gilbert Navy Seaman 2/c Mapleton
Rueber, Wilbert Navy Seaman 1/c Mapleton
Salveson, Asmund Army 1st Lt. Ch. Res. Onawa
Sandvold, Winston Army 1st. Lieut. Moorhead
Schuerdevin, Lloyd Army Technical Sgt. Whiting
Skow, Norman O.R.C. Captain Soldier, IA
Smith, Warren Navy Storekeeper 1/c Mapleton
Steen, Archie Army Private Ute
Tharp, Clifford Army PFC Ute
Tracy, Ralph Navy Coxswain 1/c Ute
Tharp, Earl Army PFC Ute
Uhl, Laurit Navy Apprentice Seaman Mapleton
Wade, Paul Army PFC Soldier, IA
Walker, Maurice Marine Corps PFC Blencoe
Willson, Manfred Army PFC Mapleton
Winneke, Harold Navy Hospital Appren. 1/c Mapleton
Zediker, William L. Navy Seaman 2/c Mapleton


Name Service Home Address
Frederick William Ping Regular Army Whiting
William Ernest Hinricksen Regular Army Mapleton
Donald Addison Jones National Guard Onawa
Willard Otis Wiggs National Guard Onawa
John Thomas Baker Coast Guard Moorhead
Donald Markham Kingsley Coast Guard Mapleton
Ivarel Louis Rose Coast Guard Mapleton
Ray Earl Kratz   Onawa
Robert M. Bell Naval Reserve Onawa
Mervin Burton Mercer Coast Guard Hornick
Albert Clifford Rodman Army Onawa
Ralph Earl McAllister Naval Reserve Mapleton
Loren Denmond Mander National Guard Onawa
Joseph Frank Mohrhouser Regular Army Mapleton
Lloyd Wayne Casperson U.S. Navy Whiting
Kenneth Oran Campbell National Guard Onawa
Herbert Lincoln Christman Air Corps Ute
Lloyd Bennett Braden U.S. Navy Ute
Milo Dunbar National Guard Onawa
Fred Elmer Lindley U.S. Army Onawa


Men inducted into the Armed Forces through the Selective Service Act to date.

Name Address
Henry Woodrow Harm Ute
John Christian Hinricksen Ute
Arthur Glen Harris Soldier
Alvis Nickles Thomas Mapleton
Jerome John Thomas Mapleton
Albert Joseph Reinbold Mapleton
Harry Albert Kratz Onawa
Ray Jerald McCann Onawa
John Millard Rustin Moorhead
Shirley Thomas Skidmore Jr. Whiting
Roscoe Glenn Morrison Onawa
Earl Eugene Christiansen Onawa
Earl Harold Thompson Onawa
Fred Johnson Onawa
Harry Clayton Melby Moorhead
Clayton Wallace Thoreson Soldier
Vern Thomas McFee Onawa
John Wallace Heitsman Onawa
Vernon Leo Gibbs Soldier
Floyd Arnold Nielsen Moorhead
Fred Sylvester Surber Moorhead
Delan Andy Sasges Mapleton
Dillon Marcellus Edwards Moorhead
Alva Dwight Bover Whiting
George Walter Orr Onawa
Wayne Arnold Blades Whiting
George William Stanton Onawa
Lyle Nelson Harter Moorhead
Vance Varnel Gaer Thurston, NE
Fred Louis Berks Onawa
Darrell Edward McNutt Castana
James Leroy Gray Blencoe
William Thompson Hubbard Moorhead
Glenn Edward Morgan Castana
Ervin Andrew Mander Whiting
Earl Milton Mander Whiting
Emile Robert Armstrong Ute
Anthoney Bernard Gotto Castana
Leo Lester Carroll Turin
Herbert Gilmore Norby Moorhead
Virgil Leo Carroll Onawa
Maurice Hull Tupper Castana
Maurice Robertson Onawa
Lincoln Lloyd Lane Castana
Carl Bernard Giermann Blencoe
Herbert Rudolph Wendland Castana
Norman Helse Hanson Soldier
Vern Free McCandless Whiting
George Owen Ping Onawa
Alton Benjamin Crawford Nebraska City, NE
James Anton Paseka Onawa
Howard James Lange Blencoe
Clark Ernel Thoreson Soldier
Carl Edwin Gustafson Onawa
Virgil Thomas Sorenson Little Sioux
Wallace H. Swesey Blencoe
Uhl Anthony Haworth Mapleton
Ralph Wllace Lyons Castana
William Hecktor Surber Moorhead
Wilfred Dewey Powell Mapleton
John Henry Lund Onawa
Parke Chester Knutson Soldier
Beecher Thomas Lamb Castana
Herman Carl Kiepe Ute
Samuel Asa Babb Whiting
Arvin Louis Maynard Smithland
Leland Edward Newman Ticonic
Howard Everett Castle Ticonic
John Henry McWhorter Onawa
Alvin Edmond Berry Salix
Merle Woodrow Ruchtl Mapleton
Roy Theodore Sorenson Whiting
Francis Laird Ordway Ute
George Lawrence Cooper Blencoe
Leo Victor Amunson Soldier
Gilbert Dominic Mack Mapleton
David Lyle Davis Soldier
Steven Nelson Crane Onawa
Virgil Maurice Olson Ute
Charles Merritt Surber Moorhead
Russell Robert Carroll Castana
Homer Glen Edmonds Onawa
Merle Alvin Koontz Onawa
Francis Charles Rice Blencoe
Conrad C. Flynn Rodney
Myron Francis Layson Onawa
Russell J. Larson Castana
John Herschel Neely Sloan
Wilbur Leonard Jensen Castana
Earl Gordon McClure Turin


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