December 07, 1941 ~ December 31, 1946

In every town, on every street,
There’s something missing –
The tread of feet, of all the boys
We used to know,
And days are weary and nights are long,
We miss them so.

~ The Terrill Record, Terril, Iowa, Thursday, December 14, 1944, Page 1

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Keokuk County

Name Rank Status
Adams, Billy S/Sgt KIA
Bair, Floyd V. 2nd Lt DNB
Berg, Cletus J. Pvt KIA
Bird, Ward B. Pfc KIA
Bridges, Clarence D. Tech 5 DNB
Brown, John O. S/Sgt KIA
Bruns, Gordon E. 2nd Lt FOD
Carrie, Gerald R. Maj FOD
Caskey, Orley E. Sgt KIA
Derby, Harlan L. Sgt KIA
Dodd, Marlo L. Pvt KIA
Drumm, Fred A. S/Sgt DNB
DuPuis, George T. Av/C DNB
Fairchild, Ardrey H. Pvt DOW
Finch, Chester A. Pvt KIA
Follman, Gordon R. Pfc KIA
Hammen, Charles Tech 5 DOW
Harris, Maurice A. Pfc DOW
Hutton, Ernest H. 2nd Lt KIA
Kelley, Joseph L. Sgt KIA
Kemp, Sheldon R. Capt DNB
Kronen, Clayton H. Cpl FOD
Lewman, Earnest A. Pvt KIA
Malley, Lester R. Pvt KIA
Manion, Milo F. Tech 4 KIA
Monaghan, Thomas F. Pfc DOW
Morris, Daniel W. Sgt KIA
Newman, Warren B. 1st Lt DNB
Northup, Donald H. Pfc KIA
Orr, Robert R. 1st Lt DNB
Oster, William H. Pfc DOW
Pickering, William R. Pfc DOW
Rohloff, Donald D. Pfc DOW
Rohloff, Donald D. Sgt KIA
Robison, Donald V. Cpl DNB
Romine, Ralph A. Pvt DOW
Rutherford, Thomas O. Pfc KIA
Shipley, Joseph D. Sgt DOW
Shultz, Kenneth B. Pfc DNB
Surber, John Jr. Sgt KIA
Tinnes, Lester W. Fl/O DNB
Watts, Warren W. 2nd Lt KIA
Weaver, Floyd G. Pvt KIA
Wheeler, Marion L. 1st Lt FOD


KIA--Killed In Action
DOW--Died of wounds
DOI--Died of injuries
FOD--Finding of death (under Public Law 490, 77th Congress)

Source: DesMoines Tribune (DesMoines IA) Thursday, June 17, 1946