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2 World Wars, Korean Conflict Claim Lives of Many Area Men

Records of the Iowa State Department of History and Archives in Des Moines contain the names of 102 Jackson county men who died in military service in World Wars I and II, and in the Korean conflict.

The number of casualties was the same, 49, in the World Wars. However, a comparison of data shows that changes in warfare methods and vast improvement in medical science had occurred in the two decades between the conflicts.

Thirteen Jackson county men were killed in action and one at sea in World War I; ten died of wounds, while disease (mainly influenza) took 14 victims overseas and nine in stateside camps and hospitals.

In World War II, 24 died on the battlefield, seven were lost at sea, only four died of wounds; however, five died in plane crashes, three in accidents, two in prison camps, and two in stateside hospitals.

Both Claude R. Cook, curator of the state archives, and the Sentinel wish to be notified if there are any omissions or errors in the following listing: (KIA indicates killed in action).

World War II

Abrams, Alva PFC., Maquoketa,
KIA Luzon, March 29, 1945.

Ambrosy, Marlin M., S 2-c, LaMotte,
Drowned, January 29, 1946.

Botsford, Marvin R., MMM 3-c Springbrook,
KIA in Pacific Oct. 14, 1944.

Bowling, Kermit, Maquoketa,
KIA, Germany, March 2, 1945.

Bradley, Harold K. Pvt., Baldwin,
Died in Japanese prison camp in Philippines June 11, 1943.

Broderson, Walter Lt., Bomber Squadron, Maquoketa, died in airplane crash, Italy, Jan. 15, 1945.

Budde, Melvin Pvt., Bellevue,
KIA, Germany, Feb. 5, 1945.

Butt, Onie Sgt., Monmouth,
died in Schick General hospital, Clinton, Iowa, May 7, 1944.

Cheney, Donald Pvt., Engineer’s Division, Bellevue, killed in accident, Oklahoma on maneuvers, March 27, 1944.

Clark, Alfred PFC., Sabula, died on Okinawa, May 17, 1945.

Clark, Robert W. Pvt., Sabula, died of wounds in Germany Dec. 17, 1944.

Crane, Dillon S. PFC., Maquoketa, died Greenland March 3, 1943.

Crawford, James, Lt. U. S. Marine Air Corps, Maquoketa, killed in plane collision in California, March 26, 1944.

Dempewolf, Frank T., Marine, Bellevue,
plane accident in Hawaii Aug. 18, 1943.

Gerlack, Wilfred J. M-Sgt., Preston,
died of wounds Feb. 27, 1945 received on Iwo Jima.

Gombert, Floyd J. Pvt., Maquoketa,
KIA North Africa Dec. 15, 1943.

Guyer, Floyd Galen S 1-c USN, Sabula,
missing with USS Houston, Dec. 15, 1945.

Haight, Gene S. PFC, Maquoketa,
KIA Italy, June 1, 1944.

Heath, Albert LeRoy PFC., Monmouth,
KIA, France, July 16, 1944.

Heiar, Alvin N., PFC., Bellevue,
KIA Pacific area, April 6, 1945.

Heiar, Richard A., PFC., Bellevue,
KIA, Germany, Sept. 28, 1944.

Hute, Roy Neville 3-c Aviation radio man, Maquoketa, aboard USS Franklin, March 19, 1945.

Ingalls, Walter W., 1st Lt., Monmouth,
MIA over Singapore Feb. 1, 1945.

Kettman, John J., Chief Pilot, Naval Air Forces, Bellevue, KIA, plane crash in England Jan. 9, 1944.

Kirchhoff, James M., Flight Officer, Maquoketa,
KIA Dec. 24, 1944, in European area.

Krolick, Franklin Pvt., Paratrooper, Maquoketa,
died of wounds suffered in action Jan. 3, 1945.

Krumviede, Calvin F. PFC., Green Island,
KIA March 4, 1945, New Guinea.

Kueter, Cletus Merlin, Machinists Mate, Bellevue, Iowa.

McCaffery, Eugene C., Lt., former Maquoketa, 1941,plane crash in Texas.

McPherson, James Pvt., Maquoketa,died in hospital, 1943.

Marvin, Wayne S., Lt. Preston,
KIA France, July 19, 1944.

Meier, Lester W. Pvt., Bellevue,
died in North Africa August 2, 1943.

Ray, Max, Seaman 1-c, Maquoketa,
on USS Morrison , presumed lost.

Robinson, Clifton Leroy, Sabula,
KIA January 1942, Marshall Island.

Roeder, Marvin P. PFC., 8th Inf., Spragueville,
died of wounds, Belgium, Dec. 3, 1944.

Rogers, Henry Benjamin, T-5, Sabula,
KIA in Europe, Oct. 29, 1944.

Sanders, Eldred W., PFC., LaMotte,
KIA in Burma, Jan. 21, 1945.

Schroeder, Edward J., Pvt., Sabula,
KIA Nov. 30, 1944.

Schulte, Alvin J. T-Sgt. Bellevue,
KIA June 11, 1943.

Simmons, Harold Audley, Pvt. Preston,
May 14, 1945, Okinawa.

Smith, Kenneth J., Lt., Marine, Maquoketa,
KIA June 19, 1944, Saipan.

Streets, Joseph L., Pvt., Maquoketa,
KIA, Pacific area April, 25, 1945.

Stuart, Thomas Byron, Chief Machinist Mate, Bellevue, died of injuries, Aug. 20, 1946.

Taylor, Robert Denzil, Coxswain, Navy,
killed at Pearl Harbor on USS Arizona, Dec. 7, 1941.

Thomas, Harry, Pvt., Maquoketa,
KIA Italy, Oct. 25, 1944.

Till, Adrian L., 1st Lt., Bellevue,
in plane crash, Kansas, Nov. 16, 1946.

Turner, David P., Sgt., Andrew,
died in Japanese prison camp, Nov. 26, 1942.

Wilcox, Lawrence, Pvt. Maquoketa,
killed in training accident, Burma, Nov. 29, 1944.

Source: Jackson Sentinel – Jackson County Iowa.