ARMY Compiles List of Dead and Missing By Counties

The first consolidated listing of Army dead and missing in World War II—a compilation of the names of nearly 310,000 men and women who gave their lives in the Nation’s service—was released today by the War Department.

The list was made up of fifty booklets, one for each state, one for the District of Columbia, and one for the Territories and Possessions of the United States.  Each booklet contained a foreword explanatory of the methods of listing, a breakdown by counties and types of casualty, and an alphabetical listing by county of the name, serial number and grade of each individual and the manner in which he met his death. The Philippines Commonwealth was not included in the study.

For Iowa, 3,282 were killed in action, 481 died of wounds, 19 died of injuries, 1,427 were non-battle deaths, 399 were sentenced to death under public law, 25 were missing—for a total of 5,633.

The Henry County List includes 39 names. The army list obviously does not include the navy casualties. Those listed from Henry County:

Allred, Harold A. Pfc KIA
Bowman, Everett N. Col M
Chrissinger, D. E. 1st Lt DNB
Conn, Orville B., jr. 2nd Lt KIA
Culler, Raymond D. Pvt KIA
Dougherty, Carl R. Pvt KIA
Eckles, Wayne O. 2nd Lt DNB
Gilleard, William B. S/Sgt KIA
Gillis, Erwin C. T/Sgt KIA
Guernsey, George W. Pvt KIA
Harter, Harold F. Pfc KIA
Hoaglin, John R. Sgt KIA
Hodson, Lee, A. T/4 KIA
Huston, James S. 1st Lt FOD
Keller, Glenn W. Pvt KIA
Kephart, John O. Pvt KIA
Louthan, Walter E. T/5 DOW
Manning, Walter K. S/Sgt KIA
Metzger, Dale O. Pvt KIA
Morrow, William E. Pfc DOW
Mullenix, Clinton E. Pvt DNB
Mulvaney, John J. Pfc DNB
Patterson, Jesse L. T/Sgt DNB
Pennebaker, John E. Pfc KIA
Ritchey, Wayne C. 2nd Lt KIA
Rogers, Edwin F. S/Sgt KIA
Roth, Ralph D. Pvt DNB
Sammons, Harold D. Pfc KIA
Sanburg, Kenneth O. Cpl KIA
Spangler, Ivan W. Av C DNB
Sullivan, Teddy W. 2nd Lt DNB
Swan, Maurice L. S/Sgt KIA
Tulk, Collins R. Pfc DOW
Turbett, Loren E. Pfc KIA
Wagner, Leonard L. Cpl FOD
White, Harvey D. 2nd Lt KIA
Williams, William R. S/Sgt DNB
Willits, Harold T/5 KIA
Wyse, Orlin F. 1st Lt FOD


KIA--Killed In Action
DOW--Died of wounds
DOI--Died of injuries
FOD--Finding of death (under Public Law 490, 77th Congress)

Source: Mt. Pleasant News, June 27, 1948

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