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Daily Freeman-Journal, Tuesday, January 22, 1946
Webster City Freeman, Thursday, January 24, 1946

“Hamilton County casualty list of World War II as compiled by the War Records Division of the Iowa Department of History and Archives. The division asks that it be advised of any corrections or additions to this list.”

Akers, Willard C. – Died at base hospital in Camp White, Oregon.  Father: Mr. Arlie Akers, Williams, Iowa

Algoe, Chester W., Pfc – Webster City. Died 2-7-1943 in a ship sinking in European area. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Algoe, R. F. D., Webster City, Iowa.

Bringolf, Raymond C., T Sgt – Webster City. Killed in action 3-30-1944 during a bombing mission over Bulgaria. Father and Stepmother: Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Bringolf, 1040 1st St., Webster City, Iowa.

Brock, Franklin Dick, Lieut. – Webster City. Killed 6-13-1944 in China. Wife: Mrs. Jacqueline Guthrie Brock, Oklahoma City, Okla. Mother: Mrs. Lucille Brock, 112 N. 5th, Spencer, Iowa.

Cady, Joe, Jr., S Sgt. – Killed in action in Belgium 12-21-1944. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cady, Williams, Iowa.

Cleckner, Gerald A., Ensign – Webster City. Drowned 1-9-1945 in S. Pacific Area. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cleckner, Webster City, Iowa.

Cornett, Kenneth Wesley, Sgt – Webster City. Killed in action 5-30-1944 in Anzio beachhead sector of Italy. Grandmother: Mrs. Ida Cornett, Webster City, Iowa.

Daniels, Alfred Eugene, Seaman 1c – Stratford. Death officially confirmed as 2-24-1944, presumed to have occurred aboard a merchant ship torp. in North Atlantic 2-24-1943. Brother: Mr. Melvin Daniels, R.F.D., Stratford, Iowa.

Darnell, David Leroy, Pfc. – Webster City. Killed in action in Germany 11-29-1944. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Darnell, R. 3, Webster City, Iowa.

Eckstein, Leon Wm., Pharm Mate 2c – Navy dead, previously prisoner of war. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Chris Eckstein, Stratford, Iowa.

Esters, Maurice V., Lieut. – Missing in action since June 26, 1944, officially listed as dead now. Father: Mr. Charles H. Esters, Sr., Webster City, Iowa.

Evans, Marion L., Pvt – Blairsburg. Killed in action in Italy 12-21-1943. Mother: Mrs. Mary E. Evans, Blairsburg, Iowa.

Fisher, Orlando Keith – Formerly Webster City. Killed in action somewhere in S. Pacific. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Fisher, formerly Webster City, now of St. Louis, Missouri.

Franklin, Edward Joseph, Pvt – Williams, Iowa. Died of pneumonia at army hospital at Camp Bruber, Okla., 10-5-1944. Mother: Mrs. Barbara Franklin, Williams, Iowa.

Gangestad, Helmer W., S Sgt – Killed in action over Germany March 15, 1945. Parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gangestad, Webster City, Iowa.

Gleason, James J., Seaman 2c – Webster City. Killed 11-20-1944 when USS Mississinwa, tanker burned by Japs in Pacific. Wife: Mrs. James J. Gleason, Webster City, Iowa, 632 Webster St. - Mother: Mrs. M. J. Gleason, Blairsburg, Iowa.

Gustafson, Donald R., Pfc. Killed in action in Belgium. Parents: Mrs. and Mrs. J. R. Gustafson, R. 1, Stratford, Iowa.

Hagan, Robert Harold – Webster City. Lost aboard USS Warrington, went down off east Atlantic coast 10-24-1944. Mother: Mrs. Nellie Fish Hagan, 1400 2nd St., Webster City, Iowa.

Hamre, Edward B., Pfc – Killed in action in European Area, Germany March 17, 1945. Father: Mr. Ben Hamre, Jewell, Iowa.

Harris, Charles H., Pvt – Reported missing in action in Africa 12-6-1942, officially declared dead. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ilo Harris, Webster City, Iowa.

Hathway, Alonzo N., Capt    - Presumed dead after missing since 2-14-1944 over Rabaul. Wife: Mrs. Marlynn Hathway, address unknown. Parents: Dr. and Mrs. Guy McCauliff, Webster City, Iowa.

Herbst, Hilbert E., Flight Officer – Killed in action in Pacific April 28, 1945. Mother: Mrs. Elizabeth Herbst, 1001 1st St., Webster City, Iowa.

Hoshaw, Bernard E., Pfc – Webster City. Died in hospital in S. Pacific 7-25-1943, of fractured skull. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Orva Hoshaw, 236 7th Ave. N., Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Ingertson, Bill, Pvt – Died in France July 29, 1944. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Ingertson, Route No. 3, Webster City, Iowa.

Julian, R. G. – Webster City, Iowa. Died of pneumonia at Kerns, Utah 1-27-1943. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Julian, 723 Bank St., Webster City, Iowa.

Keast, Earl, Pvt – Killed in Germany 3-15-1945. Wife: Mrs. Ardys M. Keast, Gen. Del., Story City, Iowa. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Keast, Webster City, Iowa.

Knoll, George Howard, Cpl – Killed in Germany 3-18-1945. Wife: Mrs. Helen E. Knoll, 608 Maple Ave., Webster City, Iowa. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Knoll, Webster City, Iowa.

Larson, Hervey – Jewell. Died in Sacramento, Calif. of motorcycle accident 10-20-1941. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Larson, R.F.D., Randall, Iowa.

Lichtenberger, George L., Pfc – Died as result of an accident July 30, 1945. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. P. Lichenberger, 900 Walnut St., Webster City, Iowa.

McFerren, Maynard, Pfc – Killed in Germany 4-1-1945. Father: Mr. Rube McFerren, Webster City, Iowa. Wife: Mrs. Maynard McFerren, Garner, Iowa.

Martin, Thomas, Pvt – Died of wounds suffered on Okinawa 5-22-1945. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Martin, Blairsburg, Iowa.

Maxon, Warren, Lt – Jewell. Killed in central America Area 2-12-1945. Father: Mr. G. H. Maxon, Jewell, Iowa.

Meyers, Charles E. Sgt – Webster City, Iowa. Killed in Italian theater of war 7-1-1944. Mother: Mrs. Henry C. Meyers, 924 James, Webster City, Iowa.

Naden, Charles K., Sgt – Died 8-3-1944 in England of wounds received in action. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Naden, Webster City, Iowa. Grandmother: Mrs. Clara Gardner, Osage, Iowa.

Nelson, Maynard O., Pfc – Killed in action in Pacific Area. Mother: Mrs. Anna Nelson, Gen. Del., Ellsworth, Iowa.

Nelson, Robert R., Capt – Jewell. Killed in action 6-8-1944, previously reported missing in European Area. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Nelson, Jewell, Iowa.

Newman, Roy W., Pfc – Died in Pacific Area. Father: Mr. Roy Newman, 1511 1st Street, Webster City, Iowa.

Nichols, Kenneth O., Capt - Killed in action in Italy 7-11-1944. Mother: Mrs. H. J. Nichols, Webster City, Iowa.

Olmstead, Howard F., Pfc – Killen in action in Italy 6-17-1944. Mother: Mrs. Emma M. Olmstead, 1004 Bell Ave., Webster City, Iowa.

Pfaffenbach, Walter G., Pfc - Killed in action in New Guinea 10-12-1944. Wife: Mrs. Nina Pfaffenbach, 632 Stockdale St., Webster City, Iowa. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Emil Pfaffenbach, Webster City, Iowa.

Potter, Bob, Lieut – Killed in European Area 11-21-1944. Bomber forced down behind German lines in Holland. Wife: Mrs. Bob Potter, Hattiesburg, Miss., Father: Paul Potter, Webster City, Iowa.

Riley, Lee M., Pvt – Stanhope. Died in Charlotte, N. Car.  2-7-1944, choked to death by another soldier. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Bert Riley, 1001 Division, Webster City, Iowa.

Sandal, Merle Leander, Lieut - Stanhope. Killed in airplane accident in French Morocco, N Africa 12-7-1942. Father: Mr. Martin A. Sandal, Stanhope, Iowa.

Seiser, Harold E., 2nd Lt – Webster City, Iowa. Killed 11-5-1944 in plane crash, Camden Ark. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Seiser, Webster City, Iowa.

Sharkey, Truman, Pfc – Killed in Italian War Theater 9-15-1944. Mother: Mrs. Laura Sharkey, Webster City, Iowa.

Shelton, Albert G., Phm1c – Webster City. Reported missing since July 11, 1943, aboard U.S. sub, Runner in waters off Japan. Officially listed as dead now. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shelton of Webster City.

Shelton, Donald R., S Sgt – Killed in Italian theater of war 9-15-1944 Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shelton, c-o W. W. Johnson, 711 N. Clementine, Oceanside, Calif.

Silvers, Roland J. – Died in British Isles 9-22-1942. Mother: Mrs. Nellie Silvers, Webster City, Iowa.

Smart, Wendle E., Pfc – Killed in action during invasion of Saipan. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smart, Webster City.

Swenson, Benjamin L., Pfc – Jewell. Killed in action Germany 2-19-1945. Wife: Mrs. Benjamin L. Swenson, Story City, Iowa. Father: Mr. Swen E. Swenson, R. 1, Jewell, Iowa.

Tate, Richard, Cpl – Killed in action in Germany 3-16-1945. Wife: Mrs. Richard Tate, Galesburg, Ill (formerly of Webster City).

Wahlers, Donald F., Fireman 2c – Reported missing in action 8-9-1942. Went down with USS Quincy 8-10-1942 Savo Island. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Wahlers, Webster City, Iowa.

Watt, James E., F2c – Reported missing since Feb. 28, 1942 aboard U.S.S. Houston sunk in battle of Java sea. Officially listed as dead now. Relatives: Mrs. Anton G. Pingel, Alden; Mrs. Dale Frayne of Williams and Mrs. Mary Worrick of Chapin, sisters. John Watt of Dows and Gilbert H. Watt of Williams, brothers.

White, James A., Lieut – Died 1-6-1945. Fitzsimmons Hospital, Denver, Colorado. Mother: Mrs. Eleanor White, 521 S. Erie, Wichita, Kans. (formerly Webster City).

Wilke, James V., Capt – Killed in air crash in Central Africa 1-26-1944. Wife: Mrs. Lois F. Wilke, Webster City, Iowa. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Wilke, Webster City, Iowa

Williams, Luther Victor – Randall. Killed in truck accident near San Diego 11-18-1941. Brother: Mr. Earnest Williams, Randall, Iowa.

Williams, Marvin J., T Sgt. – Webster City, Iowa. Killed in action 5-10-1944 on bombing mission over Austria. Wife: Mrs. Lila Mae Bever Williams, Box 6, Webster City. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Virgil S. Williams, Webster City, Iowa.

Woods, Joe – Blairsburg, Iowa. Killed in action on Okinawa on June 20, 1945. Father: Mr. Joe Woods, Stockton, Calif. (formerly of Blairsburg)

Wylie, Robert Donald, MM 3c – Webster City, Iowa. Went down on Argonaut, death presumed to have occurred 1-10-1943. Sister: Mrs. Beryl Lemon, Des Moines, Iowa.