Hamburg Reporter, January 7 & January 14, 1943

1035 From Fremont County in Service  

The last report on those in service from Fremont county totaled 1035 men and women, and several have entered the service since the list was prepared.  This week we print the first installment of names. This will be a good item for your scrap books and will be kept up with additions as the names are released.

This list does not include those from this community who have gone through the Selective Service offices of Atchison and Nemaha counties, but we hope to have a list of those boys, too, but will have to depend in part on friends and relatives in order to complete the list.

(Transcriber Note: The names are listed below as they appeared on the list in the newspaper. Some of the names are not listed in alphabetical order.)

W - Y - Z Surnames

Witthuhn, John Paul
Wade, Ernest Eugene
Walker, Carl William
Walker, Dean
Wallin, Robert E.
Walters, Carl Leon
Wanamaker, Ambrose Ray
Wanamaker, Carl Elson
Ward, Luther Glen
Ward, Wendell Wayne
Ware, Opal Edgar
Warnstaff, Charles Lee
Warren, Harry
Waters, Leroy
Watts, Gale William
Watts, James Floyd
Watts, Keith Woodrow
Webb, Merlin E.
Wells, Williston Garrett
West, Loren Kaup
Wipple, Duane
Whipple, John Clayton
White, Lewis
Whitehead, Wilbur Ellison
Whitehill, George Robert
Wieder, Carl Speight
Wieder, Laura V.
Wight, Joe Maloom
Wight, Mervin Jennings
Wilkins, Harold Rodman
Wilkinson, Dwain
Williams, Walter Franklin
Wilson, Dale Curtis
Wilson, Daniel William
Wilson, Dean Oliver
Wilson, Dewey Livingston
Wilson, Ellis Merle
Wilson, John
Wilson, Richard Clair
Winans, William Ray
Windle, Frederick Jack
Wing, Dean
Wingale, Carl Phillip
Wontner, Harold Cohen
Walkins, Wayne Elbert
Woodruff, Hugh
Woods, Albert Eugene
Woods, Edward A.
Woods, John Robert
Woods, Lee Allen
Woods, Marion Allen
Woods, Syke Ross
Workman, Carroll Marvin
Wright, Darrell Eugene
Wyant, Harold Raymond
Wyatt, Ralph Edward
Yager, Leslie Jr.
Young, Wilbur Allison
Zach, Robert Koran
Zanker, Carl E.
Zanker, Raymond
Zuck, Robert Lee
Zuiz, Clarence Leroy
Zanker, Paul V.