Hamburg Reporter, January 7 & January 14, 1943

1035 From Fremont County in Service  

The last report on those in service from Fremont county totaled 1035 men and women, and several have entered the service since the list was prepared.  This week we print the first installment of names. This will be a good item for your scrap books and will be kept up with additions as the names are released.

This list does not include those from this community who have gone through the Selective Service offices of Atchison and Nemaha counties, but we hope to have a list of those boys, too, but will have to depend in part on friends and relatives in order to complete the list.

(Transcriber Note: The names are listed below as they appeared on the list in the newspaper. Some of the names are not listed in alphabetical order.)

R - S Surnames

Rummel, Max
Rumley, Harry Melvin
Rawlins, Derris K.
Rickabaugh, William Porter
Racobs, James Franklin
Racobs, Raymond Warren
Ranck, Clyde
Ranck, Elmer Dale
Randolph, Glen Edward
Raymond, Robert Ferrel
Res, Donald Dale
Reading, Harry
Rector, Dale Freeman
Reed, Carl Robert
Reed, Donald Keith
Reeder, Laverne Floyd
Reeves, Ivan Earl
Reeves, Verlin Kent
Regan, Jerome Vincent
Regenauer, Harry K.
Reid, Carl W.
Reitz, Donald Frederick
Retherford, Clarence E.
Ruebenking, John Merrill
Rice, Marian Lee
Rice, Otis Laverne
Richards, Ralph Wayne
Richie, Edward Jeremiah
Rickabaugh, Kenneth
Roberts, Arthur Ellsworth
Robinson, Clayton Mack
Rowe, Virgil Elmer Frank
Rossean, Charles Ray
Rossean, John Howard
Rubey, Jack Warren
Rubey, Wade Sperry
Rumiev, Herbert
Russell, John W.
Ryan, Clarence William
Ryan, Clifford Eugene
Ryan, Joseph C.
Sanders, Claude Nelson
Sanders, Wiley Wesley
Savage, Robert
Schaaf, Charles Goodner
Schultz, Lee Miller
Scoles, Glen Allen
Scoles, Richard Clyde
Scott, Dale Everett
Secord, Robert Nelson
Settell, Dale Eugene
Seymour, William Thomas
Shannon, Sidney Felix
Shearer, Thomas Elwood
Sheldon, Lowell Bird
Shelton, Ralph Everett
Shepherd, John Franklin Jr.
Shepherd, Wilbur Willis
Shere, John Henry
Sherlock, Lyman Arthur
Sherman, Dwight
Shippen, George William
Shull, Benjamin Hensel
Shull, Florestan Earl
Sidel, Steven
Sigler, Virgil Howard
Simmerman, Earl Fay
Simmerman, Floyd Eugene
Simmons, Bythol Ernest
Simmons, Gerald Wynn
Simmons, John Kendal
Simpson, Earl Lee
Smith, Cashus A.
Smith, Dalton
Smith, James Nelson
Smith, Kenneth Leroy
Smith, Ronald Donald
Snell, Lloyd L.
Snell, Roland Arthur
Snodgrass, Elbert
Snyder, Harold Eugene
Sober, William Lester
Spencer, Jesse Denzil
Spicer, James Roval
Spidell, George
Spiegel, Howard Irven
Stacy, Lee
Stafford, Bernard Leroy
Stattler, Neel William
Stephens, Arthur Harold
Stephens, L. Ross
Stevens, Raymond Wesley
Stitt, John Ivan
Story, Clancy Oliver
Strait, Marvin Blake
Stroemer, Henry F.
Stubbs, William John
Stubbs, Walter Chalmond
Study, Bernard Clifton
Swanson, Alvertiss Berton
Swanson, Herbert Charles
Swatman, Henry
Snodgrass, Lavern Everett
Simpson, Ora
Starr, Frank M.
Sooles, Charles Henry Allen
Stephens, Henry William
Stiles, Robert Eugene
Sykes, Keith Larry
Sidner, Glynn Bryan