Hamburg Reporter, January 7 & January 14, 1943

1035 From Fremont County in Service  

The last report on those in service from Fremont county totaled 1035 men and women, and several have entered the service since the list was prepared.  This week we print the first installment of names. This will be a good item for your scrap books and will be kept up with additions as the names are released.

This list does not include those from this community who have gone through the Selective Service offices of Atchison and Nemaha counties, but we hope to have a list of those boys, too, but will have to depend in part on friends and relatives in order to complete the list.

(Transcriber Note: The names are listed below as they appeared on the list in the newspaper. Some of the names are not listed in alphabetical order.)

N - O - P Surnames

Nahkunst, Edward Anthony
Nease, Herman Lee
Nease, Kenneth Eugene
Needs, Eugene C.
Neeley, Jack William
Nelson, John
Nelson, Rex Joseph
Nelson, Wade
Nelson, William Tarr
Nennemann, Ernest Birkby
Nennemann, Ted Ralph
Nevius, Jack
Newland, Jesse Edward
Newland, Jesse Emerson
Nichols, Arthur Paul
Nichols, Howard Glen
Niday, Franklin Arnold
Nook, Chris Gus
Notson, Floyd Arthur
O'Connor, Paul Anthony
Orr, Mark J.
O'Brien, Gerald Joseph
O'Brien, Thomas Robert
Omer, John Samuel
O'Neal, John E.
Opelt, Jack Dean
Oppenheimer, James Leslie
Orr, Theron Delos
Orton, Frank Raymond
Otte, Addison Marvin
Otte, Lyman Gerald
Ottca, Ralph Lee
Parr, C. T.
Pekne (?), Robert Herman
Phillips, Melving Wayne
Phillips, Sidney B.
Parker, Warren D.
Parrish, Sam
Patience, Kenneth John
Patterson, Andrew John
Paul, William Rahy
Pearson, Donald Orville
Pease, Ralph Kenneth
Pease, Warren J.
Peck, Earl Vincil
Pederson, Arthur John
Penney, Clyde Norman
Pennington, Rev. Phil
Penwell, Harold Everett
Perry, Charles Elmer
Percell, John Sterling
Persell, Paul
Persell, Vernon Russell
Perry, Darrel George
Perry, Wayne Paul
Peters, Paul Lewis
Phillips, Samuel Alonzo
Phipps, Howard Orval
Pickel, Loren Harry
Pickens, Carl A.
Pickens, Frederick Allen
Pierson, Harold A.
Pierson, James Kenneth
Pierson, Richard Donald
Pierson, Verland Brooks
Piper, Ernest Lowry
Plank, Glen Vergal
Poage, George Richard
Ports, Preston Wesley
Potter, Donald Rex
Powell, Harold Everett
Powles, Cyril Osborne
Pulliam, Cecil Miles Joe
Pullman, Billy Gene
Pullman, Jack Colwell
Pullman, James Henry Jr.
Pullman, Norman Keith
Pullman, Richard Lyle
Pullman, Robert Lee