Hamburg Reporter, January 7 & January 14, 1943

1035 From Fremont County in Service  

The last report on those in service from Fremont county totaled 1035 men and women, and several have entered the service since the list was prepared.  This week we print the first installment of names. This will be a good item for your scrap books and will be kept up with additions as the names are released.

This list does not include those from this community who have gone through the Selective Service offices of Atchison and Nemaha counties, but we hope to have a list of those boys, too, but will have to depend in part on friends and relatives in order to complete the list.

(Transcriber Note: The names are listed below as they appeared on the list in the newspaper. Some of the names are not listed in alphabetical order.)

L - M Surnames

Lacy, Robert Lowell
Lorimor, Truman Elliott
Lair, Delbert S.
Lair, Elliott Wade
Lair, Frank Randall
Lair, Virgil
Laird, Clarke
Laird, Glen Harold
Laird, Henry
Laird, Kenneth
Laird, Orville Keith
Lamourex, Pierce Edward
Lamourex, Ted Leon
Lang, Walter
LaPorte, Leonard P.
LaRuehe, Marvin Alexander
Larson, Donald Hofsaess
Larson, Keith Alfred
Larson, Kenneth John
Larson, Richard A.
Laughlin, Hames Hughie
Laughlin, Louis Edward
Laughlin, Ralph Martin
Lauman, Elmer Henry
Lauman, Melvin Fred
Leahy, Arthur Francis Jr.
Leahy, Donald William
Leahy, Jeremiah
Leahy, Paul Jeremiah
Leahy, William
Leckenby, John Emil
Lee, John Norman
Lynn, William Vernon
1035 From Fremont County In Service (continued from last week) -- Hamburg Reporter, January 14, 1943
Leech, Leonard McKinley, Jr.
LaFever, Millard Gail
Leonard, Donald Earl
Lewis, Roy
Lewis, William Jess
Lloyd, Chris Benjamin Jr.
Lockett, Eugene R.
Lockett, Franklin John
Lockett, Herschel Myron
Lockett, Paul Francis
Loller, Merle Elliott
Longinaker, Charles Woodrow
Longinaker, Walter Randall
Lord, Asa Eugen
Lorimor, Alden Clark
Lorimor, Charles Wayne
Lorimor, Fred O.
Lorimor, Robert Kenneth
Lovelady, James
Lowry, Glen Walter
Lumin, Lawrence Frank
Lundeen, Robert Karl
Lundy, Robert Dale
Lybarger, Roy Joe
Lynn, Lowell
Lyons, Ralph Jesse
Lyons, Vernon Everett
McAlexander, Clyde
McAllister, Leland
McCluskey, Hubert Franklin
McConnell, Benjamin
Maher, Richard Delmus
Macdonald, James Henry
McAllister, Merlin Ritter
Melton, Charles Merle
McConnell, Ralph Buford
McConnell, Walter Thomas
McCormick, Joseph Chandler
McCowan, Ralph Eugene
McCrary, Nathan Otis Jr.
McCreedy, Glen Wilmer
McDaniel, Charles W.
McDermott, James Ralph
McDewell, Donald Sprague
McDougall, Don
McElroy, Amos Hoyt
McElroy, Clark Leslie
McElroy, Perry Larue
McIntyre, Jesse A.
McMahon, Melvin Max
McMahon, Vance
McMullen, Donald Leon
McMullen, Robert
McNees, Robert Charles
McSpadden, Robert Strait
Magel, Fred Dawes
Maher, Bernard J.
Maher, John Lewis
Maher, Maurice C.
Maher, Michael Paul
Malcom, Kenneth A.
Malloy, Joseph Thomas
Mann, John Archie
Manrose, Charles Grover
Manrose, Gordon Duane
Manrose, William Ross
Mansfield, Harry Danley
Maranville, Donald
Markwell, Dr. F. M.
Marra, Dr. Walford Daniel
Marshall, Vernon Clair
Martin, Edward
Martin, Harold Lowry
Martin, James
Martin, Patrick Leo
Marvel, Dale
Marcher, Glen Richard
Mattes, Adolph C.
Matthews, Maurice
Matthews, Robert Woodrow
Maul, Myron Grant
Maupin, Franklin Russell
Maupin, Ralph Lee
Maxey, Howard
Maxted, James Durwood
Maxwell, Harold Leroy
Maxwell, James Elvin
Mayfield, William
Mead, Everett
Mead, Walter Franklin
Mead, William Henry
Messman, Gale Willard
Metheny, Willard Asbery
Miller, Austin Reed
Miller, Charles William
Miller, Clyde Edward
Miller, Frank Nelson
Miller, George Junior
Miller, Harold Alfred
Miller, Harry Eugene
Miller, Jack Collins
Miller, Lyle Robert
Miller, Ralph Joseph
Miller, Richard Edwin
Million, Therman Hughes
Mitchell, Ellis Leroy
Moles, Francis Wayne
Monaghan, Charles
Monaghan, Frank Eugene
Monaghan, Mary Celina
Monaghan, William Bernard
Monk, Alvin Cleates
Monroe, Leonard Russell
Moore, Edward Cowden
Moore, Gerald Leonard
Moore, Raymond R.
Moore, Robert Phillip
Morelock, Eldon Lorraine
Morgan, Alfred William
Morgan, Edison Marcene
Morgan, Paul
Morgan, William Wallace
Morrow, Ralph
Moyer, Charles
Moyer, Darrell
Moyer, Donald Charles
Moyer, James Edward
Moyer, Raymond Earl
Moyer, Russell Harrison
Moyer, Victor Kenneth
Murphy, Darrell
Myers, Donald Lee