Hamburg Reporter, January 7 & January 14, 1943

1035 From Fremont County in Service  

The last report on those in service from Fremont county totaled 1035 men and women, and several have entered the service since the list was prepared.  This week we print the first installment of names. This will be a good item for your scrap books and will be kept up with additions as the names are released.

This list does not include those from this community who have gone through the Selective Service offices of Atchison and Nemaha counties, but we hope to have a list of those boys, too, but will have to depend in part on friends and relatives in order to complete the list.

(Transcriber Note: The names are listed below as they appeared on the list in the newspaper. Some of the names are not listed in alphabetical order.)

A - B Surnames

Allen, William Clarence
Adams, Carl Clifford
Adams, James Russell
Adams, Ralph William
Alstrope, Dean Danley
Alstrope, Donald Leland
Alstrope, Henry George
Alstrope, Stanley Paul
Alstrope, Thomas
Allen, Burton John
Allen, Gaylen
Allen, John Henry
Allen, Raymond Dean
Alley, Lawrence LaVerne
Ambler, Cecil Calvin
Ames, Lawrence Arthur
Anderson, Charles Lorraine
Anderson, Darwin Merle
Anderson, Dean E.
Anderson, Dorothy Ann
Anderson, Floyd William
Anderson, Harvey Everett
Anderson, Jim Lighton
Anderson, Martin J.
Anderson, Ray Cecil
Anderzhon, John Frederick
Anderzhon, Roy Leonard
Angel, James A.
Armstrong, Edward James
Armstrong, Ream M.
Aspedon, Frederick
Aspedon, James Donald
Aspedon, James Taylor (Died in Service)
Aspedon, James William
Aspedon, Lyman Leslie
Athen, John Leslie
Athen, Leslie
Athen, Mendell Carl
Archer, Russell
Atherton, Leonard Lee
Austin, Kenneth
Bailey, Gerald B.
Bailor, Bruce Eugene
Baker, Joseph Ralph
Baker, Korah Asbury
Baldwin, Allison
Baldwin, Dorsey Smith
Baldwin, J. Robert
Baldwin, William C.
Ball, Forrest Lee
Ballinger, Leighion Russell
Bang, Jacob Harvey
Beam, Roy
Bentley, Louis U.
Blackman, Clifford Eugene
Blades, Robert G.
Bupp, Richard Myrl
Bailey, Irwin Lowell
Bredensteiner, Robert William
Beverlin, Homer Dean
Barbour, Robert F.
Barnard, Gordon Ogden
Barnes, Estell C.
Barnes, Louis Winfred
Barrett, Bert
Bartholomew, John E. (Died in Service)
Barton, Glenn Ivan
Bateman, Joseph Russell
Bateman, Lowell Edwin
Bateman, Warren Virgil
Baucom, Edmond Otto
Bault, Fred Wessel
Beach, Jay Jr.
Beal, Allyn
Beam, Cloyde
Beam, Eugene
Beam, Wendell Eugene (Discharged)
Beasley, Joseph Carl
Beasley, Leo Paul
Beason, Roy
Beezley, Elbert
Beezley, Ernest Frederick
Bell, Donald Warndo
Bell, Dwight Marlin
Benedict, Clifford R.
Benedict, Ellis Levi
Bennett, Carl Lyle
Bennett, Darrell C.
Bennett, Jack
Bennett, Paul Edwin
Bennett, Robert W.
Bickett, Robert Lynn
Billings, Sydney Richard
Bird, Frederick Leroy
Bird, William Leonard
Birkby, Robert Carter
Birkby Vincent C.
Bivens, Gerald Harvey
Blackman, George Wesley
Blackman, Charles Elsworth
Biezek, Millard William
Biezek, Willard Milton
Bliss, Harvey
Bloedel, Robert Stanley
Bloomer, Forrest E.
Bobbitt, Lynn
Boldra, Charles Maurice
Boldra, Ellis K.
Boldra, Robert Alvin
Boldra, Wayne Eugene
Bolin, Edward Glen
Bolton, Gilbert
Bolton, Robert Earl
Bond, Ralph
Booker, David Jr.
Booker, Jack Evan
Booker, James Edward
Boone, Jesse
Boone, Jesse Guy
Benton, Maurice Nathaniel
Branson, Earl Ervent
Bright, James H.
Bright, Herschel T.
Bronkie, Paul J.
Bromley, Merris
Brooks, Harold C.
Brown, Carroll Laverne
Brown, Dean Carroll
Brown, Donald James
Brown, Eldon Lowell
Brown, Gilbert Hadley
Brown, Hal Ranier
Brown, Leland W.
Brown, Mason Henry
Brown, Phillip Ray
Brown, Vernon E.
Brown, William James
Bruce, Charles Franklin
Bruce, John Richard
Bruce, Frank J.
Bryte, Rex Sterling
Buckingham, Eugene Vernon
Buckner, Ora Dee
Buhr, Harlan
Burdick, J. G.
Burghardt, Frank John
Burns, Robert Levi
Burris, Harold
Butcher, Kenneth LaVergne
Butts, Amos
Butts, Chester Earl