Sidney, Fremont Co., Iowa

 January 8, 1948. "MORE  INFORMATION NEEDED".--  In  an effort to complete a list of all service  people of Fremont county who made the supreme sacrifice during World War II ,  the following list is submitted by T. W. Iiams, adjutant of the American  Legion at Sidney, in the hope that any additions which should be made to the  list will be mailed to him and he  asks the volunteer help of all concerned to  make the county's list of heroic dead 100% complete.
 Mr. Iiams will  greatly appreciate any additional information regarding these or any other  service men who made the supreme sacrifice during World War II.  The  list which follows gives the name of the veteran, his rank, branch of the  service and cause of death if known. The initials denoting cause of death  
 KIA--Killed in action.
 DOW--died of wounds.
 DNB--died, non -  battle.
 FOD--find of death.
 ASPEDON, James T., T-5, Army, DNB
 ASPEDON, Lyman L., Sgt., Army,  KIA
 BARTHOLOMEW, John E., Pvt. Army, DNB
 BELLEW, Robert--no further  information
 BRILLEY, Harold V. -- no  further information
 BROMLEY, Merris D., T-5, Army, DNB
 BROWN, Eldon L.,  T-5, Army, DOW
 BROWN, Jack, Pfc., Army, KIA
 BUTTS, Amos Albert, A.S.,  Navy, unk
 CARGILL, Lawrence E., T. Sgt. army, DNB
 CHASE, Ernest W., Jr.,  Pvt. Army, KIA
 COFFMAN, Ralph C., S-Sgt, Army, DNB
 CONKLIN, Robert E.,  Pvt., Army, KIA
 COY, Leroy A., 2nd Lt., Army, KIA
 CRAWFORD, Charles F.,  Pvt., Army, DOW
 DAVIS, William E., Sgt., Army, DNB
 DOIL, Robert C.,  T-Sgt., Army, KIA
 DUNLAP, Vernon M., Pfc., Army, DNB
 ENGEL, Herman M.,  T-5, Army, KIA
 FOSTER, Delbert H., Pvt., Army, DNB
 GARDNER, Clarence E.,  S-Sgt., Army, KIA
 GARRETT, Elmer E., 2nd Lt., Army, KIA
 GRINDLE, Leroy  E., 2nd Lt., Army, DNB
 GUSTAFSON, Frank W., Sgt., Army, KIA
 HAYS, Oliver  B., 2nd Lt., Army, FOD
 HECK, John Perhan--no further  information
 HENDERSON, Lawrence J., T-Sgt., Army, KIA
 HESS, Ralph C.,  S-Sgt., Army, KIA
 HiCKMAN, Richard D., S-Sgt., Army, KIA
 HILL, Gerald  D., Pfc., Army, KIA
 HUSBAND, Jack T., T-Sgt, Army, DNB
 JENSEN, Lyle M.,  1st Lt., Army, KIA
 JOHNSON, Raymond E., 2nd Lt., Army, DOW
 KERR, Harold  W., Corp., Army, KIA
 KERAN, Gerald H., T-5, Army, KIA
 KREISSLER, Elmer  E., Pvt., Army, DNB
 LAIR, Delbert S., Sgt., Army, KIA
 LORIMOR, Fred O.,  Capt., Army, KIA
 LOVELADY, JAMES, 1st Lt., Army, DNB
 McCALL, Mack, Pfc.,  Army, KIA
 McGAGHY, Amos B., Pvt., Army, KIA
 MILLER, Austin Reed, S-Sgt.,  Army, FOD
 MONAGHAN, William B.,--no further information
 OTTE, Max.--no  further information
 PEASE, Warren J., 1st Lt., Army, KIA
 PULLMAN, Jack  C., Ch. Ph. M., Navy, DNB
 REEVES, Iva E., Sgt., Army, KIA
 ROMMEL, Max,  Pfc., Marine Cps., KIA
 STEWART, Everett Willard.--no further  information
 STRAIT, Marvin B., Pvt., Army, DNB
 STUBBS, William J., 2nd  Lt., Army, KIA
 THIESSEN, Ralph A., Capt., Army, DNB
 TITPON, John M.,  S-Sgt., Army, DNB
 TROSPER, Frank, MM2c, Navy, unk.
 Van NESS, Jack Paul,  Pvt., Army, KIA
 WALTERS, Carl L., Sgt., Army, KIA
 WANAMAKER, Carl E.,  2nd Lt., Army, KIA
 WEBSTER, Everett, Sgt., Army, KIA
 WINDLE, Fay B.,  Pfc., Army, DNB
 WING, Gardner B., Capt., Army, KIA
 WYNN, Robert C.,  Pvt., Army, KIA
 N.B.: Notice the large number of 2nd Lieutenants on  this list. It is my understanding that percentage wise, this rank suffered the  most casualties. They were the commissioned officer responsible for leading  the non-commissioned men into battle.
 As I remember the war, Lt.  Lovelady and Capt. Lorimor were in the Army Air Force, and were killed in  Alaska and over Europe when their plane went down. I wonder what others should  be included in a list which would separate the foot soldier from the "fly boys"?