Including those who paid the supreme sacrifice--as research reveals more information about those who died during the service, the information will be added to this page.


KIA--Killed In Action
DOW--Died of wounds
DOI--Died of injuries
FOD--Finding of death (under Public Law 490)


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Name Dates Branch of Military
Adams, Clinton T. 1908-1958 Navy
? *Albee, Dean Waller 1906-1958 Civilian, POW, Japan
Albertson, William 1916-2004 Army, Kansas
Anderegg, Darvin Eugene 1923-2004 Navy, Pacific Theatre
Andersen, Myron Charles 1924-2009 Air Force, Europe
Andinach, Marie Immer 1907-1964 Army
Attleson, Stanley Merle 1924-2004 Navy
Aubuchon, Nelva (nee Shanks) 1923-1999 Army, Nurse Corps
Auchsetter, Keith W. 1921-1968 Navy
Auringer, Robert Harold 1916-2009 Army Air Corps
Ayers, Emmet Victor MD 1907-1990 USPHS
Baber, Lloyd W.   KIA
Bach, Thomas Robert 1928-2002 Navy
Bailey, Eugene H.   DNB
Ball, LaVerne L. 1919-2007 Army, Asiatic-Pacific
Bakeman, LaVerne Gerald 1905-2000 Navy
Barrett, John W. 1929-1978 Army
Barry Russell Earl 1915-1995 Army, European Theatre
Bass, Eldon Earl 1925-2008 Navy, South Pacific
Batton, Paul Leroy 1918-1978 Navy
Batty, Thomas Edward 1907-2002 Army, South Pacific
Becker, Harry W. 1920-1966 Army
Becker, Paul 1918-2003 Army, Europe
Beenken, Alvin W.   FOD
Behrends, Byron J. "Red" 1912-1995 Army
Beline, Floyd 1917-1994 Army
Bennett, Edward W.   KIA
Bennett, Richard "Dick" 1922-2007 Air Force
Benson, Kenneth L.   KIA
Bergstrom, Gilbert J. 1917-2002 Army Air Corps
Beyer, Glenn H.   KIA
Bier, Floyd C. 1901-2002 Navy, South Pacific
Bilharz, Kenneth O.   KIA
Billings, Lloyd Melvin 1925-1992 Army Air Corps
Biwer, Merle Joseph 1924-2010 Army, Europe
Blanck, Harold H. 1904-1971 Army
Bode, Kenneth D. 1913-2007 Army, Europe
Boge, Eugene Martin 1920-2001 Army, S. Pacific & New Guinea
Boggess, Carl Leroy 1928-1962 Navy
Bonwell, Donald C. 1920-1984 Army
Bonwell, Merlin Howard 1922-2009 Army
Bonzer, Clyde Gerald 1920-2007 Army, Europe
Booher, Ira A. 1911-1963 Unknown
Borchers, Frank D.   KIA
Boren, Forest C. 1908-1968 Army
Bork, Ernest H. 1918-1944 Special Service Forces
Boyd, Duane Charles 1920-2013 Army
Braillier, Wayne Murel 1927-2011 Navy, Okinawa
Briggs, Ralph D. 1898-1984 Army
Brooks, Carl W.   DNB
Brown, Eldon L. 1921-1993 Army
Brown, Ivan L. 1909-1985 Army
Brown, Robert D. "Dobber" 1920-1971 MP
Brunhaver, Walter J.   FOD
Brunner, Nicholas Mike 1913-2002 Army Air Corps
Bryan, James M. 1925-2009 Navy
Buchan, Burnett W. 1920-2004 Army
Bucknell, Lynn 1919-2008 Army
Bullen, Carol D. 1904-1953 US Naval Reserve
Bunn, Benjamin M. 1905-1944 Army KIA
Burns, Owen V.   KIA
Campbell, Garland J. 1908-1961 Army
Campbell, Thomas J.   KIA
Capehart, Loina J.   KIA
Carpenter, John M. 1919-2006 Air Corps, Pacific
Carter, August Stanley 1915-2004 Army
Caster, Glenn James 1921-2003 Army
Cerwinske, Albert W. 1910-1994 Army
Chinnery, Clayton A. 1919-1985 Army
Chesnut, Roger Franklin 1925-2003 Navy, South Pacific
Christensen, Herbert C. 1908-1994 Army
Christensen, Kenneth M. 1921-1992 Army
Christensen, Lloyd James 1923-2009 Army
Christensen, Lyle J. 1924-1999 Army
Clammer, Corliss S. 1913-1998 Army
Cline, Charles Wilbur 1918-2012 Army, Japan
Coacher, Kenneth K. 1914-2009 Army
Coates, Lloyal Burnett 1924-2009 Navy, South Pacific
Coe, Keith 1919-1998 Navy
Collins, Clarence Jr. 1922-2010 Navy, Pacific
Colwell, George R. Jr.   DNB
Cords, Charles H. Jr.   DNB
Crandell, Charles Seymour 1924-1983 Army
Crosgrove, Raymond Caryl 1916-2002 Army
Cross, Harvey A.   DOW
Cross, Richard F.   DOW
Cross, William August 1920-2003 Army
Crowder, Joseph Lyle 1912-2001 Navy
Crowe, Vincent D. 1910-1953 Army Air Force
Crum, Dean Darrell 1928-2002 Army, Panama
Cunningham, Carlyle B. 1921-2003 Army, New Guinea
Cunningham, Rea E. 1925-1995 Navy
Daley, Gerald A. 1923-2010 Army, Europe
Danielson, Gladys M. 1909-1990 Navy
Daughenbaugh, Glen Dale 1917-1994 Navy See Bees, Aleutians
Davidson, Lynn F.   DNB
Dawley, Lowell L.   KIA
Deets, E. Darrell 1921-2001 Navy
Deist, Kenneth William 1923-2007 Army
Demaray, Irvin LaVern 1925-1993 Navy
Denham, Mar Allen 1917-2005 Navy, Pearl Harbor
Dobbs, Clyde E. 1916-1943 Army Air Corps DNB
Dow, Lawrence E. 1927-1988 Navy
Dvorak, Joseph J. 1897-1946 ---
Eggert, Robert J. 1922-2011 Army, Pacific Theatre
Ehling, William K. 1920-2011 Army
Eichmeier, Lavonne 1921-2007 Army
Eifers, Carl Roy 1924-2010 Army
Ellis, Raymond W. 1908-1981 Air Combat, Pacific
Ethington, Eldon 1924-2004 Army Air Corps, India
Farmer, Lewis Houston 1924-2002 Army, Europe
Farrell, John   KIA
Ferch, Kenneth 1914-1961 Army
Fods, Kenneth I. 1916-1961 Infantry
Fowler, Allen Wayne 1913-1984 Army
Finch, Roger A. 1918-2001 Army, Europe
Flugge, Lloyd Emil 1920-2013 Army
Frese, Clyde Edmund 1911-2012 Air Corps Engineers
Friend, Ivan Lamont 1911-1994 Navy
Fuller, Edward M.   KIA
Gallmeyer, Herman 1908-1952 Signal Operations
Gallup, Earl B.   KIA
Gallup, Harold Floyd 1915-1966 Army
Gallup, Lloyd Lewis 1918-1943 Italy KIA
Gallup, Robert L.   KIA
Garman, Henry J. 1907-1953 Navy
Gelner, Robert Eugene 1926-2012 Navy, Pacific
Gerhard, Paul F. 1917-2009 Army
Gerner, Edward Lawrence 1909-2005 Navy, Panama
Gerritson, Albert T. 1917-2002 Army, Europe
Gibbons, Francis E. 1924-2003 Army, Europe
Gitsch, Donald L. 1914-1987 Army
Gleason, Edmund Charles Sr. 1923-2009 Combat, Germany
Goebel, Cletus M. 1908-1980 Army
Gonser, Wm. Earl "Bill" 1926-1997 Army Air Corps
Goodno, Chester Roy 1908-2004 Army
Gordon, John O. 1919-2011 Army
Govro, Virgil Lee 1900-1973 Armored Infantry
Grady, Dale W. 1916-1996 Air Force
Grant, E. Leroy 1920-2007 Infantry, Battle of Bulge
Graper, Clarence W. 1912-1993 Army
Graper, Melvin H.   DOW
Graper, Orland R.   KIA
Gratias, Ralph W. Sr. 1918-1998 Army, Europe
Groff, John Wesley 1918-1989 Army
Grosbeck, Francis "Dale" 1926-2010 Army, Tinian, Philippines
Gross, Harriett Elvie 1921-1990 Army
Gruis, Earl W. 1923-2007 Army
Gueffroy, James E. 1914-1978 Army
Gunn, Clifford Irving 1909-1971 348 Station Hosp
Guthart, William 1927-1976 Army, Pacific Theatre
Hall, Claude E. 1923-2003 Army
Hagarty, Louis A. 1915-1992 Navy
Hamm, David W. 1921-1989 Navy
Hammond, Clair Edgar 1919-2003 Navy
Handt, Robert Herman 1922-2010 Army, New Guinea/Philippines
Hanson, Donovan B. 1916-2005 Army Air Corps, Europe
Hanson, Robert Arthur 1922-1999 Army
Hardt, Charles E. 1926-2011 Navy, Pacific Theatre
Hayungs, John Henry 1922-2003 Army
Hedden, George Lyle 1912-1967 Army
Hennigar, Owen Keith 1922-2005 Army
Herman, Orvall J. 1927-2002 Army
Hermann, Marcus 1918-2009 Army, Europe
Hess, Willard Paul 1931-1955 Army Signal Corps, Germany
Hobert, Wendell Lester 1920-2010 Navy
Hoppe, Ernest P. 1911-2005 Army
Horne, Wardell H.   FOD
Houstman, Richard Ray 1926-2006 Navy
Howe, Alton M. 1923-2004 Navy, South Pacific
Hoy, Marvin H. 1922-1981 Army
Hoye, Charles Emmett 1915-2003 Army
Hunt, Grant Burdette 1910-1998 Navy
Inman, Loren L. 1912-1992 Army
Jacobs, Royal A.   KIA
Jacobson, Kenneth Orval 1925-2003 Marines, Pacific Theatre
Jacobson, Lewis Vernon 1909-2002 Army
Jeffrie, Harvey H.   DOW
Jerrell, John Henry 1919-2001 Army, Europe
Johnson, Arnold Edgar 1925-1995 Navy
Johnson, Ralph Lester "Jack" 1923-2009 Army
Joyce, Henry L. Jr. "Hank" 1921-1999 Army
Kalvig, Lester C. 1928-2002 Army Air Corps
Kappa, Johannes 1912-2002 Army
Keefe, Thomas J. Jr. 1922-1944 Army Air Force KIA
Kehret, Oscar 1917-2003 MN Nat. Guard, N. Ireland
Keith, Laurence L. 1917-2003 Army, England
Kellogg, Allen Porter 1921-2002 Air Force, Europe, POW
Kellogg, Dale Leslie 1919-2007 Army Air Corps, Europe/Africa
Kellogg, Marvin Vorhes
1924-2012 Army, Pacific Theatre
Kellum, Darrell A.   KIA
Kelly Robert Francis 1924-1998 Army
Kelsey, James "Burt" 1922-2009 Navy
Kepple, Clark F. 1919-2012 Army
Klingery, Keith Everett 1926-2009 Merchant Marines, Pacific
Kingsbury, Gail W. 1916-1997 Navy
Kingsbury, Merle K. 1924-1999 Navy
Kirsch, Robert 1918-2008 Army Air Corps, Guam
Knapp, Troy L. 1918-2002 Army, Asiatic Pacific
Knowlen, William J.   DNB
Kock, Alvin D. "Bud" 1918-2002 Air Force
Kraninger, Joseph Darrell 1909-1976 Pacific Theatre
Krause, James W. 1927-1996 Army
Kreger, Elmer F. 1923-2008 Marine Corps, Pacific
Krueger, Herman C. 1901-1953 Armored Medical Bat.
Krueger, Robert John 1927-2010 Army
Krugler, Robert B. 1926-2013 Navy
Krumrey, Delmer L.   KIA
Krumrey, Stanley J. 1927-1953 Army
Kuck, Keith Victor 1922-2012 Navy
Kupker, Arnold 1926-2002 Army
Lacour, James 1922-2006 Navy
Lahman, Alonzo 1913-1996 US Armed Forces
Laudner, Delbert Dale 1924-2013 Army Air Corps, POW, Germany
Laughlin, Robert Waldo 1921-1980 Army, Europe
Leary, Thomas Patrick 1925-2010 Army
Leider, Raymond C. 1922-2003 Army
Link, Elihue Harold 1927-2001 Army
Losee, Bernard Harold Jr. 1929-1997 Army
Losee, Claude L. 1915-1993 Army, Germany
Losee, Earl Roger 1924-2001 Army Air Force
Lundblad, Arthur 1918-1993 Army
Lyman, Jack R. 1926-1997 Navy
Mabie, Robert J. 1920-2006 Army Air Corps, England
Magilton, Harry V.   KIA
Marnette, Thomas H.   KIA
Matte, Dale Adrian Sr. 1918-2004 Army, Philippines
McDermott, James 1916-2005 Army
McDonald, Chester LaVerne 1925-2013 Army
McGeeney, Robert John 1917-1946 Navy
McGinn, Philip Joseph 1925-2005 Marines, Okinawa
Mead, Gerald Clinton 1923-2003 Army Air Force
Menzie, Arlene Blanche (nee Wilhelius) 1924-2003 Women's Army Corps
Messier, Richard Frank 1922-2012 Army, Europe
Meyer, Clarence Edward 1919-2005 Army, Normandy
Micich, Lozo 1919-2011 Navy
Micich, Robert 1920-2003 Army
Mihous, Wayne Isaac 1909-1999 Navy
Miller, Arnold Wayne "Bud" 1920-2002 Army, Philippines
Miller, Paul Robert 1923-1975 Navy
Mills, Ronald L.   KIA
Mincks, Ivan LaVerne 1919-2005 Navy
Momberg, Sylvan A. 1921-1997 Signal Corps Italy & N. Africa
Monaghan, Donald James 1925-2010 Marines
Monroe, Robert Gates 1919-2009 Army Air Corps, Texas
Monroe, Virgil 1922-1988 Marine Corps
Montag, James Marvin 1918-2005 Army Air Corps
Montgomery, Noel R. 1916-1993 Air Corps, Europe
Moore, Donald R. 1913-1985 Army
Moore, Lloyd Arthur 1919-1986 Army
Nash, Merle 1913-1980 Army
Nauman, Edward Joseph 1923-2008 Army
Nees, Daniel H.   DNB
Niemann, Robert Frederick 1922-2008 Army
Nelson, LeRoy A. 1906-2000 Army
Noble, Robert J. 1906-1978 Army
Norby, Donald D. 1923-2004 Navy, South Pacific
Norby, Harold James 1925-2011 Army Air Corps, Italy
Norelius, Archie E.   KIA
O'Connell, Gerald C. 1922-1983 Army
O'Connell, Russell Virgil 1910-1985 Army
Obermeier, Milton C. 1919-2012 Army Air Force
Obermeier, Wendell C. 1921-2003 Army, Germany
Oleson, Robert B. 1918-2006 Navy
Palmer, Bernard 1920-2010 Army
Parker, Clifford S. 1923-1982 Army
Parker, Howard P. 1899-1979 Army
Parker, Roy E. "JoJo" 1927- Army
Parker, Russell Oren "Barney" 1922-2010 Army Air Force, Saipan, Guam
Parrish, Charles H.   KIA
Paulus, Thomas Francis 1919-2002 Army, New Guinea
Patten, Berl Robert 1917-1992 Army
Peterson, Glen F. 1912-1976 Army
Peterson, Kenneth Edward 1926-2012 Army Air Corps
Pfefferkorn, Leonard C. 1923-2002 Navy
Prange, Clarence F. 1919-2011 Navy
Pump, Richard Reinhard 1926-2007 Navy, Pacific Ocean
Pyle, Glenn Richard 1920-2009 Army Air Force, Europe
Regan, Vernon Francis "Bun" 1922-1997 Army, Europe
Reed, Robert E. 1919-2005 Army Signal Corps
Reis, John Virgil 1918-1984 Army
Rhodes, Harold Leroy 1919-1986 Navy
Riden, Floyd William 1917-2002 Army
Rimrod, Harry H. 1910-1977 Army
Riordan, Paul F.   KIA
Ritter, Donald P. 1921-2003 Army, Asiatic Pacific Theatre
Ritzman, Harold L. 1920-2003 Army, Pacific
Rodamaker, William J. 1919-2007 Army
Rogers, Maurice Charles 1927-1982 Army
Rohlwing, Grant H.   DNB
Rolph, Jack W. 1924-1945 Army KIA
Roloff, Merle Edwin 1913-1999 Navy
Ruesch, Warren Ernest 1921-2003 Army, European Theatre
Schallock, Milton H.   DNB
Schinnow, Herbert 1917-2009 Army
Schlader, Robert Laverne 1925-2007 Air Force, Germany
Schmolke, Norman J. "Smokey" 1928-1993 Merchant Marines
Schulter, Vernon F. 1924-2008 Army
Schultz, Albert 1923-2010 Army, South Pacific
Schuster, Erwin A. 1921-2002 Army
Schuver, Harold J. 1920-1992 US Signal Corps
Schuwartz, Rudolph Emil 1909-1992 Army, Europe
Schwartzkoph, Francis C. 1925-2000 Army
Schweizer, Paul J. 1925-1989 Army
Scoles, James S. 1923-2007 Army Air Corps, England
Seelye, Harold Irwin "Ike" 1926-2009 Army
Sellen, Eugene E. 1924-2012 Navy
Severson, Royden M. 1925-2003 Air Force
Sharp, Lowell R. 1917-1959 Army
Shepley, John Donald 1918-2010 Army
Shorey, Ralph L.   DOW
Shrader, Wayne Clive 1916-1988 Army
Simmons, Leroy M.   KIA
Smith, Paul Arthur "Smitty" 1926-2008 Army
Smith, Sophie (nee Negomir) 1921-2010 Womens Army Corps
Sonne, Edward 1919-2009 Navy, Pacific
Stalheim, Kenneth A. 1920-2005 Navy, Hawaii, Guam, Phillippines
Stalker, Lyle 1920-2002 Army
Starkey, Harry T. 1920-1977 Army
Starr, Buster 1917-2008 Army, Battle of Bulge
Staudt, Horace Dean 1924-2003 Navy
Stayner, Raymond L. 1920-2001 Army, Aleutian Islands
Stiles, Kenneth E. "Red" 1926-2004 Army
Stiles, W. Keith "Ole" 1913-2002 Army Air Corps, China/India
Stohr, William Wayne 1921-2008 Army, Europe
Stromsodt, Russell Martel 1919-2002 Army
Sullivan, Bernard C. 1911-1988 Army
Sullivan, Timothy J. 1926-2011 Army Air Force
Tibeau, John Joseph 1913-1990 Army
Thoe, Arthur Mooris 1925-2009 Army, Europe
Thompson, Johnnie Frank 1916-1999 Unknown
Thompson, Russell V. 1916-1994 Navy
Thomas, Donovan 1921-2000 Marine Corps
Thomas, Fred H. 1901-1948 US Cavalry
Thomas, Harold Dell 1920-1951 Army
Thomas, William Dell Jr. 1924-2008 Unknown
Tonn, Donald Lonnie 1920-1975 Army
Trettin, Walter W.   FOD
Troge, Eldon Frederick 1923-2008 Army Air Force, Europe
Truex, Charles E. 1915-2011 Air Force, Europe
Tynan, Bernard J. 1911-1979 Army
Tynan, Edward 1898-1960 Army Air Corps
Tynan, Leo James 1926-2008 Army, Europe
Ueker, Wayne Laverne 1924-2000 Army Air Force, South Pacific
Unger, Donald P. 1922-1993 Navy
Vance, Clarence L. 1924-2008 Army
VanDeventer, Raymond Calvin 1927-2008 Army
VanDeventer, Richard Lazell "Van" 1915-2009 Navy
Varner, Donald Ray 1921-1978 Army
Vetter, Harold John 1926-2008 Army
Vierkant, Ben G. 1916-2000 Army
Wagner, Kenneth B. 1912-1966 Army
Wahlstrom, Reuben B. 1899-1961 Army
Walker, Glenn Archie 1922-2008 Army
Wallbaum, Ivan George 1912-2003 Navy
Warrington, Gerald L. 1922-2004 Navy
Weber, Alvin Lloyd 1907-1968 Army
Webster, Keith L. 1914-1922 Army
Wegner, Harold O. "Pete" 1914-1993 Army, Europe
Wegner, Russell William 1923-2004 Army
Williams, Paul Edward 1929-2005 Army
Willsher, John L.   KIA
Winterink, Russell Clark 1918-2002 Army
Wolf, Frank Louis 1904-1952 US Coast Guard
Wood, Earl R. 1922-2007 Army
Wrench, Wilfred R.   DNB
Wulff, Raymond J. 1919-1991 Army
Yeager, Robert B. 1923-2008 Army, France
Yenerich, Robert E.   FOD
Young, Lloyd F.   DNB
Ziebell, Clarence 1917-2002 Army, England
Zielstorf, Kenneth D. 1910-1984 Army
Zimmer, Delbert Jacob 1911-2004 Army