December 07, 1941 ~ December 31, 1946

In every town, on every street,
There’s something missing –
The tread of feet, of all the boys
We used to know,
And days are weary and nights are long,
We miss them so.

~ The Terrill Record, Terril, Iowa, Thursday, December 14, 1944, Page 1

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Bakerlink, Pfc. Fred S.
U. S. Army

National Archives gov/research/index

Bean, Steamfitter2/C Raymond Lockwood
U. S. Navy
K.I.A. July 11, 1945, Pacific Theater
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. W. Bean Arnolds Park IA

Behrens, Lt. Estel W.
U. S. Army Air Force, 124th Squadron
K.I.A. over China Feb. 2, 1945
Wife, Mrs. Neoma Funk Behrens, Spencer IA, formerly of Spirit Lake


Bellows, Pfc. Glenn Cedric
U. S. Marine Corps, POW Manila Bay
died in Japanese camp June 11, 1943
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert V. Bellows, R.F. D. 1, Spirit Lake IA

Bellows, AV Cadet Francis “Victor”
U. S. Army Air Force
Plane crash, Apr. 17, 1943, Phoenix AZ
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Bert V. Bellows, Spirit Lake IA


Berning, Pvt. Arthur D.
U. S. Army
K.I.A. Sept. 25, 1944, France
Son of Mr. J. A. Berning, Milford IA

Bockwoldt, Pfc. Edwin J.
U. S. Army, Field Artillery
K.I.A. Aug. 16, 1944, France
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hans N. Bockwoldt
Lake Park IA
Spirit Lake Beacon, May 27, 1948, pg. 2
Interred at Camp Butler Nat’l Cemetery, Springfield IL with Sgt. Charlie Napier


Burger, CM 3/C Dennis Daniel
U. S. Navy, aboard a tanker that was sunk
M.I.A. May 8, 1942 over Coral Sea
Declared K.I.A. May 8, 1943
Son of Mr. Rex Burger, Spencer IA & Mrs. Ruby Burger, Milford IA



Chapman, 1st Lt. Richard R.
U. S. Army Air Corps
Died of Wounds March 26, 1943, Tunisia
Wife, Mrs. Mildred Hausmann Chapman
Milford IA
Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Chapman,
Estherville IA

Christensen, SSgt. Robert K.
U. S. Army
Plane crash Jan. 27, 1944, Wendover UT
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Christensen, Superior IA

Cline, Pfc. James S. “Dicky Fox”
U. S. Army, 3rd Battalion, 14th Armored
Drowned on maneuvers July 25, 1943 AZ
Grandson of Mr. & Mrs. Ira Fox, Spirit Lake IA


Cruse, SSgt. LeRoy Desmond
U. S. Army
K.I.A. May 28, 1944 over Germany
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Cruse, Terrill IA




Davis, Ensign Max Edward
U. S. Coast Guard Reserve on cargo ship
Lost at sea Jan. 29, 1945
Wife, Mrs. Irene Maude Nelson Davis
105 N. Anna St., Spirit Lake IA, son of Mr. & Mrs. Davis of Ottumwa IA




Foss, Pfc. Howard E.
U. S. Army
K.I.A. Nov. 7, 1943, Italy
Son of Florence Myrtle Burger Foss, Arnolds Park IA




Griffith, Velda
Milford IA

Spirit Lake Beacon, Oct. 31, 1946, pg. 2

Grow, Pfc. Bernard L. “Pat”
Coast Artillery, POW May 7, 1942
died Dec. 1, 1944, Japanese prison camp
Son of Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Grow, Terril IA




Hensley, AV MM 3/C Gale Ernest
U. S. Navy
Accident Oct. 3, 1944, S. Pacific Theater
Son of Mrs. Lillie Hensley, Lake Park IA


Hoffman, Pvt. Ora W.
U. S. Army
K.I.A. Oct. 21, 1944, France
Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hoffman
417 E. 12th, Spirit Lake IA

Spirit Lake Beacon, Feb. 14, 1946, pg. 2



Kehoe, Pfc. Kenneth C.
U. S. Army
K.I.A. Nov. 17, 1944, France
Son of Mr. & Mrs. George Kehoe
Milford IA

Spirit Lake Beacon, Feb. 14, 1946, pg. 2

Kidd, 1st Lt. John Wilbur
U. S. Army Air Force
K.I.A. Oct. 29, 1943 off Crete
Son of Mr. & Mrs. V. V. Kidd, Spirit Lake IA

Klocker, Pfc. George M.
U. S. Marine Corps.
Non-battle death, June 13, 1942

IA WWII Casualty List, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Krouch, S 2/C Dean Richard
U. S. Navy Reserves
Wife, Mrs. Christine Althaire Krouch
Lake View IA

 IA Navy, Marines, Coast Guard casualties



Laster, Tec5 Donald Burdell
U. S. Army, 36th Engr. Cons BN
K.I.A. Leyte, Philippines Oct. 31, 1944
Son of Mrs. Sophia Lombard Laster
Lincoln IA (formerly of Arnolds Park?)

Spirit Lake Beacon, Feb. 14, 1946, pg. 2

Linder, Sgt. Alvin Albert
U. S. Army, 96th Division
K.I.A. April 21, 1945, Okinawa
Wife, Mrs. Glenola Schadt Linder
Waterloo IA
Son of Mrs. Mary Linder Hammel

New Albin IA

Luchtel, SSgt. Gilbert R.
U. S. Army, Co. K, 382nd Inf., 96th Div.
K.I.A. Oct./Nov. 12, 1944, Leyte Island
Son of Mr. & Mrs. F. H. Luchtel, Milford IA




Marks, 2nd Lt. Morris Rusch
U. S. Army Air Corps, B-17 pilot
M.I.A. Feb. 21, 1944 over Germany
Declared deceased Oct. 5, 1945
Son of Dr. & Mrs. Wilford H. Marks, Lake Park IA


McCormick Pfc. Russell Charles
U. S. Marine Corps
K.I.A. May 3, 1945, Okinawa
Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. J. McCormick, Spirit Lake IA

McCoy, Pfc. Kenneth W.
U. S. Army
K.I.A. May 23, 1945, Okinawa
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Orph McCoy, Terril IA


McKinney, Pfc. Derald “Keith” “Sonny”
U. S. Army, 382 Infantry, 96th Division
Died of wounds, Nov. 12, 1944, Leyte
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Melvin McKinney, Arnolds Park IA

Meyer, Cpl. Arlo Henry
U. S. Army
drowning July 3, 1942, Silver Lake IA

Son of Mr. John Meyer & grandson of
Mrs. Emma Lage, Lake Park IA

Miller, 1st Lt. Maurice M.
U. S. Army Air Corps, 10th Bomb. Sqd.
Plane accident, Dec. 11, 1941 enroute to
Borinquen Field, Puerto Rico
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin W. Miller, Terril IA

Mitchell, Pfc. William Lee “Bill” “Billy”
U. S. Army, Co. K 381 Inf., 96th Div.
K.I.A. April 28, 1945, Okinawa
Wife, Mrs. Mildred Somers Mitchell
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Emery Lee Mitchell, Spirit Lake IA


Molloy, 2nd Lt. Francis Maynard
U. S. Army Air Corps
M.I.A. March 31, 1943 over Mediterranean
Declared deceased April 1, 1944
Wife, Mrs. Francis Molloy
Son of Mrs. Hazel Molloy, both of Arnolds Park IA

Morphew, Pvt. Lambert Lynton “Bert”
U. S. Army, 126th Inf., 32nd Division
Red Arrowmen Regiment
K.I.A. March 16, 1945, Sapinit,  Luzon

Son of Mrs. Alma Heur Morphew McClure,
Lake Park IA & Fae Morphew of Nora
Springs IA     


 Murray, SSgt. Ralph Clinton
U. S. 8th Army Air Force
M.I.A. April 11, 1944 over Baltic Sea
Declared deceased Nov. 1945
Wife, Mrs. Emma Murray
Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. G. Murray, all of Arnolds Park IA




Newman, Pvt. Duane Grant
U. S. Army Reserves
K.I.A. Jan. 22, 1945, Belgium
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Newman, R.F.D. 2, Milford IA




Place, 2nd Lt. Leon Andrew
U. S. Army Air Corps
Plane crash Aug. 2, 1943, Mason City IA
Son of Dr. & Mrs. Floyd Place, Milford IA


Prinz, Lt. Donald Leroy
U. S. Army Air Force
Plane crash Aug 2, 1944, Salton Sea
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Otto Prinz
Spirit Lake IA

Spirit Lake Beacon, Feb. 14, 1946, pg. 2



Titterington, FM 1/C Everett Cecil
U. S. Navy, USS Oklahoma
K.I.A. Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor HI
Son of Mrs. Pearl C. Titterington, Milford IA




Wade, Capt. Ralph Vernon
U. S. Army Air Force, 12th Fighter Sqd.
Died Apr. 23, 1944, Schick General Hospital, Clinton IA
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wade, Bode IA, formerly of Terril IA


Weaver, Pvt. Sydney E.
U. S. Army, 28th Infantry Division
M.I.A. Nov. 8, 1945, Germany
Declared deceased in Nov. 1945
Wife, Mrs. Muriel Weaver, Pike’s Point
Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Weaver, Spirit Lake

Wyland, AMM 2/C Jerry Dale
U. S. Navy, aboard USS Bunker Hill
K.I.A. May, 1945, South Pacific
Son of Dr. & Mrs. Fred Wyland, Terril IA