CROSSES FOR WORLD WAR II DEAD—Looking over their V arrangement of crosses and making further plans for dedication of this spot in the northeast corner of Memorial Park Cemetery to World War II veterans from Cerro Gordo county who have given their lives in the service, are Henry Koeneke and Lou Raymond.

The crosses number 149 and each bears the name and rank of the serviceman. On top of each cross may be seen a small U.S. flag. It is possible that there should be more crosses in cases where no record was available. In that event they will be added as soon as the information is received, it was stated.

Names for the crosses were obtained through the efforts of the American Legion from the Friends of Libraries.  The ground has been given over to the American Legion and after the war this veteran’s organization plans to build a memorial there honoring veterans of both World Wars I and II.

On Memorial day services will be held in the enclosure around the flag pole as part of the regular observance planned for Mason City by the Memorial association.


Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, May 26, 1945 (photo included)

S 1/c Frederick Alden
WT 1/c Frank Sherman King
Pvt. Orval R. Alden Pfc. Eugene Paul Kirschbaum
F 2/c Lloyd Phillip Allen Sgt. John J. Klein
Sgt. Robert H. Anderson T/5 Richard E. Kopecky
Sgt. Harold LeRoy Aucker Pvt. Eugene B. Kimball
Pilot Officer John Avise AC Warren Krueger
Cpl. Joseph B. Amos Pvt. Leland Langlitz
Sgt. Ralph Bailey Sgt. William Lauer
S 1/c Gus Bernhardt Lt. Robert W. Lewis
Pvt. Joe Blanchet Lt. Phil A. Lichty
Pfc. Jerold Richard Bond Lt. Enos David Lloyd-Jones
Pvt. William Bracklein T/4 Gordon Reford Lundeen
Pvt. William Anthony Burke Pvt. Charles Lichtsinn
Pfc. Jacob P. Brood Sgt. Harvey E. McDougle
Lt. Thomas Justin Campbell Capt. Lawrence Meade
Sgt. John Wilford Carroll Pfc. Richard R. Miller
QM 2/c Guy Wayne Carroll S 1/c Robert C. Modlin
Sgt. Robt. Joseph Cavanaugh Pfc. Keith Myhr
Pfc. Michael Chimbidis Pvt. Robert H. Maass
Lt. Arthur LeRoy Clark Pvt. Richard McCann
PhM 1/c Willis Lloyd Conklin Pvt. Floyd McCreery
Sgt. Harold F. Cookman S 1/c George H. McElroy
Lt. Robert Grant Cookman Pfc. Ira Myhre
Lt. William Cookman Sgt. Donald L. Nissen
Pvt. Arnold Cooley Sgt. Andrew Olie Nordahl
SM 1/c Herbert O. Creekmur Sgt. Lyle Austin Norquist
Lt. Lyle W. Crook Cpl. Kenneth L. Olson
Pfc. Phillip Warren Crosby Pvt. Harry Paxton
Sgt. William Charles Cross Sgt. Edward LeRoy Penciua
Lt. Albert Henry Cummings Lt. James M. K. Pedersen
Pfc. Eugene A. Christianson Sgt. Elmer R. Peters
Pfc. Donald Dean Sgt. Edward N. Peterson
S 1/c Arthur Davis Sgt. Ralph Petersen
AOM 1/c Willard E. Dunton Sgt. Louis Joseph Pion, Jr.
Cpl. Keith Ellsworth Dye Marine Pvt. Wm. D. Pritchard
Sgt. George J. Eckhardt Cpl. William Quinones
Cpl. Leland Faktor Lt. Ardell E. Rooks
Lt. Donald L. Ferrier MM 2/c Althon Rossum
Sgt. Harold Field Sgt. Ernest Ruhnke
Pfc. Salude Flores Lt. A. P. Roeder
Pfc. Donald Ford Lt. H. E. Ross
Pvt. Harold D. Frazier Sgt. Dennis P. Ryan
Lt. Curtis Friesner Pvt. James F. Sage
Pvt. Edward M. Fuller Sgt. Robt. Emmett Schinnow
GM 3/c Marion E. Findling M 1/c R. E. Scholl
AP Patrick J. Furleigh Pfc. Roy John Schultz
Sgt. John Raymond Gagnon PO Erwin L. Searle
Pfc. Robert Lynn Galley PO 2/c Sterling Seymour
Pfc. Lloyd Gallup Pvt. Martin Elvin Shinn
Pfc. Robert L. Gallup Pfc. Walter R. Smith
F/O Robert J. Gamble Pfc. Raymond C. Sprau
Pfc. John Miekel Garcia Pvt. Wallace Springer
Sgt. Nolan M. Gilbert Pvt. Aloysius H. Schmitt
Sgt. Harold V. Goad Cpl. T. John Shipley
Lt. Richard L. Grow Pvt. Willard O. Scheppler
Lt. Dorance Grange Pvt. Robert Thomas
Cpl. Orville Grell Cadet John Thomas
F 2/c Dwane H. Halsten Capt. Richard Chas. Ufford
Sgt. Paul Enoch Hammond Pvt. Robert Vance Ulin
Pfc. Thomas M. Hanson Lt. John P. Urbatch
Pvt. Mitchell A. Harding Capt. John J. Vician
Lt. Roger W. Hayes Pfc. Raymond L. Voss
Pfc. Dwight M. Helfenstein Pvt. Marion Van Fleet
Capt. W. W. Henthorne SM 1/c Dale Edw. Wentworth
Pfc. Fay Lewis Hickling MM 2/c Lester Lee Williams
ARM 3/c Roy Highsmith, Jr. Sgt. Cecil Thomas Woldmoe
Rolan G. Howard S 2/c Warren William Wolff
PhM 1/c Maurice Hurtt Ensign Lloyd Woodhouse
Pvt. Richard W. Horrman Cpl. Harvey Edward Wynn
Pfc. Fred Hanna Pvt. R. E. Widdrington
Pvt. Kenneth Heimendinger T/5 Cletus D. Weiland
Sgt. Kenneth L. Ingebretson Pfc. William F. Wahrer, Jr.
Cpl. Kenneth L. Johnson T/Sgt. Darrel Wilson
Cpl. Robert C. Jacobson  
S 1/c Stephen Jess Kercheff  

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