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A Moment of Contemplation—“Memorial day is going to mean more to people of Clear Lake this year than for a long time,” said E. W. Winnie, as he viewed with Karl F. Hass the Clear Lake honor roll board recently erected in City park.  Mr. Winnie, himself, the son of a Civil War veteran, has four sons in the service.  Mr. Hass is fourth district Legion commander.

The honor roll board was made possible through the efforts of F. G. Cookman, who conceived the idea and gave much time and labor to collecting the money and getting the work done.  At present about 350 names are listed but those of men entering the service since last December  [1942] have not yet been placed on the board. Mr. Cookman suggests that anyone knowing of names should be on the board, report them. 

Already five of the Clear Lake service men have met disaster.  Pvt. Marion VanFleet was killed in an auto accident near Farmington, Mo., Nov. 11, 1941, as he was returning home on furlough.

Sgt. Caryle Sheldon, reported missing in action Feb. 17, 1943, was later found to be a prisoner of war in Germany.  He had been in north Africa.

Staff Sgt. Harold F. Cookman, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Cookman, was reported as missing in action since March 31, 1943.  To date, his parents have no further information. He was in service over north Africa.

Lester Lee Williams, machinist’s mate second class, who made his home for many years with his aunt, Mrs. Ada Bean, 715 North Second street, was reported missing in action June 14, 1942, following the battle of the Coral Sea.  He was in the third period of enlistment.

Joseph Zieger, boatswain second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Zieger, Belmond, was reported missing in action somewhere in the Pacific.  His wife who lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Hunst, Clear Lake, received the notice May 8, 1942.  He had been in the Philippines two years. 

Source: Mason City Gazette, Friday, May 28, 1943