Erected to Men and Women Now Serving in the U. S. Armed Forces From Akron and Surrounding Territory

Pictured above is Akron’s fine new Honor Roll, which was recently erected on the lawn just north of the City Hall building.  Appearing on the Honor Roll are the names of men and women from Akron and vicinity who are now serving in the armed forces of the United States.  Additional names will be placed thereon as more from this territory are inducted into the service.  The Akron Honor Roll was made possible through the generous contributions provided by the public.  The project was sponsored by Hoschler Post, No. 186, of the American Legion; the Akron Commercial Club and the Town of Akron.  Mr. Fred Reinders, of Hospers, Iowa, designed and executed the artistic war scenes which adorn the Honor Roll.  At night the Honor Roll is illuminated by a bank of concealed flood-lights, giving a very pleasing effect.  Following is a list of persons from this territory who have been honored by having their names placed on Akron’s Honor Roll:

Aalfs, Philip Fletcher, Charles R. Krause, W. W. Rademacher, Lawrence
Abraham, Arnold Fletcher, Darcy Lackey, Milton R. Raub, Harold A.
Abraham, Alverne Fredrickson, C. L. LaCroix, Phil Raub, Daniel
Abraham, Milford Fredrickson, Ray Lake, Arvel M. Raynor, Charles
Abrahamson, Leo A. Frerichs, Herbert Lake, Wilmer Reemts, Arden W.
Abrahamson, Philip Frerichs, Marvin Lamoureux, Loyd M. Reemts, Russell
Adams, John Frisk, Alvin Lamoureux, Wm. Richters, Clarence
Adams, Ralph E. Gale, Francis L. Larson, Adolph J. Richters, Peter Jr
Allen, Byron K. Gale, Jack G. Larson, William Richters, Fred J.
Anderson, Carl L. Gale, Matthew J. Latham, Ralph Ross, Gordon
Anderson, Elmer F. Gant, William Jr. Lawrence, Clifford Ross, Norman
Anderson, Kenneth Gassman, Marvin Lawrence, Leonard Ross, Raymond
Anderson, Russell Geary, Wilson Lemeke, Raymond Ross, Herbert J.
Anderson, Sperling Gerdes, Elmer Lemen, Albert Lee Ross, Malvern C.
Anderson, Stanley Gibbons, Raymond Lewis, Duane Rossow, Gordon
Andersen, Wayne Gillespie, Harold Lewison, Curtis L. Jr Rounds, Lloyd
Appley, J. Milton Gillespie, Wm. R. Lewison, Richard W. Rozell, Alva
Arkin, Lynn Gillmann, Hilbert Lias, Harvey Rozell, Archie
Axelson, Herman Greenwood, Dorothy Lias, Hiram Rosenow, Wm. (Deceased)
Baier, Arlo R. Greenwood, Warren Lilly, Paul Rosenow, George
Baker, Slade Gronemeyer, Lyle Lower, Dort Rosenow, Albert
Ball, Harry Gunderson, Carroll Lucken, Donald W. Robertson, Jay
Barr, Junior Gusman, Jack B. Lucken, Ernest G. Ross, Flora
Barinsky, Raymond Gwinn, Clarence Lucken, Darrell Ross, Percy
Bay, Donald (Deceased) Haage, Wm. Mackey, Francis Sauer, Karl A.
Banks, Emmett Hamman, Arnold Mann, Lauren M. Sayles, Glenn
Banks, Homer Hamman, John T. Manning, Clayton Scott, Harold
Banks, Joe Henke, Ernest Jr. Manning, Howard Scott, Oliver J.
Banks, Wurth Henke, Kenneth Marbach, Kenneth Scott, Clarence H.
Beaubien, Armand Harkness, Arnold Marbach, Lowell H. Schmidt, G. Lee
Beaubien, John Harkness, Ewald Markus, Bernard Seamands, Claude E.
Beckman, Fred G. Harkness, Marion Martin, Marguerite I. Searls, Ervin
Beckman, Herman Harkness, Lowell Martin, Marvin L. Shoulberg, Kenneth
Beeck, Albert Harkness, Guy J. Martin, James A. Small, Eldon
Beeck, Chris Harris, Gaynor Martin, John J. Small, Ivyl
Behrens, Byrl Harris, Stanley Mason, C. R. Small, Kenneth
Bellwood, Lester Hartman, Adolph R. Meade, Kenneth H. Smith, Bruce
Bengston, Orville Hartman, Brune J. Meske, Eldor Smith, John C.
Blake, Kenneth Hartman, Gary W. Meether, Arthur J. L. Sorenson, Melvin
Blake, Orin Hartman, Rudolph J. Milbrodt, Donald Sparks, Orrie
Blum, Joseph L. Harwig, Kenneth Milbrodt, Henry C. Sprenger, Louis Jr
Bock, Richard Hasenbank, Kenneth Milbrodt, Wm. M. Stange, Edwin E.
Boden, Donald Heider, Floyd Milbrodt, George Staska, Donald
Boetger, Parnell Henke, Merlin Miller, Leslie Staska, Robert
Bohman, Oscar F. Henrich, Enno Moffatt, Allen Stinton, Lowell B.
Breitbarth, Glen Hilton, Elwin Gene Moller, Gerhard Stryzewski, Ralph
Breitbarth, Vern Hines, Reuben Moller, John H. Svunson, Ernest
Brouillette, Willard Hitzemann, Carl Moller, Robert Sweeney, Robert
Brundeen, Arthur Hodoway, Robert Montagne, Dorothy Swalley, Charles J.
Bryan, Benj. H. Homer, Garth Montagne, James R. (Deceased) Swift, Hugh W.
Bryan, Clyde A. Horton, Arthur Moore, Sidney Swift, Burton
Bryant, Harold Horton, Glen Morehead, Marvin E. Talbot, Don
Bubbs, Howard C. Hoschler, Edw. J Morehead, Lowell Tapper, Lester A.
Burket, LeRoy K. Hoschler, Leo Morehead, Arnold Tentinger, Marjorie
Burket, Wilson C. Hoschler, Stephen Mount, Charles Tentinger, Richard
Burnight, Clayton Hough, George Mount, Manuel Thatcher, Raymond
Burnight, Francis Howard, Clayton Mowery, Marjorie Thatcher, Stanley
Bredall, Barbara Howard, Wesley Munn, Gerald Thomas, Raymond
Burnight, Patrick Huebner, John Muth, John R. Tindall, Alan J.
Burrill, Claude W. Huebner, Ruben Myers, Freeman H. Tone, Albert G.
Burris, Loren Hughes, Marvin McCarty, Errol Tone, Alfred
Burris, Wayne Huls, John McCarty, Wallace (Deceased) Tracy, Alonzo
Callahan, Harry Hultgren, Earl McCarty, Warren Trefren, Robert
Campbell, Harold Hawkins, Duane McElhaney, Lloyd Trometer, Merlin
Caskey, Eldon Jacobs, Luverne McLane, Neil Tsitouras, John
Caskey, Harley Jacobs, Lyle F. McMahon, Ed Tucker, Robert
Chamberlain, Cluett Jacobs, Milo W. McMillan, Elmer Vanberg, Harold E.
Claassen, Gerhard Jans, Karl E. McMillan, Delmar VanCourt, Eugene
Claesson, Fred R. Jensen, Raymond McMillan, John VanderHelm, Allen
Claeys, Robert Jensen, Sidney W. Nason, Alfred Vanderham, Wm. H.
Clark, Francis Johnson, Alberta Nason, Omer Vogelzang, Robert
Clark, Renealdo D. Johnson, Andy Nall, Arnold VonHagel, George
Clark, Victor Johnson, Arden Nall, David A. VonHagel, Paul L.
Coleman, James Johnson, Edward O. Neal, Wesley B. VonHagel, Wayne A.
Conner, Elwin Johnson, Lowell Newman, Losen Voss, Benita
Conway, Milton Johnson, Roger E. Nielson, Paul Voss, Gerald
Coyle, John W. Jr. Johnson, William S. Nielson, Roy M. Warnsing, LeRoy
Cross, Donald Johnson, Waldon Nygard, O. K. Warren, Floyd
Dummins, Oather Joustra, Clifford Nylund, Roger Waterbury, Arnold
Curtis, Burdette A. Joustra, Delbert Nylund, Wallace Waterbury, Donald
Dague, Lawrence Kaelke, Marvin Oaks, Alvin L. Waterbury, John H.
Dalgliesh, Geo. E. Kaelke, Ralph G. Oaks, Louis Welch, Matt J.
Dalgliesh, Robert Kamradt, Lloyd R. Obye, Chas. H. Welch, Robert
Davis, Carroll Kapfer, Lester H. Obye, Chas. H. Jr Welch, Joe
Dewey, Gene L. Kerr, Foster F. Obye, Kenneth Welch, William L.
DeJager, Elmer Kerr, Harper Ogden, Gene Wenblum, Ray
Dirks, Herman Kerr, James R. Olson, Chester Westadt, Russell
Dirks, Leonard Kessler, A. J. Olund, Swen Westadt, Gerald
Dirks, Ronald Kilstrom, Gordon Osterbuhr, Dwaine Werling, Donald H.
Dirks, Walter E. Kindig, Sherman D. Overby, Ole Wilcox, Floyd D.
Dommer, Edward E. Klauer, James Palmer, Darrell Willer, Roy
Dreeszen, Virgil R. Klauer, Ralph B. Parker, Alvin Witt, Lloyd
Earnest, John H. Klave, Albert Pearson, John R. Witt, Wesley
Eichacker, Henry L. Klemme, Arnold W. Peters, Harvey H. Woudenberg, Herbert
Ekren, Ole Klemme, Leverne Pike, Clifton Widler, D. J.
Emmick, Donald F. Klemme, Kenneth Pollock, Alden Wood, Glenn H.
Emmick, Stanley D. Klemme, Wilmer C. Pollock, Gordon R. Wynia, Mervin
Ericson, Robert L. Knecht, Jimmie Pollock, Vincent Wynia, W. C.
Everett, Vernon Koplin, Eldon A. Pollock, Iver Youngstrom, E. B
Faust, Leo Koch, Henry Popken, Wallace Youngstrom, Karl A.
Faust, William Kuester, Arnold W. Port, Harold Zachow, Edward
Fickbohm, Lester R. Kutil, Earl (Deceased) Port, Ray Zierath, Kenneth
Fickbohm, Sylvester Kutil, Herman H. Port, Richard Zierath, Melvin W.
Fickbohm, Vernon Knudson, Hans Port, Kenneth F. Ziegler, Elsworth

Illustration of Honor Roll and List of Names Given

There is presented on the first page of the Register-Tribune this week an illustration of the Honor Roll board recently installed on the lawn of the municipal light and power plant.  In connection therewith is also printed a list, as nearly complete as it is possible to get it, of the names of all the men and women of this territory now serving in the U. S. armed forces—a total of over 400 names.  There may have been some names overlooked in the compilation.  If so, anyone having information of same is requested to furnish names to L. L. Burrill, who is charge of registration, or hand same in at Register-Tribune office, and the names will be published.

Source: The Akron-Register Tribune, May 4, 1944

Transcriber Note: The above names are posted as they were printed in the newspaper list, which is not necessarily in perfect alphabetical order.


Abrahamson, Clarence Hoffman, George J. Miller, Francis Small, Clayton
Abrahamson, Leonard Jacobs, Alfred Null, Aaron A. Taylor, Robert
Adams, Robert Knapp, Jack R. Olson, Julius M. Trometer, Lowell
Beeck, Henry Klemme, Arnold L. Prothero, Richard Vanderham, David H.
Behrens, Gordon E. Klemme, Leonard Radzig, Joseph C. Warnsing, Robert
Cooper, J. Melvin Lawrence, Harold Radzig, Paul B. Weber, Norman M.
Dreeszen, Merlin W. Lias, Vernon Robertson, Marjorie Weber, Wilmer W.
Dunham, Charles Marbach, Ruth A. Schutt, Phil Weise, Howard C.
Hansen, Ambrose Meier, Clarence Skogman, Donald  
Hansen, Joseph Milbrodt, Clarence Skogman, James  
Harvey, Kenneth B. Milbrodt, Fred Skogman, Richard  

Source: The Akron-Register Tribune, May 11, 1944

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