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Military Involvement


Servicemen - S surnames KIA POW Died/nonbattle
Schaupp, Dale John X    
Seeley, James Lowell X    
Shaffer, Leo Ellison X    
Shipman, Fred H. X    
Small, Lisle F.      
Spark, Albert J. DOW    
Spencer, George Raymond   X X
Swanson, Jack Leonard X    

Merle Edward Sander was born Oct. 19, 1921 to Edward A. and Ethel L. Sander. He died May 9, 1945 and is memorialized at the Courts of the Missing, Court 1, Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii and has a cenotaph in Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, OR.

Ensign Sander served in World War II with the U.S. Navy Torpedo Squadron, Pacific Fleet, and died as the result of a plane crash, not in enemy action.

Source: ancestry.com

George Joseph Schandelmeier was born Sept. 29, 1911 to George and Brace Brossard Schandelmeier. He died Oct. 16, 1990 and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Omaha, NE.

Pvt. Schandelmeier served with the U.S. Army in World War II.

Source: ancestry.com

Jack Leroy Scott, Sr. was born Aug. 14, 1926 to Joe and Emma Donnelson Scott. He died Apr. 9, 1999 and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Omaha, NE.

Jack served with the U.S. Navy in World War II.

Source: ancestry.com

Donald Earl Snyder was born July 27, 1921 to Dewey George and Millie Velma Snyder. He died Aug. 23, 1943 and is memorialized at the Tablets of the Missing, East Coast Memorial, New York, NY and has a cenotaph in Rose Hill Memorial Gardens, Missouri Valley, IA.

Petty Officer Snyder served in World War II with the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Ingraham (DD-444) and was MIA/FOD/KIA when that vessel collided with the tanker Chemung in a heavy fog off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Source: ancestry.com

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