1945 . . .

Sioux City Journal
March 2, 1945

Earl D. Bates, Signalman first class on a destroyer mine sweeper, recently spent a two-week leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bates, 1407 W. Fifth street.  His ship was damaged badly in the typhoon in which several other ships were sunk.

S/Sgt. John A. Edwards, 1836 Lemon street, an electronic specialist, is with a group which has been commended by Lt. Gen. George S. Patton commanding the Third army.  The commendation followed an attack on the Roer river town of Merzig, Germany.  Sgt. Edwards is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Edwards, Missouri Valley, Ia., and has been stationed in Europe for more than a year.

John Jorgenson, 18, apprentice seaman taking a V-12 course at Central Missouri State Teachers college, Warrensburg, Mo., is here on a week’s leave visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jorgenson, 115 Gilman terrace.

Pfc. Neil F. Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Moore, 3116 Leech avenue, was one of the men in the First cavalry division which crashed through the Jap defenses around the capital city of Philippines and captured Santo Tomas university and liberated more than 3,700 allied civilian internees.

Richard D. Hallett, 1320 Villa avenue, has been promoted to the rank of sergeant.  He is a radio-gunner with the 397th bombardment group now stationed in France.

Robert L. Kessler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Kessler, 809 10th street, has been graduated from the aviation electrician’s mate school at Jacksonville, Fla., and has been promoted to seaman first class in the navy.  Entering the navy May 24, 1944, he received his recruit training at Farragut, Idaho, before being transferred to the naval air technical training center at Jacksonville. 

Sioux City Journal
March 9, 1945

Harold D. Loomis, 2816 Military road, has been promoted to private first class in the army air forces.  Announcement of his promotion came from the Third ferrying command at Romulus, Mich., where he now is stationed.  Pfc. Loomis entered the army in December, 1941, and has served overseas in West Africa, and Anglo-Egyptian Khartoum.

Sgt. Harold Nelson, who served 27 months overseas with the air corps, arrived at Jefferson barracks, Mo., this week.  His home address is given as 103 Center street.

Randall Johnson, seaman second class, after a three-day visit in the Alta M. Gillen home, 219 W. Third street, has gone to Cleveland, O., to spend the remainder of his leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Johnson, formerly of Sioux City.  He will return to the Great Lakes station for assignment to a music school.

Robert M. Clancy, petty officer third class, is spending several days leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Clancey, 5019 Orleans avenue.  He recently returned after 17 months in foreign sea service.

Robert H. Odell, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Odell, 3108 Fourth avenue, was among men commissioned as ensign, U.S.N.R. , in ceremonies held in the cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City.  The group was the 22d class to be graduated from the oldest and largest naval reserve officers training school and brings the total number of graduates from the training center to approximately 20,000.

Vane H. Converse, whose home address is given as 1216 Villa avenue, has been awarded the army good conduct medal at the tank destroyer replacement center, North Camp, Camp Hood, Tex.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
11 March 1945

Robert E. Mahany, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mahany, 2812 Isabella Street, was commissioned an ensign in ceremonies held in the Cathedral of St. John and Divine, New York City.

Melvin W. Fetterman, storekeeper first class and Richard Fetterman, aviation ordnance man third class, have returned to San Diego for further assignment after spending 20-day leave with their parents, Mrs. Mabel Fehrman, 1001 Nebraska Street and William Fetterman, 1637 W. Fourth Street. Both stationed aboard the same carrier and are veterans of five major battles. Mrs. Joyce Lambert, a sister, also home on leave from Oakland, California, where she is an employee in the army hospital, left today.

George C. Kouris, seaman second class, has returned to the navy yard, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after spending a 10-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kouris, 611 Virginia Street. He received training as a signal man striker at Norfolk, Virginia.

Raymond J. Coonen, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Coonen, formerly of Sioux City, has been promoted from technical sergeant to second lieutenant. He is now stationed in the Philippines.

Merle Wrigley, fireman second class, is spending a five-day leave in the home of his mother, Mrs. Susan C. Wrigley, 1633 W. Fourth Street. He has just finished boot training at Farragut, Idaho and after his leave will return there for reassignment.

Melvin C. Fick, fireman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Fick, 2403 Geneva Street, has arrived in the States for a six-day shore leave after several months’ service in the South Pacific. His wife, Lucille and baby daughter, Sandra Lee, have gone to the west coast to spend the leave with him.

E.J. Satt has been promoted to private first class. He is a member of a railroad battalion in France and acts as a clerk and interpreter. His wife lives at 1319 Court Street.

William E. Briggs, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Briggs, 1808 W. 16th Street, was graduated recently from officer candidate school at Fort Monmouth, N.J. and was commissioned a second lieutenant

Richard Nash, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nash, 3203 Jackson Street, has been promoted to corporal. He is a radio mechanic at Strother Field, Kansas.

Lt. (j.g.) Charles M. Dobyns, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dobyns, 4017 Ridge Avenue, was promoted recently from the rank of ensign. He is a navy pilot stationed in the Central Pacific.

Gerald L. Stern, son of Mrs. Fanny Stern, 1810 Seventh Street, who is stationed in Hawaii, has been promoted to a third class petty officer.

Melvin Wauhob, 1612 Seventh Street, recently was awarded the navy’s air crewman wings at Fort Lauderdale, Florida on completion of flight combat training in Grumman Avenger torpedo bombing planes, the same planes that are wreaking such havoc in the far Pacific. Petty Officer Wauhob, an aviation machinist’s mate, attended East High School, Central High and the Naval Academy prep School prior to enlistment. He was a professional golfer in civilian life. His wife Wilma is living in Eustis, Florida.

Harley Babbitz, technician fifth grade, stationed with the army signal corps in France, recently was promoted to that rank. His mother, Mrs. Rose Babbitz, resides at 301 21st Street.

Sgt. James R. Meyer, a nose gunner on a B-24 heavy bomber, has been awarded the air medal at an Eighth air force Liberator station in England. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Meyer, 3629 Peters Avenue. His wife, Eva, resides at 4427 Tyler Street. Before entering the army in 1942, Sgt. Meyer was employed at Houston, Texas. He received specialized training at various army schools and was sent to England last November for combat duty with the 445th bombardment group of Maj. Gen. Kepner’s Second Air Division. He has since participated in combat operations objectives at Homburg, Bebra, Hanau, Trier, Euskirchen, Coblenz and Brunswick, all in Germany.

Winthrop L. Manley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Manley, LaJolla, California, former Sioux Cityans, recently was promoted from private to sergeant. He is with an infantry replacement BATTALION IN France.

Frank W. Thompson, who has been stationed in the south Pacific for 13 months, has been promoted to the rank of private first class. His wife Maxine lives at 2000 Ingleside Avenue and his mother, Mrs. Blanche Cook, resides at 1623 George Street. He has one brother, Pvt. Walter, who is now stationed at Camp Roberts, California and another brother, John, who is now at home after receiving a medical discharge. He was stationed at Camp Claiborne for three years.

Lyle E. Raabe, son of Mrs. Henry Richters of Sioux City has been advanced from staff sergeant to technical sergeant at his troop carrier base in the European theater of operations. Stg. Raabe is a crew chief on a C-47 aircraft in the 313th troop carrier group. Recently he was awarded the air medal for meritorious service in connection with the daylight invasion of the Rhine Delta in Holland. Sgt. Raabe entered military service in March, 1942 and completed a course in airplane mechanic at Missouri Aviation institute in Kansas City. He was sent overseas early in 1943 and had seen service in Africa and Sicily before being stationed in England. Sgt. Raabe wears the godo conduct ribbon; the distinguished unit citation, awarded to members of the 313th group for participation in the invasion of Normand and the north African-middle eastern European campaign ribbon with battle participation awards for the invasion of Sicily, Italy and France.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
13 March 1945

Sgt. Wilbur Kellison, met his cousin, Sgt. Wilbur Kellison of Los Angeles by chance somewhere in Belgium, his wife, Mrs. Wilbur Kellison, 905 12th Street has learned. It was their first meeting.

Cpl. Marie E. Borowsky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Bell, 609 Market Street, recently was promoted from the rank of private first class. She is serving with a Wac dental corps at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Lt. Glen McCord, whose wife resides at Marcus, Iowa but whose home address is 1511 W. 17th Street, has been serving as a combat pilot on a Billy Mitchell bomber based in the Mediterranean area.

Cpl. Eugene P. Allard, a former resident of Sioux City, is stationed with a 15th army air force B-17 Flying Fortress squadron in Italy.

Cpl. Sid A. Orlikoff, whose father lives in Sioux City, is now stationed in Rome with the 15th air forces. He has been overseas for a year and is a mechanic. Prior to entering service he worked as a book binder in New York City.

Lt. Robert M. Adams, whose wife lives at 414 11th Street, has been awarded the air medal for “meritorious achievement in aerial flight while participating in sustained operational activity against the enemy.” He has flown nine missions as copilot of a Flying Fortress with the 15th air forces. He is a graduate of the high school at Centerville, Iowa and attended Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. Prior to entering service on February 15, 1943 he was branch manager of the Post Exchange at Camp Haan, Georgia. He was awarded his wings at Marfa, Texas on May 23, 1944 and left for overseas duty on November 18, 1944. His mother, Mrs. J.Q. Adams lives at 119 S. 15th Street, Centerville.

Capt. Victor M. McKinney, son of Mrs. Alice McKinney, 1711 Glendale Boulevard, is a pilot assigned to the Cazes Air Base at Casablanca in the North African division of the air transport command. He has been assigned to Lawson Field, Fort Benning, Georgia, and as an instructor at the Grenada Army Air Base, Mississippi and Alliance Army Base, Nebraska, before going overseas six months ago. Prior to entering service he was employed as a blueprint and layout man by Lockhead Vega in Glendale, California. His wife and 6-month-old son live in Granada, Minnesota.

Sgt James R. Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Meyer, 3629 Peters Street, has been awarded the air medal. His citation read in part “for meritorious achievement in accomplishing with distinction several aerial operational missions over enemy occupied continental Europe. The courage, coolness and skill displayed by this man in the face of determined opposition materially aided in the successful completion of each of these mission.” He entered service in 1942 and received specialized training before going overseas in November, 1944, as a nose gunner on a B-24 Liberator.

A.C. John Joseph Shinkunas, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shinkunas, 5061 Correctionville Road, has been graduated from the Marana army air field at Tucson, Ariz. after completing his basic flying training. He attended East High School and prior to entering service was attending Trinity College.

Patrick Arnold Lamdureux, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Lamdureux, 4506 Garfield Street, has been graduated from the naval air technical training center at Norman, Oklahoma. He is now awaiting further duty orders, either to sea or to a naval base.

A.C. Richard A. Hanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Hanson, 4927 Military Road, has been graduated from the Marana army air field, Tucson, Arizona, where he completed his basic flying training. He will now be sent to an advanced training school. He attended Central High School and before entering service was employed by the Inland Airlines, Inc, at Casper, Wyoming.

Lt. Donald Davis went through the fierce fighting of the last three weeks on Iwo Jima without coming to any physical harm, according to a letter dated March 4, and received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Davis, 3331 Jones Street, Monday. He is the Fourth Division of the Marines.

Flight Officer Robert K. Raeside, son of Joseph H. Raeside, Sr., 1301 23d Street, recently arrived at the Big Springs bombardier School, Big Springs, Texas, Col. Ralph C. Rockwood, commanding officer, announced. Flight Officer Raeside attended Iowa State College and was commissioned at Albuquerque, N.M., in February 1944. He completed a tour of combat duty in the European theater as a bombardier.

Darwin W. Detlefs, flight officer and pilot on a B-17 Flying Fortress, who is stationed at an Eighth Air Force bomber station in England, recently was assigned to the 95th bombardment group and now is taking an orientation course on flying procedure prior to beginning combat duty in the air. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Detlef, 1335 21st Street.

First Lt. Donald E. O’Brien, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.J. O’Brien, 2509 Jones Street, has been awarded the first oak leaf cluster to his air medal for courage and high achievement in the Eighth air forces all-out bombing offensive against vital German military and industrial installation. He was graduated from Trinity High School in 1941 and recently took part in major operations aimed at paralyzing the German transportation system. He serves with the 390th bombardment group which was cited by the president for skill and daring in battle.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
25 March 1945

Paul Salzman, husband of Mrs. Shirley Salzman, 103 17th Street, has been graduated from the naval training school on the campus of the Wisconsin University, Madison, Wisconsin and now is qualified as a radio operator with the fleet.

Cpl. Wilfred J. Carey 3435 Nebraska Street, in one of the topographical specialists of the 666th engineer Company. This group makes maps of the territory, often working day and night to meet operations deadlines. The company left for Ireland on December 5, 1943. Later, in England, they produced maps for the Normandy invasion and after landing in Normandy on July 12, 1944, they moved to the approaches to Germany.

Cpl. Fred James, 405 W. Seventh Street, is a member of the staff of the 59th evacuation hospital in France This hospital was activated on April 6, 1942, as an affiliate of the San Francisco, California city and county hospital and first saw combat operation on December 31, 1942 at Casablanca, French Morocco. It operated as both an evacuation and general hospital in Sicily before going to Italy, where it evacuated Americans wounded in the breakthrough from the Anzio beachhead north through Rome.

Carlton Ritts, gunner’s mate third class, son of Mrs. R.E. Watson, 309 14th Street, is spending a week leave with his mother before leaving for San Francisco to join the ship to which he has been assigned. He is also visiting his sisters, Mrs. Kathleen Nordyke, Shepard apartments and Mrs. Fanchon Tatalo, 2800 Pierce Street. Another son of Mrs. Watson, Blair Watson, seaman second class, a former Journal carrier is now in a rest camp following action at Iwo Jima.

T. Sgt. Matt R. Bentry, whose wife resides at 305 W. 24th Street, has arrived at the redistribution station in Miami Beach, Florida after completing a tour of duty outside continental United States.

Capt. James J. Cobb, son of Dr. E.C. Cobb, D-4 Bellevue apartment, who is with the 14th armored division in France, recently was promoted from the rank of first lieutenant.

Pvt. George E. Golden, whose wife resides at 2103 Metropolitan Street, is spending a 20-day furlough at home after being wounded in France. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Golden, 314 Malloy Road.

Pfc. Wallace Rosenthal, 2520 Jennings Street, has been assigned recently to an infantry company of the 100th infantry division and is now serving with that organization on the Seventh army front in eastern France.

S. Sgt. Mike A. Corey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Corey, 1722 Jackson Street, a member of the famed Rainbow division has been awarded the combat infantryman badge for exemplary performance during combat.

Henry J. Rickert, seaman first class is spending an eight-day leave with his wife and children at 117 11th Street. He is stationed at the navy supply depot in Clearfield, Utah.

Pfc. Jesse Gereau, son of Mrs,. Ralph Jolin, 103 11th Street, has received a medical discharge from the Third marine amphibious corps after serving six months in the South Pacific. Pvt. Gereau, wounded on Guam last October, enlisted in the service 15 months ago and was sent overseas last May. A brother, Jerry, is now serving with the marines in the southwest Pacific.

Lt. Norman G. LeBeck, son of Mr. and Mrs. George F. LeBeck, route 1, recently entered a five-week course at the A.A.F training command’s B-29 transition school at Roswell, N.M. army air field, where he will become a B-29 pilot. His training will be as a member of a three-man unit consisting of the airplane commander, the pilot, and the flight engineer. After completing the course he will join the rest of the flying personnel of a B-29 in an operational training unit for further schooling.

Arthur Lawrence Harrison, whose wife, Mrs. Aileen Harrison, resides at 419 John Street, recently graduated from an intensive course of basic engineering at the Great Lakes, Illinois, naval training station.

James A. Carlberg, seaman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Calberg, 4219 Van Buren Street, is spending a 20-day leave with his parents and friends. He has served aboard an aircraft carrier for 16 months in the Pacific and China Sea. He will report to San Francisco at the end of his leave for further orders.

Maj. Lynn D. Poole, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Poole, 2120 McDonald Street, who is stationed at Saipan, recently was promoted from the rank of captain.

Gordan D. Wilkerson, apprentice seaman, has gone to the naval training center at Great Lakes, Illinois, where he will take his boot training. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira E. Wilkerson, 1914 Grandview Boulevard and attended Morningside College during the first semester this year.

E.F. Sattle, clerk and interpreter with a railroad battalion in France, has been promoted to private first class. His wife resides at 1319 Court Street.

Wayne H. Kroger, seaman second class is spending a 14-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Kroger, 1107 Court Street, Seaman Kroger has been in the Great Lakes naval hospital, Illinois since last January receiving treatment for accidental injuries received while training aboard a destroyer in the South Pacific.

Pfc. Jack J. Letellier, son of Mr. and Mrs D.G. Letellier, 3327 Sixth Avenue, is spending a 13-day delay en route furlough in the home of his parents. Pfc. Letellier had been previously stationed at Fort Francis E. Warren, Wyoming and is being transferred to Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. He entered the service in April 1944, shortly after graduation from East High School. A brother, Sgt. Tony J. Letellier, is serving on Luzon.

Lt. Arthur B. Arensdorf, formerly of Sioux City has been awarded the Purple Heart posthumously. His mother, Mrs. Genevieve Arensdorf of San Francisco, has received the award. Lt. Arensdorf was killed in action in Belgium on January 16, 1945. He was with the Third army under Gen. Patton. Lt. Arensdorf was a graduate of Central High School and was a star athlete.

Capt. Ernest W. Baumann, Jr. has been awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in combat. He is serving on the Fifth Army from in Italy and has been personnel officer since March 1944, when his regiment was sent into the lines. In addition he created the regimental replacement pool and established a procedure within the regiment whereby replacements could be fed while the regiment was in the lines. He established an effective battle casualty section and has been commended from time to time for the results he has obtained from the procedure he devised in handling battle casualties. His supervision of service records and classification cards have on two different occasions been commended as the best in the Mediterranean theater of any regiment in combat. His wife lives at 2215 Jackson Street.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
28 March 1945
T. Sgt. Raymond E. Mitchell has arrived at Leavenworth, Kansas, at the reception center and will soon be given a furlough. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Mitchell, live at 402 W. 22d Street. He has spent 36 months in the European theater of operations with an infantry unit.
Philip Eirinberg, hospital apprentice second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Eirinberg, 1802 Summit Street, has been graduated from the training command field medical school for hospital corpsmen at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California. His wife and daughter live at 412 Jones Street. He is a graduate of Central High School and prior to entering the navy was a partner in the General Tobacco Company. His brother, Lt. William D. Eirinberg is stationed at Camp Meade.
Lt. David E. Herrmann, whose wife lives at 4224 Tyler Street, is en route home after completing 400 missions of aerial action in the southwest Pacific with a heavy bomber group. A bombardier in a Liberator crew, Lt. Herrmann has flown 47 combat missions. He has been attacked eight times by Zeros and has been awarded the air medal with three oak leaf clusters. A graduate of Iowa State College, he was a draftsman for the Albertson Company before entering service. He has three brothers who are in service, two stationed in Europe and one in the southwest Pacific.
T. Cpl. Albert B. McManigal of the signal construction branch has returned from 24 months of overseas duty in the Mediterranean theater of operations. He has arrived at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri and will soon have a furlough. His wife, Mrs. Julia McManigal, lives at 318 Sioux Street.
Cpl. Harry V. Anderson who has just returned from 37 months in the Mediterranean area is now at Jefferson Barracks prior to receiving a furlough to visit his father, H. Edward Anderson, 2911 ½ Jones Street.
Cpl. Morton B. Nelson of the infantry is now at Jefferson Barrack after returning from 37 months of duty in the Italian theater of operations. He soon will receive a furlough to visit his father, Morton S. Nelson, 311 Cook Street.
T. Cpl. James Scurries, who was stationed in the Mediterranean area for 36 months with an artillery unit, is now at Jefferson Barracks awaiting a furlough to visit his mother, Mrs. Mary Scurries, 710 16th Street.
L. Robert C. Burdick is now at the Jefferson Barracks reception Center awaiting a furlough to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Marsh, 3109 Fourth Avenue. He has just returned from 39 months on duty in the European theater of operations with an infantry group.
S. Sgt. Wayne R. Boston, whose wife lives at 1312 Wall Street, has just returned from eight months of air corps duty in the Italian theater of operations. He is now at Jefferson Barracks at the reception center awaiting furlough orders.
S. Sgt. Leonard D. Brown, whose home is at 3002 Washington Avenue, is at Jefferson Barracks at the reception center after spending 37 months in Italy in the infantry.
Capt. David A. Noble, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Noble, live at 3817 Sixth Avenue, is at Jefferson Barracks waiting for his furlough orders. He has just returned from 31 months of overseas duty in the European and Mediterranean theaters of operation.
First Lt. Donald E. O’Brien, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.J. O’Brien, 2509 Jones Street, is now at Jefferson Barracks at the reception center waiting for furlough orders. He has just returned from seven months of duty in the European theater of operations.
Lt. Bruce G. Morton, son of Mrs. F.D. Abbey, 1054 25th Street, is on active duty with a B-17 Flying Fortress group based in southern Italy. He attended the University of Iowa at Iowa City before entering service on March 6, 1943. He received his wings and commission at Childress field, Texas, July 21, 1944 and went overseas on January 22, 1945.