1945 . . .

Sioux City Journal
02 Feb 1945

Pfc. Wallace C. Bomar, whose wife lives at 817 Cook street, is now at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., where he will receive a furlough.  He has just returned from 35 months overseas on the Italian front in the European theater of operations.  He is in the infantry.

Pfc. Ronald J. Brady, son of Mark Brady, 311 George street, has landed in the Philippines with a combat unit of the 25th infantry (Tropic Lightning) division.  Pvt. Brady is a gunner of both a 37 mm. antitank gun and a 50 caliber antiaircraft gun.  This is his first campaign.  He has served overseas a year, joining the Tropic Lightning division in New Zealand where it was recuperating from strenuous campaigns at Guadalcanal and New Georgia.  He joined the army several months after graduating from Central high school in January, 1943.

Wesley F. Burdorf, technician fifth grade with the ordnance department, after 33 months service in the Italian theater of operations arrived this week at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., on his way to Sioux City to visit his mother, Mrs. L. M. Burdorf, during his furlough.

Pfc. Fred Coleman, a trench foot casualty in Holland, has returned to the States and is at the army service forces convalescent hospital at Camp Carson, Colo.  Pfc. Coleman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Coleman of Sheldon, Ia., served in the infantry fro seven months in France, Belgium and Holland.  He is expected in Sioux City February 7, and will spend a 31-day furlough with his wife and son Freddie at 1916 Villa avenue.  At the completion of his furlough, he will return to Colorado Springs, accompanied by Mrs. Coleman and son.

T. Sgt. Irvin T. Gates, son of Mrs. Josephine M. Hastings, 717 Fifth street, arrived at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., on January 29.  He will now receive a furlough.  He is in the field artillery and has served in the European theater of operations for 35 months.

Loren E. Jacobs, whose wife lives at 1915 Hamilton street, has been promoted from corporal to sergeant.  He is a chief of section and is in the European theater of operations. 

Pfc. Elmer W. Langorgen, sr., has been awarded the combat infantryman’s badge for exemplary conduct in action against the enemy, it has been announced by Maj. Gen. Horace L. McBride, commanding general of the 80th infantry division, France.  Pfc. Langorgen is the father of five children, who reside at 411 Seventh street.  He entered service in January, 1914.

Sgt. Herbert A. Larson, who arrived at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., this week after 36 months service with the infantry in the European theater of war, will spend his furlough with his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Larson, 607 Wright avenue.

Pvt. Everett A. Lindsey, whose wife lives at 2115 Riverside boulevard, and who just entered the army, has been sent to Camp Hood, Tex., for basic training.

S. Sgt. Harold Muschamy, who recently returned from the Italian theater of war after serving 36 months with the infantry, and who is spending a short time at the reception center, Fort Snelling, Minn., will spend his furlough with his father, E. F. Muschamy, 4517 Grant street.

Mildred I. Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Nelson, 2515 Court street, a recent graduate of the naval training school as yeoman on the Oklahoma A. and M. university campus, Stillwater, Okla., has reported for duty to headquarters, 13th naval district, Seattle, Wash., for assignment.

S. Sgt. Edward G. Ness, who served 36 months with the infantry overseas, will spend a furlough at his home, 1009 S. Alice street, after a short stay at the Jefferson Barracks, Mo., reception center.

Pfc. Clyde L. Petty, son of Mr. and Mrs. Verne Carmody, 1201 Iowa street, is a member of an artillery unit with the 43d infantry division serving on Luzon in the Philippines.  Pfc. Petty’s outfit has blasted the Japs from Guadalcanal, through New Georgia and New Guinea to the Philippines. 

T. Sgt. John Simon is spending a 21-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Simon, 1410 ½  Dace avenue, after three years overseas in the European theater.  Mr. and Mrs. Simon have two other sons serving overseas.  Pvt. Nick Simon, who is in England, and Pvt. Andrew Simon, who is in the South Pacific.

Donald J. Sorensen, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Sorenson, 1917 Ingleside avenue, is taking his initial naval indoctrination at the naval training center, Great Lakes, Ill.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
9 February 1945

PFC. Richard Hoskins, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hoskins, 1907 West Street, has been awarded the expert infantryman badge for passing a series of comprehensive field tests on infantry training. He is stationed at Camp San Luis, Obispo, California.

C.E. Harsha, second class petty officer, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Harsha, 1612 W. Third Street, is spending a 10-day leave with his parents. He is stationed at Fisher Island, N.Y.

Harry Bernhardt Belding, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Belding, 508 W. Ninth Street and Lloyd e. Watkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G Watkins, 2116 Bryan Street, are now receiving their naval indoctrination at the naval training center at Great Lakes, Illinois.

PVT. Maurice Ginsburg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Ginsburg, 112 16th Street, now stationed in Italy, has been authorized to wear the meritorious service insignia. He is a member of a company recently awarded a plaque for “superior performance of duty in the accomplishment of exceptionally difficult tasks in the Mediterranean theater of operations.”

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
11 February 1945

Donald F. Burke, seaman second class is here on a nine-day leave visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Burke, 2743 Morgan Street. He was graduated recently from Great Lakes naval training station and will return there for further assignments.

Clyde Pohlman, whose brother lives at Sergeant Bluff, has been promoted to corporal. He is stationed in France.

Dorothy C. Woebbeking, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Woebbeking, Waterloo, has been promoted to first lieutenant in the nurses corps. She took her training at the Lutheran hospital here and was a civilian nurse before joining the army three years ago. She now is in France. She also has been stationed in North Africa and in Italy, serving on the Anzio beach head.

Vernon E. Pauley, seaman first class, veteran of eight major operations in the Pacific area and one in the Atlantic, has returned to his destroyer after spending a 16-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Pauley, 603 Virginia Street. He entered the navy about three years ago and has been wounded four times.

CPL Isadore E. Ratner, 1520 Silver Street and Cpl. John T. Smith, 806 Glass Street, are members of the 34th signal company which recently was presented the war department meritorious service unit plaque for “superior maintenance of communications and high disciplinary standards during the three phases of the Italian campaign.” CPL Ratner is a teletype operator and CPL Smith is a company supply clerk.

Sgt. Henry S. Zanfes, whose family lives at 710 16th street, has been awarded the good conduct medal. He served in world war I and was awarded the victory medal and the Purple Heart. Before entering service in this war. He was in the restaurant business.

George O. Thompson, seaman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Thompson, 3035 Pierce Street, has been graduated from the naval aviation gunnery school at Jacksonville, Florida and transferred to the naval bombardier school at Banana River, Florida.

Capt. And Mrs. T.L.B. Larson are spending a 15-day leave with his mother, Mrs. A.P. Larson, 1117 Morningside Avenue. She is now in St. Joseph’s hospital recovering from a broken hip. Capt. And Mrs. Larson came from Camp Wolters, Texas where he is stationed.

PVT. Frank S. Sopoci, whose wife resides at 2023 Riverside Boulevard, is a member of the 756th railroad shop battalion with the Sixth army in France.

Sgt. Delbert O. Kelley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vara Kelley, 101 14th Street, recently completed 30 months overseas with an engineer battalion in the Mediterranean and European theaters.

Arthur E. Bucy, ship’s cook second class, left Friday for Jacksonville, Florida after spending a 30-day furlough with his mother, Mrs. Daisy Smith, 313 Ninth Street. He formerly served with an amphibious unit in the South Pacific.

PVT Toy J David, son of John David, 3204 Indiana Avenue, is a veteran truck driver of 26 months service in North Africa and Italy with an aviation engineer regiment.

Ezra A.A. Davis, chief electrician’s mate, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davis, route 2, Sioux City, has been presented the letter of commendation by the secretary of the navy for meritorious service in action as a member of a submarine crew.

First Lt. Everett N. Delashmutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Delashmutt, 1801 24th Street, has been given the rating of master pilot on graduation from training in the airways transport command at Homestead, Florida, recently. Lt. Delashmutt volunteered to become an air student on December 8, 1941. At that time, he was a technical sergeant. He was graduated as a flight officer and pilot in October 1943, and then was put in charge of the Fifth ferry command at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. After six months, he was transferred to Rosecrans Field, Missouri, where he was an instructor and navigator. After completing 2,200 flying hours he was selected to take training in the airways, from which he has just graduated. He now fill fly supplies overseas. Lt. Delashmutt has two brothers in the air corps, CPL Richard, now in France and S. Sgt. Ronald, serving in Italy.

J. Willis Dunsworth, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Dunsworth, 2307 Nebraska Street, will leave Sunday for Des Moines and from there will go to an unknown place to take his boot training.

Richard Vlaanderen, carpenter’s mate first class, accompanied by his wife, have departed for Norfolk, Va., after spending a 15-day furlough with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bauerly, 1423 Cook Street. For the last 18 months, he has been stationed in the Pacific on various types of ships, the last one being a transport. Three brothers are in the service. Cpl. Maynard Bauerly is believed to be somewhere in the Philippines. Francis Bauerly, ship’s cook second class, is at Pearl Harbor, and Donald Bauerly, seaman first class, is stationed somewhere in the Pacific.

Donald Thistlewood, accompanied by his wife, is spending a 15-day leave with his mother, Mrs. Adelia Thistlewood, 1718 Rebecca Street. Mr. Thistlewood, stationed at San Francisco, California is a member of the coast guards.

Thomas A. Barton, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Barton, 2123 Jennings Street, recently was promoted from ensign to lieutenant junior grade. Since entering the navy, Lt. Barton has taken specialized training at Fort Schuyler in New York, Harvard university and in Washington, D.C. He is a graduate of Central High School and Iowa State College at Ames.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
27 February 1945
Lt. Albert Goldstein, United States Marine Corps, is making a brief visit with his mother, Mrs. Sarah Goldstein, 2115 Jackson Street, on his way from Minneapolis to the Marine Base at Quantico, Virginia. He recently was graduated from the University of Minnesota where he took a V-12 course.
First Sgt. Steven Mouw is stationed in China, his wife and daughter Florence who live at 717 Jackson Street, have received word. Sgt. Mouw is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Mouw of Sioux Center. Sgt. Mouw went overseas from Camp Roberts, California in August 1944. The letter received from him Monday was the first for eight weeks.