1945 . . .

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
1 August 1945

2d Lt. Jean F. Jolin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Jolin, 1707 Jones Street, has arrived at army air force redistribution station 2 in Miami Beach, Florida, for reassignment processing after returning to this country from the European theater of operations. Lt. Jolin flew 15 missions as a B-24 navigator before his plane was shot down in October, 1944. He was held as a prisoner of war by the Germans for eight months.

Harold M. Blades, son of Mrs. Amanda Blades of San Francisco and formerly of Sioux City, has been promoted to the rank of staff sergeant while serving with the 71st evacuation hospital stationed in the Philippines. He has been overseas for the last 18 months. He has two brothers, Glenn H. and Frances H. Blades, both of whom are serving in the merchant marine.

Lt. R.K. Schneck, recently returned from England, is spending part of his 30-day furlough in the home of his aunt and uncle, Dr. and Mrs. C.G. Taylor, 9 32d Street. His home is in Sioux Rapids, Iowa.

Lt. Donald J. Ward, B-29 pilot, has completed transition schooling at Maxwell field, Montgomery, Alabama and is spending a 28-day leave with his wife and children, 2406 S. Cedar Street. He will report to Salina, Kansas for further training.

Petty Officer Third Class Oliver J. Meier, flight orderly, is home on a 10-day emergency leave to be with his wife, who underwent an operation at St. Joseph’s hospital Tuesday morning. Officer Meier, son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Meier, 1103 ½ Fourth Street, will return to the Olathe, Kansas naval station on Saturday. His wife and family reside in Sloan.

Richard B. Boyd has been given an honorable discharge as staff sergeant from the army under the point system after serving 53 months, 32 of them overseas, with the 87th ordnance company, it was learned by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Boyd, 218 Kansas Street. He participated in the invasions of Africa, Italy, France and Germany.

Vernon L. Lundquist, aviation fire control man second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Lundquist, 1045 Omaha Street, has been awarded a gold star in lieu of a second air medal while serving as a crew member of a navy Privateer patrol plane which sank a Jap patrol boat, six small vessels and six fishing craft on three successive strikes against the enemy in the Marianas. He has been overseas for the last six months.

T-3 Phillip F. Jauron, 720 Hornick Avenue, has returned to this country after the army redeployment plan and now is stationed at the Miami, Florida army air field awaiting reassignment. He has been overseas for 41 months in the European theater with a medical detachment. His citations include the bronze star medal with five battle stars.

Emmet Rager, seaman first class and Henry Conner, signalman first class, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John Conner, 414 W. 24th Street, met in the south Pacific after having not seen each other since September 1943, when they were together on Treasure Island. Both boys have been in service for two years.

First Lt. Samuel J. Bach, formerly of Sioux City, has arrived at the Long Beach Army Airfield, California and is now stationed with the Sixth ferrying group of the air transport command’s ferrying division. In the service since April 22, 1942, he received his commission October 1, 1943 at Blytheville, Arkansas. He holds the European and American theater of operations ribbons, the air medal and five oak leaf clusters.

Clayton S. Mustapha, whose wife lives at 2607 Myrtle Street, has been promoted to the rank of sergeant while serving with the combat engineers on Okinawa. He has been overseas for the last year and is a veteran of Leyte.

S. Sgt. Homer D. Newman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rose E. Newman, 623 Bluff Street, has arrived at the bombardier school Big Spring, Texas, where he has been assigned. Sgt. Newman, who recently returned from the European theater of operations where he served as an aerial gunner on 35 missions, was awarded the air medal with five oak clusters and the E.T.O. Ribbon with three battle stars.

Norman N. Swanson, seaman first class, will return to Fort Pierce, Florida after spending a seven-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Swanson, 2903 Dodge Avenue. He was graduated recently from an amphibious school at Fort Pierce.

Men And Women in Service
Sioux City Journal
2 August 1945

Thomas Earl Peck, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Peck, 1515 Lacy Boulevard and Alvin Louis Tramonyina, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Tramonyina, 211 Rebecca Street, are taking basic training at the naval training station, Farragut, Idaho.

Private First Class James A. Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Nelson, 514 W. Third Street, has arrived in Australia, according to word received by his wife who resides at 117 ½ Sioux Street.

Private First Class Paul Harley Davis of Rosecrans field, Missouri, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Davis, route 2, Sioux City, is here on a 10-day furlough, arriving in time to see his brother, Rennie H. Davis, an armed guard in the navy, stationed at New Orleans, La., before he returned to duty. Mr. and Mrs. Davis received a telegram from Ezra A. Davis, another son, stating that he was on his way to visit a fourth son, Henry A. Davis, in New York City. Both the latter are stationed on submarines.

Lieut. Wilson Taylor, former night city editor of The Journal, is visiting his wife, Judith, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Bevard, 1514 Villa Avenue. He also visited his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Corwin Taylor, at Sheldon, Iowa.

Clarence G. Pechacek, son of Frank J. Pechacek, 4620 Country Club Boulevard, has received a commission as second lieutenant in the army air forces.

Private Harold Grueskin, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Grueskin, 3321 Jennings Street, in preflight training at Cedar Falls, Iowa has been transferred to Sheppard field, Texas.

Lloyd P. Swanson, son of Carl A. Swanson, 1013 11th Street, after three months’ training at the army air forces officer’s candidate school at Miami Beach, Florida, has received his commission as second lieutenant.

Aviation Student Norman Lebeck, son of Mr. and Mrs. George LeBeck, route 1, is now stationed at Drake University, Des Moines.

Private James J. Harty, formerly of Sioux City, is stationed at Camp Callan, San Diego. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Harty of Hubbard, Nebraska.

Thomas Paulos, son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Paulos, 1113 Virginia Street, has been promoted to corporal. He is stationed with a medical corps unit at Camp Long View, Texas. He was a Central High School pupil.

In Uniform
Stanley Corbett, attached to the office of the judge advocate general, has been transferred to duty at Dallas, Texas and has been promoted to first lieutenant.

CPL. Francis J. Fenton, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Fenton, 1950 Nash Street has gone to the El Toro air station, Santa Ana, California for further assignment after spending a 30-day furlough with his parents. He recently returned to the States after 16 months of service in the South Pacific.

PVT John E Leland, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Leland, 2142 Summit Street, has been transferred to Chanute wield, Rantoul, Illinois, where he will take a 14-week specialized course.

Sgt. Lewis S. Weinberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lipman Weinberg, 112 24th Street, was one of the members of the Ninth armored division’s combat command A which barred entrance to the city of Luxembourg by the Germans for 10 days until the Fifth infantry division came to relieve them, he advised his parents. This group of men held its ground until word came through ordering them to move back to United States lines. Wearing German helmets and wrapped in blankets the doughboys walked through German held Beaufort, “heiled Hitler” when challenged by a sentry, reached their own lines in due time and fought some more. At present Sgt. Weinberg is at a rest home in France, “waiting to take another poke at the Germans,” he says. His wife is the former Mildred Fowler of elk point, S.D. Sgt. Weinberg is in an operations unit of the headquarters company of the 19th Tank battalion.

CPL. Wayne A. Spies, whose wife lives at 1603 Pierce Street, is now on Luzon. He is with the 161st antiaircraft battalion and has served in New Guinea for one year and Australia for six months.

Arthur E. Bucy, seaman second class, has been spending a 30-day leave in the home of his aunt, Mrs. Martha Culver, 709 Nebraska Street, after 18 months in the South Pacific where he was serving as a cook aboard a ship. He is the son of William Bucy, of Portland, Oregon.

Sgt. S.B. Virruso, whose wife and daughter reside at 1103 Summit Street, has arrived in England. Sgt. Virruso, who is with a railroad battalion, was inducted in the army in January 2, 1943.

Martin Kronick, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Kronick, 1100 Jennings Street, has been promoted to first lieutenant. He is in the infantry and is stationed at Huntsville, Ala.

PVT James Shearer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shearer, 1811 Rustin Street, was sworn into the marine corps Monday in Omaha and was ordered to report to Parris Island, S.C. for his basic training.

Sgt. William G. Mowrey, whose wife resides at 3614 Jones Street, recently was promoted to his present rank at the first troop carrier command, Sedalia army airfield, Warrensburg, Mo. Before entering the army, he as employed in Sioux City. His brother, Capt. H.A. Klinetop, now is serving in the armed forces. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Mowrey, live in Anamosa, Iowa.

Second Lt. Saville T. Ford, whose home is at 2105 Summit Street, now is serving with the India-China air transport command, has been awarded an air medal, Brig. Gen William H. Tunner, commanding general of the division announced. The citation accompanying the award states that it was for “flying at night as well as by day at high altitudes over impassable, mountainous terrain through areas characterized by extremely treacherous weather conditions necessitating long periods of operation by instruments, requiring courageous and superior performance of his duties to overcome, he accomplished his mission with distinction.” The award was made for the period of serving from July 27, 1944 to September 24, 1944.

PVT Gerald Doran, after five months action with the marine corps on Guam, has received an honorable discharge. He was inducted into the service December 15, 1943. PVT Doran resides with his grandmother, Mrs. L.M. Drawz, 1710 Nash Street.

Ernest A. Kenny, Jr., aviation radioman first class, accompanied by his wife, spent five days on delayed orders at his home, 1801 Myrtle Street. He previously was stationed at Jacksonville, Florida, as flight radio instructor. He now has reported at San Diego, California for further assignment.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
31 August 1945

CPL. Elmer Hansen son of Mrs. Gus Wachter, 1618 Rebecca Street, is spending a 30-day furlough with his mother. He has just returned from 19 months overseas with the 40th chemical laboratory company in France and England. After his furlough, he will report to the Edgewood arsenal in Maryland.

Carl R. Rogers technician fifth class, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Rogers, reside at 1831 South Palmetto Street, is one of the artillerymen at the LeHavre, France, port of embarkation, who are helping speed American troops homeward. He served in the campaigns in Rhineland and central Europe on surveys and an instrument man. In civilian life, he was a surveyor and construction engineer

T. Sgt. Dick Perley, 3131 Jones Street is serving with the occupation forces stationed at Nabburg, Bavaria. He landed in Normandy with the service company of the 358th infantry of the 90th division and is a veteran of 10 major battles. Five campaign stars on his E.T.O. ribbon indicates that he took part in five important campaigns.

Bill Hanson, seaman second class, has returned to the Great Lakes, Illinois, naval training station after spending a leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al W. Hanson, 4927 Military Road.

Lindy LaVerne Frost, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Frost, 2104 Palmer Avenue, has joined the United States maritime service and will be assigned to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, N.Y. for boot training. He was employed by the L.C. Kemp service before entering the merchant marine. He has three brothers in service: Everett, with the navy in the Pacific: Grant, aviation machinist’s mate, with the coast guard and PVT Charles Frost with the army.

PVT. Robert P. Chappelle, whose wife lives at 1705 W. Highland Avenue, is at the LaHavre Port of embarkation staging area in France awaiting shipment to the United States. PVT Chappelle entered the army in 1944 and served overseas six months with Co. F. 515th parachute infantry, participating in campaigns in central Europe and the Rhineland. He wears two battle stars. He formerly was employed by the Sioux City Gas and Electric Company.

John J. Dougherty, son of Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dougherty, 3629 Jones Street, is receiving his initial naval indoctrination at the naval training center, Great Lakes, Illinois.

PVT. LeRoy E. Johnson, whose wife lives at 911 Plymouth Street, is at the LeHavre Port of embarkation in France awaiting transportation to the United States. PVT Johnson entered the army in July 1944 and served six months overseas with an infantry division. He wears a presidential citation, the combat infantry badge and the European theater ribbon with battle stars. He participated in campaigns in the Rhineland and central Germany. A former Trinity College student, he was employed as brakeman for the Burlington Railroad at Lincoln, Nebraska and belonged to the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.

PFC Bird E. Day is a military policeman in the 80th Blue Ridge infantry division, which was recently awarded the meritorious service unit plague for superior performance of duty, achievement and maintenance of a high standard of discipline during campaigns in France, Luxenbourg, Germany and Austria from August 8, 1944, to V-E Day. The individual decoration, accompanying the citation, is a gold laurel wreath, worn on the right sleeve, the only American decoration so worn. PFC Day formerly was employed in The Journal-Tribunes composing room. His wife and son, “Kayo” reside at 4122 Madison Street.

Donald Maurer, stationed in the offices of the quartermaster headquarters in Hersfeld, Germany, has been promoted to the rank of corporal. CPL Maurer wears five battle stars on his E.T.O. ribbon. His wife and daughter live at 2600 George Street.