1944 . . .

Sioux City Journal- Tribune
1 November 1944

Richard G. Green, son of Otto G. Green, 2327 West Street, has been accepted by the navy for air crewman training and has been sworn in as a seaman second class at Kansas City. At the conclusion of approximately one year’s training he will receive the rating of petty officer.

S. Sgt. Joe Marges, brother of Mrs. Willard Stevens, 1507 S. Maple Street, is returning from 24 months in the Asiatic Pacific Theater and is expected to arrive at Stinson field on or about November 4, after which he will be given a furlough.

Sgt. Melvin C. Heenan, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Heenan, 204 12th Street, was expected to arrive at Jefferson barracks, St. Louis after 28 months in the southwest Pacific. According to a furlough report notice he will be given a furlough soon. His wife, Sgt. Betty E. Heenan, is stationed in San Francisco with the marine’s corps reserve.

Cpl. Howard H. Hoffman, 1900 Plum Creek Road, was one of 44 volunteers selected to recover the bodies of 19 persons presumed killed when their plane, an air transport, crashed near the top of Mount Brooks, in Alaska. The information was issued by the Alaskan department headquarters.

Sioux City Journal
10 November 1944

T. Sgt. John Trobaugh, who was wounded May 29 in Italy, is at home for a furlough visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs John Trobaugh, 1619 Florence Avenue. Sgt. Trobaugh now is stationed at O’Reilly Hospital, Springfield, Missouri.

Derald C. McFarland, stationed in the navy at Virginia Beach, Virginia has been promoted to seaman first class. His wife and two children, Betty and Tommy, have joined him at Virginia Beach. He is the son of Mrs. G. H. Flynn, 1101 S. Cecelia Street.

Petty Officer Charles Kumzak, specialist, seaman class, who has been doing shore patrol duty in San Diego, California the last nine months, is home on a week’s leave visiting his family at 1623 W. 17th Street. Kumzak was a member of the Sioux City police force before joining the navy. He took a three-month training course at Camp Farragut, Idaho, before going to San Diego.

Pvt. Harold A. Asplund, son of Mr. and Mrs A. J. Asplund, 1662 W. 30th Street, is spending a 30-day furlough at home after being stationed two years in Panama.

Wayne C. Erickson, who has completed his first semester in the navy V-12 program at the University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, spent 12 days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Erickson, 600 32d Street.

Lawrence Heck, aviation ordnance man first class is spending a 15-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Heck, 2601 w. 19TH Street. Petty Officer Heck, who has been in the navy for two and a half years, has been serving with the fleet in the Atlantic.

S. Sgt. Anthony E. Friedman and Harold Lloyd Friedman have arrived to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Friedman and their sister, Madonna, 4300 Polk Avenue. Friedman, who has been in service since May 27, 1942 has a 15-day furlough and his brother, who has been in service since December 2, 1943 has a 17-day furlough. This is the first time the two brothers have seen each other in 30 months.

Lorne G. Sampson, formerly a market manager in Sioux City, has been promoted to first lieutenant. A personnel officer at a station in the Panama Canal department, he has been on duty there since March 1943, when he arrived from the army administration officer candidate school at Grinnell, Iowa. The son of Mrs. Lydia Sampson of Fort Dodge, Iowa, he entered the army in July, 1941 and served at Camp Crowder, Missouri before he was commissioned a second lieutenant in February 1942.

Kirk M. Estes, whose wife lives at 1213 Grandview Boulevard, has been promoted from sergeant to staff sergeant at his post with the Eighth air force in England. Prior to enlisting in the army he was a clerk.

Pvt. Ruth E. Campos, daughter of J. J. Osborn, 1601 West 29th Street, is spending a furlough at home with her father. Pvt. Campos is with the air Wac and is stationed at Olmsted field, Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Cpl. Laurence M. Barr, whose wife lives in the Cornelius Apartment, is spending a 21-day delay en route with his wife here and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd G. Barr at Colman, South Dakota. From here Cpl. Barr will go to Hot Springs, Arkansas for reassignment. He originally was assigned to the 477th quartermaster regiment. He is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Schull Post Number 580.

Cpt. Jack B. Stitt received his promotion from the rank of lieutenant on October 4, according to information received here. He is serving with Gen. Patton’s Third army in the heavy tank destroyer division. Capt. Stitt left Sioux City with the National Guard and went overseas last summer. His brother, Cpl. Malcom “Buzz” Stitt, with the Eighth engineers’ corps, was wounded while at the fighting front in France a month ago. He is now convalescing in a hospital in England. Cpl. Doulas Stitt, the youngest brother, is a gunner in the army air corps and is serving overseas. Lieut. William Stitt, another brother, is a flying instructor at an air base in Los Vegas, Nevada. The four Stitt brothers now serving in the war are sons of Mrs. June Stitt, formerly of Sioux City, who now lives in California.

Sgt. Duncan M. Harper, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Harper, 1901 George Street, is serving as an aircraft mechanic in a fighter squadron at an Eighth air force fighter station I England. This squadron was commended by Brig. Gen. Jesse Auton, wing commander, for its part in the destruction of 43 enemy aircraft and the damaging of 23 others on a German held airdrome recently.

William J. Gude, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gude, 1915 Nash Street, who is a first class petty officer in the navy, has arrived to his convoy duty after a week-end visit with his parents. His brother Donald is serving with the air forces in Italy.

Staff Sgt. J. W. Bennett, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Bennett of Wayne, Oklahoma and husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett of Sioux City, has been awarded the air medal, according to information received here. Sgt. Bennett is a top turret gunner and engineer on a Fortress and his award was for meritorious achievement during bombing attacks on Nazi air industries and military targets in support of allied ground forces. He now is serving with an Eighth air force bomber squadron in England.

Sioux City Journal - Tribune
28 November 1944

Maynard W. Rouse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rouse, 2502 W. 14th Street, recently enlisted in the maritime service at the enrolling office in Minneapolis. He will soon be transferred to the training station at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York. His brother, Sgt. Wayne, is stationed at Camp Campbell, Kentucky and another brother, Cpl. Van, is stationed in England.

S. Sgt. William C. Prescott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prescott, 2829 Second Street, is a crew chief of a veteran 12th air force P-47 Thunderbolt bomber fighter outfit now blasting enemy communications, motor transports and gun positions in support of allied ground troops in the Mediterranean war area, operating over northern Italy. Overseas since July 16, 1942, Sgt. Prescott recently celebrated his 28th month of Foreign Service. He has seen action in four major campaigns—Africa, Sicily, Italy and France. His outfit has received three presidential citations.

S. Sgt. Merval E. Kennedy, whose home is at 511 W. 15th Street, is a nose gunner with the Italian based 454th bombardment group which has been awarded the war department unit citation for outstanding performance of duty in armed conflict with the enemy. He is authorized to wear the war department unit citation badge. His group entered the Italian campaign in January and has flown more than 125 combat missions over major Nazi targets

Capt. Richard T. Lindeberg, whose wife, Joan and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Lindeberg, reside at 3020 Stone Park Boulevard, has been authorized to wear the distinguished unit badge, showing he is a member of a 12th air force B-25 Mitchell bombardment group which received the war department citation for its part in destroying the Benevento, Italy, marshaling yards. Capt. Lindeberg joined his present group 24 months ago, and now is serving as squadron adjutant.

Kenneth Latham, seaman second class, is spending a Thanksgiving leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Latham, 2413 Eighth Street. He plays a trumpet in the navy band at Cabaniss field, Corpus Christi, Texas.