1944 . . .

Our Neighbors in the Services
Sioux City Journal
16 August 1944

Charter Oak, Iowa - The war department announced the award of the distinguished flying cross to S. Sgt. Philip C. Staley of Charter Oak, Sgt Staley is stationed with the Eighth air force in England.

Manson, Iowa - Pfc. John Hansen of Manson has been reported missing in action since July 26 in France. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hansen of Manson.

Akron, Iowa - Lowell Harkness, who has served in the navy the past two years and has seen considerable service on one of the big battleships in the south Pacific, arrived from Bremerton, Wash., and is spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Asa Harkness.

Battle Creek, Iowa - Sgt. Orville Hargens took part in the invasion in France. He wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hargens from a rest camp where he spent five days after the action. He was uninjured and espected to go back.

Sgt. Willard Albers arrived from Australia after spending seven months on Woodlark Island. He will be hospitalized at Camp Atterbury, Ind. For tropical fever.

Pvt George Hartley of the cavalry, somewhere in England, was injured. He is the son of Mrs. Flora Hartley.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
18 August 1944

Robert Lyle Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.E Young, 2933, Washington Avenue, was commissioned an ensign in the naval reserve and designated naval aviator at exercises at Corpus Christi, Texas, naval air training center.

Pfc. Richard W. Milversted, son of William F. Milversted and grandson of Mrs. W. F. Milversted, 318 21st Street, was wounded in action recently while stationed with the Marines somewhere in the South Pacific.

Ensign and Mrs. Martin J. Fischer have departed for New York City, after spending a few days’ leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Fischer, 3113 S. Patterson Street. From New York, Ensign Fischer will report to Charleston, South Carolina.

Robert C. Hatch, petty officer third class, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hatch, 720 18th Street, is serving as a mail specialist at the A. P.O. in San Francisco. He was a former postal clerk and letter carrier for the Sioux City post office.

Charles J. Wacker, seaman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Wacker, 43 LaSalle Street, is taking boot training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He will then be sent to radar school.

Dr. Charles Ryan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Ryan, 506 Nebraska Street, has been promoted from the rank of captain to that of major in the army medical corps. A native Sioux Cityan, Dr. Ryan entered the service in July of 1942 with a first lieutenant commission. He was graduated from the medical school of the University of Iowa in 1941 and completed his internship at the medical center in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Arthur Junior Bock, apprentice seaman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bock, 2515 Seventh Street, is receiving his basic training at the Great Lakes naval training station.

Marvin J. Willis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Willis, 3621 Vine Avenue: Thomas F. Vaughan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Vaughan, 28, Congress Avenue and Bernard L. Michaelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ludwig Michaelson, 3836 Garretson Avenue, have been enrolled in an intensive course at the naval radio training school on the campus of the Northwestern University at Evanston, Illinois. On graduation they will be eligible to qualify for the rating of radioman third class.

Marshall E. Soderberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Soderberg, 2314 Jones Street, who is stationed at Asheville, North Carolina with the army air force weather wing, recently received promotion to staff sergeant. He is assigned to the special projects section of the operational division. Before entering the service S. Sgt. Soderberg was a weather observer with the United States weather bureau.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal-Tribune
19 August 1944

Lieut. Donald B. Thatcher, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Thatcher, 3934 Monroe Street, was wounded severely in action in France, July 29. He was flown to England and now is in a hospital there. He was with a railroad division. Lieut. Thatcher went overseas in February, 1944 and was sent first to England, then to France. His wife, Mrs. D. B. Thatcher lives at the Smith apartments.

S. Sgt. Lloyd McNeill, stationed somewhere in New Guinea, has been awarded the air medal, Mrs. McNeill, his wife lives in Jamaica, Iowa and he is the son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. G. Kurschner, 1836 ½ Lemon Street.

Merle C. Brehm of Sioux City has been promoted from lieut. to captain. He is in the quartermaster corps.

S. Sgt. Veto A. Vets, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Dapkevich, 2709 Dodge Avenue, has left Camp McCoy for Fort Benning, George, where he will enter officer’s training school. Before enlisting he was employed as a teller at the Live Stock National Bank.

Private Tony J. Simoni is visiting his wife and children at 800 Clark Street during a 10-day furlough. He is with an anti-aircraft group, stationed at Camp Stewart, George.

Donald H. Hansen, fireman first class was graduated from an electrical course at the state college at Wapheton, North Dakota. He spent a five-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B Hansen, 2242 Boise Street and then left for Little Creek, Virginia where he will take his operational training.

Pvt. William M. Weld recently spent a furlough en route with his wife and daughter at 4310 Garretson Avenue. He is with the signal corps and has been on detached service at Camp Crowder, Missouri. He has been sent to Camp Kohler, California where he had been attached since entering service.

Pvt. Morgan R. Anderson has been spending a 15-day furlough en route with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Anderson, 2011 Jennings Street. Lieut. Laurel E. Boline, his brother-in-law, who is stationed at Great Bend, Kansas has also been spending a few days in the Anderson home.

Second Lieut. Donald C. McClurg, former reporter on The Journal, has been appointed assistant commanding officer of a service unit at the army’s Ashford General Hospital at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Capt. Ralph O. Brown, 1505 Sioux Trail, was awarded the Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster to the air medal, according to an announcement from the headquarters of Lieut. Gen. George C. Kenny in the southwest Pacific. The award was made for leading the first flight of Liberator bombers to make a daylight attack on the Jap base at Rabaul during which a merchant vessel was sunk.

Pvt. Walter J. Boyle, 1306 S. Alice Street, was inducted recently at Fort Snelling, Minnesota and has been sent to Camp Hood, Texas for basic training.

S. Sgt. William J. Cochran, husband of Mrs Eunice Cochran, 1001 W. Sixth Street, recently received his battle baptism during an Eighth Air Force attack near Tours. Sgt. Cochran is a radio-operator-gunner on the Flying Fortress Dangerous Dame.

S. Sgt Harold N. Fisher, husband of Mrs. Charlotte Fisher, 2825 Sunset Circle, has been awarded and Oak Leaf Cluster to his Air Medal, equivalent to another award of the medal, it was announced by the Eighth Air Forces in England. Sgt. Fisher is a photographer-gunner on a Flying Fortress.

Dean Harrington, son of Dr. and Mrs. Ray Harrington, 2203 S. Aubin Street, is receiving initial naval training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

Seaman First Class John M. Carlson, jr., son of John M. Carlson, Sr. 115. S. Paxton Street has returned to duty at the armed guard center at San Francisco after spending a 15-day leave at his home. He is a member of a gun crew aboard a merchant ship and had spent 10 months at sea.

Pfc. Louis E. Stroud, stationed at Glendale, California is spending a 15-day furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stroud, 3314 Davis Avenue.

Pfc. William Andrew Konopisas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Konopisos, 425 Rebecca Street, has been graduated from the infantry and Browning automatic rifle section school at the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California.

Pfc. Nile M. Marsh, 1222 Jackson Street has been transferred from Fort Summer, New Mexico to the army air forces material command at Wright field, Dayton, Ohio.

John N. Eggink, second class petty officer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Eggink, 2002 Seventh Street, is home on a 30- day leave after serving nearly 22 months on an aircraft carrier in the south Pacific. He has taken part in two major battles. After completing his leave, he will report to the naval air station at Ottumwa, Iowa, for duty. Seaman First Class Albert J. Eggink, a brother, returned to Camp Parks, California after spending a 30-day leave with his parents. Seaman Eggink, a Seabee, had been stationed in the Aleutian Islands for more than 18 months.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
20 August 1944

Chester Hoorneman, whose wife resides at 318 S. Turner Street, has been graduated from the electrical school at the Iowa State College naval training school.

Karl F. Heumann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Karl G. Heumann, Martin Hotel, is receiving his naval indoctrination at the naval center, Great Lakes, Illinois.

James Randall, 17, enlisted in the navy Saturday to become the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Addison Randall, 707 Center Street, in the services. His oldest brother, Addison, 23, is a petty officer third class aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Cpl. Robert Randall, 21, is in New Guinea and Cpl. Don Randall, 19, is at Camp Polk, La.

Aviation Cadet Park D. Coburn, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Coburn, 3232 Orleans Avenue, has completed basic pilot training at Gardner field, California and has been transferred to Marfa Field, Texas for advanced training.

Daniel A. Mills, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Mills, 3905 Peters Avenue has completed training at Corpus Christi, Texas and has been assigned to Daytona Beach, Florida for operational training.

Cadet James B. Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Nelson, 3101 22nd Street, has completed his course at Columbia University, New York and has been transferred to Santa Anna, California for preflight training.

Second Lieut. Elizabeth Balch of the army nurse corps, has returned to Camp Forrest, Tennessee, after spending a leave here with relatives. She is the former Elizabeth Gengler of LeMars, a graduate of the St. Joseph College of Nursing in Sioux City.

Capt. Charles G. Morgan, whose wife and three children reside in Sioux City, was promoted from the rank of first lieutenant July 24. Capt. Morgan, now in the European theater, left here in 1942 with the National Guard unit for Camp Colfax, La., and received his officer training at Fort Benning, Georgia. He is the son of Mrs. Jack Septich.

Dr. Ernest D. Epstein, who for the last 29 months has been serving in India, has been promoted to the rank of major, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Epstein, 3525 Vine Avenue, has been informed. Dr. Epstein, who received his internship in Chicago and Los Angeles hospitals, enlisted two months before the first draft in 1941 and took his training at Chanute Field, Chicago and Biloxi, Mississippi. He attended Morningside College for two years and is a graduate of East High School and the Iowa University Medical School.

Wesley E. Curtis, petty Officer third class is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Curtis, 1720 Pierce Street. He has been stationed in the southwest Pacific.

David Y. Udell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Udell, 2017 Ingleside Avenue, has been promoted to the rank of corporal. He is stationed with the medical corps somewhere in England.

James P. Dougherty, seaman second class, who was here recently on a visit, is attending signalman’s school at Sampson, New York. He is the son of Mr and Mrs. Leo J. Dougherty, 1803 W. 15th Street.

Sgt. John W. Claussen has returned to Drew Field, Tampa, Florida after spending a 15-day furlough visiting his mother, Mrs. Ella Claussen, 711 14th Street.

Richard F. Burke, petty officer third class, is spending a 20-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Burke, 2601 S. Cecelia Street. An aviation machinist’s mate, he recently returned from action in the South Pacific War Theater.

Pvt. Don Carlstrom has completed a 15-day furlough with his wife and family, 720 Jennings Street and his mother, Mrs. Emma Carlstrom, 723 S. Patterson Street. He has finished his basic training at Camp Hood, Texas and is en route for Fort Meade, Maryland.

Pvt. James D. Okey, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Okey, 3818 Fourth Avenue, has completed his course as radio operator-mechanic at the Sioux Falls air field.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal-Tribune
22 August 1944

Pfc. Bert L. Allner is spending a 10-day furlough with his mother, Mrs. Ann M. Allner, 800 S. Cecelia Street. He is stationed with the headquarters staff at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, having finished training at North Camp Hood, Texas.

Pvt. Peter J. Kisling is spending a 10-day furlough with his wife and family at 3264 14th Street. He is en route from Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Camp Gordon, Georgia.

Betty Jane Griggs, hospital apprentice second class, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Griggs, 5404 Garretson Avenue, has completed her basic training and indoctrination course at the naval training school for Waves in Bronx, New York and is proceeding to a naval hospital corps school at San Diego, California for further instructions. Before she entered the service, Seaman Griggs attended St. Joseph’s Mercy College of Nursing.

Pfc. E.R. Evans, son if Mrs. John Bradley, 1213 14th Street, is spending a 21-day furlough at home after his return from Hawaii. Previously he was stationed at Corregidor and left there shortly before the Japanese captured the fortress.

The promotion of William H. Eckerson, son of Mrs. Ella M. Eckerson, 142 Gillman Terrace, from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant has been announced by his group commander. Sgt. Eckerson is a nose gunner on a B-24 Liberator that participates in bombing attacks against industrial targets in Germany and Nazi objectives threatening allied ground troops in France. Before entering the A. A. F. in September, 1942 he was a student at Iowa State College at Ames.

Sgt. John Portis, 904 Jackson Street was a member of a parachute infantry regiment of the 82d airborne division—the regiment which captured Ste. Mere Eglise in Normandy three hours before allied landing forces touched the beachhead on D-Day. The regiment had an outstanding part in carrying out the mission of the airborne troops, which was to prevent the Germans from throwing powerful forces from the west and south against the beachhead.

Naval Aviation Cadet Edward B. Swanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Swanson, 1037 17th Street, has reported to the navy preflight school in Athens, Georgia for intensive physical training and ground school study.

Cpl. Max D. Prostok, son of Joe Prostok, 510 22d Street, has been commissioned a second lieutenant of field artillery upon completing the field artillery officer candidate course of the field artillery course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska.

First Lieut. Gorman W. Smith, 25, of Ludlow, Illinois, a pilot and unit operation officer, who was awarded the Silver Star, Air Medal and Purple Heart, has returned from service outside continental United States. He now is being processed through the army air forces redistribution station 2 in Miami Beach, Florida. He flew 11 missions in eight months in the southwest Pacific. His wife, Lois Ann, resides at 1310 Summit Street. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. William O. Smith live in Ludlow.

Marvin Hanson, boatsman’s mate second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hanson, 2026 Rustin Street, has returned from 20 months of sea duty in the south Pacific where he saw action in three major battles and the Rendova and Bougainville campaigns. He came by plane from the west coast to spend 20 day leave with his parents, and two brothers.

Elizabeth S. Bouvia, 101 N. Alice Street, is a member of a Wac unit which recently left Fort Des Moines for duty at McChord field, Tacoma, Washington.

Wallace Teska, son of Mrs. H. S. Tebeau, 2729 Isabella Street, who recently spent a leave with his wife and son at 307 W. First, has been promoted to the rank of second assistant engineer in the merchant marine. He has been in the service 15 months, six of which he spent in the south Pacific.

First Lieut. Carl W. McCuen, son of Mrs. Ella Masterson of 1501 Jackson Street, who is a navigator on a B-17 Flying Fortress from an Eighth Air Force bomber station in England, has been awarded the third oak leaf cluster to the air medal. Lieut. McCuen’s home address is Osseo, Wisconsin.

Capt. Harold O. Benson, son of Mr. and Mrs Ira D. Benson, 10 Congress Avenue, after 22 months overseas, is spending a 30-day leave with his wife and three sons who live at 2919 Jackson Street Capt. Benson, who is in the transportation corps of the army, was stationed for the first 14 months on a small Island in the South pacific and for the last eight months on New Caledonia. He will report to Fort Sheridan Chicago, for reassignment.

Pvt. Schager Wavned, son of Leo Schager, Milner hotel, has completed four weeks of jump training at the parachute school, Fort Benning, Georgia and has been awarded the wings and boots of the army paratroops.

Frank J. O’Rourke, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. O’Rourke, 2108 S. St. Aubin Street, is now in training as a fighter pilot at Wendover field, Utah, in preparation for combat duty with the army air forces in France. He graduated from East High School in 1941 and attended Iowa State College at Ames.

Sioux City Journal-Tribune
23 August 1944

Sioux City Wins Praise of “Buddy” for Action in War
Pvt. Robert M. Henderson of Indianapolis, Indiana, returned wounded to the United States after nearly two years service overseas with the 34th infantry division, spoke in the warmest praise of his officers and buddies. Among those he highly commended was a Sioux Cityan of whom he said, “Our mess sergeant, Stanley Davis, from Sioux City, was always asking for action and they just couldn’t keep him out off the front lines. The whole gang was like that.” The news report concerning Pvt. Henderson and his associates came from the war department bureau of public relations. The Indiana soldier has been awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action, an oak leaf cluster for his silver star and an oak leaf cluster for his Purple Heart. With his company he was in action at Fondouk pass, Cassino, San Pietro, Anzio, Cisterna and Sbiba.

In Uniform

Sgt. Marvin Robinson, who recently finished his basic training at Camp Hood, Texas and spent a 10-day furlough with his wife and family, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Robinson, 201 S. John Street, has gone to his new assignment as cook and baker with the infantry at Baltimore, Maryland.

Flight Officer T. R. (Ted) Grier, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Grier, 1619 West Street, recently commissioned a flight officer in the ferry command at Randolph field, Texas, stopped in Sioux City en route from Dallas, Texas for a brief visit and took his wife and daughter, with him to Great Falls, Mont., where he is stationed. Flight Officer Grier is a graduate of Central High School and took flight training at Morningside College with his first class in 1941. He served as an instructor at Graham field here for 29 months at Brayton field, Texas as flight instructor for army cadets. His wife is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown, 3226 Grandview Boulevard. His brother, Air Cadet Alfred G. Grier, now is stationed in California.

Paul E. Stephens, technician fifth grade, of Sioux City is a mail clerk in the infantry replacement training center at Camp Fannin, Texas.

Donald N. Hettinger, whose wife resides at 1523 W. Third Street, recently was graduated from an intensive training course as machinist’s mate at Great Lakes, Illinois.

Sgt. William C. Prescott, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Prescott, 2829 Second Street, is a crew chief of a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber attacking enemy positions in support of allied ground troops in the Mediterranean theater. The group of which he is chief recently received its third presidential citation. Sgt. Prescott enlisted in September, 1941 and has been overseas since July 16, 1942.

Bernard J. Kirkpatrick, formerly of Sioux City, whose wife is living in Inglewood, California, recently received a battlefield promotion from second to first lieutenant.

Technician fourth grade Roy R. Reisdorph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Reisdorph, 1627 Avery way, has just been promoted from technician fifth grade.

Lieut. Paul Covell and Lieut. Wooldridge, on a cross-country flight, spent Saturday night with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Covell, 10 12th Street. The young lieutenants are instructors at Roswell field, New Mexico.

Pvt. Paul Pendergast who is stationed at Camp Stewart, Georgia in the radar department is spending a 15-day furlough with his wife and two sons at their home, 712 Plymouth Street and his mother, Mrs. Nellie Pendergast, 1101 Plymouth Street.

Capt. Clifford M. Skalby, 2722 Second Street, has been awarded the bronze star posthumously for meritorious service against the enemy while serving with the 88th Infantry division on the Fifth Army front in Italy. During an observed artillery barrage on the regimental command post, Capt. Skalby left a secure position to aid a wounded man in an adjacent building. He proceeded across 10 yards to the building in the face of continuing artillery fire with complete disregard for his personal safety. He was wounded fatally by a shell fragment which came through a door while administering first aid to a wounded man.

Pvt. Raymond J. Searls, son of Homer C. Searls, 3121 Glynn Street, has been promoted to a corporal. He is a radio operator with the 34th bull division of the Fifth Army in Italy.

Aviation Cadet Leonard Lundgren, son iof Mr. and Mrs. John Lundgren of Portland, Oregon, formerly of Sioux City has finished preflight training at the San Antonio, Texas aviation center and has been transferred to Mustard field, El Reno, Oklahoma for primary training. A graduate of Central High School, Cadet Lundgren’s wife and son live at Ventura, California. His brother, Ray, was inducted in the navy in Sioux City this week.

Ronald D. DeLashmutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. DeLashmutt, 1801 24th Street, squadron supply man, has been promoted to staff Sergeant at his B-24 Liberator bomber base in the Mediterranean theater. Sgt. DeLashmutt’s group has been engaged in operational bombing against the enemy in this theater for the past seven months and has over 95 combat bombing missions to its credit. A graduate of Central High School, Sgt. DeLashmutt enlisted in the army air force March 26, 1944. He received his training at the army administrative school at Fargo, North Dakota. He has two brothers in service, Lieut. AE. N. DeLashmutt, who is with the air transport command stationed in Missouri and Pvt. Richard D. DeLashmutt, an aircraft mechanic stationed overseas.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
24 August 1944

Chester J. Hoorneman, fireman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hoorneman, 2701 Stone Park Boulevard, spent a five-day leave with his wife at 318 South Turner Street, following his graduation from the electrical school at Ames. He has now gone to Washington, and from there will be sent out for sea duty. His brother, Pvt. John H. Hoorneman, whose wife lives at 2020 West Horne Street, returned to Camp Riley, where he is in a Calvary until after spending a 15-day furlough with his wife and parents.

Pfc. Leo Dale Bliven is stationed with the marine amphibious corps at Guam, according to word received from him by his brother, Ed, 3114 Euclid Avenue. Pvt. Bliven, an East High School graduate, was employed by the Crystal Ice Company before enlisting. He has been overseas six months.

Pvt. Wallace Vaughn, en route to Fort Meade, Maryland, left Sunday after spending 10 days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Vaugh, 923 27th Street. His wife and daughter Viola, who accompanied Pvt. Vaugh from Texas, will remain here at 901 Court Street.

Richard F. Walburn, motor mechanic mate, departed for New York for further assignment after spending a 30-day leave with his mother, Mrs. Eleanor Walburn, , 2122 McKinyey Street. He recently returned after being stationed four months somewhere in the Atlantic.

John C. Curry, seaman first class, is spending a seven-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curry, 1209 Jones Street. Seaman Curry recently completed work at an electrician’s school, Farragut, Idaho.

Sgt. Robert S. Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson, Jr., 516 W. Third Street, was wounded in action on Saipan, it was announced by the navy department recently. Sgt. Wilson, who has been in the Marine Corps for two years, has been overseas since January. He is now in a hospital in Hawaii. He was graduated from Central High School and was working for the war department in Washington, D.C. at the time he entered service.

Arthur L. Gilvra, Sioux City, has been promoted from the rank of lieutenant to that of captain; it was announced Wednesday by the war department.

Second Lieut. Robert W. Koberg, 3820 Fifth Avenue, stationed with a reserve squad in the naval air corps in the South Pacific, has been advanced to the rank of first lieutenant. He attended East High School and later Creighton University, where he was active in football. He is a brother-in-law of Patrolman Ray Iblings. He was last here about a year ago and he entered the service about two and a half years ago.

Henry John Rickert, seaman second class, whose wife and children resides at 117 11th Street, has been transferred from Farragut, Idaho, to the naval supply depot at Clearfield, Utah.

Robert Lind, whose wife Helen resides at 3509 Jackson Street, has been promoted from the rank of first lieutenant to captain. He is a Marauder pilot stationed with the veteran group commanded by Col. Wilson R. Wood of Chico, Texas. Capt. Lind has over 60 combat missions to his credit and has been awarded the distinguished flying cross, the sir medal and two silver oak leaf clusters to the air medal. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad E. Lund of Des Moines.

Richard D. Loffswold, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Loffswold, 700 S. Paxton Street, has been promoted to the rank of corporal. He is with the Southeast Asia command. Before entering the army he attended the University of Iowa.

Ensign Carl C. Nelson, who spent a leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Nelson, 2520 First Street, has returned to his station in San Francisco, where he is in the maritime service. Ensign Nelson has had two years active service.

Lowell P. Miles, Jr., son of L.P. Miles, 1118 18th Street, has enrolled in the naval training school at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois. On successful completion of the course he will be eligible for the rating of petty officer, motor machinist mate third class.

Don L. Julius, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Julius, 1502 22d Street, has been graduated from the naval air technical training center at Norman, Oklahoma, and now is awaiting orders to duty at sea or a naval base.

Cpl. William G. Darwin of Camp Pendleton, Ocean Side, California, is spending a 15-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.T. Darwin, 2318 Geneva Street.

Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross to Lieut. Harold E. Manter, whose wife, the former Doris C. McCarville lives here, has been announced by Lieut. Gen Doolittle, commanding general of the Eighth air force. Lieut. Menter previously had been awarded the air medal with three oak leaf clusters. The Distinguished Flying Cross presentation was made by col. Clifford J. Heflin, commanding officer of the Eighth air force composite station in England. Lieut. Manter is a Liberator pilot and a veteran of many missions.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
25 August 1944

Lieut. John J. Manning, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Manning, 604 28th Street, has been ordered to active duty it was announced by the war department Thursday. He was sworn in January, 1944, and has been waiting for orders since that time. He has been at the Mayo Clinic on a fellowship in surgery for the last two years. He will leave this week to report to Carlisle Barracks, Pa., where he will be assignment.

Pvt. Gordon Hagan of Minneapolis, son of Mrs. V.J. Hagan, 721 18th Street, is recuperating in an English hospital. Pvt. Hagan suffered a relapse following an operation after taking part in D-day. He is a veteran on the African and Sicilian invasions too.

Milton Thompson has been graduated from the basic engineering school at Gulf Port, Mississippi and has been promoted to the rating of fireman first class. He has now been assigned to the naval mine warfare school at Yorktown, Virginia. His wife and family live at 3622 Garretson Avenue.

Pvt. Varnel E. Groves, son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry S. Groves, 218 Market Street, recently spent a 10-day furlough with his parents. He has been transferred from the I.R.T.C. training center at Camp Hurd to the regular division at Camp Maxie, Texas.

Pvt. Clarence Earl Stoufer, son of Mrs. Virginia Stoufer, 3842 Garretson Avenue, is stationed with the infantry in France. He spent a furlough with his sister, Mrs. William Pennings, 1631 S. Helen Street, in July and was sent overseas in August, He was a former Journal carrier and is a graduate of East High School. He took his training at Camp Croft, South Carolina. Stoufer’s wife and two children live in Fort Dodge.

Cpl. Arthur W. Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Anderson, 1916 Bryan Street, has been assigned to a hospital train unit in San Francisco. He is a surgical technician in the army medical corps and recently returned to the United States after serving for 20 months in the Carribean area. His brother, Cpl. Victor Anderson, is stationed with an air force signal unit somewhere in France.

Pvt. Alvin E. Lynn is spending a 10-day furlough with his wife Emma and three children at 1500 W. Third Street. He was stationed at Camp Stewart, Georgia.

Clarence M. Shugart, whose wife lives at 3115 E. Second Street has been promoted to staff sergeant. He is in France where he took part in the invasion.

Sgt. Merval E. Kennedy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merval L Kennedy, 511 W. 15th Street, has been awarded the air medal. Sgt. Kennedy who is a nose gunner on a Liberator bomber was cited as follows: “For meritorious achievement in aerial flight while participating in sustained operational activities against the enemy.” He has flown on bombing missions over German held targets in occupied Europe and the Balkans. He is a graduate of the Harlingen, Texas aerial gunnery school.

Fred M. Kley, husband of Mrs. Ruth Raven Kley, 2305 Jones Street, personal equipment officer in a B-24 Liberator bomb group has been promoted to the grade of captain. He went overseas in December, 1943, landing in Africa with his present group which has participated in all of the major attacks on enemy aircraft factories, oil refineries, and other strategic targets in Romania, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Capt. Kley is a graduate of Commercial High School, Brooklyn, New York and was employed as a credit manager with Melchior Armstrong Dessau Company, Ridgefield, New Jersey. He enlisted in the army in July 1942 and after taking basic training in Miami Beach, Florida was appointed to O.C.S. and was graduated as a second lieutenant in January, 1943. While stationed at the Sioux City air base he was promoted to the grade of first lieutenant.

Louis W. Verbeski, seaman first class, 716 S. Irene Street, said in referring to the attack on Tinian Island by land, sea and air in which he participated; “It was as neat an exhibition of pinning Tojo’s ears back as we ever hope to see. The teamwork was perfect, We rocked’em back on their heels with a good assortment of broadsides from our battlewagons and cruisers. While they were trying to shake those off, the bombers began their shuttle trips to wallop the daylights out of them. By the time we opened the bow doors and turned the amphibious tractors loose the only resistance they had left on the beach was light machine guns and scattered rifle fire.”

Robert L. Rasmussen, whose wife lives in Sioux City, has been promoted to the rank of first lieutenant. He is stationed at the Valley Forge general hospital, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, where he is chief quartermaster and ordnance branches, sales, transportation and salvage officer. Lieut. Rasmussen was inducted into service on April 24, 1942 and has been stationed at Fort Francis Moore, Wyoming, Fort Lawton, Washington, overseas in British Columbia, six months, Camp Lee, O.C.S. Holabird ordanance depot and Baltimore automotive school. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Rasmussen, Forest City, Iowa and prior to entering service was a rural rehabilitation supervisor for the United States department of agriculture.

Charles James Wacker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles John Wacker, 43, La Salle Street, is now taking his initial naval indoctrination at Great Lakes, Illinois.

Cadet John Glanville, whose wife lives at 2030 S. Olive Street, has been transferred to O.C.S. from the quartermaster school at Camp Lee, Virginia. He is still stationed at Camp Lee.

Lieut. Clifford Mahrt, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Mahrt of Correctionville, is visiting friends and relatives in Sioux City and Correctionville while on a seven-day leave. Lieut. Mahrt, a navigator on a B-24, will report back to the army airfield at Pueblo, Colorado.

Coxswain Charles C. Larson, who has a 30 – day furlough after being in the South Pacific almost two years, is visiting his father, Gus Larson, 707 Ross Street and his brother Robert H. Larson, 2734 Virginia Street.

Pvt. John Bolshaw, who has been home on furlough visiting his wife at 1925 Horn Street, will report to Fort Bliss, Texas, having completed his basic training at Camp Stewart, Georgia, before returning here.

T. Sgt. Arthur J. Smith, 3705 Peters Avenue, was a radio-operator-gunner who was with the 15th A.A.F. forces which blasted German coast defenses during “Operation Uppercut” (the Mediterranean air force name for its role in the new southern French operations.)

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal- Tribune
26 August 1944

S. Sgt. Edward E. Moss, son of Mrs. Evelyn Moss, 4022 Monroe Street, has become a bond holder in the victory squadron sponsored by Lieut. Gen. James H. Doolittle. Sgt. Moss, who arrived in the European Theater of Operations last May, has completed 30 missions as an aerial gunner on a Flying Fortress and holds the air medal for meritorious achievement against the enemy. Before entering service, Sgt. Moss was employed by the American Popcorn Company. He attended Leeds High School.

Cpl. Raymond M. West, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. O. West, Aberdeen, South Dakota has completed an orientation course designed to bridge the gap between training in the United States and combat service overseas. Before entering the army he was a pupil at East High School.

Lieut. Joseph J. R. Dufort, whose wife lives at 2715 Dodge Avenue, has been awarded a third oak leaf cluster to the air medal. His citation read: “For meritorious achievement while participating in heavy bombardment missions in the air offensive against the enemy over continental Europe. The courage, coolness and skill displayed by Lieut. Dufort on these occasions reflect great credit upon himself and the armed forces of the United States.” Lieut Dufort is a copilot on a Flying Fortress stationed in England. He is the son of John O. Dufort, Los Angeles. Before entering service he was a student at Long Beach junior college, Long Beach, California. He received his pilot’s wings in October 1943 at Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Russell B. O’Kane, stationed in Hawaii, has been promoted to sergeant. He is the son of Mrs. Sarah O’Kane, 31, Lytle Building and has been overseas for a year.

Three sons of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. True, 713 ½ Wall Street, have arrived safely overseas in the combat areas, according to messages received by the parents and a sister, Mrs. V. K. McCauley, 203 Helen Street. Pfc. Richard A. True now is with the marines in Guam; S. Sgt. Warren E. True is with the air forces in France and Sgt Jerome W. True has landed in New Guinea.

S. Sgt. Justo A. Pagan is expected at Fort Sheridan after six months overseas in the European theater of operations. He first will go to the Illinois reception center and then will receive a furlough to visit his wife, who lives at 1318 Jones Street.

Lieut. Kenneth L. Addison is expected to receive a furlough soon to visit his wife and parents at 1616 Douglas Street He returned from seven months overseas in Europe about August 29 and will report first to Fort Sheridan, Illinois reception Center.

E. A. McKee son of Mr. and Mrs. William G. McKee, 212 S. John Street, has been promoted to corporal. He is stationed in France.

Pfc. Richard L. Mahan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mahan, 117 Sioux Street, who is with the marines, has been engaged in battle at Tainan on Formosa Island and previously saw action at Saipan and in the Marshalls, according to a letter received by his parents.

Pvt. Matthew G. Dvorkin has returned on furlough from Camp Stewart, Georgia having finished training there in the cooks and bakers school. He is visiting his wife and family at 1905 S. Clinton Street before going to Camp Hahn, California.

Donald C. Shelton, bombardier, has returned on furlough from Frederick, Oklahoma air base to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Shelton, at the home of Donald’s sister, Mrs. Leonard O. Garbe, 1721 S. Clinton Street. Donald will report for preflight training at San Antonio, Texas after his visit here. A brother, Harold R. Shelton, aviation machinist’s mate, third class, is stationed now in the South Pacific.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal-Tribune
28 August 1944

Pvt. Kenneth R. Yonkovich of the air corps is in Sioux City for a brief visit with his mother, Mrs. Kathryn Schumacher, 600 W. Third Street and his aunt, Miss Dorothy Harnett, 457 Leonard Street. Pvt. Yonkovich has been transferred from Buckley Field, Colorado to Elgin Field, Florida and will leave for the latter destination about September 1.

Lieut. Jess J. Tattersall has left for Oklahoma City after spending a 10-day furlough with his wife and son at 2030 S Maple Street. Tattersall is first pilot of a B-24 and has just completed combat training at Biggs Field, Texas. He is reporting to the 89th photo reconnaissance training squadron at Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma City for further training. His crew is one of the 13 chosen for this special training out of the section leaving Biggs Field for service overseas.

Cpl. Arden W. Reemts has arrived overseas, according to information received by his mother, Mrs. Anna Reemts, 214 Kansas Street. A member of the signal corps, he formerly was stationed at Drew Field, Tampa, Florida.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
29 August 1944

Melvin J. Shadduck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Shadduck, 3110 22d Street, has begun the final phase of his flying training before graduation as second lieutenant or flight officer at Foster field, Texas.

Cpl. James D. Coulson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd N. Coulson, 2101 Terrace place, is home on a 10-day furlough from Rapid City, South Dakota, where he is finishing his combat training as a gunner on a B-12.

S. Sgt. Lawrence E. Eastlund, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Eastlund, 1300 S. Glass Street was recently promoted to his present grade from sergeant. He is on duty as a clerk in the troop movement section at one of the largest army port headquarters in England. Sgt. Eastlund entered the army in April 1943.

Flight Officer Robert K. Raeside, son of Joseph H. Raeside, 1301 23d Street, has been awarded the air medal at an Eighth air force bomber station in England, Flight Officer Roeside is a bombardier on a B-17 Flying Fortress. Prior to entering the service in August, 1942, he was a student at Iowa State College.

Wesley G. Hirsch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hirsch, 2502 Virginia Street, has been accepted in the army’s specialized training reserve program for 17-year-olds and he will attend a selected college at government expense while he is still on reserve and under age 18. His brother, Col. Richard Hirsch, is stationed at San Luis Obispo, California.

Cpl. Robert T. Ross, son of Mrs. A. Ross, 3315 Virginia Street, was recently promoted from private first class. He is with the armed forces in Europe.

Clyde C. Blinn, 2601 Prospect Street, was commissioned a second lieutenant at the signal corps officer candidate school, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

John L. Duffy, son of Mrs. Helen Dooo o o o o ooo oo uffy, 1005 16th Street, has been promoted from private to corporal at a 12th army air base in Italy. Serving in the engineering section of a B-25 Mitchell bomber squadron that has participated in the Tunisian, Sicilian and Italian campaigns, Cpl. Duffy has been in foreign service since February, 1943.

Lieut. Tobis Schindler, 1008 19th Street, is a pilot in the oldest B-26 medium bomber group in the A. A. F. stationed in the Mediterranean theater of operations. His was the first B-26 group in Maj. Gen. John K. Cannon’s 12th A. A.F. to complete 325 missions over axis territory and was recently commended by Brig. Gen. Robert M. Webster.

Pvt. Harry L. Smith 2428 Leach Street, was to arrive at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, August 29 after spending 36 months with the engineer corps in the Asiatic Pacific theater of operations. He will visit Wilma Statler here in Sioux City

Pfc. Harold Beck, son of L.A. Beck, 2015 Casselman Street, was to arrive August 29 from 50 months spent overseas with the engineer corps in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater of operations. He will report at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri before getting his furlough to come home.

First Lieut. Wallace J. Jarman, son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jarman, 1011 Seventh Street, has been awarded an oak leaf cluster to his air medal for “courage, Coolness and skill” while participating in several bombing attacks in the air offensive against the Nazis over continental Europe. He is the pilot of an Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress in a heavy bombardment group. His wife, the former Miss Dorothy Sue Daugherty, lives at 3666 Somersey Drive, Los Angeles. Prior to entering the air force in November 1942, he was employed by Lockheed Aircraft Company, Burbank, California. He received his wings in October, 1943 at Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Duncan M. Harper, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Harper, 1901 George Street, has been promoted from the grade of corporal to sergeant. He is an airplane mechanic and assistance crew chief in a fighter squadron stationed in England. Prior to entering service he was a student at Morningside college.

Frank Becker, seaman second class, has returned to Farragut, Idaho after spending a 15-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Becker, 1517 Willis Avenue.

Pvt. Ross Rosenkrans, en route from Camp Roberts, California to Fort Ord, California, is spending the weekend in the O.G. Greene home, 2327 West Street. His family is here visiting from Carroll, Iowa.

Second Lieuts. J.W. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Johnson, Sergeant Bluff and Bill E. Bush, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Bush, 814 11th Street, recently arrived at Randolph field, Texas, for training in the A.A.F. central instructors school. Upon completion of a month’s specialized training there the two pilots will be sent to other fields to be instructors of aviation cadets.

T. Sgt. Arthur J. Smith, whose wife resides at 3705 Peters Avenue, has been interned in Switzerland according to word received from the war department. Sgt. Smith, a radio-operator-gunner on a Liberator in the 15th A.A.F. based in Italy had completed 26 bombing missions over enemy occupied territory. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Smith of Climbing Hill.

T. Sgt. Robert A. Olsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Olsen, 1520 Dale Street, was wounded in action August 4, and now is in the hospital in England. T. Sgt. Olsen, who is a radioman in a bomber recently, was awarded the air medal and two oak leaf clusters.

S. Sgt. Loran Courtney has been awarded the air medal at a Marauder base in England according to word received here by his wife, 302 S. Fairmont Street. He has been overseas since February 1.

In Uniform
Sioux City Journal
30 August 1944

Flight Officer Richard Haley, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Haley, 1010 Fowler Street, will leave today for Pueblo, Colorado after an eight-day furlough at home. He is a navigator. His brother, Eugene S. Haley, seaman second class, recently spent a leave at home between boot training at the Great Lakes and aviation radio school at Memphis, Tennessee.

PFC. Merlin Junck has returned to Camp Campbell, Kentucky, where he is stationed with an armored division. He spent a 15-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claus Junck, 4530 Central Avenue

S. Sgt. Basil E. Culver, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Basil E. Culver, 1903 S. Olive Street, top turret gunner of a B-24 Liberator, stationed in England, has received the distinguished flying cross and the air medal with three oak leaf clusters. His brother, PVT Roger Culver is in the field artillery, stationed at Camp Roberts, California.

Cpl. Richard M Barrett, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Barrett, 2823 Summit Street has departed after a 20-day furlough with his parents, for Orlando, Florida where he is in a radio and searchlight division. He stopped en route at Chicago and Oklahoma City to visit relatives.

Cpl. Norman W. Caudill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Caudill, 2908 Robinson Street, will leave for overseas combat duty on completion of a 10-week aerial gunnery course at Davis-Monthan field, Tucson, Arizona. Before entering service Cpl. Caudill was employed as a drill assembler by Albertson & Co. His wife resides at 1101 Plymouth Street.

Cpl. Percy D. Lanford, 911 14th Street, was a member of the engineering unit of the Third marine division which landed on Guam and took Tinian airfield.

S. Sgt. Robert A. Weander, 2118 Roosevelt Street, a radio operator on a B-24 Liberator bomber, who participated in the aerial assault on D-Day recently was awarded the air medal for courage, coolness and skill displayed while participating in bombing over Germany and occupied Europe.

Pvt. Thomas H. Gunderson has returned to Camp Stewart after spending a 10-day furlough with his wife, Marie and his son Thomas, Jr. 1915 Hamilton Street. In an antiaircraft unit, he has completed his basic training.

Frank D. Swesey, second class petty officer, is visiting his wife, May, 106 George Street and other relatives and friends here. He came here from Guam Island and has participated in four invasions. He suffered a minor hand injury. He will proceed to San Francisco where he will be given another assignment.

Lieut. James N. Dutton has been transferred from Valdosta, Georgia to Hendricks field, Sebring, Florida for pilot’s instruction in the operation of the Flying Fortress. His wife and son accompanied him.

Pfc. Louis E. Stroud, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stroud, 3314 Davis Avenue, after spending a furlough with his parents, has departed for Glendale, California where he is stationed as a mechanic in the air force.

Beryl Christensen, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Christensen, 1663 W. Lunah Avenue, has been promoted from corporal to sergeant at a base in England. Sgt. Christensen is an engineer and turret gunner on a B-24 bomber.

Maj. Fred O. Gregg, son of Mrs. Jacob Marland, 1542 Riverside Boulevard, has written from Honolulu, T.H. that he was in the company that served as guard for the party of President Roosevelt and Gen. Douglas MacArthur when they visited Honolulu. Maj. Gregg, who attended Central High School has been in the A.A.F. seven years, and has been stationed in the Hawaiian Islands for sometime, he was there when Pearl Harbor was attacked. His wife lives in Pasadena, California.