1944 . . .

Our Neighbors in the Services
Sioux City Journal
4 April 1944

Primghar, Iowa:

Jack Merry, seaman second class, is stationed in the New Hebrides Island.

Corporal Elmer J. Steuck has arrived in England.

Ensign Fred H. Steuck was commissioned in the navy and is stationed at Fort Schuyler, N.Y., studying radar.

Men And Women In Service
6 April 1944
Sioux City Journal

Private First Class Worth Walker, who has served more than two years with the 34th division and was injured in North Africa last July has spent a 30-day furlough with his mother, Mrs. C.P. Stevens, 2406 Grand Avenue. He since has reported for duty as an instructor in a transportation company at Camp Fannin, Texas. His brother, Kenneth Walker, in the navy, has been promoted to aviation machinist mate third class and is on duty overseas.

Frederick H. Wood, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Wood, 3016 Nebraska Street, is at the aviation pre technical school at Seymour Johnson field in North Carolina. He is stationed there for basic officer training. He entered the service June 7, 1941. He is a graduate of Pasadena junior college. His wife, Elizabeth Cahill Wood, lives in San Francisco.

Douglas E. Levering is spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Levering, 2105 W. Second Street. He is stationed in Childress, Tex., in an air corps first fighting unit.

Corporal Marvin E. Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.O. Olson, 1520 Dale Street, is spending a 15-day furlough in the home of his parents. He is stationed at Camp Roberts, Cal.

Ronald Hammerstrom, 17, seaman second class is spending a 12-day leave in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hammerstrom, 420 S. Helen Street. He has completed his boot training at Farragut, Idaho, and hopes to enter basic engineering or radio training on his return to camp.

Paul H. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Davis, rural route 2, has been promoted to corporal at Rosencrans field, an operational training base of the ferrying division, air transport command, near St. Joseph, MO. Corporal Davis is a member of the hangar crew at the Missouri base. He was employed by the Sioux Construction company before entering the service in October, 1942. He has three brothers in the armed forces, Ezha, Henry and Remmie Davis.

Aviation Cadet Stanley L. Slocum recently has been assigned to the Navy V-5 unit at Union college, Schenectady, N.Y. He was transferred to Union College from a naval flight preparatory school where he completed an 11-week course. He will receive further aviation training at Chapel Hill, N.C.

Lester M. Hickman of Los Angeles, a former Morningside college student, has been promoted from Staff Sergeant to Technical Sergeant. He is a radio operator on the Flying Fortress Tom Paine.

Corporal John L. Claude, son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Claude, 2221 Boise Street, has been graduated from the intensive course in chemical warfare at an Eighth air force service command in England. He attended Central High School and was employed at the Toy National Bank at the time of his induction in January, 1943.

Three Sioux City men are receiving initial naval indoctrination at the naval training station at Great Lakes, Illinois. They are Edward L. Jacobs, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Jacobs, 2033 S. Cedar Street; Judson B. Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Jenkins, 4545 Arthur Street and Irvin D. Joy, husband of Phyllis M. Joy, 408 Brown Block.

Bill Blake, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blake, 2209 Rebecca Street, now is in training at Brooklyn, N.Y. with the maritime service command.

Seaman First Class Carl E. Carlson is in Sioux City on his first leave since entering the navy more than two years ago. He is wearing four stars for four major battles in which he has participated, including Tarawa, Enwetok, Kwajalein and the Marshalls. He is visiting his sister, Mrs. John Mozak, 1409 Dale Street and will visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carlson, now in Kansas City. Seaman Carlson attended Central High School.

Men And Women In Service
28 April 1944
Sioux City Journal

Lieut. Col. H.I. Down, executive officer of a hospital evacuation unit has arrived safely “somewhere overseas,” according to a cable received by his wife, Mrs. H. I. Down, 4317 Perry Way, Cal. Down formerly was a doctor here.

Elmer C. Rice, husband of Florence A. Rice, 1423 Judd Street, has been promoted to sergeant at Biggs field, Texas where he is assigned to the B-24 four engine bomber training program.

Seaman Second Class Pauline Josephine Hutmacher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Hutmacher, 1712 W. First Street, has completed her basic training and indoctrination course at the naval training school for Waves, the Bronx, N.Y., and is proceeding to the United States naval training school, Oklahoma A. & M. College, Stillwater, Okla. Before she entered service, Seaman Hutmacher was employed as clerk-typist with the war department, Washington, D.C. She attended Central High School and the Felt and Tarrant Comptometer School.

Private Ward W. Mandel, stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas is spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Mandel, 1623 Isabella Street.

Maj. Carl F. Youngworth, stationed with the army air corps in England for nearly two years, visited his mother recently, Mrs. Lydia Youngworth, 3119 E. Second Street, while enroute to his home in Yankton, S.D.

Private First Class Hacker of Camp Forrest, Tenn., is spending an 11-day furlough visiting his mother, Mrs. Nellie Hacker, 4518 Arthur Street. He is a member of the medical corps connected with the glider troop division at Camp Forrest.

Private First Class Bert G. Welch has returned to Camp Butner, N.C. after spending 17 days with his wife and daughter Sherry and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert F. Welch, 219 S. Howard Street.

Corporal Donald A. Whitlock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Whitlock, 1704 Wright Avenue, is spending a 13 day furlough at home with his parents. He is stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas with an anti-aircraft division.

Lorrin W. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Johnson, 2213 Douglas Street, and Gene K. Carey, son of Mr. and Mrs. George P. Carey, 2601 Military Road, have enrolled in the pre-radio naval training school at the naval armory, Michigan City, Ind., for a month’s radio refresher course, consisting of the basic principles of electricity, algebra and slide rule fundamentals. Upon completing the course they will be sent to an advanced radio school where they will be eligible to win petty officer rating before being sent on active duty.

LeMoine Millard Cormany, son of Mrs. Addie Cormany, 109 ½ Sioux Street, seaman first class and William G. Omer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Omer, 18 Sixteenth Street, seaman first class, were members of a class recently graduated from the naval air technical training center, Norman, Okla. The newly graduated men, who studied the aviation specialty field work, now are awaiting orders for active duty at sea, or at a shore station.