Co. K., 34th Division- LeMars, Iowa -- 1941

Inducted into United States Army 
February 10, 1941
(Company Roster as of this date)
These Pictures Taken For
LeMars Globe-Post, “Right and Early.”

[Listed below are the names of the men in the photos.]
[Top Row first and then down]

Top Center Photo: Capt. Matthew A. Levins, Commanding Officer

Robert C. Kass, Harvey W. Locer, Ronald R. Carley, Milton L. Gralapp, John V. Conway, Roman J. Schultz, Lowell Betsworth, Robert J. Burns.

Raymond Bailey, John A. Kindig, Albert M. Wiltgen, Kenneth L. Hoffmann, Joseph L. Boyle, Fidelis L. Koob, Le Roy P. Treinen, Edward Boyle.

Silas D. Ritz, Louis C. Treinen, Francis H. Condon, George F. DeVall, Billy Lamb, Jack W. Rickabaugh, Robert J. Vanderwal, Robert E. Hathaway.

William Huckle, Eugene F. Keihn, Merlin C. Singer, Fred C. Young, Clarence Boyle, George Martfeld, Marvin A. Mai, Joseph C. Kenney, Marlin J. McDougal, William E. Hunter.

Vincent Wilberding, Harold J. Scott, Earl L. Cornish, Mahlon L. Dicken, Richard J. Lund, Michael W. Schmidt, Roger A. Steers, Melvin P. Gramke, James H. Hardacre, George G. Case.

Kenneth A. Zierath, John T. Trobaugh Jr., Gerrit Van Den Berg, Phillip J. Dominick, Joseph Plathe, Clifford T. Dominick, Cecil J. Dunn, Henry C. De Young, Carl R. Bierman, Joseph F. Horkey.

Raymond W. McNamara, Harold F. Dreier, Roman G. Hazel, Robert Knowles, Walter B. Kettler, Wyman B. Sharp, Tony O. Bamberg, J. D. Robertson, Clifford M. Strobehn, Kenneth E. Larson.

Cyril W. Groetken, Ralph N. Kellen, Ronald F. Carey, Albert E. Bodner, John C. Kempker, Robert S. Gillespie, Robert M. Kempker, Merland N. Delperdang, Bernard J. Nolan, Jerome P. Stoos.

John E. Rousch, Delmar R. Dunn, Wayne H. Albert, Glenn J. Collins, Walter E. Scott, Wilmer F. Ballantyne, Lawrence H. Klave, Donald A. Traufler, Theodore W. Van Den Berg, Dwight A. Dahmes.

Ralph L. Muhm Jr., Raymond J. Tacke, Ambroses W. Forkenbrock, Herman J. Stoos, Bert Kroon, John Wilmes, Arnold W. Nall, Alvin R. Dicken, Herbert A. Forkenbrock. 

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, Thursday, February 27, 1941 [front page]

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
November 25, 1941
Captain and Mrs. Mat Levins are expected home this week from Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, where they have lived since Co. K was called into federal service last February.  Captain Levins was retired under the age-limit law which requires retirement of all officers when they reach a specified age.  Captain Levins will resume his duties in the LeMars postoffice, December 1.
Note: See Capt. Levins photo in top (center) above.