Mason City Globe-Gazette

Mason City, IA

25 Jan 1945




Iowa Doctor to Marry Overseas

With the 5th Army in Italy, Jan. 25 (IDPA)

Lt. Marcella Fitzgerald of Wheeling, W.V., an attractive army nurse, told me she and Lt. Glen Cox, an army doctor from Ames will be married as soon as official approval comes through. Her failure to put down her rank and serial number on the request form had caused a delay.

"I guess I was a bit nervous." she smiled.

The couple, both on duty in Italy, plan to make their home in Ames after the war.

At the time I was introduced to Lt. Fitzgerald, I met Lt. Mary Flynn, Sheffield and formerly of Colfax, a pretty army nurse, who said she and a New Yorker were betrothed. Both nurses had been overseas more than 3 years.

I renewed acquaintances the same day with Lt. Col. Gordon A. Hittenmark of Washington, D.C., a product of Pomeroy, who made a great name for himself in the radio and advertising field before entering the army in October of 1940. He attended Drake university 3 years. Mrs. Hittenmark lives in Falls Church, Va., and the colonel's mother, Mrs. Cora Heath, resides on a farm between Storm Lake and Newell.

Shortly afterward I talked with Lts. James H. Short, Sioux City, and Dwayne Narigon, Villisca, both of the 133rd infantry, who had just returned from the 30 day furloughs at home.

"Iowa looked wonderful -- we love it more than ever," they agreed. Lt. Short had fun making Lt. Charles Murphy, Sioux City, of the 91st division, "comfortable' by telling him all about the pleasure he enjoyed in Iowa.

Maj. Leroy H. Larsen, Rockwell City, of the 92nd "Buffalo" division and Pfc. Kenneth C. Rish, Clear lake, of the 85th "Custer" division of the 5th army, have been awarded the bronze start for heroic achievement in action.

The army announces these Iowans returning home on 30 day furloughs:

Sgt. Lonnie E. Lucia, Des Moines; Cpl. Leonard F. Otte, Ft. Madison; Staff Sgt. Clyde W. Faugh, Winterset; Staff Sgt. Robert F. Current, Mt. Vernon; Cpl. Edward E. Hinrich, Waverly: Staff Sgt. James E. Trimmer, Glenwood; 1st Sgt. Donald C. Gilliland, Centerville; Staff Sgt. Paul E. Stinemates, Villisca; Sgt. Ivo P. Berg, Harcourt; Sgt. Richard E. Busser, Cherokee; Sgt. Paul R. Fuller, Des Moines; Pfc. Paul F. Grose, Tingley; Staff Sgt. Donald J. Gadbury, Ft. Dodge, all of the 34th division and have been overseas more than 30 months. Every one has seen action and many have been decorated.

Iowa soldiers among those of the 5th army who sent Christmas greetings through the public relations section to home folks were:

Master Sgt. Fred Gatton, Leon; Staff Sgt. Russell T. Johnson, Des Moines; Staff Sgt. Merle F. Rogers, Des Moines; Staff Sgt. Kenneth H. Evans, Sioux City; Cpl. Robert Plotz, Cedar Rapids; Sgt. Reynolds J. O'Connor, Winthrop: Cpl. Edwin Dengler, Davenport; Pfc. Harold Peterson, Modale, and Pvt. Louis Wehrli, Council Bluffs.

A high ranking, widely known Iowa army officer on duty in Italy has confided in your reporter that he and a London woman plan to be married in 1945 - as soon as a certain battle with the nazis is won by the allied forces.

It had quite raining in North Italy when this was written -- snow was falling in high wind -- creating more 'Hitler weather.'

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, January 25, 1945

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