Mt. Pleasant News

Mt. Pleasant, IA

08 Feb 1945




Iowan Is One Of The Youngest Lieutenant Colonels

By Frank Miles

With the Fifth Army in Italy -- (IDPA) -- Lieut. Col. Richard C. Oshlo, 24, Council Bluffs, is one of the youngest infantry officers of that rank in the army. He was promoted recently from major in recognition of his outstanding service in the 361st infantry of the 1st "Powder River" division.

Colonel Oshlo, tall, pleasing and modest, started his military career in the Iowa national guard.

Here, with quiet efficiency and courage in battle, he has made a brilliant record, attested by his wearing the bronze star and combat infantryman badge along with his rapid rise. Colonel Oshlo in now a battalion commander. He has been commanding officer of a service company, commander of a rifle company and battalion executive officer. Brother officers and GIs who serve under him, say he is a grand character.

The colonel, when a major, once told me I was too close to nazi lines, possibly saving me from being killed, wounded, captured or scared stiff. It was a pleasure for me to meet him that day in a hot spot jerries might have reached with small arms.

Four American litter bearers and a guide, who entered no man's land under the red cross flag to get a wounded American officer, were fired upon by a German machine gun. Two of the litter bearers were killed, the guide wounded and the other litter bearers disappeared. The enemy again was guilty of violating the rules of the Geneva convention.

Americans found a dead New York comrade lying with a smile on his young face. A letter from his sweetheart was in his left hadn and a picture of her in his right. His heart had been pierced by a tiny piece of steel.

Many slain Germans booby-trapped are being found.

Nazi guns fired several thousand propaganda leaflets into one American sector, good only for scoffing laughs from the receiving readers.

Source: Mount Pleasant News, February 8, 1945

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