Mount Pleasant News

Mount Pleasant, IA

06 Apr 1945

(2nd Column, same issue)





By Frank Miles

In the Field with the First Army (IDPA) -- Shortly before I jeeped into a place on the Rhine looking for a story, a nazi shell exploded among a group of engineers there, killing a sergeant and wounding two privates.

Enroute I saw a dog nosing the body of a jerry, who had been hit by an American burst while riding a motorcycle, and chickens around another lying in mud by the roadside.

The night before a captain asleep on a cot in a stone building was buried by a wall when a bomb hit it and was dug out with only a skinned nose and two small bruises.

Before I started out I ran into Maj. Thomas P. Hollowell, Fort Madison, son of the late Maj. Thomas Hollowell, who was warden of the Iowa State penitentiary several years ago. The young man, a former national guardsman, is an adjutant of the 113th calvary group of the ninth army.

The evening when Cologne fell, an Australian newspaperman cabled his publication entering American doughboys were honored with kisses by German women. He was not there but said he had been so informed by another correspondent.

The story was pure bunk.

Source: Mount Pleasant News, April 6, 1945 (second of two columns by Frank Miles in this issue)

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