THEY GOT THE WAR NEWS—AND PAID WITH THEIR LIVES…Never has any war been so completely and competently—and courageously—covered in pictures, stories and verbal descriptions as World War II.  Correspondents took a fighting man’s risks, without the fighter’s protection.  Armed only with notebooks or cameras, they went where the soldier, the sailor and the marine went, whether into the blast of enemy fire or the dangers of exposure and disease. Thirty-one of them lost their lives in fulfilling their assignment to get the war news or picture. In addition to the 28 shown above, there were Ben Robertson of the New York Herald-Tribune; Lucien A. Labaudt, of Life Magazine, and David Lardner, of the New Yorker. Still listed as missing are D. Witt Hancock, of AP; William T. Shenel, of Newsweek; and John J. Andrews, of UP.

Source: Carroll Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa, October 2, 1945 (photos included)

From Polk County Iowa: Bede Irvin