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October 2006
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Extracted from the Non population Census Schedules for Iowa, 1850-1880. T1156, Rolls 54, 55, 58, 62. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C. Items in [ ] – brackets added to compilation by the compiler from other sources. They were not on the original microfilm rolls.

Part of the Federal Censuses from 1850-1880 included a mortality schedule enumerating the individuals who had died in the previous year. Because each of the censuses from 1850-1880 began on June 1, "previous year" refers to the 12 months preceding June 1, or June 1 (of the previous year) to May 31 (of the census year).


Mortality Schedules --- Wright County Iowa

1860, 1870, 1880



Name                          Residence       Birthplace       Sex      Age     Death Date    Cause of Death           Other




Christy, Alice A                                                   Ohio                       F              14            Oct 1859                 Congestive chills                9 days ill

Okeson, Silas W                                                   Iowa                       M             1             Apr 1870                Croup                                     4 days ill

Overacker, Caroline E                                          Iowa                       F               3             Oct 1859                 Dysentary                             21 days ill                               

Sprague, Emily R                                                  Indiana                   F               7             Feb 1860                Inflammation of lungs         30 days ill

Walters, George W                                              Pennsylvania        M            29            Sep 1859                Congestion of the Liver      Farmer, Married, 9 days ill




Not Named                            Liberty                   Iowa                       F              9/12         Aug 1869               Acute Diarrhea

Ainsley, Sherman                 Clarion                   Michigan               M            28            Apr 1870                Drowned*                             Painter

Banks, Alesther                    Woolstock            Maine                     F              56            May 1870               Consumption                        Married

Boyington, Lewis A            Wall Lake              Iowa                       M             1             24 Aug 1869          Acute Diarrhea

Brown, Martha                     Eagle Grove           Iowa                       F               1             26 Nov 1869          Inflammation Bowels           Both parents foreign born

Butler, Elmer E                      Wall Lake              Wisconsin             M             8             28 May 1870          Typhoid Fever

Butler, Harriett F                   Wall Lake              Wisconsin             F              12            29 April 1869         Typhoid Fever

Campbell, Truman                Pleasant                 Iowa                       M             2             7 May 1870            Bilious Colic

Clark, Not Named                 Eagle Grove           Iowa                       F              1/12         23 Jan 1870            Inflammation Bowels

Eggleston, Jiles                    Liberty                   Minnesota             M             2             Aug 1869               Acute Diarrhea

Ellsworth, George                 Clarion                   Canada                   M            23            23 Dec 1869           Inflammation Bowels           Married, farmer, both parents foreign born

Fulton, Joseph                      Belmond                Pennsylvania        M            34            Apr 1870                Killed in Machinery             Married, Carriage maker

Gelman, Dudley                    Belmond                New York               M            65            Apr 1870                Drowned*                             Stone Mason, Married

Groat, Hattie                          Iowa                       Iowa                       F               1             Apr 1870                Influenza

Hughes, Vail                         Liberty                   Iowa                       F              5/12         15 Feb 1870           Brain Inflammation

June, Fenner                         Iowa                       Iowa                       M            1/12         Sep 1869                Unknown

Klein, Isabelle                       Pleasant                 Wisconsin             F               9             Jan 1870                 Accidental Drowning          Both parents foreign born

Mathews, Ada May            Woolstock            Iowa                       F              3/12         Sep 1869                Unknown

McNutt, Mary J                    Iowa                       Nova Scotia          F              27            Dec 1869                Heart Disease                       Married, Keeping House

Peterson, George A             Vernon                   Iowa                       M             9             Mar 1870                Poisoned by eating ?

Polmateer, Joseph                Pleasant                 Iowa                       M            1/12         Nov 1869               Unknown

Price, Theodore                    Liberty                   New Jersey            M            24            10 Sep 1869           Acute Diarrhea                     Farmer

Rowen, William                    Pleasant                 Connecticut          M            30            Apr 1870                Drowned*                             Married, farmer, both parents foreign born

Rowley, Robert P                 Iowa                       New York               M            35            Apr 1870                Drowned*                             Married, farmer

Royce, George                      Belmond                New York               M            28            Apr 1870                Drowned*                             Married, farmer

Smith, Not Named                Iowa                       Iowa                       M            1/12         Jan 1870                 Unknown

Striker, Orion W                   Troy                       Iowa                       M             2             4 Sep 1869             Acute Diarrhea

Swanger, Velizorian             Liberty                   Iowa                       F               1             Jul 1869                  Brain Inflammation


*Note on bottom of census page – “Rowen, Rowley, Royce, Gelman and Ainsley were all drowned at the same time while attempting to cross the Iowa River at Belmond at the time of high water”




 Andrews, Wallace                                              Ohio                       M            82            Apr 1880                Apoplexy                               Farmer, single, both parents born CT, 11 yrs resident;

 Argubright, F.                      Woolstock            Iowa                       M             3             Apr 1880                Diphtheria                             Father born TN; Mother born NY; 3 yrs resident

 Austin, Frank                       Clarion                   Iowa                       M             2             Nov 1879               Typhoid Fever                      Father born NY; Mother born Wisconsin

 Beustead/Benstead, John  Woolstock            England                 M            19            Aug 1879               Pneumonia                            Laborer, single, 3 yrs resident, parents born England

 Rowen, Locinda                  Blaine                     Ohio                       F              37            Oct 1879                 Womb Inflammation            Married, both parents born Ohio

 Brandis, John                       [Belmond]              Germany                M            73            Nov 1879               Paralysis of Heart                 Married, Farmer, both parents born Germany

 Brown, Arthur A                 Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M            9/12         May 1880               Diphtheria                             Father born England, Mother born Ohio

 Corp, Betsy                          [Belmond]              Connecticut          F              64            3 Aug 1879            Hermiplegia                           widow; 14 yrs resident

 Comman, Daniel                                                  Pennsylvania        M            57            Mar 1880                Pneumonia                            Physician; married; both parents born PA;1 yr resident

 Delana, Mary                       Wall Lake              Canada                   F              29            Sep 1879                Premature Childbirth            4 yrs resident; both parents born Canada

 Doty, Abagail                      Eagle Grove           Iowa                       F              14            May 1880               Diphtheria                             Both parents born Ohio

 Doty, James F                      Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M            10            May 1880               Diphtheria                             Both parents born Ohio

 Doty, Mary E                       Eagle Grove           Iowa                       F              20            May 1880               Diphtheria                             Both parents born Ohio

 Doty, Samuel M                  Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M            12            May 1880               Diphtheria                             Both parents born Ohio

 Doty, Sarah M                     Eagle Grove           Iowa                       F               4             May 1880               Diphtheria                             Both parents born Ohio

 Duerst, Matt A                    Liberty/Boone       Iowa                      M            3/12         May 1880               Inanition                                Father born Iowa; Mother born Wisconsin

 Fenter, Geo W                                                     Ohio                       M            50            May 1880               Cerebral Congestion            Widowed, hustler/hotelier?, 10 yrs resident

 Garth, Jemima                       Clarion                   Iowa                       F              37            Feb 1880                Consumption                        Married; father born Ireland; mother England; 8 yrs

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Resident; contracted illness in Illinois;

 Gilpin, Cora J                                                        Iowa                       F               1             Apr 1880                Brain Fever                            Both parents born Illinois

 Hinman, Ellen                                                       Massachusetts      F             37            Jun 1879                 Erysipelas                              Married; both parents born MA; 14 yr resident

 Hunt, Ara                             Liberty/Boone      Iowa                       M             3             Mar 1880                Diphtheria                             Father born Iowa; Mother born New York

 Jacobson, Oliver                                                 Wisconsin             M            25            Jan 1880                 Lung Fever                            Single; farmer; both parents born Norway; 4 yr resident

 Jenison, Wm                        [Belmond]              Iowa                       M            13            Nov 1879               Drowned                                Father born New York; Mother born Canada;

 Kelly, Mary                          Vernon                   New York               F              27            Nov 1879               Consumption                        Married, Father born England; mother NY;  8 yr resident;

 Keller, Aaron                       [Belmond]              New York               M            56            Apr 1880                Spinal Abscess                    Married, farmer, 12 years resident

 Lambert, Amedia                 Eagle Grove           Iowa                       F              18            Feb 1880                Pneumonia                            School teacher, 18 yr resident; both parents born NY

 Mann, Mary                                                         Ireland                    F              48            Jan 1880                 Pneumonia                            Married, both parents born Ireland; 3 yrs resident

 Miller, Eugene W                Clarion                   Iowa                       M             2             Feb 1880                Typhoid Fever                      Father born Illinois; Mother born Maine

 Morrell, Ephram                   Liberty/Boone      New York               M            57            Jul 1879                  Pleutis Bowels                      Married, Farmer, both parents born NY

 Nelson, Andrew                  Liberty/Boone      Denmark                M            41            Oct 1879                 Crushed in Sorghum Mill    Married, Farmer, both parents born Denmark

 Osborn, Thomas                                                 Norway                  M            25            Mar 1880                Asthma                                  Single

 Phelps, Elva                         Troy                       Iowa                       F               3             Oct 1879                 Diphtheria                             Father born PA; Mother born Illinois

 Phelps, Lewis                       Troy                       Pennsylvania        M            29            Mar 1880                Consumption                        Married, Farmer, both parents born Pennsylvania

 Porter, Charles                     Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M             4             Mar 1880                Diphtheria                             Father born Maryland; Mother born Illinois

 Potter, George T                  Dayton                   Iowa                       M            8/12         May 1880               Lung Congestion                 Father born NY; Mother born Wisconsin

                Actually died in Charlestown, Calumet,  Wisconsin; entry on census form crossed through by enumerator                    

 Robb, No Name                   Wall Lake              Iowa                       M            7/12         Nov 1879               Liver Inflammation               Both parents born New Hampshire

 Slaight, Sherman                 Dayton                   Iowa                       M            10            May 1880               Struck by Capston Sweep? 2 yrs resident; Father born NY; Mother in Scotland

 Smith, Sophia                       Eagle Grove           Denmark                F              23            Apr 1880                Puerperal Fever                    Married, 8 yrs resident; both parents born Denmark

 Thompson, P B

 [Polly Bartholomew]           [Belmond]              Connecticut          F              79            Sep 1879                Paralysis of Heart                 Widowed, 17 yrs resident

 Wallin, George                     Troy                       Iowa                       M            2/12         Sep 1879                Diphtheria                             Parents born Pennsylvania

 Wasem, Charles                  Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M              9            Feb 1880                Diphtheria                             Father born Hesse-Darmstadt; Mother  Pennsylvania

 Wasem, Cyrus                     Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M            12            Feb 1880                Diphtheria                             Father born Hesse-Darmstadt; Mother  Pennsylvania

 Wasem, Elizabeth                Eagle Grove           Hesse-

Darmstadt              F              82            Jan 1880                 Arthritis                                 Widow; 13 yrs res.; Parents born Hesse-Darmstadt

 Wasem, Fred                        Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M            19            Feb 1880                Diphtheria                             Father born Hesse-Darmstadt; Mother Pennsylvania

 Wasem, child of G F           Eagle Grove           Iowa                       F              1/12         Jan 1880                 Inanition                                Both Parents born Hesse-Darmstadt

 Watkins, Lewis                    Woolstock            Wales                     M            68            Aug 1879               Typhoid Fever                      Farmer. Married, both parents born Wales; 7 yrs resident;

 Watkins, Mary                    Woolstock            Iowa                       F               4             Oct 1879                 Drowned                                Both Parents born Wales

 Watkins, William                 Woolstock            Wales                     M            29            Nov 1879               Typhoid Fever                      Farmer, Married, 7 yrs resident; parents born Wales

 Wright,  Lela                        Eagle Grove           Massachusetts     F              12            Feb 1880                Diphtheria                             10 yrs resident; Both parents born Ireland

 ?, Child of A. J.                    Eagle Grove           Iowa                       M             0             Apr 1880                Inanition                                Father born ?; Mother born Denmark