Silver Lake Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken during the month of April, 1930 by Alfred J Johnson.

Listed by heads of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 401

                                                                        Imm.  Own or 
Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year  Rent  Occupation

Ole K Klabo             Head            73      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Clarence Klabo          Son             31      Iowa                                Farming on rented farm

Christine Sorenson      Head            60      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Adrian Sorenson         Son             26      Minnesota                           Farm laborer
Russel Sorenson         Nephew          32      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Knut 0 Sveen            Head            68      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Betsy Sveen             Wife            54      Iowa            White
Tonry Sveen             Son             28      Iowa
Obert Sveen             Son             17      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Arthur Sveen            Son             16      Iowa
Frankin Sveen           Son             15      Iowa
Fem Sveen               Daughter        11      Iowa

Fred Anderson           Head            35      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Matilda Anderson        Wife            29      South Dakota    White
Celeste Anderson        Daughter        6       Iowa
Robert Anderson         Son             1       Iowa
Ardell Aroved           Hired Man       16      Iowa                                Farm laborer

James Brua              Head            34      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Anna Brua               Wife            26      Iowa            White
Ardell Brua             Son             6       Iowa

Lawrence Brua           Head            26      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming 
Edward  Brua            Father          66      Minnesota       White
Christina Brua          Mother          63      Minnesota       White
Otto Wangness           Hired Man       22      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Avanel Harmon           Hired Girl      19      Iowa            White               House keeping  

Lewis Brua              Head            40      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Alma Brua               Wife            35      Iowa            White
Blanch Brua             Daughter        13      Iowa
Leona Brua              Daughter        10      Iowa
Donald Brua             Son             0       Iowa

Henry L Henderson       Head            35      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Amanda Henderson        Wife            32      Kentucky        White
Robert Henderson        Son             2       Iowa
William Henderson       Son             0       Iowa
Henry Henderson         Uncle           59      Wisconsin       White

Gordon Foran            Head            39      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Elma Foran              Wife            39      Iowa            White
Evert Foran             Son             11      Iowa
Arnold Foran            Son             9       Iowa
Lorraine Foran          Daughter        5       Iowa
Robert Foran            Son             0       Iowa
Matt Nelson             Hired Man       55      Norway          White   1900        Farm laborer   

Axel Arneson            Head            69      Norway          White   1881  Own   Farming 
Betty Arneson           Wife            67      Iowa            White
Melvin  Arneson         Son             34      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Alicia Arneson          Daughter        24      Iowa                                House keeping

Peter Dahle             Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Ingborg Dahle           Wife            54      Iowa            White
Palma Dahle             Son             17      Iowa
Valborg Dahle           Daughter        15      Iowa
Reuben  Dahle           Son             12      Iowa
Anna Dahle              Daughter        24      Iowa
Agnes Dahle             Daughter        2       Iowa

Clifford E Rovang       Head            36      Iowa            White         Own   Salesman for oil Co.
Alma Rovang             Wife            32      Minnesota       White
Eileen Rovang           Daughter        8       Minnesota

Gilbert Rovang          Head            65      Norway          White   1883  Own  Clerk in hardware store
Inger Rovang            Wife            61      Wisconsin       White
Jewel Rovang            Son             36      Iowa

Helmer Wangess          Head            40      Iowa            White         Rent  Foreman

John E Knutson          Head            64      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Bolette Knutson         Wife            51      Norway          White   1903
Roy Knutson             Son             18      Iowa
Albert Knutson          Son             14      Iowa
Bernette Knutson        Daughter        13      Iowa
Clarine Knutson         Nephew          4       Minnesota       White
Raymond Knutson         Nephew          1       Minnesota       White

Mike Schmidthuber       Head            49      Germany         White   1894  Own   Farming
Laura Schmidthuber      Wife            49      Minnesota       White
Harold Schmidthuber     Son             20      Minnesota
Russell Schmidthuber    Son             17      Minnesota
Irene Schmidthuber      Daughter        16      Minnesota
Viola Schmidthuber      Daughter        13      Iowa
Leo Schmidthuber        Son             11      Iowa
Doris Schmidthuber      Daughter        9       Iowa
Dale Schmidthuber       Son             1       Iowa

Selmer Sorbo            Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Bertha Sorbo            Wife            31      Iowa            White
Laina Sorbo             Son             1       Iowa

Nels 0 Sorbo            Head            70      Norway          White   1862  Own   
Carl Sorbo              Son             45      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Nels M Sorbo            Head            43      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Emma Sorbo              Wife            40      Iowa            White
Gilman Sorbo            Son             20      Iowa
Anna Sorbo              Daughter        18      Iowa
Allard Sorbo            Son             11      Iowa

Madrid Reisen           Head            63      Norway          White   1888  Own   Farming
Stephina Reisen         Wife            56      Iowa            White   

Kathrene Hansen         Head            70      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Kathyn Hansen           Daughter        42      Iowa

Knut Singelstad         Head            96      Norway          White   1904  Own   Farming
Anna Singelstad         Wife            38      Norway          White   1913
William Singelstad      Cousin          25      Norway          White   1923                
Martha Singelstad       Daughter        16      Minnesota
Hans Singelstad         Son             14      Minnesota
Bertha  Singelstad      Daughter        12      Minnesota
Raymond Singelstad      Son             9       Iowa
Helen Singelstad        Daughter        5       Iowa
Alfred Singelstad       Son             1       Iowa
Norma Singelstad        Daughter        3       Iowa

John A Flattum          Head            76      Norway          White   1883  Own   Farming
Clara Flattum           Wife            70      Norway          White   1883
Gertrude Flattum        Daughter        50      Norway          White   1883
Alvin Flattum           Son             30      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Anna Flattum            Daughter-in-law 22      Iowa            White
Orville Flattum         Grandson        3       Iowa            White
Carl Flattum            Grandson        1       Iowa            White

Nels 0 Dahlen           Head            61      Norway          White   1888  Own   Farming
Mary Dahlen             Wife            54      Minnesota       White
Milfred Dahlen          Son             30      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Otto Dahlen             Son             30      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Mable Dahlen            Daughter        25      Iowa
Arthur Dahlen           Son             22      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Noris Dahlen            Son             20      Iowa
Mauril Dahlen           Son             18      Iowa

Bennie Harmon           Head            39      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Jennie Harmon           Wife            37      Iowa            White
Ernest Harmon           Son             17      Iowa
Adeline Harmon          Daughter        14      Iowa
Carold Harmon           Daughter        8       Iowa

Oliver G Reyerson       Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Laura Reyerson          Wife            34      Iowa            White
June Reyerson           Daughter        11      Iowa
Grace Reyerson          Daughter        10      Iowa
Clifford Reyerson       Son             7       Iowa
Richard Reyerson        Son             5       Iowa
Ole Reyerson            Son             0       Iowa
Henry Petison           Hired Man       24      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Elling E Breen          Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Minnie Breen            Wife            55      Iowa            White
Leroy Breen             Son             25      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Clarence Breen          Son             19      Iowa
Belle Breen             Sister          64      Iowa

Ole Sorenson            Head            50      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Letta Sorenson          Wife            45      Iowa            White
Arnold Sorenson         Son             25      Minnesota                           Farming  
Juell Sorenson          Son             23      Minnesota                           Farming
Murell  Sorenson        Daughter        18      Iowa
Orton Sorenson          Son             12      Iowa
Richard Sorenson        Son             6       Iowa

John T Sime             Head            38      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Madge Sime              Wife            33      Iowa            White
Dorthy Sime             Daughter        8       Iowa
Jennie Sime             Daughter        4       Iowa

Johnny Anderson         Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Clara Anderson          Wife            27      Iowa            White
Jennette Anderson       Daughter        9       Iowa
Irene Anderson          Daughter        7       Iowa
Claton  Anderson        Son             4       Iowa

Nels K Sorbo            Head            38      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Ester Sorbo             Wife            36      Minnesota       White
Claton Sorbo            Son             9       Iowa
Ole Sorbo               Brother         53      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Alfred F Ferley         Head            36      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Sena Ferley             Wife            33      Minnesota       White
Glenn Ferley            Son             9       Iowa
Ardelia Ferley          Daughter        6       Minnesota

Oscar Bergo             Head            47      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Olvina Bergo            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Harry Bergo             Son             21      Iowa
Gladys Bergo            Daughter        19      Iowa
Marben Bergo            Son             18      Iowa
Jossie Bergo            Daughter        16      Iowa
Ervin Bergo             Son             11      Iowa
Claune Borgo            Daughter        4       Iowa

Sam H Hanson            Head            48      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Ronda Hanson            Wife            46      Iowa            White
Svening Hanson          Son             17      Iowa
Avelyn Hanson           Daughter        14      Iowa
Luther Hanson           Son             12      Iowa
Laura Hanson            Daughter        10      Iowa

Eddie Harmon            Head            55      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Clara Harmon            Wife            50      Iowa            White
Walter Harmon           Son             21      Iowa

Seymor Ellingson        Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Mellie Ellingson        Wife            26      Iowa            White
Duane Ellingson         Son             5       Iowa
Mavis Ellingson         Daughter        2       Iowa
Helmer Shogen           Hired Man       20      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Ole E Ellingson         Head            38      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Anna Ellingson          Wife            29      Iowa            White
Kenneth Ellingson       Son             12      Iowa
Mable Ellingson         Daughter        10      Iowa
Alvin Ellingson         Son             8       Iowa

Elmer Arneson           Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Alma Arneson            Wife            29      Iowa            White
Verna Arneson           Daughter        8       Iowa
Hans Arneson            Father          75      Norway          White   1880
Elise Arneson           Mother          75      Norway          White   1880

Henry Wangsness         Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Julia Wangsness         Wife            49      Iowa            White
Alton Wangsness         Son             20      Iowa
Gilma Wangsness         Daughter        18      Iowa
Clarence Wangsness      Son             16      Iowa
Bernice Wangsness       Daughter        15      Iowa
Walter Wangsness        Son             9       Iowa
Herman Wangsness        Son             8       Iowa

John Forde              Head            66      Norway          White   1884  Own   Farming
Selmer Forde            Son             22      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Albert Iverson          Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Bertha Iverson          Wife            56      Norway          White   1885
Iver Iverson            Son             26      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Edythe Iverson          Daughter        24      Iowa
Arnold Iverson          Son             22      Iowa
Margaret Iverson        Daughter        20      Iowa
Marvel Iverson          Daughter        20      Iowa
Hazel Iverson           Daughter        17      Iowa

Arthur N Troe           Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Cora Troe               Wife            28      Minnesota       White
Ruth Troe               Daughter        3       Iowa
Lars Troe               Father-in-law   54      Norway          White
Carl L  Johnson         Hired Man       25      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer
Thone Johnson           Sister-in-law   20      Iowa

Severt N Sorbo          Head            49      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Julia Sorbo             Wife            56      Iowa            White

Oscar 0 Tustnus         Head            41      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Annetta Tustnus         Wife            39      Iowa            White
Annahjon Tustnus        Niece           9       Minnesota       White
Clair Tustnus           Nephew          7       Minnesota       White

Clarence Throne         Head            50      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Thedine Throne          Wife            55      Iowa            White
Andrew Throne           Son             27      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Martin Throne           Son             19      Iowa
Tomy Throne             Son             17      Iowa
Martha Throne           Daughter        13      Iowa
Emma Throne             Daughter-in-law 23      Iowa
Andrew Tollefson        Uncle           53      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer

Andrew L Herth          Head            47      Norway          White   1901  Own   Farming
Andrews Herth           Wife            40      Iowa            White
Alvin Herth             Son             17      Iowa
Lewis Herth             Son             13      Iowa
James Herth             Son             10      Iowa
Bert Herth              Son             10      Iowa
George Nordskog         Head            56      Norway          White   1874
Grant Nordskog          Son             20      Iowa                          Rent  Farming
Helen Nordskog          Daughter        17      Iowa
Harthy  Nordskog        Son             13      Iowa
Lorraine Brua           Niece           10      Minnesota       White

Helmer Troe             Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Myrtle Troe             Wife            22      Minnesota       White
Vivian Troe             Daughter        3       Iowa
Burnell Troe            Brother         15      Iowa
Baer Troe               Father          60      Iowa
Christine Troe          Mother          56      Iowa

John Simons             Head            58      Norway          White   1872  Rent  Farming
Mable Simons            Wife            44      Iowa            White
Minor Simons            Daughter        16      Iowa
Ruth Simons             Daughter        11      Iowa
Morton Simons           Son             9       Iowa

Eddie Loberg            Head            57      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Julia Loberg            Wife            56      Iowa            White
Bernie Loberg           Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Edna Loberg             Daughter        19      Iowa
Robert Severson         Hired Man       22      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Caroline Bjorlie        Head            73      Iowa            White         Own   

Lawrence Halverson      Head            29      Iowa            White
Millie Halverson        Wife            27      Iowa            White
Jeanette Halverson      Daughter        0       Iowa

Carl E Loberg           Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Amanda Loberg           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Valborg Loberg          Daughter        8       Iowa
Bernt Quisley           Hired Man       45      Norway          White   1907        Farm laborer

Peter T Ode             Head            84      Norway          White   1875  Own   Farming
Grace Ode               Wife            88      Norway          White   1875

Norris N Oyer           Head            35      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Gunver Oyer             Wife            33      Iowa            White
Forrest Oyer            Son             7       Iowa
Hazel Oyer              Daughter        4       Iowa

Nels H Oyer             Head            68      Norway          White   1862  Own   Farming
Engrid Oyer             Wife            62      Iowa            White
Melvin Oyer             Son             21      Iowa
Tenes Oyer              Son             18      Iowa
Millie Oyer             Daughter        21      Iowa
Laurie Oyer             Granddaughter   2       Iowa

Gust M Sorbo            Head            43      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Gena Sorbo              Wife            40      Iowa            White
Clarence Sorbo          Son             19      Iowa
Alfred Sorbo            Son             14      Iowa

James 0 Larson          Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Rose Larson             Wife            34      Iowa            White

Helmer H Quisley        Head            32      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Hans Quisley            Father          84      Norway          White   1883
Julia Quisley           Mother          64      Iowa
Gladys Quisley          Sister          26      Iowa
Eva Quisley             Sister          22      Iowa
Lyda Quisley            Sister          20      Iowa
Roy Johnson             Hired Man       24      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer

B George Reyerson       Head            39      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Helen Reyerson          Mother          66      Iowa            White
Alma Reyerson           Sister          35      Iowa
Sorbo Peter             Hired Man       32      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Adolph Reyerson         Head            37      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Grace Reyerson          Wife            24      Kansas          White
Maurice Reyerson        Son             4       Iowa
Roger Reyerson          Son             2/12    Iowa

Charlie Bakken          Head            35      Iowa            White         Rent  Tiler
Minnie Bakken           Wife            27      Iowa            White
Konstance Bakken        Daughter        5       Iowa

Orvin Nelson            Head            22      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Alice Nelson            Wife            24      Minnesota       White

Ragnild Odegard         Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Oscar Sorbo             Brother         35      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Oscar Sorbo             Son             31      Iowa                                Carpenter 
Carl Sorbo              Son             29      Iowa                                School teacher
Gusta Sorbo             Daughter-in-law 28      Iowa            White
Thomas Sorbo            Son             25      Iowa                                Farm laborer
William Sorbo           Son             23      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Gustav Sorbo            Son             21      Iowa
Anna Sorbo              Daughter        19      Iowa
Tena Sorbo              Sister          46      Iowa            White

John Lokken             Head            44      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Lillian Lokken          Wife            41      Minnesota       White
Clarence Lokken         Son             17      Minnesota
Harold Lokken           Son             14      Iowa
Viola Lokken            Daughter        14      Iowa

Nels A Hengesteg        Head            35      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Emma Hengesteg          Wife            36      Iowa            White
Edna Hengesteg          Daughter        15      Iowa
Elnore Hengesteg        Daughter        13      Iowa
Andrew Hengesteg        Son             10      Iowa
Norman Hengesteg        Son             7       Iowa

Selma Thompson          Head            36      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Mable Thompson          Wife            28      Iowa            White
Ernest  Thompson        Son             7       Minnesota
Lauritz Thompson        Son             5       Minnesota

Oliver Sorbo            Head            37      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Mary Sorbo              Wife            34      Minnesota       White
Mildred Sorbo           Daughter        16      Minnesota
Flornie Sorbo           Daughter        11      Minnesota
Orien Sorbo             Son             9       Iowa
Carold Sorbo            Daughter        5       Iowa

Jimmie Larson           Head            35      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Mable Larson            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Orlan Larson            Son             7       Iowa
Junor Larson            Son             4       Iowa
Darleen Larson          Daughter        0       Iowa

Sivert Haugerud         Head            38      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Gena Haugerud           Wife            37      Iowa            White
Orion Haugerud          Son             5       Iowa
Gerhart Haugerud        Son             3       Iowa
Oscar Haugerud          Nephew          20      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Melvin Christian        Head            33      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Bertha Christian        Wife            29      Minnesota       White
Ardelia Christian       Daughter        9       Minnesota
Lisla Christian         Daughter        7       Minnesota
Newell Christian        Son             5       Minnesota
Majorie Christian       Daughter        4       Minnesota
Byrene Christian        Son             1

Jens Sorenson           Head            30      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Sam Sorenson            Father          63      Minnesota       White         Own   

Clarence Sondrol        Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Selma Sondrol           Wife            32      Iowa            White
Anna Sondrol            Daughter        7       Iowa
Norma Sondrol           Daughter        3       Iowa
Aharl Sondrol           Son             1       Iowa
Clara Sondrol           Sister          40      Iowa
Chester Sondrol         Nephew          1       Iowa            White
Knut Sondrof            Father          70      Norway          White   1861  Own   

Oscar Undahl            Head            31      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Kena Undahl             Wife            26      Iowa            White
Elroy Undahl            Son             1       Iowa

Martha Sondrol          Head            60      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Mary Sondrol            Daughter        39      Iowa            
Caroline Sondrol        Daughter        32      Iowa

Caroline Frosager       Head            54      Norway          White   1894  Own   Farming
Oscar Frosager          Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Mary Frosager           Daughter        18      Iowa
Clarin Frosager         Granddaughter   5       Iowa            White
Andrew Anderson         Hired Man       26      Norway          White   1915        Farm laborer

Hans Halvorson          Head            61      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Louise Halvorson        Wife            59      Iowa            White
Palma Halvorson         Daughter        27      Iowa
Melvin Halvorson        Son             19      Iowa
Dena Halvorson          Daughter        13      Iowa
Marvel Halvorson        Daughter        14      Iowa
Christian Bradley       Son-in-law      30      Norway          White   1901
Hazel Bradley           Daughter        25      Iowa
Lucile Bradley          Granddaughter   7       Iowa
Harlen  Bradley         Grandson        4       Iowa
Doris Bradley           Granddaughter   1       Iowa

Oscar Bjelland          Head            35      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Emma Bjelland           Wife            35      Iowa            White
Marjorie Bjelland       Daughter        5       Iowa
Doris Bjelland          Daughter        7       Iowa
Lloyd Bjelland          Brother         22      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Morris Dahl             Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Bertha Dahl             Wife            25      Iowa            White
Elaine Dahl             Daughter        0       Iowa

Henry M Erickson        Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Gunda Erickson          Wife            47      Iowa            White
Morris Erickson         Son             19      Iowa
Elmer Erickson          Son             17      Iowa
Stella Erickson         Daughter        14      Iowa
Melvin Erickson         Son             11      Iowa
Hazel Erickson          Daughter        8       Iowa
Glen Erickson           Son             4       Iowa

Bert Anderson           Head            51      Norway          White   1901  Own   Farming
Martha Anderson         Wife            47      Iowa            White
Melvin Anderson         Son             20      Iowa
Elnore  Anderson        Daughter        18      Iowa
Roselia Anderson        Daughter        16      Iowa
Edrone Anderson         Son             15      Iowa
Waldemar Anderson       Son             6       Iowa

Henry F Moe             Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Christine Moe           Mother          79      Norway          White   1870
John Hanson             Brother-in-law  60      Norway          White               Farm laborer
Ingri Hanson            Sister          56      Iowa            White

Lewis B Johnson         Head            44      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Botolf Johnson          Father          80      Norway          White   1871

Julie Roalkvam          Head            61      Norway          White   1871  Own   Farming
Oliver Roalkvam         Son             30      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Mora Roalkvam           Daughter        22      Iowa

George G Dahl           Head            42      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Anna Dahl               Wife            41      Iowa            White
Gaylord Dahl            Son             20      Iowa
Glen Dahl               Son             17      Iowa
Vivian Dahl             Daughter        15      Iowa

Lewis Horvei            Head            50      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Anna Horvei             Wife            51      Iowa            White
Joseph  Horvei          Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Evelyn Horvei           Daughter        20      Iowa                                Country school teacher 
Andrew Horvei           Son             16      Iowa
Agnes Horvei            Daughter        9       Iowa

Helmar Hanson           Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Julia Hanson            Wife            41      Iowa            White
Luchia Hanson           Daughter        17      Iowa
Florence Hanson         Daughter        7       Iowa
Hazel Hanson            Daughter        5       Iowa
Dolores Hanson          Daughter        3       Iowa
Roger Hanson            Son             5/12    Iowa

Elizabeth H Vermedal    Head            54      Norway          White   1892  Rent  Farming
Clarence Vermedal       Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Norman Vermedal         Son             14      Iowa
Ida Roalkvam            Hired Girl      28      Iowa            White               House keeper

Ole B Peterson          Head            25      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Selma Peterson          Wife            21      Iowa            White
Royer Peterson          Son             2       Iowa

K Anderson              Head            65      Norway          White   1884  Rent  Farming
Regna Anderson          Wife            44      Norway          White   1903
Clifford Anderson       Son             17      Iowa
Martell Anderson        Daughter        15      Iowa
lnvold Anderson         Son             11      Iowa
Russel Anderson         Son             9       Iowa
Andrew Anderson         Son             7       Iowa

George Sanvik           Head            51      Norway          White   1889  Rent  Farming
Minnie Sanvik           Wife            38      Iowa            White
Gilma Sanvik            Daughter        14      Iowa
Lenora Sanvik           Daughter        12      Iowa
Margaret Sanvik         Daughter        10      Iowa
Eleanor Sanvik          Daughter        8       Iowa
Gladys Sanvik           Daughter        6       Iowa
Arleen Sanvik           Daughter        3/12    Iowa

Guri Bergan             Head            62      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Josie Bergan            Daughter        36      Iowa
Melvin Charlson         Head            24      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Beatrice Charlson       Wife            24      Iowa            White
Warren Charlson         Son             2       Iowa

Clarence Grove          Head            40      Iowa            White         ???   Farming
Arnold Tue              Hired Man       21      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Morma Tue               Housekeeper     24      Iowa            White

Elmer Groe              Head            37      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Pearl Groe              Wife            35      Iowa            White
Evelyn Groe             Daughter        11      Iowa
Burnell Groe            Son             8       Iowa
Elton Groe              Son             6       Iowa
Carmen Groe             Daughter        4       Iowa
Diane Groe              Son             2       Iowa
Donald Groe             Son             25      Iowa
Roger Tue               Nephew          1       Iowa            White

Elber Dybvad            Head            49      Norway          White   1905  Own   Farming
Marit Dybvad            Wife            46      Norway          White   1909
Alma Dybvad             Daughter        18      Iowa
Emil Dybvad             Son             14      Iowa

George Paulson          Head            38      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Olga Paulson            Wife            33      Iowa            White
Mildred Paulson         Daughter        12      Iowa
Orville Paulson         Son             10      Iowa

Knut Talle              Head            68      Norway          White   1881  Own   Farming
Lydia Talle             Wife            58      Iowa            White
Harry Talle             Son             26      Iowa
Anna Talle              Daughter        22      Iowa                                Country school teacher
Mable Talle             Daughter        18      Iowa
Otto Talle              Son             16      Iowa
Alma Talle              Daughter        12      Iowa

D 0 Ellingson           Head            64      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Madge Ellingson         Wife            62      Iowa            White
Delma Ellingson         Son             23      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Adolph Ellingson        Son             18      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Carl Groland            Hired Man       21      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer

George Hanson           Head            27      Norway          White   1924  Rent  Farming
Gena Hanson             Wife            38      Minnesota       White
Bettyann Hanson         Daughter        4       Iowa
Stena Hanson            Mother-in-law   89      Norway          White   1888        
Hans Hanson             Brother         19      Norway          White   1930

Henry Holt              Head            42      Minnesota       White         Rent  Plumbig & heating
Laura Holt              Wife            33      Minnesota       White
Harry Holt              Son             13      Minnesota
Robert Holt             Son             8       Minnesota
Henry   Holt            Son             5       Minnesota
Jesse Holt              Daughter        3       Minnesota

Edvin Holt              Head            44      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Lottie Holt             Wife            42      Iowa            White
Haack Holt              Son             14      Iowa
Elsie Holt              Daughter        10      Iowa
Ruben Holt              Son             8       Iowa
Arnold Holt             Son             6       Iowa
Stanley Holt            Son             4       Iowa

Carl Groe               Head            41      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Mable Groe              Wife            37      Iowa            White
Orville Groe            Son             16      Iowa
Elnore Groe             Daughter        13      Iowa

Gilman Groe             Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Cora Groe               Wife            33      Iowa            White
Orlin Groe              Son             14      Iowa
Raymond Groe            Son             12      Iowa
Lester Groe             Son             10      Iowa
Gaylord Groe            Son             8       Iowa
Carol Groe              Daughter        7       Iowa
Noreen Groe             Son             5       Iowa
Shirley Groe            Daughter        1       Iowa
Dennis Groe             Son             0       Iowa
Olaus Groe              Father          68      Iowa            White         Own   

Clarence Sime           Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Eva Sime                Wife            27      Iowa            White
Knut T Nystuen          Head            66      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Caroline Nystuen        Wife            57      Iowa            White
Valborg Nystuen         Daughter        24      Iowa
Floyd Nystuen           Son             22      Iowa
Morise  Nystuen         Son             18      Iowa

Alfred Groe             Head            26      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Henry Halvorson         Brother-in-law  34      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Elvina Halvorson        Sister          30      Iowa            White

Lewis B Hagen           Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Mable Hagen             Wife            36      Iowa            White
Arlene Hagen            Daughter        12      Iowa
Levine Hagen            Daughter        6       Iowa
Walis Hagen             Son             4       Iowa

Kittel L Hagen          Head            64      Norway          White   1864  Own   Farming
Engrid Hagen            Wife            66      Iowa            White
Mary Hagen              Daughter        39      Iowa
Marvin Hagen            Grandson        5       Iowa

Ole Sorbo               Head            47      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming         
Bertha Sorbo            Wife            38      Iowa            White
Alice Sorbo             Daughter        17      Iowa
Marna Sorbo             Daughter        14      Iowa
Melvin Sorbo            Brother-in-law  26      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Helen Henderson         Head            53      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Muriel Henderson        Daughter        20      Iowa
Alice Henderson         Daughter        33      Iowa
Thomas Henderson        Son             18      Iowa
Bertha Henderson        Daughter        17      Iowa
Alvina Henderson        Daughter        14      Iowa

Nick E Wogen            Head            51      Norway          White   1894  Own   Farming
Jennie Wogen            Wife            48      Iowa            White
Orville Wogen           Son             27      Iowa                                Telephone line man
Mildred Wogen           Daughter        22      Iowa
Raymond Wogen           Son             20      Iowa
Donald Wogen            Son             14      Iowa
Harward Wogen           Son             11      Iowa
Gladys Wogen            Daughter        7       Iowa
Elaine Wogen            Daughter        5       Iowa
Anders Askeland         Son-in-law      24      Norway          White   1906        Truck driver for oil Co.  
Edna Askeland           Daughter        18      Iowa

Gilbert Heltne          Head            49      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Alva Heltne             Daughter        18      Iowa            
Gladys Heltne           Daughter        15      Iowa
Valborg Heitne          Daughter        12      Iowa
Palmer Heltne           Son             20      Iowa
Peter Heltne            Brother         41      Iowa

Lewis Heltne            Head            45      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Nettie Heltne           Wife            42      Iowa            White
Pamell Heltne           Son             20      Iowa
Jewell Heltne           Daughter        17      Iowa
Carmen Heltne           Daughter        14      Iowa
Harold Heltne           Son             8       Iowa

John Bjelland           Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Esthe Bjelland          Wife            27      Wisconsin       White
Thayne Bjelland         Son             5       Iowa
Hellen Marie Bjelland   Daughter        3       Iowa

Gilbert Monson          Head            30      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Agnes Monson            Wife            26      Iowa            White
Arlene Monson           Daughter        2       Iowa
Robert Monson           Son             1       Iowa
Ole Monson              Father          62      Norway          White   1888        
Clara Monson            Sister          34      Iowa                                Country school teacher
Palma Monson            Sister          25      Iowa

John Ausen              Head            46      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Gene Ausen              Wife            41      Iowa            White
Irving Ausen            Son             18      Iowa
Eva Ausen               Daughter        15      Iowa
Ardal Ausen             Daughter        9       Iowa
Leslie Ausen            Son             7       Iowa
Robert Ausen            Son             5       Iowa
Joseph Ausen            Son             3       Iowa
Simon Evenson           Hired Man       39      Norway          White   1895        Farm laborer

H J Shervin             Head            45      Norway          White         Own   Farming
Bella Shervin           Wife            56      Iowa            White
Gro Shervin             Daughter        11      Iowa

Nels Henderson          Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Heima Henderson         Wife            30      Iowa            White
Carmen Henderson        Daughter        10      Iowa
Ardell Henderson        Son             3       Iowa
Arthur Henderson        Brother         33      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Harry Anderson          Head            69      Wisconsin       White         Rent  Farming
Guldle Anderson         Wife            67      Iowa            White
Hans Anderson           Son             48      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Olie Horvei             Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farming   
Agathe Horvei           Wife            58      Norway          White   1888
Anna Horvei             Daughter        33      Iowa
Walter Horvei           Son             29      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Adolph A Nystuen        Head            34      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Dena Nystuen            Wife            33      Iowa            White
Doris Nystuen           Daughter        7       Iowa
Tom Nystuen             Relative        69      Iowa            White

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 18, Pages 1A-7A & 1B-6B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 2/9/2005 (added info 6/26/2018)