Northwood, Worth County
1930 Census


Census taken by Vilma Whitcome during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by heads of household followed by family members and relationship.

Population: 1554


Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year    Occupation

Nora M King             Head            56      Iowa            White           County school superintendant
David R Meredith        Brother         53      Iowa            White           Farmer
Arlon A Shirley         Adopted Son     13      Wisconsin       White

John W Shultz           Head            49      Iowa            White           Produce station manager
Odra A Shultz           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Ilo M Shultz            Daughter        15      Iowa
Lewis O Flora           Father-in-law   64      Iowa            White           None
Edith M Flora           Brother-in-law  56      Nebraska                        None

Albert H Diedrich       Head            57      Germany         White   1891    Farmer   
Matilda A Diedrich      Wife            53      Iowa            White
Lawerence H Diedrich    Son             26      Iowa                            Farm worker

James L Taylor          Head            31      Iowa            White           Barber
Rosa Belle I Taylor     Wife            25      Iowa            White
Jean A Taylor           Daughter        3/12    Minnesota

Elizabeth P Bendickson  Head            53      Iowa            White           None
Selmer B Bendickson     Adopted Son     11      Minnesota
Gilbert P Bendickson    Son             16      Iowa                            Farm worker

Bert L Soltou           Head            26      Iowa            White           Dairy farmer
Alta M Soltou           Wife            25      Illinois        White
Loretta B Soltou        Daughter        6       Iowa
Gilbert Hanson          Lodger          68      Wisconsin       White           Rural mail carrier

Charencey S Abby        Head            41      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Minnie R Abby           Wife            36      Iowa            White
Charles E Abby          Son             14      Iowa
Bessie M Abby           Daughter        12      Iowa
Pearl E Abby            Daughter        10      Iowa
Edna E Abby             Daughter        8       Iowa
Irene B Abby            Daughter        6       Iowa
Fern L Abby             Daughter        4       Iowa
William L Abby          Son             1       Iowa

Albert T Mandt          Head            60      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Lillian E Mandt         Wife            54      North Dakota    White
Leland G Baldwin        Stepson         20      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Les Baldwin             Stepson         19      Iowa                            Odd jobs

Nels A Mellem           Head            65      Norway          White   1883    None
Selma G Mellem          Daughter        26      Iowa                            None
Sherwin H Falk          Son-in-law      28      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic
Bertha O Falk           Daughter        24      Iowa

Julia Johnson           Head            67      Minnesota       White           None
Josephine Johnson       Sister          64      Minnesota       White
Emelia Johnson          Sister          56      Minnesota       White           Practical nurse

Delta F Lundberg        Head            71      Wisconsin       White           None

Emil A Lau              Head            41      Minnesota       White           Runs threasing crew
Luella M Lau            Wife            37      Iowa            White
Earl W Lau              Son             15      Iowa
Marie A Lau             Daughter        13      Iowa
Betty J Lau             Daughter        3       Iowa

Rande Lestad            Head            70      Norway          White   1874    None

Ole A Bergo             Head            61      Iowa            White           Lumber yard worker
Marie S Bergo           Wife            59      Minnesota       White
Gladys K Bergo          Daughter        22      Iowa                            Tailor shop worker
Palmer A Bergo          Son             19      Iowa
Cora O Bergo            Daughter        17      Iowa
Tom A Bergo             Head            68      Iowa            White           Garage worker
Carrie Bergo            Wife            60      Iowa            White
Gillie Bergo            Son             32      Iowa                            Farm worker

Clarence B Twito        Head            43      Iowa            White           Implemant shop manager
Emma A  Twito           Wife            43      Iowa            White

Knut K Twito            Head            71      Norway          White   1881    None
Alina Twito             Wife            65      Norway          White   1867
Clifford E Twito        Son             26      Iowa                            Farm worker

Emma Sage               Head            47      Iowa            White
Erma B Sage             Daughter        19      Minnesota
Evelyn T Sage           Daughter        17      Minnesota
Alvin R Sage            Son             14      Iowa

Ernest G Berg           Head            27      Iowa            White           Rural mail carrier
Selma A Berg            Wife            23      Iowa            White
Betty L Berg            Daughter        2       Iowa

Ira Linter              Head            40      New York        White           Carpenter

Knut Christianson       Head            69      Norway          White   1865    None
Carrie Christianson     Wife            71      Iowa            White

Inger Talle             Head            52      Iowa            White           None
Arnold Talle            Son             27      Iowa                            Assistant bank cashier
John N Johnson          Son-in-law      35      Iowa            White           Assistant manager
Ada A Johnson           Daughter        34      Iowa                            Post office clerk

William L Plowman       Head            61      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Myrtie B Plowman        Wife            57      Iowa            White
Donald D Plowman        Son             24      Iowa                            Hardware store salesman

Ida C Narum             Head            51      Iowa            White           None
Lyle J Narum            Son             19      Iowa                            Grocery store salesman
C Janet Narum           Daughter        16      Iowa
Marjory L Narum         Daughter        13      Iowa

Harvey R Robinson       Head            40      Iowa            White           Cashier in garage
Emma Robinson           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Betty J Robinson        Daughter        7       Iowa
Virginia R Robinson     Daughter        3       Iowa

Ole O Moen              Head            68      Norway          White   1883    None
Rosie K Moen            Wife            68      Norway          White   1883
Lloyd O Moen            Son             24      Iowa                            Odd jobs

Cecil G Palmer          Head            53      Iowa            White           Works with poultry
Emma H Palmer           Wife            45      Iowa            White
Howard N Palmer         Son             16      North Dakota
Homer E Palmer          Son             14      North Dakota
Irva I Palmer           Daughter        12      North Dakota

Paul Johnson            Head            31      Iowa            White           School teacher
Eva W Johnson           Wife            29      Iowa            White
Marilyn Johnson         Daughter        2       Iowa
Cad Johnson             Daughter        8       Iowa

Mary E Seuser           Head            70      Minnesota       White           None

Ranson Smith            Head            67      New York        White           None
Evelyn M Smith          Wife            67      Wisconsin       White           Dressmaker

Erna F Luth             Head            42      Minnesota       White           None
Dorothy M Luth          Daughter        11      Iowa
Raymond F Luth          Son             9       Iowa

Andrew T Mandt          Head            64      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Laura R Mandt           Wife            65      Norway          White   1869

Burus E Beard           Head            39      Iowa            White           School superintendent
Ethel M Beard           Wife            36      Denmark         White   1901
Joan M Beard            Daughter        3       Minnesota
Norman L Armstrong      Nephew          4       Congo           White

Orin J Wardwell         Head            34      Missouri        White           County attorney
Majorie Wardwell        Wife            35      Minnesota       White
Orin J Wardwell         Son             2       Minnesota

Elling A Tenold         Head            65      Illinois        White           None
Archie B Tenold         Son             18      Minnesota
Susie Erickson          Servant         65      Norway          White   1865    Housekeeper

Otto Lau                Head            65      Wisconsin       White           None
Matilda Lau             Wife            64      Wisconsin       White

Adam A Hildbrand        Head            55      Germany         White   1890    Odd jobs
Julia E Hildbrand       Wife            54      Iowa            White

Laura R Reinhart        Head            70      Iowa            White           None

Barbra Brunsvold        Head            71      Norway          White   1866    None

Edward J Holstad        Head            47      Iowa            White           Gasoline salesman
Augusta M Holstad       Wife            45      Iowa            White
Arleigh J Holstad       Son             12      Iowa
Charline J Holstad      Daughter        10      Iowa
Edward C Holstad        Son             4       Iowa
Karen R Peterson        Head            64      Denmark         White   1884    None
Harry L Peterson        Son             35      Iowa                            Farmer
Violet I Peterson       Granddaughter   10      Iowa
Earl L Peterson         Grandson        9       Iowa

Edward I Julson         Head            31      Iowa            White           Gas station attendent
Leone B Julson          Wife            26      Iowa            White
June D Julson           Daughter        6       Iowa
Darroll E Julson        Son             5       Iowa
Beverly A Julson        Daughter        3       Iowa

Ole H Walswick          Head            73      Illinois        White           None
Anna F Walswick         Wife            73      Norway          White   1876

Carl J Anderson         Head            50      Iowa            White           Retail merchant
Dena S Anderson         Wife            51      Iowa            White
Carrol D Anderson       Son             11      Iowa

Eldon Rosberd           Head            26      South Dakota    White           Works with electrical appliances

Mabel Madson            Head            47      Iowa            White           Post office worker
Elizabeth Madson        Daughter        16      Iowa
Kathrine Madson         Daughter        12      Iowa
Charlote Madson         Daughter        10      Iowa
Olga D Seeger           Servant         33      Iowa            White           Housekeeper
Harold F Seeger         Lodger          12      Minnesota       White

Guy C Toye              Head            74      Ontario         White   1870    Bank cashier
Ida K Toye              Wife            71      Iowa            White

Robert A Hinman         Head            54      Iowa            White           Railroad station agent
Mable L Hinman          Wife            49      Iowa            White
Macella F Hinman        Daughter        14      Iowa

Lawerence F Julson      Head            29      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Luella Julson           Wife            27      Minnesota       White
Milton T Julson         Son             6       Minnesota
Loran W Julson          Son             5       Iowa

Suel Orahood            Head            63      Ohio            White           Meat retailer
Selma Orahood           Wife            61      Iowa            White

Myron S Perkins         Head            83      New York        White           None
Clarrisa A Perkins      Wife            82      New York        White

C K Sagdalen            Head            75      Wisconsin       White           None
Marie Sagdalen          Wife            73      Wisconsin       White
Anton Sundvald          Lodger          40      Norway          White   1909    Carpenter

John E Foss             Head            74      Iowa            White           None
Sophia Foss             Daughter        52      Iowa            White

William Buchanan        Head            76      Canada          White           Cattle dealer
Ruth E Buchanan         Wife            72                      White

Mary J Pixley           Head            66      Iowa            White
Jane M Buchanan         Lodger          83      Ontario         White   1863

Etta A Snyder           Head            47      Iowa            White           None
Richard C Snyder        Son             21      Iowa                            City mail carrier
Claude A Snyder         Son             17      Iowa
Nettie Emery            Head            61      Nebraska        White           None

Anna W Edwards          Head            71      Wisconsin       White           None

Marvin T Bakketun       Head            23      Iowa            White           Newspaper type setter
Inez B Bakketun         Wife            21      Iowa            White
Lyle S Bakketun         Son             2       Iowa

Torger A Bakketun       Head            55      Norway          White   1893    Building contractor
Gertrude Bakketun       Wife            46      Norway          White   1902
Frances I Bakketun      Daughter        20      Iowa
Alice G Bakketun        Daughter        18      Iowa
Charlote J Bakketun     Daughter        14      Iowa
Norman K Bakketun       Son             7       Iowa

Harris C Finch          Head            56      Iowa            White           Insurance agent
Addy E Finch            Wife            57      Minnesota       White

Gilbert Gunderson       Head            49      Iowa            White           Implement store manager
Ida G Gunderson         Wife            45      Iowa            White

Winthrop D Simmons      Head            79      Wisconsin       White           Bookkeeper in elevator
Ida V Simmons           Wife            78      New York        White

Arne O Rye              Head            60      Wisconsin       White           Bank president
Clara E Rye             Wife            49      Iowa            White
Glenn C Rye             Son             17      Iowa
Arthur C Rye            Son             15      Iowa

Charles H Madson        Head            54      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic
Mary S Madson           Wife            54      Iowa            White

Leon S Barnes           Head            35      Iowa            White           Newspaper publisher
Stella M Barnes         Wife            35      Missouri        White
Alice R Barnes          Daughter        6       Iowa

Lloyd T Dillon          Head            51      Washington      White           Jeweler
May H Dillon            Wife            47      Iowa            White
Hall S Dillon           Son             11      Iowa
Jeanette Dillon         Daughter        10      Iowa
Henry Perry             Head            49      Iowa            White           Electrician
Mildred D Perry         Daughter        20      Iowa
Robert B Perry          Son             18      Iowa                            Newspaper carrier
Clifford A Perry        Son             17      Iowa                            Boot black
Cecil S Perry           Son             15      Iowa
Veons E Perry           Daughter        13      Iowa
Forest H Perry          Son             10      Iowa
Ione E Perkins          Daughter        26      Iowa            White
Charles L Reindl        Grandson        5       Iowa            White

Edward A Anderson       Head            58      Sweden          White   1886    Farmer
Julia G Anderson        Wife            54      Iowa            White
Donald Anderson         Son             18      Iowa
Lloyd Anderson          Son             15      Iowa

August E Shilling       Head            42      Minnesota       White           Carpenter
Minnie J Shilling       Wife            33      Pennsylvania    White
Rose E Shilling         Daugther        11      Washington
Glen G Shilling         Son             7       Washington

Knut A Brunsvold        Head            76      Wisconsin       White           Blacksmith
Ingeborg Brunsvold      Wife            69      Norway          White   1861
Raymond J Brunsvold     Son             38      Iowa                            Odd jobs

James J Amen            Head            73      Ohio            White           Sells groceries
Mary E Amen             Wife            72      Michigan        White

Knut O Vold             Head            52      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Alma B Vold             Wife            39      Washington      White
Robert E Vold           Son             8       South Dakota

Helmer I Harmon         Head            40      Iowa            White           Trucker
Selma Harmon            Wife            35      Iowa            White
Inez L Harmon           Daughter        14      Iowa
Boyd A Harmon           Son             6       Iowa

Gaylord R Mellem        Head            42      Iowa            White           Storage battery salesman
Cora K Mellem           Wife            42      Iowa            White
Ruth D Mellem           Daughter        17      Iowa
Horace O Mellem         Son             15      Iowa
Robert G Mellem         Son             6       Iowa

James H Mowers          Head            73      Illinois        White           None
Minnie M Mowers         Wife            53      Illinois        White

Lillie Johnson          Head            57      Pennsylvania    White           None

Rex Clay                Head            27      Minnesota       White           Newspaper linotyper
Dorethy Clay            Wife            21      Minnesota       White

Gullek H Peterson       Head            85      Norway          White   1858    None
Cora Trustem            Servant         75      Norway          White   1881
Carl C Trustem          Lodger          43      Iowa            White           None

George A Lucken         Head            31      Iowa            White           Insurance agent
Hazel U Lucken          Wife            26      Minnesota
Ida L O Hanson          Lodger          40      Iowa            White           None

Nora Hambley            Head            36      Iowa            White           None
Bert O Hambley          Son             17      Minnesota
Glen L Hambley          Son             13      Minnesota
Mary R Hambley          Daughter        11      Minnesota

Hans Anderson           Head            56      Norway          White   1893    Carpenter
Emma Anderson           Wife            49      Norway          White   1901

Ella Friethiem          Head            58      Iowa            White           None

Ida Larson              Head            42      Iowa            White           None
Hilliard E Larson       Son             20      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Stanley Larson          Son             15      Iowa
Lorraine D Larson       Daughter        10      Iowa
Eugene D Larson         Son             7       Iowa

Elmer J Brunsvold       Head            45      Iowa            White           Food products salesman
Maud L Brunsvold        Wife            42      Iowa            White           Sells food products
Robert M Brunsvold      Son             15      South Dakota
Richard I Brunsvold     Son             14      South Dakota
Ila M Brunsvold         Daughter        7       Iowa

Thom Julson             Head            71      Norway          White   1866    Janitor in courthouse
Lena Julson             Wife            65      Norway          White   1882

Loyd V Steyback         Head            40      Nebraska        White           Plasterer
Inez Steyback           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Rodney L Steyback       Son             9       Iowa
Elenore R Steyback      Daughter        7       Iowa
Mary J Steyback         Daughter        2       Iowa

Aagart Hegland          Head            67      At sea          White   1862    None

Sophia J Weber          Head            60      Iowa            White           None

Amos O Roppe            Head            52      Iowa            White           None
Rosa M Roppe            Wife            50      Iowa            White

Otto Booth              Head            62      Germany         White   1872    County supervisor
Augusta Booth           Wife            59      Germany         White   1875

Mervin H Shaw           Head            53      Minnesota       White           Officer/marshall
Letta M Shaw            Wife            42      Wisconsin       White
Lynn H Shaw             Son             18      Iowa                            Gas station attendent
Claire E Shaw           Son             15      Iowa
Verne A Shaw            Son             10      Iowa

Ole H Huus              Head            58      Wisconsin       White           Dray man
Maria A Huus            Wife            56      Iowa            White
Inga D Huus             Daughter        20      Iowa            
Evelyn M Huus           Daughter        18      Iowa

Otto H Kruse            Head            65      Germany         White   1873    None
Anna E Kruse            Wife            61      Iowa            White

Fred W Lau              Head            82      Germany         White   1850    None
Paul F Werner           Grandson        27      Wisconsin       White           Farm worker
Linda B Werner          Granddaughter   24      Minnesota

Tena G Solem            Head            43      Iowa            White           Cook in cafe
Haldis G Solem          Daughter        17      Montana                         
Inez M G Solem          Daughter        10      Montana
Calvin L Solem          Son             5       Montana

John Hodenfield         Head            60      Norway          White   1873    Fire extinguisher salesman
Ida B Hodenfield        Wife            54      Iowa            White
Florence J Hodenfield   Daughter        15      Iowa
Wilma J Hodenfield      Daughter        7       Iowa
Sever O Vold            Lodger          55      Iowa            White           County recorder
Stanley Vold            Lodger          16      Iowa            White

Betsy Huus              Head            64      Iowa            White           None
Clarence S Huus         Son             23      Iowa                            Assistant county recorder

Emil A Jacobson         Head            51      Minnesota       White           Retail hardware merchant
Zillah L Jacobson       Wife            44      Minnesota       White
Robert S Jacobson       Son             19      Minnesota
Elizabeth Jacobson      Daughter        15      Iowa
Wayne E Silcox          Lodger          22      Minnesota       White           Teacher
Helga P Sihler          Roomer          24      Iowa            White           Teacher
David Lawerence         Roomer          27      Missouri        White           Clothing store clerk

Sarah Bergeson          Head            82      Norway          White   1869    None
Eva Walms               Daughter        52      Iowa            White

Fred W Will             Head            67      Poland          White   1873    None
Annie Will              Wife            67      Poland          White

Arne T Arneson           Head           79      Wisconsin       White           None
Karen O Arneson         Daughter        47      Iowa
Emma P Lee              Adopted Daughter24      Minnesota       White           Farm worker
Harry C Lee             Son-in-law      24      Illinois
James O Lee             Grandson        2       Canada
Odis B Lee              Grandson        0       Iowa

Earl H Patterson        Head            26      Illinois        White
Minnie Patterson        Wife            25      Iowa            White           Gravel trucker
Virgil E Patterson      Son             4       Iowa

Joseph L Aase           Head            28      Iowa            White           Livestock trucker 
Juliette P Aase         Wife            24      Iowa            White
Duane L Aase            Son             5       Iowa
Joanne M Aase           Daughter        2       Iowa
Knut A Mostrom          Father-in-law   65      Norway          White   1881    None

Mikkle A Bratrud        Head            40      Norway          White   1914    House contractor
Frances B Bratrud       Wife            25      Iowa            White
Betty G Bratrud         Daughter        4       Iowa
Arnold E Bratrud        Son             2       Iowa
Martha J Grosland       Lodger          17      Iowa            White           None

Clair M Brager          Head            29      Iowa            White           Confectioner
Esther C Brager         Wife            29      Minnesota       White
Donald A Brager         Son             8       Iowa
Helen L Brager          Daughter        1       Iowa
Palma H Hanson          Servant         21      Iowa            White           Servant

Bertha D Knutson        Head            54      Iowa            White
Christine Storvik       Mother          75      Illinois        White
Cora R Pickle           Head            61      Iowa            White
Levi L Cornick          Son-in-law      33      Minnesota       White           Railroad station operator
Sylvia M Cornick        Daughter-in-law 31      Iowa
Bernice E Cornick       Granddaughter   12      Iowa
Beth E Cornick          Granddaughter   2       Iowa

Nettie M Manchester     Head            60      New York        White           Laudress
Edna Manchester         Sister          56      New York

Oscar S Low             Head            63      Wisconsin       White           Sells groceries
Clara M Low             Wife            56      Minnesota       White
John E Low              Adopted Son     19      New York

Elling Harmon           Head            58      Iowa            White           None
Bertha E Harmon         Wife            58      Norway          White   1893
Harrietta A Harmon      Daughter        21      Iowa                            

Fred H Sandman          Head            66      Germany         White   1884    None
Hilda  Sandman          Daughter        18      Iowa
Martha Sandman          Daughter        26      Iowa                            Servant
Sophie Sandman          Daughter        26      Iowa
Ether Sandman           Daughter        15      Iowa
Martin Sandman          Son             12      Iowa
Freda Sandman           Daughter        21      Iowa

Andrew Walser           Head            70      Wisconsin       White           None
Mary E Walser           Wife            65      Iowa            White

Ole P Jenson            Head            57      Iowa            White           Upolstor
Carrie Jenson           Wife            52      Norway          White   1899
Lynn E Jenson           Son             22      Iowa
Gwendolyn Evans         Roomer          20      Iowa            White           Bank stenographer

Will I Dobel            Head            51      Iowa            White           Grocery store clerk
Sarah M Dobel           Wife            48      Iowa            White

Sam O Thompson          Head            45      Iowa            White           Tactor salesman
Marie A Thompson        Wife            44      Iowa            White
Wilma R Thompson        Daughter        16      Iowa
Fern Thompson           Daughter        13      Iowa            White

John E Larson           Head            38      New Jersey      White           Grocery retailer
Vida G Larson           Wife            38      Iowa            White
Warren J Larson         Son             15      Iowa
Gordon E Larson         Son             13      Iowa
Marian G Larson         Daughter        10      Iowa
Max R Larson            Son             8       Iowa
                                                                                Seed retailer
John K Ofsthus          Head            60      Norway          White   1892
Bertha B Ofsthus        Wife            55      Norway          White   1893

Elmer J Johnson         Head            45      Iowa            White           Lumber yard manager
Rena L Johnson          Wife            45      Minnesota       White
Gladys Nelson           Lodger          15      Iowa            White

Jacob H Huus            Head            55      Wisconsin       White           Plumber
Mae B Huus              Wife            49      Oregon          White
Clara A Huus            Daughter        18      Iowa
Helen M Huus            Daughter        16      Iowa
Ada O Huus              Daughter        12      Iowa

Clarence F Plowman      Head            29      Iowa            White           Pharmacist
Stella O Plowman        Wife            24      Iowa            White

Edward N Klove          Head            48      Iowa            White           Pharmacist
Elsie B Klove           Wife            48      Iowa            White

Mary S Anderson         Head            50      Iowa            White           Nurse

Rube F Bolander         Head            56      Iowa            White           Clothing retailer
Lizzie M Bolander       Wife            52      Iowa            White
Harold L Bolander       Son             28      Iowa
Harold F Johnson        Roomer          27      Iowa            White           Dentist

May B Smith             Head            59      Iowa            White           City clerk
Lila J Smith            Sister          56      Iowa

Oscar Shaub             Head            53      Iowa            White           None
Emma M Shaub            Wife            50      Iowa            White
Wilma M Shaub           Daughter        15      Iowa
Henry Fisher            Father-in-law   77      Germany         White   1872

Anne Hanson             Head            77      Norway          White   1863    None
Andrew Allen            Roomer          47      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic
Ira W Pavey             Roomer          53      Iowa            White           Blacksmith

Hans C Johnson          Head            59      Minnesota       White           Lumber retailer
Lettie E Johnson        Wife            55      Iowa            White
James McQuarrie         Roomer          64      Canada          White           Carpenter

Ole O Lund              Head            55      Norway          White   1893    None
Rosy O Lund             Wife            50      Minnesota       White
Russell T Lund          Son             17      Iowa

Pameroy F Cooper        Head            61      Iowa            White           None
Fannie Cooper           Wife            60      Missouri        White
Mary M Rice             Head            66      Pennsylvania    White           None
Frank W Johnson         Son-in-law      53      Iowa            White           Real estate salesman
Minnie M Johnson        Daughter        43      Iowa

Amelia C Willing        Head            79      Germany         White
Art R Thomson           Son-in-law      36      Iowa            White           Commercial traveller
Pead W Thomson          Daughter        42      Iowa
Norma A Thomson         Granddaughter   6       California

Oliver Walswick         Head            52      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Andrena Walswick        Wife            62      Iowa            White

Iver Bidne              Head            40      Norway          White   1907    Hardware retailer
Bertha E Bidne          Wife            38      Iowa            White
Elenor W Bidne          Stepdaughter    18      Minnesota
J Arnold Bidne          Stepson         16      Iowa
Iver L Bidne            Stepson         9       Iowa
Howard O Bidne          Son             8       Iowa
Bertrum T Bidne         Son             6       Iowa
Bernard L Bidne         Son             6       Iowa

Charles A Hurd          Head            68      Iowa            White           Doctor
Delia E Hurd            Wife            64      Iowa            White

Emil Urdahl             Head            44      Iowa            White           Grocery retailer
Viola Urdahl            Wife            39      Iowa            White

Andrew N Urdahl         Head            73      Norway          White   1875    None
Mary Urdahl             Wife            67      Wisconsin       White

Gilbert H Hanson        Head            58      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Elize Hanson            Wife            47      Norway          White
Gilman H Hanson         Son             17      Iowa
Edith L Hanson          Daughter        12      Canada

John Berg               Head            65      Norway          White   1887    Rural mail carrier
Leslie O Berg           Son             19      Iowa

Severin F Lundberg      Head            65      Sweden          White   1868    Lunch room propreitor
Mildred Robertson       Daughter        22      Iowa            White

Albert L Harmon         Head            45      Iowa            White           Garage menchanic
Norma M Harmon          Wife            28      Iowa            White
Mary L Harmon           Daughter        10/12   Iowa
Mithe M Stehn           Lodger          78      Germany         White   1887    None

Gilbert Amundson        Head            47      Iowa            White           Tinsmith
Jessie Thompson         Servant         57      Iowa            White           Housekeeper

Robert J Hove           Head            47      Iowa            White           Implement salesman
Clara Hove              Wife            40      North Dakota    White
Orville J Hove          Son             18      Iowa                            Farm worker
Rose M Hove             Daughter        16      Iowa
Richard C Hove          Son             15      Iowa
Ellert J Hove           Son             13      Iowa
Alferd O Hove           Son             11      Iowa
Marvel E Hove           Daughter        4       Iowa
Virgil A Hove           Son             1       Iowa
Virginia A Hove         Daughter        1       Iowa

Henry T Hanson          Head            56      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Inger Hanson            Wife            53      Iowa            White
Cora Hanson             Daughter        17      Iowa
Irene Hanson            Daughter        14      Iowa
Ellert Hanson           Son             9       Minnesota

John T Slattum          Head            34      Iowa            White           Automoblie salesman
Christen Stattum        Wife            30      Iowa            White
Melvin G Slattum        Son             11      South Dakota
Orville H Slattum       Son             9       Iowa
Clarine J Slattum       Daughter        8       Minnesota
Andrew C Slattum        Son             5       Iowa
Martha C Slattum        Daughter        1/12    Iowa

Iver T Hopperstad       Head            47      Norway          White   1901
Orenze T Hopperstad     Son             24      Iowa                            Grocery store clerk
Bernice M Hopperstad    Daughter        21      Iowa
Jeanette B Hopperstad   Daughter        17      Iowa
Maruice C Hopperstad    Son             13      Iowa
Inez A Hopperstad       Daughter        10      Iowa

Gellena Ovestrud        Head            60      Wisconsin       White           None

Gretta Amundson         Head            84      Norway          White   1886    None

Iver Nelson             Head            47      Norway          White   1902    Chicken farmer

Mary Aurdal             Head            61      Norway          White   1879    Practical nurse
Malvin E Aurdal         Son             31      Iowa                            Crane operator

John E Amundson         Head            59      Iowa            White           Furniture retailer
Florence H Amundson     Wife            58      Tennessee       White

Herman C Stendel        Head            52      Iowa            White           Buttermaker
Esther J A Stendel      Wife            47      Iowa            White

Carl J Frisvold         Head            57      Norway          White   1874    None
Minda S Frisvold        Wife            54      Iowa            White

George Whiteman         Head            62      Iowa            White           None
Emma J Whiteman         Wife            61      Iowa            White

Ole E Lobben            Head            74      Norway          White   1864    None
Sophie B Lobben         Daughter        46      North Dakota                    Law office stenographer
Ella M Lobben           Daughter        37      Iowa
David Davidson          Head            45      Iowa            White           None
Mary L Davidson         Wife            22      Iowa            White
Maud Davidson           Son             3       Iowa
Frederick C Davidson    Son             2       Iowa
Omie D Davidson         Son             9/12    Minnesota

Mickel P Spilde         Head            79      Norway          White   1858    None
Christena Spilde        Wife            72      Norway          White   1869
Etta Spilde             Daughter        45      Iowa

Carl L Bolander         Head            32      Iowa            White           Assistant bank cashier
Jennie R Bolander       Wife            24      Iowa            White
Harold E Nelson         Brother-in-law  17      Iowa            White

Nils O Hanson           Head            74      Wisconsin       White           None
Beret Hanson            Wife            76      Norway          White   1884

Albert O Johnson        Head            55      Iowa            White           Clothing retailer
Emma H Johnson          Wife            53      Iowa            White
Ogden E Johnson         Son             21      Iowa                            Clothing store clerk

Gaylord C Turvold       Head            24      Iowa            White           Produce merchant
Alice E Turvold         Wife            23      Minnesota       White
Gaylord Turvold         Son             4       Minnesota
Bruce A Turvold         Son             10/12   Minnesota
Dow A Lundberg          Roomer          32      Iowa            White           Barber
Mable A Lundberg        Roomer          26      Minnesota       White           Beauty agent

Thor Hermenson          Head            68      Norway          White   1870    None
Belle Hermenson         Wife            55      Iowa            White

Frank W Schmidt         Head            65      Iowa            White           Butcher
Lidia E Schmidt         Wife            66      Iowa            White
Edith M Thompto         Daughter        39      Iowa            White

Elmer J O Johnson       Head            49      Iowa            White           Sells relestate, insurance, etc.
Norma C Johnson         Wife            42      Iowa            White
Mary E Johnson          Daughter        16      Iowa
Richard H Johnson       Son             14      Iowa
Olga Huus               Servant         28      Iowa            White           Housekeeper
Nels Thorson            Head            77      Wisconsin       White           None
Emma E Thorson          Wife            67      Iowa            White

Edwin M Sabin           Head            54      Canada          White   1882    Attorney
Jennie E Sabin          Wife            54      Wisconsin       White
Milburn E Sabin         Son             18      Iowa
Constance Sabin         Daughter        16      Iowa

Carl C Vold             Head            54      Iowa            White           Mason
Tona Vold               Wife            52      Iowa            White
Olaf B Vold             Son             23      Iowa
Clarence T  Vold        Son             21      Iowa                            Gas station attendant
Alice H Vold            Daughter        18      Iowa
Irving D Vold           Son             15      Iowa
Frances A Vold          Daughter        10      Iowa
Jean E Vold             Granddaughter   5       Iowa

Charles K Dammen        Head            67      Norway          White   1881    None
Ellen Dammen            Wife            64      Iowa            White
Sarah Johnson           Mother-in-law   85      Norway          White   1857
Henry G Noe             Son-in-law      35      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Shirley E Noe           Granddaughter   8       Iowa
Kinu G Noe              Grandson        8       Iowa
Margie E Noe            Granddaughter   4       Iowa
Cora Hill               Daughter        34      Iowa            White           Switchboard operator
Thira L Hill            Granddaughter   9       Iowa
Flavia F Hill           Granddaughter   6       Iowa
Lyta F Hill             Granddaughter   4       Iowa

Marie C Carlsgard       Head            70      Denmark         White   1895    None
Josie Perry             Head            38      Iowa            White           Cook in hotel

Clifford J Pulis        Head            28      Iowa            White           Car dealer
Virginia M Pulis        Wife            24      Iowa            White

Andrew J Gilpin         Head            51      Minnesota       White           Real estate agent

Carrie J Lund           Head            59      Wisconsin       White

Charles A Sharp         Head            37      Missouri        White           Insurance agent
Martha Sharp            Wife            34      Missouri        White
Dorothy L Sharp         Daughter        9       Iowa
Bonny S Sharp           Daughter        6       Iowa

Clarence N Anderson     Head            26      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Edna M Anderson         Wife            24      Iowa            White
Hazel S Turvold         Sister-in-law   21      Iowa            White           Waitress in hotel

Julia Klove             Head            73      Norway          White   1869    None

Alice Johnson           Head            49      Iowa            White           None
Ellen Johnson           Sister          47      Iowa
Anne L Johnson          Sister          45      Iowa
Lillian A Johnson       Sister          42      Iowa

George A Dodge          Head            55      Iowa            White           Vetinarian
Ellen Dodge             Wife            51      Iowa            White
Clare M Dodge           Daughter        21      Iowa                            School teacher
Rodger A Dodge          Son             19      Iowa
Jean E Dodge            Daughter        8       Iowa

Duncan McKertcher       Head            67      Wisconsin       White           None
Jennie B McKertcher     Wife            61      Iowa            White
Bernice F McKercher     Daughter        30      Iowa

Nels E Thoen            Head            67      Iowa            White           None
Hilda Thoen             Wife            60                      White

Charles D Cottingham    Head            56      Illinois        White           Civil engineer
Phoebe E Cottingham     Wife            54      Illinois        White
Kentner Cottingham      Son             15      Iowa

Elmer L Harmon          Head            42      Iowa            White           None
Lena M Harmon           Wife            37      Kansas          White
Hadley L Harmon         Son             8       Iowa
Neva L Harmon           Daughter        7       Iowa
Stanley D Harmon        Son             2       Iowa

Thomas O Groe           Head            48      Iowa            White           Assistant bank cashier
Lillian G Groe          Wife            47      Illinois        White
Orian T Groe            Son             17      Iowa
Irl A Groe              Son             15      Iowa
Inga Ringham            Mother-in-law   76      Norway          White   1867

Willis W Hunter         Head            66      Wisconsin       White           Sells furniture retail
Margaret J Hunter       Wife            66      Michigan        White
Keneth W Hunter         Son             23      Iowa                            Undertaker

Louie Mostrom           Head            34      Iowa            White           County treasurer
Christine Mostrom       Wife            36      Iowa            White
Arleen B Mostrom        Daughter        2       Iowa

Alferd M Whitby         Head            48      Pennsylvania    White           Gospel minister
Mable E Whitby          Wife            46      Minnesota       White
Emily I Whitby          Daughter        12      Minnesota
Dale M Whitby           Daughter        10      Minnesota
Lois E Whitby           Daughter        8       Minnesota

Edwin H Pangburn        Head            82      New York        White           School house janitor
Mary A Fisher           Mother-in-law   94      Indiana         White

Lidy Brown              Head            72      Indiana         White           None

Sadie H Bolton          Head            56      Iowa            White           None

Niels P Larson          Head            38      Denmark         White   1911    School house janitor
Esther J E Larson       Wife            39      Sweden          White   1911
Clarence H Larson       Son             10      Iowa
Hele A Larson           Daughter        8       Iowa
Morris A Larson         Son             7       Iowa
John R Larson           Son             1       Iowa

Matilda Whiteman        Head            84      Germany         White   1851    None
Julia M Marley          Servant         71      Minnesota       White           Housekeeper

Oden Olson              Head            35      Iowa            White           Waiter in pool hall
Elma Olson              Wife            35      Minnesota       White
Avanelle J Olson        Daughter        1       Iowa
Gladys Sheka            Roomer          19      Iowa            White           Stenographer for county
Edgar Olson             Son             38      Iowa

Russell L Perry         Head            25      Iowa            White           Civil engineer
Barbara Perry           Wife            21      Iowa
Russel L Perry          Son             2       Iowa
Dean A Perry            Son             1       Iowa
Ross K Perry            Brother         22      Iowa

Ethan A Davis           Head            51      Iowa            White

Lawerence O Thompson    Head            37      Iowa            White           Trucks cattle
Nettie E Thompson       Wife            37      Iowa
Genevieve B Thompson    Daughter        14      Iowa
Ruth O Thompson         Daughter        12      Iowa
Lavonne E Thompson      Daughter        11      Iowa
Newton C Thompson       Daughter        7       Iowa

Nels P Nelson           Head            81      Denmark         White   1868    None

Mattie M Johnson        Head            72      Norway          White   1857    None
Haley C Johnson         Son             48      Iowa

Darvin T Wilson         Head            40      Nebraska        White           Railraod section foreman
Myrtle M Wilson         Wife            35      Wisconsin
Cleo W Wilson           Son             18      Wisconsin
Lawerence D Wilson      Son             16      Iowa
Virgil L Wilson         Son             14      Iowa
Helen L Wilson          Daughter        11      Iowa
Shirley A Wilson        Daughter        8       Iowa

Guy M Lum               Head            31      Iowa            White           Delivers groceries
Valborg N Lum           Wife            35      Minnesota
Harriet B Lum           Daughter        9       Iowa
Illa D Lum              Daughter        7       Iowa

Frank O Brown           Head            50      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Nettie Brown            Wife            39      Iowa

Bertha Severson         Head            55      Norway          White   1899    Cook in cafe

Wells L Thompson        Head            63      Iowa            White           Steam shovel operator
Doris K Thompson        Daughter        16      Wisconsin
Jack Thompson           Son             13      South Dakota
Donald Thompson         Son             11      South Dakota
Vera A Abernalte        Daughter        31      Minnesota       White           None
Russell E Abernalte     Grandson        8       Minnnesota

William 0 Eberts        Head            43      Minnesota       White           Dry goods retailer
Hattie W Eberts         Wife            41      Illinois                        Dry goods clerk
Paul F Eberts           Son             18      Iowa
Eleanor A M Eberts      Daughter        13      Iowa
Robert W Eberts         Son             9       Iowa
William F Eberts        Son             1       Iowa
Ethel Stehn             Servant         19      Iowa            White           Housekeeper

Herbert J Pixley        Head            50      Minnesota       White           Telegraph operator
Effie L Pixley          Wife            49      Iowa
Clayton D Pixley        Son             25      Iowa                            Stenographer
Clara R Pixley          Son             11      Iowa

Jan K Sawin             Head            81      Scotland        White   1858     None
Charles J Dilling       Head            25      Iowa            White           Miller in feed mill
Altine H Dilling        Wife            23      Minnesota

Peter C Eide            Head            87      Norway          White   1870    None
Bessie  Eide            Wife            83      Norway          White   1868

Dennie Clagett          Head            53      Kentucky        White           Commercial traveler
Emma F Clagett          Wife            46      Kentucky
Winnona J Clagett       Daughter        18      North Dakota                    Stenographer
Russell C Clagett       Son             12      Iowa

Elmer L Perry           Head            35      Iowa            White           None
Jean C Perry            Wife            29      Minnesota
Lorrain T Perry         Daughter        10      Iowa
Eilene P Perry          Daughter        8       Iowa
Ruth C Perry            Daughter        5       Iowa
Dale G Perry            Son             3       Iowa
Donald E Perry          Son             1       Iowa

Knut D Hagen            Head            60      Norway          White   1891    None
Katherine Hagen         Wife            59      Norway          White   1891
Harald J Hagen          Son             23      Iowa                            Farm worker
Lloyd D Hagen           Son             19      Iowa
Elsie M Hagen           Daughter        16      Iowa

Levi Tue                Head            43      Iowa            White           Horse breeder
Emma I Tue              Wife            42      Iowa            White
Ione Tue                Daughter        17      North Dakota
Eleanor L Tue           Daughter        15      North Dakota
Lavon O Tue             Son             3       Iowa

Minnie Walds            Head            80      Germany         White   1869    None

Judd  Page              Head            59      Indiana         White           Commercial traveler
Julia Page              Wife            59      Iowa            White

Samuel A Pangburn       Head            55      Iowa            White           Dentist
Helen W Pangburn        Wife            55      Iowa            White
Douglas A Pangburn      Son             17      Iowa
Florence J Pangburn     Daughter        14      Minnesota
Mary M Pangburn         Daughter        13      Iowa
Hubert W Pangburn       Son             1       Iowa

Lafayette Youmans       Head            76      New York        White           None
Jessie F  Youmans       Wife            73      Illinois                        Laudress

Bert Youmans            Head            37      Iowa            White           Fur dealer
Edith M Youmans         Wife            35      Minnesota       White
Ruth M Youmans          Daughter        9       Minnesota

Peter M Peterson        Head            65      Wisconsin       White           Farm worker
Margaret Peterson       Wife            66      Iowa
Minnie L Preet          Daughter        36      Iowa            White
Mary A Preet            Granddaughter   4       Iowa

Fred Brown              Head            78      Germany         White   1870    None
Ottilie Brown           Wife            69      Wisconsin       White

Alma T Ellingson        Head            35      Iowa            White           None
Lloyd T Ellingson       Son             14      Iowa
Almira B Ellingson      Daughter        12      Iowa
Afton E Ellingson       Son             10      Iowa
Eddie G Ellingson       Son             6       Minnesota
Vernon M Ellingson      Son             1       Minnesota

Irvin G Brown           Head            32      Iowa            White           Tiler
Thea C Brown            Wife            31      Iowa            White
Doris E Brown           Daughter        8       Iowa
Lynn H Brown            Son             2       Iowa
Everett E Stewert       Roomer          32      Iowa            White           Tiler

Lincoln E Whitcome      Head            43      Iowa            White           Interior decorator
Ethel R Whitcome        Wife            42      Iowa            White           Laudress
Ellsworth A Whitcome    Son             22      Iowa                            Warehouse clerk 
Velma V Whitcome        Daughter        20      North Dakota                    Census taker
Annie C Whftcome        Daughter        18      Iowa
Phillip W Whitcome      Son             11      Iowa
Clifford C Whitcome     Son             9       Iowa
Alice N Whitcome        Daughter-in-law 19      Iowa
Rodger D Whitcome       Grandson        6/12    Ohio
Almer Hanson            Lodger          25      Minnesota       White           Gas station attendant

Frank J Siverling       Head            52      Iowa            White           Jeweler
Myrtle M Siverling      Wife            42      Iowa            White

John Bruhn              Head            68      Germany         White           Farm worker
Ollie I Bruhn           Wife            30      Iowa

Milton C Winkelman      Head            25      New York        White           Garage owner
Lillie J Winkelman      Wife            22      Iowa
Richard D Winkelman     Son             1       Minnesota

Catherin Buehn          Head            80      Germany         White   1898    None

Ralph F Wyborny         Head            55      Iowa            White           Railroad section foreman
Josephine Wyborny       Wife            56      Wisconsin

Elias A Whitney         Head            78      Wisconsin       White           None
Charles L Whitney       Son             47      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Ellie E Ritchey         Daughter        34      Minnesota       White           Railroad section worker
Herman E Ritchey        Son-in-law      34      Minnesota
Aetton W Ritchey        Grandson        1       Iowa
Dela C Palmerton        Roomer          67      Wisconsin       White           Practical nurse

Orrin S Thompson        Head            27      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Martha M Thompson       Wife            20      Nebraska
Verna M Thompson        Stepdaughter    3       North Dakota
Helen L Thompson        Daughter        1       Iowa

Arthur E Thompson       Head            52      Iowa            White           Trucker
Carrie Thompson         Wife            48      Germany                 1882
Myrtle D Nelson         Daughter        18      Iowa            White
Sigor R A Nelson        Son-in-law      27      Denmark                 1903    Trucker
Eugene A Thompson       Son             16      Iowa
Viola A Thompson        Daughter        11      Iowa
Angeline A Thompson     Mother          68      Indiana

Vernon L Thompson       Head            31      Iowa            White           Trucker
Lila M Thompson         Wife            29      Minnesota
Weldon L Thompson       Son             7       Iowa

Joseph A McClintock     Head            85      Indiana         White           Truck farmer

Arliegh R Thompson      Head            34      Iowa            White           None
Esther Thompson         Wife            31      Minnesota
Donald L Thompson       Son             5       Iowa

Leland L Thompson       Head            33      Iowa            White           House painter
Molly Thompson          Wife            35      Minnesota
Josephin Trego          Head            75      Pennsylvania    White

Martin A Anderson       Head            55      Sweden          White   1887    Road grader driver
Bertine C Anderson      Wife            53      Iowa
Mervin B Anderson       Son             24      Iowa                            Hardware store clerk

Herbert S Neal          Head            30      Missouri        White           Commercial traveler
Cecil L Neal            Wife            30      Iowa
Elliote W Neal          Son             5       Iowa
Herbert S Neal          Son             3       Iowa
Ardis L Neal            Daughter        2       Iowa

Melvin Hopperstad       Head            26      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Josephine N Hopperstad  Wife            22      Iowa                            
Donavan M Hopperstad    Son             0

Otto E Weber            Head            41      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Catherine M Weber       Wife            41      Minnesota
Oliver W Vonhagen       Stepson         18      South Dakota    White           Farm worker
Martha L Vonhagen       Stepdaughter    17      South Dakota
Merle M Vonhagen        Stepdaughter    16      Minnesota
Verne A Vonhagen        Stepson         14      Canada

Thomas J Collins        Head            68      Illinois        White           Odd jobs
Ray Collins             Son             35      Iowa                            Odd jobs

Ole N Kjerland          Head            64      Iowa            White           Chicken farmer
Rama C Kjerland         Wife            47      Norway          White   1889    Farm worker
Donald E Kjerland       Son             23      Iowa                            Musician
Harold W Kjerland       Son             19      Iowa
Rachel M E  Kjerland    Daughter        13      Iowa
Doris F E Kjerland      Daughter        11      Iowa
Merlin K Kjerland       Son             25      Iowa                            None

John M Borsheim         Head            58      Iowa            White           Truck farmer
Christine Borsheim      Wife            53      Norway          White   1880    None

Alfred E Holland        Head            58      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Hanna Holland           Wife            45      Norway          White   1903
Gilmore A Holland       Son             18      Iowa
Clifford Mitchel        Lodger          19      Colorado        White           Farm worker

Liv Ellingson           Head            63      Norway          White   1880
Palma Ellingson         Daughter        37      Iowa

Oscar P Jacobson        Head            46      Minnesota       White           Dairy farmer
Bessie Jacobson         Wife            46      Norway          White   1889
Robert Jacobson         Son             10      Minnesota
Genevieve E Jacobson    Daughter        4       Minnesota
Christ Stromley         Head            40      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Nellna Stromley         Wife            31      Iowa            White
Obert A Stromley        Son             13      Iowa
Sadie C Stromley        Daughter        11      Iowa

Rasmus L Flattness      Head            56      Norway          White   1884    Grain elevator worker
Helen M Flattness       Wife            50      Iowa            White
Irving L Flattness      Son             23      Iowa                            Assistant county treasurer
Hazel M Flattness       Daughter        21      Iowa                            Telephone operator
Ida A Flattness         Daughter        19      Iowa            White           Servant
Norman D E Flattness    Son             16      Iowa
Melba E Flattness       Daughter        13      Iowa

Clara Fedge             Head            39      Iowa            White           None
Archibald K Fedge       Son             20      Iowa                            Telephone Co. worker
Carlyle L Fedge         Son             18      Iowa                            Salesman in drug store
Lloyd C Fedge           Son             17      Minnesota                       Lunch room waiter
Gladys C Fedge          Daughter        14      Minnesota

Walter C Ellingson      Head            27      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Rebbecca H Ellingson    Wife            21      Minnesota       White
Lavonne A  Ellingson    Daughter        2       Iowa
Donna F Ellingson       Daughter        4/12    Iowa

Mary Gullickson         Head            76      Norway          White   1857    None

Ole R Johnson           Head            74      Wisconsin       White           None
Rande Johnson           Wife            66      Wisconsin       White
Albert E Roppe          Head            53      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Bessie T Roppe          Daughter        23      Iowa

Annie L Sime            Head            64      Illinois        White           None
Minnie R Sime           Sister          57      Iowa

Charles F Neiman        Head            62      Iowa            White           None
Minnie Neiman           Wife            62      Germany         White   1887

Lena C Lande            Head            60      Iowa            White           Practical nurse

Halgrin O Vold          Head            65      Minnesota       White           Carpenter
Ingeborg O Vold         Wife            56      Iowa            White
Herman O Vold           Son             21      Iowa
Anna O Vold             Sister          67      Iowa                            Housekeeper

Christ K Thoen          Head            63      Norway          White   1885    Carpenter
Emma J Thoen            Wife            51      Wisconsin       White
Charles E Thoen         Son             16      Iowa
Maria Hunsley           Roomer          18      Iowa            White           Stenographer

Eliza B Bliton          Head            71      Minnesota       White           None
Bernard I Carey         Son-in-law      33      Minnesota       White           Produce dealer
Ruth M Carey            Daughter        32      Iowa                            None
Rosa M Carey            Granddaughter   4       Iowa
William M Carey         Grandson        4       Iowa
Mary R Carey            Granddaughter   2       Minnnesota

Anton Lomen             Head            44      Iowa            White           Indutrial trucker
Sina C Lomen            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Clarice L Lomen         Daughter        18      Iowa                            Dental office attendant
Keneth C Lomen          Son             14      Iowa

Lena Butler             Head            66      Norway          White   1882    Housekeeper

John H Logemann         Head            70      Germany         White   1883    None
Cadstena J Logemann     Wife            68      Norway          White   1881
Charles L Logemann      Son             31      Iowa                            Gas truck driver

Clinton Butler          Head            33      Minnesota       White           Electrician
Anna E Butler           Wife            29      Iowa            White
Elaine L Butler         Daughter        4       Iowa

Rasmus J Vanghavgaard   Head            77      Denmark         White   1880    City park worker
Maria C Vanghavgaard    Wife            67      Denmark         White   1882

Adolph H Ausenhus       Head            40      Iowa            White           Trucker
Lizzie Ausenhus         Wife            21      Iowa
Marvin Grosland         Brother-in-law  24      Iowa            White           Trucker

Rudolph C Virchow       Head            43      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Dena H Virchow          Wife            44      Minnesota

Thomas T Teall          Head            44      Wisconsin       White           County engineer
Ida H Teall             Wife            33      Iowa            White
Betty H Teall           Daughter        7       Iowa
Robert R Teall          Son             5       Iowa
Helen B Teall           Daughter        1       Iowa                        
Clarence Christiansen   Roomer          43      Iowa            White           Farm manager
Wayland R Christiensen  Roomer          34      Iowa            White           Postmaster

Oscar M Peterson        Head            57      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Emma Peterson           Wife            47      Iowa            White
John Peterson           Son             22      Iowa                            Garage worker
Alice Peterson          Daughter        18      Iowa

Robert F Low            Head            61      Wisconsin       White           Horse harness assembler
Emma J Low              Wife            61      Wisconsin       White
George Smith            Roomer          55      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic

Nels O Nelson           Head            43      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Josephine Nelson        Wife            44      Iowa            White

Otto C Struck           Head            51      Minnesota       White           Carpenter
Selma A Struck          Wife            36      Iowa                            Dry goods saleslady

Henry E Guilickson      Head            66      Wisconsin       White           None
Helen C Guilickson      Wife            48      Iowa            White

Peter J Cullen          Head            74      New York        White           None
James E Cullen          Son             38      Iowa

Christena Torgerson     Head            41      Minnesota       White           Laudress
Geneva L Torgerson      Daughter        11      Iowa
Mildred I Torgerson     Daughter        9       Iowa

Helen Hanson            Head            58      Norway          White   1873    None
Helen A Owen            Head            29      Illinois        White           None

Lila E Dwelle           Head            41      Iowa            White           None
Marian E Dwelle         Daughter        17      Iowa
George R Dwelle         Son             13      Iowa
Jean E Dwelle           Daughter        10      Iowa
William Low             Head            59      Iowa            White           Water pumper on railroad

William Erbach          Head            46      Germany         White   1913    Baker
Mary Erbach             Wife            48      Denmark         White           Bakery worker
Martha Larson           Servant         16      Nebraska        White           Delivers for bakery

William H Landmesser    Head            47      Iowa            White           Interior decorator
Edna Landmesser         Wife            44      Iowa            White
John T Snyder           Head            79      Indiana         White           Barber
Adalaide J Snyder       Wife            72      Wisconsin       White
Richard J Snyder        Son             44      Iowa                            Barber

Eldon L Nelson          Head            34      Iowa            White           Plumber
Eunice H Nelson         Wife            35      Iowa            White
Eugene E Nelson         Son             12      Iowa                            Newsboy
Theodore B Nelson       Son             10      Iowa                            Newsboy
Donald L Nelson         Son             8       Iowa
Margaret H Nelson       Daughter        3       Iowa
Almer M Sesker          Brother-in-law  25      Iowa            White           Plumber
Gilbert J Thompson      Head            58      Iowa            White           Grocery retailer
Ella C Thompson         Wife            51      Wisconsin       White

Leon C Nickolson        Head            24      Minnesota       White           Doctor/osteopathy
Hazel W Nickolson       Wife            24      Illinois        White

George M Lundberg       Head            40      Iowa            White           Cattle dealer
Ethelyn E Lundberg      Wife            39      Minnesota       White
George L Lundberg       Son             19      Iowa
Gail S Lundberg         Son             17      Iowa
Roger M Lundberg        Son             13      Iowa
Joyce L Lundberg        Daughter        3       Iowa

William A Willing       Head            59      New York        White           Proprietor of cafe

Meds Christian Madsen    Head           39      Denmark         White   1911    Tiler
Ole N Melhoase          Lodger          65      Norway          White   1889
Delos C Whiteman        Lodger          49      Minnesota       White           Lunch room worker
George J McQuatters     Grandson        18      Iowa            White

Edwin Hove              Head            68      Iowa            White           Shoe repairman

Oscar Dahl              Head            66      Iowa            White           Makes harness
Frona L Dahl            Wife            51      Iowa            White
Alice M Dahl            Daughter        24      South Dakota                    Stenogrpaher
Nadine T Dahl           Daughter        18      South Dakota

Susan S Peterson        Head            78      Norway          White   1865    None
Thea Johnson            Head            54      Iowa            White           Laudress
Ruth L Johnson          Daughter        20      Iowa
Elmer N Johnson         Son             17      Iowa                            Farm worker
Tena M Drain            Wife            63      Illinois        White

James A Drain           Head            57      Illinois        White           Repairman on railroad

Almer B Anderson        Head            30      Iowa            White           None
Alma B Anderson         Wife            33      Iowa            White

Olaus A Olson           Head            68      Iowa            White           Salesman for lumber yard
Caroline Olson          Wife            61      Iowa
Cora G Olson            Daughter        37      Iowa                            Country school teacher
Clarence G Olson        Son             19      Iowa                            Works in bakery
Warren E Lee            Roomer          27      Wisconsin       White           Bulk gasoline station agent

Maurice L Borg          Head            29      Iowa            White           County auditor
Gladys M Borg           Wife            27      Iowa            White
Lola M Borg             Daughter        4       Iowa

Ed Marquardt            Head            54      Wisconsin       White           Carpenter
Milla Marquardt         Wife            49      Norway          White   1892
Albert L Pitman         Roomer          31      Missouri        White

Inger Krogness          Head            60      Norway          White   1901    City drayman
Kriatofa Krogness       Wife            55      Norway          White   1901
Alma O Thorson          Roomer          35      Iowa            White           Assistant physician

John Rusten             Head            88      Norway          White   1879    None
Tonetta Rusten          Wife            88      Norway          White   1880

Josephine Mcquatters    Head            41      Iowa            White           None
Andrew H Hanson         Father          63      Norway          White   1883    Carpenter
Turina Hanson           Mother          70      Illinois

John A Oleson           Head            75      Norway          White   1856    City marshall
Anna M Oleson           Wife            69      Iowa
Leanord R Oleson        Son             27      Iowa                            None

George Wold             Head            45      Iowa            White           None
Sene B Wold             Wife            45      Iowa

Albert O Harman         Head            79      Norway          White   1853    None
Sinva Harman            Wife            80      Norway          White   1875
Lewis G Mellem          Head            63      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Signe R Mellem          Wife            47      Iowa
Esther S Mellem         Daughter        31      Iowa                            Teacher
Valborg P Mellem        Daughter        18      Iowa
Virginia L Mellem       Daughter        16      Iowa
Alvira A Mellem         Daughter        12      Iowa
Lewis R Mellem          Son             9       Iowa

Newel B Dorman          Head            38      Iowa            White           Mail carrier
Edith H Dorman          Wife            35      Iowa
Edith L Dorman          Daughter        2       Iowa

Robert O Myli           Head            30      South Dakota    White           Garage mechanic
Alice Myli              Wife            26      Iowa
Wanda M Myli            Daughter        5       Iowa
Morris Myli             Brother         25      South Dakota                    Garage mechanic

Anna E Adams            Head            65      Illinois        White           Laundress
Agnes M Adams           Daughter        44      Iowa

Horace G Hillborn       Head            39      Iowa            White           Butcher
Mary J Hillbom          Wife            34      Iowa                            Beauty shop operator
Donald W Hillborn       Son             15      Iowa
James F Hillborn        Son             10      Iowa
Lucielle G Walter       Servant         17      Minnesota       White           Housekeeper

Silas A Nichols         Head            43      Minnesota       White           Truck garden operator
Clara J Nichols         Wife            40      Minnesota

Lewis W Seltz           Head            49      Minnesota       White           Garage mechanic
Regna S Seltz           Wife            49      Norway          White   1890
Rolind L Seltz          Son             10      Iowa

Walter G Olsen          Head            47      Iowa            White           Photographer
Helen L Olsen           Wife            41      Iowa
Le Ette A Olsen         Lodger          14      Iowa            White
June L Olsen            Lodger          7       Iowa            White

Arthur H Johnson        Head            27      Iowa            White           Cafe proprietor
Edna A Johnson          Wife            23      Iowa            White
Arther E Johnson        Son             4       Iowa
Florence M Johnson      Daughter        3       Minnesota

William H Bassett       Head            50      Missouri        White           Tiler
Teddy F Bassett         Son             17      Missouri                        Tiler
Holver T Grosland       Head            60      Norway          White   1889    Tailor

John S Carlson          Head            50      Sweden          White   1901    Mason

Jeffery N Berge         Head            25      Iowa            White           Painter
Marie Berge             Wife            19      Iowa                            None

Albert Thompson         Head            58      Iowa            White           Odd jobs

Randi Christenson       Head            69      Illinois        White           None

Albert F Marshall       Head            46      Iowa            White           Barber
Myrtle L Marshall       Wife            46      Illinois
Eva C Keller            Sister          36      Iowa            White           County clerk

Alice T Stott           Head            77      Wisconsin       White           None
Martie Y Moore          Sister          69      Minnesota       White

Archie C Duffus         Head            47      Iowa            White           Hotel proprietor
Sadie E Duffus          Wife            46      Iowa            White
Harlan B Smith          Nephew          11      Iowa            White           Hotel porter
James N Smith           Lodger          73      Kentucky        White
Fred M Johnson          Lodger          28      Iowa            White           Commercial traveler
Gus F Johnson           Lodger          56      Iowa            White           Real estate agent
Victor C Gullickson     Lodger          51      Iowa            White           None
Ella S Lamb             Lodger          77      Wisconsin       White           None

Glen I Thoen            Head            28      Minnesota       White           Garage mechanic
Olga K Thoen            Wife            23      Iowa            White           
Marjorie A Thoen        Daughter        1/12    Iowa

Nettie R Thomson        Head            60      Pennsylvania    White           Telephone operator

Gladys B Burtness       Head            25      Iowa            White           Stenographer

Amos D Christiansen     Head            49      Denmark         White   1889    Hat merchant
Lillian R Christiansen  Daughter        15      Iowa
Roland M Christiansen   Son             9       Iowa
Dorothy Jenson          Lodger          23      Iowa            White           Country school teacher

Cla_ Hill               Head            48      Ohio            White           Chiropractor
Lucielle S Hill         Daughter        17      Minnesota       White
John C Hill             Son             15      Minnesota
James A Hill              Son             10      Minnesota

Tom H Watts             Head            33      Iowa            White           Gas station attendant
Laveida M Watts         Wife            28      North Dakota    White
Wendall W Watts         Son             8       Iowa
Doril J Watts           Daughter        4       Iowa
Loren K Watts           Son             0       Iowa

Nels T Christiansen     Head            63      Denmark         White   1886    None
Nettie Christiansen     Wife            57      Iowa            White
Bernice L Christiansen  Daughter        28      Iowa                            Deputy superintent of schools 
Marjorie P Christiansen Daughter        24      Iowa                            Dry goods saleswoman
John S Veenker          Roomer          42      Iowa            White           Drug store proprietor
Axel Johanson           Roomer          44      Denmark         White   1906    Operates pool room

Edward D Wright         Head            53      Iowa            White           Farm implement salesman
Julia M Wright          Wife            47      Scotland        White
Donald C Wright         Son             24      Washington                      Farm implement salesman
Dorothy A Wright        Daughter        17      Washington
Joseph T Paulson        Roomer          35      South Dakota    White           Farm Bureau agent

Rachel E Foster         Head            77      Wisconsin       White           None

George D  Scofield      Head            55      Iowa            White           Teamster for county
Kathryn M Scofield      Wife            40      Illinois        White
Harold F Scofield       Stepson         16      Illinois                        Farm worker
Georgia A Scofield      Daughter        11      Iowa
Mary J Scofield         Daughter        8       Iowa
Joseph P Scofield       Son             6       Iowa

Carl H Witt             Head            50      Germany         White   1834    Operates a cafe
Ada E Witt              Wife            50      Iowa            White           Works in cafe
Gaylord F Kuhlmann      Roomer          22      Iowa            White           City mail carrier
Mabel O Grosland        Roomer          26      Iowa            White

William Crossley        Head            41      England         White           Doctor of divinity
Agnes L Crossley        Wife            33      North Dakota
Duane W Crossley        Son             13      North Dakota
Iris G Crossley         Daughter        11      North Dakota
Joice W Crossley        Son             9       North Dakota
Norman L Crossley       Son             2       Iowa

Walter R Johnson        Head            43      Iowa            White           Insurance agent
Lydia A Johnson         Wife            29      Iowa
Marilynn A Johnson      Daughter        11/12   Iowa
Clara A Johnson         Mother          80      Sweden          White   1868
Albert C S Rue          Head            51      Iowa            White           Plumber
Geneva Rue              Wife            44      Iowa
Truman S Rue            Son             3       Iowa

Melvin B Jewett         Head            65      Wisconsin       White           None
Lillian M Jewett        Wife            63      Iowa
Josie E Jewett          Sister          54      Iowa                            Housekeeper
Esther A Webb           Roomer          33      Nebraska        White           School principal
Hazel E Neeley          Roomer          27      Iowa            White           Teacher
Delia Paulson           Roomer          27      Wisconsin       White           Teacher
Mildred Isadorf         Roomer          26      Iowa            White           Teacher

Charles Edmunds         Head            57      Iowa            White           Butcher
Rose H Edmunds          Wife            57      Canada                          Seamstress

Henry P Stehn           Head            55      Iowa            White           None
Emilie M Stehn          Wife            58      Iowa
Robert F Stehn          Son             20      Iowa                            Waitress in lunch room
Blanche A Stehn         Daughter        18      Iowa
Marjorie G Jaspers      Lodger          23      Iowa            White           Stenographer
Muriel E Kaz            Roomer          24      South Dakota    White           Teacher
Marian F Micham         Roomer          24      Illinois        White           Teacher
Gwendolyn D Selleck     Roomer          26      Iowa            White           Teacher

Ernest Perry            Head            38      Iowa            White           Sells groceries
Frances Perry           Wife            37      Iowa
Harold L Perry          Son             15      Iowa
Ray L Perry             Son             13      Iowa
Helen I Perry           Daughter        6       Iowa
Lincoln D Perry         Father          64      Wisconsin                       Runs a pool hall

William F Lau           Head            60      Wisconsin       White           None
Wanda P Lau             Wife            44      Minnesota

Tom O Vold              Head            62      Minnesota       White           Car salesman
Nellie R Vold           Wife            63      Iowa
Marjorie M Webb         Roomer          30      Iowa            White           Teacher

Andrew Aase             Head            55      Norway          White   1875    Livestock trucker
Flossie N Aase          Wife            33      Iowa
Audrey F Aase           Daughter        5       Iowa
Marilyn J Aase          Daughter        2       Iowa
Ellert O Roppe          Roomer          33      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic

Louis F Madson          Head            56      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic
Minnie G Madson         Wife            55      Iowa
Mildred L Madson        Daughter        21      Iowa                            Teacher
Elroy H Witt            Son             19      Iowa            White

Helge O Espedokken      Head            76      Norway          White   1906    None

Thomas W Gilpin         Head            43      Minnesota       White           Real estate agent
Jessie J Gilpin         Wife            43      Iowa
Merrill A Gilpin        Son             10      Iowa
Margaret J Gilpin       Daughter        1       Minnesota

Willard L Wagner        Head            66      New York        White           None
Nellie E Wagner         Wife            57      Wisconsin
Martha M Lilly          Mother-in-law   88      Ohio            White

Severen Olson           Head            61      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Evelyn Olson            Daughter        25      Minnesota

William E Olson         Head            28      Iowa            White           Delivers milk
Alma A Olson            Wife            23      Minnesota
Almira W Olson          Daughter        3       Iowa
Theadore O Olson        Brother         47      Iowa                            Garage mechanic

Henry White             Head            44      Wisconsin       White           Odd jobs
Ida White               Wife            40      Iowa
Leslie V White          Son             15      Iowa                            Farm worker
Fern L White            Daughter        11      Iowa
Richard J White         Son             6       Iowa
Annie Nesset            Head            73      Norway          White   1877    None

Elmer L Dishon          Head            27      Iowa            White           Tiler
Edna T Dishon           Wife            22      Iowa
James E Dishon          Son             4       Iowa

Olaf M Olson            Head            40      Iowa            White           House contactor
Madeline P Olson        Wife            29      Minnesota
Melvin O Olson          Son             11      Minnesota
Evylene M Olson         Daughter        10      Minnesota
Amos L Hanson           Lodger          21      Minnesota       White           Garage mechanic

Sarah Kjerland          Head            58      Iowa            White           Teacher
Josephine Mark          Sister          62      Iowa            White
Robert B Mark           Nephew          38      Iowa

Peter O Horgen          Head            50      Minnesota       White           Grades county roads
Mary Horgen             Wife            48      Minnesota
Melvin H Horgen         Son             29      Minnesota                       Carpenter
George O Horgen         Son             27      Iowa                            County engineer
Everett L Horgen        Son             23      Iowa
Palmar R Horgen         Son             19      Iowa

Elizabeth Espeseth      Head            75      Norway          White   1874    None
Semore E Espeseth       Son             33      Iowa                            Gas station manager

Reginus C Knutson       Head            42      Iowa            White
Emma B Knutson          Wife            47      Iowa
Ellen E Mostrom         Mother-in-law   75      Illinois        White
Minnie Mostrom          Sister-in-law   37      Iowa

Helen Wright            Head            37      Iowa            White           None

Leland G Hewitt         Head            63      Minnesota       White           Doctor
Emma Hewitt             Wife            47      Iowa
Kent W Hewitt           Son             21      Iowa
Nan E Hewitt            Daughter        8       Iowa
Lena Quandahl           Mother-in-law   72      Norway          White   1882

Carl A Mostrom          Head            51      Iowa            White           Church janitor
Ella A Mostrom          Wife            50      Ohio

William W Cisne         Head            64      Iowa            White           None
Carry F Cisne           Wife            62      Minnesota

Seward L Marvick        Head            49      Illinois        White           Automotive tire retailer
Matilde M N Marvick     Wife            34      Minnesota
Maurice Marvick         Son             8       Minnesota
Laurie D Marvick        Son             6       Iowa

Alexander Mitchell      Head            77      Scotland        White   1892    None
Agnes S Mitchell        Wife            77      Scotland        White   1892
Alexander L Mitchell    Son             39      Scotland        White   1892    Trucks livestock    

Ephriam J Mcquatters    Head            66      Indiana         White           Exterior house decorator
Alice M Mcquatters      Wife            63      Iowa          
Lorna D Meyer           Roomer          24      Iowa            White           Teacher

Harry H Douglas         Head            51      Minnesota       White           Grain elevator manager
Elsie M Douglas         Wife            46      Iowa
Robert H Douglas        Son             13      Wisconsin
Olive Douglas           Mother          78      Ohio
Mary M White            Mother-in-law   80      Illinois        White

Frank Streich           Head            68      Germany         White   1877    None
Minnie Streich          Wife            63      Germany         White   1878
Bertha E Streich        Daughter        29      Iowa

Malvern H Kepler        Head            59      Iowa            White           District court judge
Minnie E Kepler W       Wife            54      Iowa
Harrison D Kepler       Son             31      Iowa                            Attorney

Adolph R Trenda         Head            42      Minnesota       White           Dry cleaner
Minda M Trenda          Wife            38      Iowa
Ruth A  Trenda          Daughter        3       Iowa

Charles W Sanders       Head            70      Iowa            White           Doctor
Bertha V Sanders        Wife            62      Iowa
Leslie B Sanders        Son             29      Iowa                            Doctor's chauffer
Florence V Sanders      Daughter        24      Iowa                            Doctor'e office attendent
Augusta M Blackmore	Mother-in-law	86	New York	White
Martie E VaNess         Lodger          71      Missouri        White

Mary E Bowers           Head            57      Iowa            White           None

Roy L Anderson          Head            38      Minnesota       White           Commercial traveler
Vera K Anderson         Wife            37      Minnesota

James Rue               Head            42      USA              White          Commercail traveler
Julianne Rue            Wife            39      Iowa                            
Evelyn B Rue            Daughter        11      Iowa

George W Haight         Head            46      Iowa            White
Lillian A Haight        Wife            39      Minnesota                       Theater manager
Lawrence W Haight       Son             15      Iowa                            Theater ticker seller

Arthur E Finch          Head            57      Iowa            White
Edna I Finch            Wife            54      Iowa                            Manages rooming house
Arlene E Finch          Daughter        16      Iowa
Dorothy I Finch         Daughter        12      Iowa

Ole A Tenold            Head            71      Illinois        White           None
Randine Tenold          Wife            61      Wisconsin
Alvin L Tenold          Son             33      Iowa                            Bank cashier
Stella O R Tenold       Daughter        31      Iowa                            Teacher
Glenys O Tenold         Son             24      Iowa                            Order clerk in cement plant

Martin O Skjevland      Head            63      Norway          White   1884    Blacksmith
Theoline M Skjevland    Wife            57      Iowa
Lloyd C M  Skjevland    Son             18      Iowa
Olena Johnson           Head            71      Iowa            White           None
Emma E Hanson           Servant         41      Iowa            White

George E Whitcomb       Head            55      Iowa            White           Loan agent
Lansy S Whitcomb        Wife            45      Iowa

Leighton D Beckett      Head            38      Iowa            White           State bank examiner
Jessie R Beckett        Wife            37      Maryland
Thomas A Beckett        Son             9       Illinois
Elenore S Beckett       Daughter        5       Minnesota

Mary E Beckett          Head            81      Wisconsin       White           None

Louise S Butler         Head            45      Iowa            White           None

Nels J Paulson          Head            42      Denmark         White   1904    Tiler
Lena J Paulson          Wife            41      Iowa            White
Harold C Paulson        Son             19      Iowa                            Tiler
Viola A Paulson         Daughter        17      Iowa
Leona L Paulson         Daughter        15      Iowa
Marshall W Paulson      Son             12      Iowa
Richard S Paulson       Son             6       Iowa
Torina Peterson         Head            79      Norway          White   1867    None

Albert Holland          Head            65      Wisconsin       White           None
Tillie Holland          Wife            55      Iowa            White
Marie S Holland         Daughter        19      Iowa
Albert Holland          Son             13      Iowa

Rolf Rislov             Head            27      Iowa            White           Shoe retailer
Olron J Rislov          Wife            29      Minnesota       White
Johanna W Yloicaker     Roomer          29      Minnesota       White           None

Magnud Borg             Head            56      Sweden          White   1893    Sells shoes
Gene Borg               Wife            56      Iowa            White
Orvill K Borg           Son             22      Iowa                            Repairs shoes
Helen L Borg            Daughter        18      Iowa

Tollef C Rone           Head            75      Norway          White   1870    None
Caroline Rone           Wife            72      Iowa            White

Herbert Satterlee       Head            51      Iowa            White           Rural mail carrier
Bird Satterlee          Wife            43      Iowa            White
Doris M Satterlee       Daughter        17      Iowa
Merle E Satterlee       Son             8       Iowa
Elaine J Satterlee      Daughter        6       Iowa

Albert A Thompto        Head            62      Wisconsin       White           Farm manager
Nettie A Thompto        Wife            59      Iowa            White
Elmer A Thompto         Son             35      Iowa
Margaret E Duclos       Roomer          22      Minnesota       White           Stenographer
Mary K Scammon          Roomer          44      Iowa            White           Post office clerk
Esther B Cawelti        Roomer          21      Iowa            White           Stenographer
Bessie B Wilson         Daughter        29      Minnesota       White           Bookkeeper
Fredrick P Wilson       Grandson        2       Iowa            

John M Slosson          Head            53      Iowa            White           Bank receiver
Sophie Slosson          Wife            53      Iowa            White
Ella Johnson            Sister-in-law   47      Iowa            White           Stenographer

Rob R Cerney            Head            40      Iowa            White           Attorney
Mable M Cerney          Wife            36      Wisconsin       White
Rob R Cerney            Son             2       Iowa

Charles H Dwelle        Head            47      Iowa            White           Insurance agent
Alice A Dwelle          Wife            47      New York        White
Horace C Dwelle         Son             23      Iowa                            Assistant county clerk
Arlene Dwelle           Daughter        20      Iowa
Dorethy C Dwelle        Daughter        18      Iowa
Alberta B Dwelle        Daughter        7       Iowa
Shirley R Dwelle        Daughter        5       Iowa
Ruth F White            Mother-in-law   69      New York        White
Phoebe M Cowan          Lodger          35      Iowa            White           Teacher

Charles A Walker        Head            44      Iowa            White           Miller/feed
Sarah Walker            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Carroll A Walker        Son             18      Iowa
Charles F Littlefield   Uncle           82      Maine           White

Hartwick G Mellem       Head            26      Iowa            White           Gravel truck driver
Fern L Mellem           Wife            20      Iowa
Jewel D Mellem          Son             1       Iowa

Sigfried E Herbst       Head            30      Iowa            White           Doctor
Edith E Herbst          Wife            29      Iowa            White
Jack R Herbst           Son             5       Iowa
Grant A Herbst          Son             2       Minnesota
Edith H Herbst          Daughter        1       Minnesota
Paul S Thonn            Head            38      Norway          White   1906    Attorney
Agnes S Thonn           Wife            29      Iowa            White
Paul G Thonn            Son             4       Iowa
David T Thonn           Son             2       Iowa

Peter J Johnson         Head            72      Denmark         White   1879    Cemetery sexton
Martha Johnson          Wife            71      Iowa            White

James Peterson          Head            37      Denmark         White   1911    Proprietor of garage
Robert D Peterson       Adopted Son     5       Iowa
Velma I Newhouse        Servant         22      Iowa            White           Housekeeper
Donald E Newhouse       Lodger          4       California      White
Morris G Holstad        Lodger          28      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic

Peter C Holt            Head            50      Norway          White   1881    Farm operator
Thea B Holt             Wife            55      Iowa            White

Emma R Thompson         Head            48      Iowa            White           Saleswoman in store
Dena K Thompson         Sister          41      Iowa                            Beautician

Andrew E Aase           Head            63      Norway          White   1877    None
Nellie N Aase           Wife            63      Norway          White   1910
Mabel B Ausdahl         Daughter        26      Iowa            White            
Rodney O Ausdahl        Grandson        7       Iowa
Dennis E Ausdahl        Grandson        1       Iowa

Able S Lund             Head            37      Minnesota       White           Bank cashier
Alma O Lund             Wife            37      Iowa            White
Herbert A Lund          Son             6       Iowa
Ruth A Lund             Daughter        2       Iowa

Albin J Heiny           Head            40      Iowa            White           Dentist
Lola M Heiny            Wife            31      Iowa            White
Harriet J Heiny         Daughter        3       Iowa
James R Heiny           Son             1       Minnesota

Emma G Brunsvold        Head            65      Minnesota       White           None
Arlene M Brunsvold      Stepdaughter    17      New York

Bertha K Heiny          Head            68      Czechoslovakia  White   1863    None
Arnold L Heiny          Son             48      Iowa                            Commercial traveler
Goldie L Heiny          Daughter        31      Iowa                            Nurse

Julia Holm              Head            54      Iowa            White           None

Michael Ruffridge       Head            69      Canada          White   1868    None
Rebecca Ruffridge       Wife            68      Iowa            White           

Josephine L Rustad      Head            62      Iowa            White           None
Eleanor A Rustad        Daughter        38      Iowa                            Stenogrpher
Leland C Rustad         Son             22      Iowa                            Odd jobs

Alvin B Ranum           Head            48      Iowa            White           Butcher
Clara E Ranum           Wife            44      Iowa            White
Clarice A Ranum         Daughter        13      Iowa
Janice G H Ranum        Daughter        8       Iowa

Fredrick A Sawin        Head            71      Wisconsin       White           None
Jessie B Sawin          Wife            68      New York        White

Fritz G Torgerson       Head            30      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic
Luella Torgerson        Wife            23      Iowa            White
John Ubben              Lodger          23      Iowa            White           Automobile salesman
Knudt E Lund            Head            53      Norway          White   1885    Telephone Co. manager
Lucille I Lund          Daughter        22      Iowa            
Gladys L Lund           Daughter        21      Iowa                            Waitress in cafe
Lorraine S Lund         Daughter        18      Iowa
George E Lund           Son             11      Iowa
Maxine K Lund           Daughter        5       Iowa

August C Stehn          Head            80      Germany         White   1868    None
Elize C L Stehn         Wife            77      Germany         White

Walter C Johnson        Head            45      Iowa            White           Grocery retailer
Myrtle D Johnson        Wife            35      Wisconsin       White
Glen W Johnson          Son             15      Wisconsin
Virgil J Johnson        Son             13      Iowa
Robert C Johnson        Son             10      Iowa                            Newsboy
Dorothy M Johnson       Daughter        4       Iowa

Frank P Stremlow        Head            40      Iowa            White           Pool hall proprietor
Emma Stremlow           Wife            40      Tennessee       White
Lois F Stremlow         Daughter        15      Iowa

Carl S Rue              Head            60      Iowa            White           Bulk gasoline trucker
Aase S Rue              Wife            58      Iowa

Jacob C Kimm            Head            37      Iowa            White           
Pearl L Kimm            Wife            32      Iowa            White
Neal E Kimm             Son             12      Iowa                            Newsboy
Hazel E Kimm            Daughter        9       Iowa
Betty L Kimm            Daughter        4       Iowa

Ole O Bakken            Head            35      Norway          White   1899    Clothing retailer
Clara Bakken            Wife            40      Wisconsin       White
Opal C Bakken           Daughter        11      Iowa
Pearl M Bakken          Daughter        7       Iowa
Howard J Bakken         Son             4       Iowa

Lawerence H Thompto     Head            40      Iowa            White           Grain elevator manager
Pearl M B Thompto       Wife            33      Iowa            White

Annie Holstad           Head            67      Wisconsin       White           None
Oliver Holstad          Son             45      Iowa
Inga M Holstad          Daughter        38      Iowa                            Dental assistant
Morris G Holstad        Grandson        20      Minnesota                       Barber

Peter H Gaarder         Head            48      Norway          White   1903    Railroad section worker
Maria Gaarder           Wife            48      Norway          White   1903
George E Gaarder        Son             18      Iowa
Maynard H Gaarder       Son             4       Iowa

Josephine E Ferley      Head            58      Wisconsin       White           None
Julia Ferley            Daughter        26      Minnesota                       Stenographer in bank
Adolph J Ferley         Son             31      Iowa                            Insurance agent

Ole J Bakken            Head            72      Norway          White   1899    Carpenter
Marie Bakken            Wife            73      Norway          White   1899
Gena J Bakken           Daughter        26      Iowa                            Assistant parish worker

John Anderson           Head            53      Sweden          White   1887    Teamster on county streets
Robert Anderson         Brother         44      Sweden          White   1886    Carpenter
Tillie A Anderson       Sister-in-law   40      Iowa                            Saleswoman in a store
Curtis A Anderson       Nephew          20      Iowa

Carrie Banken           Head            69      Norway          White   1881    None

Carl N Urdahl           Head            49      Iowa            White           Grocery retailer
Tena A Urdahl           Wife            39      Iowa            White
Doris E Urdahl          Daughter        10      Iowa
Gladys A Urdahl         Daughter        5       North Dakota
Alice B Urdahl          Sister          50      Iowa                            Housekeeper

Alferd J Anderson       Head            63      Sweden          White   1882    Steet commissioner
Marie J Anderson        Wife            61      Wisconsin       White

Sever B Holm            Head            56      Wisconsin       White           Farm operator
Ida E Holm              Wife            50      Iowa            White

Emilie Hanson           Head            78      Norway          White   1853    None
Clara S Hanson          Daughter        47      Iowa
Ludvig A Jacobson       Roomer          58      Norway          White   1889    Garage mechanic

Lewis J Thompson        Head            56      Iowa            White           Retail merchant
Hilda C Thompson        Wife            53      Iowa            White
June A Thompson         Daughter        18      Iowa                            Teacher
John B Thompson         Son             12      Iowa
Conrad L Olson          Head            41      Minnesota       White           Cattle shipping manager
Bessie G Olson          Wife            36      Iowa            White

Theodore E Estenson     Head            56      Minnesota       White           Odd jobs
Elize M Estenson        Wife            60      Wisconsin       White

Andrew K Trustem        Head            70      Iowa            White           Deputy sheriff
Julia D Trustem         Wife            69      Wisconsin       White

Fred D Warmer           Head            45      Wisconsin       White           Commercial traveler
Beth C Warmer           Wife            40      Minnesota       White
Irene E Warmer          Daughter        16      Iowa
Douglass F Warmer       Son             8       Iowa
Nels Hove               Head            65      Iowa            White           None
Julia A Hove            Daughter        16      Iowa

William R Hanna         Head            30      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Anges R Hanna           Wife            28      Iowa            White
James W Hanna           Son             4       Iowa

Andrew Hanson           Head            77      Norway          White           None
Ole S Rue               Head            70      Norway          White   1867    None
Betsy E Rue             Wife            67      Iowa            White

Thor J Trostem          Head            60      Norway          White   1886    Livestock trucker
Marie J Trostem         Wife            54      Iowa            White

Lewis I Butler          Head            63      Wisconsin       White           None
Anna Butler             Wife            62      Iowa            White
Luella B Butler         Daughter        24      Iowa
Agnes M Butler          Daughter        22      Iowa                            Country school teacher

Emery D Eckert          Head            71      Wisconsin       White           Buyer for grain elevator
Agnes M Eckert          Daughter        44      South Dakota

Lars Tosdal             Head            86      Norway          White   1873    None
Ulrica O Tosdal         Daughter        46      Iowa                            Teacher
Alma W Schultz          Servant         29      Iowa            White           Housekeeper
Marcile O Christensen   Granddaughter   28      Iowa            White           Teacher

Lewis J Hove            Head            61      Wisconsin       White           None
Helen Hove              Wife            60      Iowa            White
Cicila V Hove           Daughter        17      Iowa
Glen L Hove             Grandson        5       Iowa            White

Severt E Numnedahl      Head            55      Iowa            White           None
Anna B Numnedahl        Wife            33      Minnesota
Christena Numnedahl     Sister          61      Iowa

John N Stadheim         Head            56      Minnesota       White
Julia Stadheim          Wife            61      Iowa            White

Ole D Meland            Head            67      Norway          White   1870    None
Betsy Meland            Wife            68      Iowa            White

Henning A Grube         Head            49      Minnesota       White           Farm operator
Alma I Grube            Wife            42      Minnesota       White
Faye W Grube            Son             17      Minnesota                       Farm worker

Ben Bakken              Head            57      Norway          White   1890    Farm worker
Randena Bakken          Wife            55      Norway          White   1880

Anthon O Walswick       Head            43      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Alma Walswick           Wife            35      Iowa            White
Luella Larson           Roomer          28      Minnesota       White           Waitress in cafe

Andrew Singlstad        Head            54      Minnesota       White           House contractor
Inger H Singlstad       Wife            52      Wisconsin       White
Harlan J O Singlstad    Son             23      Iowa                            Carpenter
Irvin A Singistad       Son             21      Iowa                            Carpenter
Mildred K Singlstad     Daughter        17      Iowa
Ernest G Singlstad      Son             13      Iowa

Anne Bjerke             Head            53      Iowa            White           Dishwasher in cafe

Leonard E Spilde        Head            31      Iowa            White           Farm operator
Mabel I Spilde          Wife            24      Iowa            White
Doris E Spilde          Daughter        3       Iowa
Evelyn M Spilde         Daughter        0       Iowa

Cyrus Everson           Head            63      Wisconsin       White           Runs produce station
Gertrude Everson        Wife            69      Wisconsin       White
Hazel L Wright          Lodger          14      Iowa            White
Peal G Wright           Lodger          12      Iowa            White

Reuben N Nelson         Head            31      Minnesota       White           Garage mechanic
Mabel H Nelson          Wife            29      Minnesota       White
Merle L Nelson          Son             8       Minnesota
Verneal D Nelson        Daughter        5       Minnesota         
Roger M Nelson          Son             2       Iowa
Elmer R Johner          Brother-in-law  31      Minnesota       White           Garage mechanic
Christen Hengesteg      Father-in-law   81      Norway          White   1852

Victor O Hill           Head            54      Iowa            White           Farm operator
Amy W Hill              Wife            51      Iowa            White
Dorethy E Hill          Daughter        23      Iowa
Hazel L Hill            Daughter        22      Iowa
Harry L Hann            Lodger          23      North Dakota    White           Farm worker

Eliza P Thomson         Head            55      Iowa            White           None
George Johnson          Lodger          52      Michigan        White           Farm worker

Martin Stromley         Head            51      Iowa            White           Farm operator
Carrie Stromley         Wife            52      Iowa            White
Kenneth D Stromley      Son             17      Iowa                            Farm worker
Imberg G Stromley       Daughter        16      Iowa
Myrtle C Stromley       Daughter        13      Iowa
Ruby May L Stromley     Niece           2       Iowa

John B Ellingson        Head            41      Iowa            White           Farmer
Barbra O Ellingson      Wife            40      Iowa            White
Crystle B Ellingson     Daughter        16      Iowa
Christen Ellingson      Daughter        15      Iowa
June M Ellingson        Daughter        11      Iowa
Hiram L B Ellingson     Son             9       Iowa
Lemoyne E Ellingson     Son             4       Iowa

Henry D Gabriel         Head            53      Iowa            White           Farmer
Addie L Gabriel         Wife            45      Iowa            White           Sells dry goods
Russell L Gabriel       Son             21      Iowa                            Farm worker

Ralph P Shearer         Head            36      Iowa            White           Salesman
Velma T Shearer         Wife            34      Iowa            White           Trained nurse
Mary E Stewart          Mother-in-law   70      Maine           White
Clara B Hoover          Daughter        30      Iowa            White           None
Shirley M Hoover        Granddaughter   2       Ohio

Clarence F Ausenhus     Head            30      Iowa            White           Gas station attendant
Fern I Ausenhus         Wife            27      Iowa            White           Works for Farm Bureau

Thomas E Bolton         Head            68      Iowa            White           None
Ida J Bolton            Wife            64      Iowa            White
Agustus T Bolton        Brother-in-law  57      Wisconsin       White           None

Armont E Weieneth       Head            43      Iowa            White           County sheriff
Clara H Weieneth        Wife            43      Iowa            White
Arnold E Weieneth       Son             9       Iowa
John F Weieneth         Son             6       Iowa
Charles R Weieneth      Son             3       Iowa
Tom J Johnson           Lodger          49      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Mary E Veenker          Roomer          5       Minnesota       White

Herman D Bottleman      Head            58      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Minnie W Bottleman      Wife            58      Germany         White   1871
Elmer J Bottleman       Son             18      Iowa

Kristi O Espedokken     Head            73      Norway          White   1906    None
Olina Espedokken        Daughter        35      Iowa                            Switchboard operator
Julia H Hofstad         Servant         21      North Dakota    White           Housekeeper

Helen A Owen            Head            47      Illinois        White           None

Tolef J Locken          Head            56      Minnesota       White           Farm worker

Sofus C Gunderson       Head            21      Washington      White           Stenographer
Evard O Gunderson       Brother         18      Washington
Marian Gunderson        Sister          15      Washington

Albert L Mostrom        Head            54      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ida C Mostrom           Wife            49      Iowa            White          
Herman Leverson         Son-in-law      22      Iowa            White           Farmer
Esther C Leverson       Daughter        29      Iowa
Albert Olson            Roomer          72      Wisconsin       White

Frank Smith             Head            48      Wisconsin       White           Hauls coal
Raleigh C Smith         Son             16      North Dakota
Jeanne Smith            Daughter        14      North Dakota
Dow K Laidley           Roomer          25      Iowa            White           Prints newspapers

Ralph A Torgerson       Head            27      Iowa            White           Bulk gas trucker
Edna E Torgerson        Wife            24      Iowa            White
Virgil J Torgerson      Son             3       Iowa
Francis L Berg          Daughter        14      Iowa            White

Gilbert N Haugen        Head            70      Wisconsin       White           Congressman
James Locken            Son             22      Iowa            White
Charles Pangburn        Lodger          46      Iowa            White

Hans I Hendrickson      Head            69      Iowa            White           None
Rosalind M Hannos       Daughter        23      Iowa            White           Servant
Gladys O Jenson         Roomer          36      Minnesota       White           Publice school teacher

Albert A Sime           Head            67      Iowa            White           House painter
Henry Q Shapley         Lodger          30      Iowa            White           Barber

James Jenson            Head            60      Iowa            White           Farmer
Maria Myli              Servant         59      Norway          White   1871    Servant
Hazel M Zwerneman       Boarder         22      Iowa            White

Mary E Collin           Head            74      Wisconsin       White           

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 11, Pages 1A-16A, 1B-16B.

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 1/14/2005 (revised on 6/19/2005)