Lincoln Township, Worth County
1930 Census


Census taken by Fred Zarbrock during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by head of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 639 (excludes the town of Manly)


                                                                        Imm.  Own or 
Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year  Rent  Occupation

Henry Gerken            Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Helen Gerken            Wife            68      Germany         White   1890
George Gerken           Father          72      Germany         White   1881
John Gerken             Brother         32      Iowa                                Farm laborer 

Belar Craig             Head            37      North Carolina  White         Rent  Farmer
Birdie Craig            Wife            21      Iowa            White
Ruth Craig              Daughter        8       Iowa
Dorothy Craig           Daughter        2       Iowa

Alvin Kobernusz         Head            39      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Lottie Kobernusz        Wife            39      Iowa            White
Melvin Kobernusz        Son             17      Iowa
Loyal Kobernusz         Son             15      Iowa
Elton Kobernusz         Son             12      Iowa
Iola Kobernusz          Daughter        10      Iowa
Earl Kobernusz          Son             8       Iowa
Evelyn Kobernusz        Daughter        6       Iowa
Arvilla Kobernusz       Daughter        1       Iowa

Anda Craig              Head            40      North Carolina  White         Rent  Farmer
Anna Craig              Wife            38      Illinois        White
Robert Craig            Son             14      Minnesota
Donald Craig            Son             12      Minnesota

Henry Kruse             Head            58      Illinois        White         Rent  Farm laborer   
Lenore Kruse            Wife            52      Illinois        White
Viola Kruse             Daughter        13      Iowa

Carl Benjegerdes        Head            54      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Elise Benjegerdes       Wife            53      Iowa            White
Walter Benjegerdes      Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Lesly Benjegerdes       Son             15      Iowa
Peter D Benjegerdes     Head            47      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Mimie Benjegerdes       Sister          40      Iowa            White
Marvin Benjegerdes      Son             15      Iowa

Clarence Heidenreich    Head            30      Illinois        White         Rent  Farm laborer
Alma Heidenreich        Wife            32      Iowa            White
Delores Heidenreich     Daughter        1       Iowa

Archi Hungerford        Head            37      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Nellie Hungerford       Wife            27      Iowa            White
Margret J Hungerford    Daughter        0       Iowa

Carl W Lindquist        Head            50      Sweden          White   1912  Own   Farmer
Mary Lindquist          Wife            52      Sweden          White   1921
Jorst Lindquist         Son             24      Sweden          White   1921        Farm laborer

Fred Jasper             Head            26      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Gielour Jasper          Wife            24      Iowa            White
Manard Jasper           Son             5       Iowa

Burt Johnson            Head            44      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Gertrude Johnson        Wife            42      Iowa            White
Hellen Johnson          Daughter        5       Iowa
Mildred Johnson         Daughter        2       Iowa

John Trebil             Head            51      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Eva Trebil              Wife            49      Iowa            White
Arney Trebil            Son             22      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Harlow  Trebil          Son             19      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Keith Trebil            Son             16      South Dakota
Nils Trebil             Son             13      Iowa
Donald Trebil           Son             11      Iowa
Ethel Trebil            Daughter        8       Iowa

Martin Fredrickson      Head            36      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farmer
Alma Fredrickson        Wife            32      Iowa            White
Alfreda Fredrickson     Daughter        9       Iowa
Kneeland Fredrickson    Son             8       Iowa
Dall Fredrickson        Son             3       Iowa

Mathias Fredlund        Head            42      Norway          White   1900  Own   Farmer
Tellie Fredlund         Wife            48      Iowa            White
Gladys Fredlund         Daughter        8       Minnesota

Barnum Gorden           Head            60      Ohio            White         Rent  Farmer
Burtle Gorden           Wife            58      Illinois        White
Gearland Gorden         Son             24      Iowa

Luther Harmon           Head            43      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Lara Harmon             Wife            42      Iowa            White
Leroy Harmon            Son             11      Iowa
Obert Harmon            Son             9       Iowa
Boyd Harmon             Son             7       Iowa
Standly Harmon          Son             5       Iowa
Lois Harmon             Daughter        2       Iowa
Olga Larson             Boarder         25      Iowa            White               School teacher

Otto Beko               Head            50      Germany         White   1887  Rent  Section worker of the railroad
Rose Beko               Wife            48      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Ray Beko                Son             24      Iowa
Elfriede Beko           Daughter        20      Iowa
Eldo Beko               Son             18      Iowa
Herman  Beko            Son             16      Iowa
Ramond Beko             Son             14      Iowa
Bertha Beko             Daughter        8       Iowa
Ruth Beko               Daughter        6       Iowa

Wenzle Hrubetz          Head            64      Czechoslovakia  White   1882  Own   Farmer
Emma Hrubetz            Wife            65      Iowa            White
Knut Gordon             Head            58      Iowa            White
Girdy Bjorgo            Servant         47      Norway          White   1892        Servant
Selma Bjorgo            Daughter        17      Iowa
Ramond Brubert          Nephew          11      Wisconsin       White

Louis Ridgeway          Head            35      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
May Ridgeway            Wife            35      Iowa            White
Vernon  Ridgeway        Son             9       Iowa
Virgil Ridgeway         Son             5       Iowa

Henry Johnson           Head            49      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer
Serina Johnson          Wife            41      Norway          White   1905
Hellen Johnson          Daughter        12      Illinois

Ole Tweitmoe            Head            51      Norway          White   1908  Rent  Farmer
Anna Tweitmoe           Wife            61      Norway          White
Thorsten Tweitmoe       Son             23      Norway                              Farm laborer
Inga  Tweitmoe          Daughter        19      Oregon
Anfin Tweitmore         Son             17      Oregon

Cliford Wickham         Head            43      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Ruby Lantz              Housekeeper     30      Iowa            White               Housekeeper
Wayne Lantz             Son             5       Iowa
Verle Lantz             Son             8       Iowa

William Kuntz           Head            42      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Lillie Kuntz            Wife            41      Iowa            White
Orvlle Kuntz            Daughter        14      Minnesota
Gladys Kuntz            Daughter        12      Minnesota
Williker Kuntz          Son             11      Minnesota
Lester Kuntz            Son             10      Minnesota
Alvira Kuntz            Daughter        8       Minnesota

Henry Urbatch           Head            51      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Cynthia Urbatch         Wife            37      Iowa            White
Fern Urbatch            Son             11      Iowa
Opal Urbatch            Daughter        5       Iowa
Laveme Urbatch          Daughter        2       Iowa

Caleb Stock             Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Mary Stock              Wife            48      Wisconsin       White
Walter Stock            Son             19      Iowa
Marcell Stock           Daughter        9       Iowa

John Schultz            Head            35      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Rose Schultz            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Maxine Schultz          Daughter        3       Iowa
Marilyn Schultz         Daughter        0       Iowa

Barney Smith            Head            64      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farmer
Agnes Smith             Wife            55      Iowa            White
Constance Ford          Daughter        24      Iowa            White
Harry Ford              Son-in-law      44      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Harry Milles            Hired Man       34      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Harry Cooper            Head            57      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Clara Cooper            Wife            45      Iowa            White
Emma Cooper             Daughter        21      Iowa                                Farm helper
Cliford Cooper          Son             18      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Jesse Cooper            Son             17      Iowa
Clarence Cooper         Son             14      Iowa
Harold Cooper           Son             11      Iowa
Lila Cooper             Daughter        8       Iowa
Gale Cooper             Son             9       Iowa

Charles Lucas           Head            41      Iowa            White         Rent  Watchman
Lottie Lucas            Wife            41      Nebraska        White
Howard Lucas            Son             15      Iowa
Charlie Lucas           Son             13      Iowa
Lenord Lucas            Son             10      Iowa
Joice Lucas             Daughter        8       Iowa
Phillis Lucas           Daughter        8       Iowa

Lawrence Cobeen         Head            45      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Amanda Cobeen           Wife            44      Nebraska        White
William Cobeen          Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Florence Cobeen         Daughter        16      Iowa            White
Roberta Cobeen          Daughter        4       Iowa
Mary Cobeen             Daughter        2       Iowa

Frank Clupack           Head            65      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer
Lizzie Clupack          Wife            50      Bohemia         White   1885

Gendre Christiansen     Head            45      Germany         White   1910  Rent  Farmer
Mary Christiansen       Wife            39      Germany         White           
Broder Christiansen     Son             19      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Tillie Christiansen     Daughter        17      Iowa
Martha  Christiansen    Daughter        16      Germany
Mollie Christiansen     Daughter        8       Iowa

John Wurm               Head            72      Bohemia         White   1881  Own   Farmer
Mary Wurm               Wife            69      Bohemia         White

Edwin Mammen            Head            25      Illinois        White         Rent  Fireman
Pearl Mammen            Wife            26      Nebraska        White

Claude Shaw             Head            37      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer
Ida Shaw                Wife            39      Iowa            White
Earl Shaw               Relative        22      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Joseph Field            Head            48      Iowa            White         Own   Switchman for RR
Hareriet Field          Wife            38      Iowa            White
Donald Daniels          Roomer          17      South Dakota    White
Walter Moser            Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Margaret Moser          Wife            28      Iowa            White
Ruth Moser              Daughter        7       Iowa
Robert Moser            Son             6       Iowa
William Moser           Son             2       Iowa
Phyllis Moser           Daughter        0       Iowa

Herman Athen            Head            32      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Zoe Athen               Wife            27      Minnesota       White

Henry Marken            Head            36      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Richard Marken          Brother         43      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
John Marken             Brother         48      Germany         White   1909        Carpenter  

George Kiener           Head            24      Iowa            White         Rent  Farm laborer
Anna Kiener             Wife            25      Iowa            White
Lois Kiener             Daughter        2       Iowa

Alice Holden            Head            60      England         White   1897  ???   Farming
Ceclia Holden           Daughter        37      Iowa                                School teacher
Arthur Holden           Son             25      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Anny Holden             Daughter        21      Iowa
Grace Holden            Daughter        19      Iowa

Claus Randall           Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Mary Randall            Wife            46      Iowa            White
LowellRandall           Son             20      Iowa
WhitneyRandall          Son             12      Iowa
Mac Randall             Son             10      Iowa

Floyd Mertens           Head            32      Iowa            White         Own   Machinist on the Railraod
Bessie Mertens          Wife            30      Iowa            White
Marjorie Mertens        Daughter        13      Iowa
Maxine Mertens          Daughter        9       Iowa
Alice Storms            Mother-in-law   60      Wisconsin       White

Delbert Bednar          Head            42      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Eva Bednar              Wife            41      Iowa            White
Dowanell Bednar         Daughter        14      Iowa
Marine Bednar           Daughter        9       Iowa
Beverly Bednar          Daughter        1       Iowa

Maurice Hovel           Head            24      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Hortence Hovel          Mother          44      Illinois        White
Joseph Hovel            Brother         21      Iowa

Irving Meyer            Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Anna Meyer              Wife            21      Germany         White   1924
Harry Meyer             Son             2       Iowa
William Henry           Lodger          59      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Henry Bartlett          Head            56      Illinois        White         Own   Farmer
Thomas Bartlett         Wife            50      Illinois        White
Maynard Bartlett        Son             22      Iowa
John Bartlett           Son             19      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Julia Bartieff          Daughter        17      Iowa
Elsie Bartlett          Daughter        18      Iowa
Thelma  Allison         Niece           10      Iowa            White

George Bosworth         Head            45      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farmer
Nellie Bosworth         Wife            41      Iowa            White
Doris Bosworth          Son             4       Iowa

Russsell E Stack        Head            23      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Floyd J Stack           Relative        21      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Clarence Wilson         Head            40      Illinois        White         Own   Farmer
Agness Wilson           Wife            49      Iowa            White
Dorothy Wilson          Daughter        12      Iowa
Joan Wilson             Daughter        11      Iowa
Mildred Wilson          Daughter        9       Iowa
Robert Wilson           Son             6       Iowa
Barbara Wilson          Daughter        1       Iowa
Ione Heidenreich        Roomer          32      Illinois        White               School teacher 

Martin Tracy            Head            54      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer
AnnaTracy               Wife            58      Iowa            White
Genevieve Tracy         Daughter        17      Iowa

Louis L Field           Head            35      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Mildred Field           Wife            35      Iowa            White
Miriam  Field           Daughter        8       Iowa
Lois Field              Daughter        6       Iowa
James Kline             Lodger          21      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer
Lloyd Lyford            Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Nina Lyford             Wife            42      Illinois        White
Marvine Lyford          Daughter        21      Montana
Virginia Lyford         Daughter        17      Iowa
Vernon  Lyford          Son             14      Iowa
owall Lyford            Son             11      Iowa

Mandius Forland         Head            44      Norway          White   1902  Own   Farmer
Bertha Forland          Wife            39      Iowa            White
James Forland           Son             14      Minnesota
Lawrence Forland        Son             13      Minnesota
Mathilda Forland        Daughter        11      Iowa
Arlene Forland          Daughter        6       Iowa

Frank Mahn              Head            55      Illinois        White         Own   Farmer
Orvile Mahn             Son             18      Iowa                                            
Bernice Mahn            Daughter        12      Iowa                                

Frank Jewitt            Head            61      Wisconsin       White         Rent  Farmer
Hattie Jewitt           Wife            63      Wisconsin       White
Earl Jewitt             Son             37      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Glenn Jewift            Son             34      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Jeromie Graves          Head            76      Pennsylvania    White         Own   Farmer

Arthur Roberts          Head            32      Pennsylvania    White         Rent  Farmer
Emma Roberts            Wife            33      Pennsylvania    White
Arthur Roberts          Son             10      New York
Donald Roberts          Son             4       Iowa
Earl R Roberts          Son             2       Iowa

Paul Fromhold           Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Olga Fromhold           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Pauline Fromhold        Daughter        12      Iowa            
Shirley Fromhold        Daughter        8       Iowa
Delories Fromhold       Daughter        5       Iowa
Margorie Fromhold       Daughter        1       Iowa
John Nissen             Lodger          22      Germany         White   1926        Farm laborer

Clair I Mckercher       Head            37      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Evelyn Mckercher        Wife            29      Ohio            White
Elinor Mckercher        Daughter        2       Iowa
Margaret Mckercher      Mother          70      Geatland
Harold Ennis            Hired Man       16      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Albert Bartusek         Head            57      Austria         White   1887  Rent  Farmer
Emma Bartusek           Wife            49      Iowa            White
Ruben Bartusek          Son             4       Iowa
Roland Bartusek         Son             12      Iowa
Frances Bartusek        Daughter        9       Iowa
Betty Bartusek          Daughter        4       Iowa

Henry Plath             Head            33      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Pead Plath              Wife            33      Minnesota       White
Audrey Plath            Daughter        4       Iowa

Maxwell Mitchell        Head            74      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farmer
Mary Mitchell           Wife            63      Wisconsin       White
Clarence Mitchell       Son             35      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Carl Brooks             Boarder         21      Missouri        White

Fred Markens            Head            41      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Minnie Markens          Wife            53      Germany         White   1882
Harold Markens          Son             13
Bobbie Markens          Son             9
George Siefjeliers      Brother-in-law  57      Germany         White   1882  Own   Farmer

Cecil Hill              Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Virgil Hill             Brother         29      Iowa            White               Farmer  
Margaret Hill           Mother          60      England         White   1871

Frank Werner            Head            60      Austria         White   1876  Own   Farmer
Anna Werner             Wife            53      Iowa            White

Alfonso Guerrero        Head            25      Texas           Mexican       Rent  Farm laborer
Flora Guerrero          Wife            27      Mexico          Mexican 1916
Cecela Guerrero         Daughter        2       Texas

Carl Holstad            Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Myrtle Holstad          Wife            27      Iowa            White
Arline Holstad          Daughter        5       Iowa
Maynard Holstad         Son             4       Iowa
Gilma Holstad           Daughter        2       Iowa
Leslie Holstad          Son             1       Iowa

William Osborne         Head            37      Indiana         White         Rent  Machinist on railroad
Frances  Osborne        Wife            29      Wisconsin       White
William J Osborne       Son             4       Iowa
Edward G Osborne        Son             2       Iowa
Godlieb Mueller         Head            64      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Bertha Mueller          Wife            57      Iowa            White
Harold Mueller          Son             23      Iowa
Albert Mueller          Son             18      Iowa                                Book keeper in bank

John W Reindl           Head            45      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Anna Reindl             Wife            48      Iowa            White
Helien Reindl           Daughter        21      Minnesota
Vern Reindl             Son             18      Iowa                                Farm helper
Harold Kiekenapp	    Son-in-law	    26	    Minnesota	    White               Farm laborer
Dorothy Kiekenapp       Daughter        23      Iowa
Albin Bartusek          Nephew          4       Iowa            White

Bert Murphy             Head            37      Illinois        White         Own   Farmer
Mary A Murphy           Mother          68      New York        White
William Murphy          Father          73      Massachusetts

John H Reindl           Head            49      Czechoslovakia  White   1892  Own   Farmer
Gertie H Reindl         Wife            43      Iowa            White
Lawrence Reindl         Son             20      Iowa                                Farm helper
Glenn Reindl            Son             18      Iowa                              
Frank Reindl            Son             16      Iowa
Harley Reindl           Son             14      Iowa
Ivan Reindl             Son             11      Iowa
Bland Reindl            Son             9       Iowa
Walter Reindl           Son             8       Iowa
Gerald Reindl           Son             6       Iowa

Benjaman Stickfort      Head            50      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Loffie H Sfickfort      Wife            49      Iowa            White
Lloyd Sfickfort         Son             20      Michigan
Helien Stickfort        Daughter        18      Michigan

Emma Reindl             Head            43      Iowa            White         Own   
Lesly Reindl            Son             23      Minnesota       White               Farmer   
Elmer Reindl            Son             21      Minnesota                           Farm laborer 
Ruth Reindl             Daughter        11      Iowa

William Gallion         Head            51      Maryland        White         Own   Farmer
Bertha Gallion          Wife            41      Iowa            White
Roy Gallion             Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Edna Gallion            Daughter        19      Iowa                                School teacher
Lanelle Gallion         Daughter        15      Iowa
George Stoecker         Head            49      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Paula Stoecker          Wife            49      Iowa            White
George A Stoecker       Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer 
Ruth K Stoecker         Daughter        25      Iowa                                School teacher
Mildred  Gallion        Daughter        12      Iowa            White
Hazel Gallion           Daughter        8       Iowa
Violet Gallion          Daughter        6       Iowa

Jake Koci               Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farm laborer
Ethle Koci              Wife            33      Iowa            White               Farmer
Roy Koci                Son             14      Iowa
Fred Nash               Boarder         53      Ohio            White               Farm laborer

Earl Cooper             Head            26      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Gladys Cooper           Wife            26                      White
Dale Cooper             Son             1       Iowa

Guy Casper              Head            47      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Mamie Casper            Wife            45      Sweden          White   1886
Glennis Casper          Son             23      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Paul Doebel             Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Leona Doebel            Wife            28      Iowa            White
Donald Doebel           Son             4       Iowa
Dorothy Doebel          Daughter        3       Iowa
Raymond Urbatch         Hired Man       21      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Charles Wise            Head            49      Austria         White   1882  Rent  Farmer
Mary Wise               Wife            43      Czechoslovakia  White

Charlie Ciner           Head            38      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Ethel Ciner             Wife            30      Minnesota
Shirley Ciner           Daughter        6       Iowa
Roy Schaub              Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Gertrud Schaub          Wife            24      Iowa            White
Ellis Schaub            Son             5       Iowa

Edward Bartusek         Head            38      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Katie Bartusek          Wife            34      Iowa            White
Violet Bartusek         Daughter        14      Iowa

John Snopeck            Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Emma Snopeck            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Oreans Snopeck          Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Frances Snopeck         Daughter        20      Iowa
Constance Snopeck       Daughter        13      Iowa
Maybell Snopeck         Daughter        18      Iowa
Darlene Snopeck         Daughter        2       Iowa

Joseph Bednar           Head            42      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Anna Bednar             Wife            39      Iowa            White
Charlie Bednar          Daughter        13      Iowa
Leslie Bednar           Son             11      Iowa
Lilian Bednar           Daughter        9       Iowa

Thomas Richey           Head            53      Indiana         White         Rent  Farmer
Alice Richey            Wife            52      Illinois        White
Pearl Richey            Daughter        25      Illinois                            School teacher
James Richey            Son             23      Illinois                            Trucker
Mildred Richey          Daughter        18      Iowa

James Hungerford        Head            40      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Bernice Hungerford      Wife            32      Iowa            White
Walter Hungerford       Son             9       Iowa
Eldon Hungerford        Son             6       Iowa
Neil Hungerford         Son             5       Iowa
Ines Hungerford         Daughter        1       Iowa
Alvin Gallion           Boarder         19      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Arthur Doebel           Head            35      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Bernadette Doebel       Wife            32      Minnesota       White
Mary Doebel             Daughter        7       Iowa
Monica Doebel           Daughter        2       Iowa

Chester Doebel          Head            39      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Ruth Doebel             Wife            34      Iowa            White
Arvilia Doebel          Daughter        1       Iowa
Lewis Herth             Lodger          26      Norway          White   1920        Farm laborer 

August Doebel           Head            43      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Alma Doebel             Wife            38      Iowa            White
Gladys Doebel           Daughter        16      Iowa
Phillip Strand          Head            48      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Nora Strand             Wife            48      Iowa            White
Fern Strand             Daughter        20      Iowa

Perry Brooks            Head            40      Illinois        White         Rent  Farm laborer
Alma Brooks             Wife            39      Illinois        White
Wilbur Brooks           Son             17      Iowa
Henry Brooks            Son             15      Iowa
Mary Brooks             Daughter        13      Iowa
Otto Brooks             Son             8       Iowa

Martha Ryan             Head            53      New York        White         Own   Farmer
William Ryan            Son             26      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Thomas Ryan             Son             25      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Alfred Knutson          Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Orla Knutson            Wife            25      Illinois        White
Paul Knutson            Son             5       Iowa
Richard Knutson         Son             2       Iowa
Carl Olson              Brother-in-law  25      Wisconsin       White               Farm laborer
Viviens Knutson         Mother          69      Norway          White   1880

Leman Northway          Head            28      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer
Gertrude Northway       Wife            29      Iowa            White
Lowell Northway         Son             6       Iowa
Wayne Northway          Son             4       Iowa
Grace Northway          Daughter        2       Iowa
James Wright            Hired Man       49      Iowa            Negro

Emil Yezek              Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Clara Yezek             Wife            31      Iowa            White
Grace Yezek             Daughter        9       Iowa
Mary Jane Yezek         Daughter        8       Iowa
Vern Yezek              Son             7       Iowa
Kenneth Yezek           Son             5       Iowa

Frances Trich           Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Fireman for railroad
Hilda Trich             Wife            24      Minnesota       White

Edward Clemenson        Head            31      Minnesota       White         Rent  Machinist for railroad
Freida Clemenson        Wife            22      Minnesota       White
Ellsworth Clemenson     Son             3       Iowa
Lowell Clemenson        Son             1       Iowa
Virgil Clemenson        Son             0       Iowa
Wayne Clemenson         Son             4       Iowa

Ernest Jante            Head            26      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Clara Jante             Wife            23      Iowa            White
Ernestine Jante         Daughter        1       Iowa

Joseph Cerney           Head            65      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farmer
Floyd Cerney            Son             31      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Ezra Cerney             Son             27      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Eva Cerney              Daughter-in-law 25      Kentucky
Genevive Cerney         Granddaughter   2       Iowa
Forrest Cerney          Grandson        0       Iowa

Ole Ellingson           Head            37      Norway          White   1912  Rent  Farm laborer
Emma Ellingson          Wife            36      Minnesota       White
Myrtle Ellingson        Stepdaughter    17      Iowa
Pauline Ellingson       Stepdaughter    14      Iowa
Kenneth Ellingson       Son             9       Iowa
Johanna Jacobson        Mother-in-law   74      Norway          White   1860

Jacob Reindl            Head            60      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farmer
Theresa Reindl          Daughter        33      Iowa
Arnold Newborn          Son-in-law      33      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Donald Newborn          Grandson        0       Iowa

Vance Reindl            Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Irene Reindl            Wife            30      Illinois        White
Jean Reindi             Daughter        4       Iowa

Max Studer              Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Normie Studer           Wife            29      Iowa            White
James Studer            Son             8       Iowa
Mary K  Studer          Daughter        6       Iowa
Dennis Studer           Son             4       Iowa
Donald Studer           Son             2       Iowa

Joseph H Yezek          Head            52      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Anna Yezek              Wife            40      Iowa            White
Edward Yezek            Son             20      Iowa
Leo Yezek               Son             14      Iowa
MarcellaYezek           Daughter        8       Iowa

Frank Fatka             Head            46      USA             White         Rent  Farmer
Elsie Fatka             Wife            35      Iowa            White
Henry Fatka             Father          76      Austria

Lou Faktor              Head            53      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Rose Faktor             Wife            34      Iowa            White
Marvin Faktor           Son             13      Iowa
Leland Faktor           Son             8       Iowa
Juanita Faktor          Daughter        5       Iowa
LaVerne Faktor          Daughter        2       Iowa

Ralph Franke            Head            53      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Nettie Franke           Wife            57      Iowa            White
Urban Franke            Son             14      Iowa
Ross Cobeen             Lodger          21      Iowa            White               Farm Laborer

James Grant             Head            55      Iowa            White               Farmer
Emma Grant              Wife            54      Iowa            White         Rent  
Jessie Grant            Daughter        28      Iowa
Ralph Grant             Son             25      Iowa                                Farm Laborer
Elmer Grant             Son             18      Iowa
Margaret Eyers          Niece           6       Iowa            White
James H Grant           Son             20      Iowa                                Farm Laborer

Gilbert Narveson        Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Nette Narveson          Sister          44      Iowa            White
Carry Narveson          Mother          74      Iowa            White

Henry Backhaus          Head            55      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Ida Backhaus            Wife            48      Iowa            White
Ester Backhaus          Daughter        23      Iowa
Harold Backhaus         Son             21      Iowa                                Farm Laborer

Peter Shriver           Head            67      Russia          White   1914  Rent  Farmer

Fred Vanhusser          Head            47      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Emma Martha             Wife            43      Germany         White   1895
Niles Martha            Son             18      Iowa
Clark Martha            Son             17      Minnesota
Vern Martha             Daughter        8       Iowa
Frances Mudrica         Sister-in-law   54      Iowa            White         
Dolly Carry             Niece           13      Iowa            White
Phillip Heidenreich     Boarder         62      Illinois        White               Farm Laborer

James Kell              Head            37      Pennsylvania    White         Rent  Farmer
Clarice Kell            Wife            28      Pennsylvania    White
Phyllis Kell            Daughter        3       Iowa
Jacob Peeters           Lodger          46      Russia          White   1912        Farm Laborer

Marvel Johnson          Head            38      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Amanda Johnson          Wife            34      Iowa            White
Frances Johnson         Daughter        12      Iowa
Emil Johnson            Son             10      Iowa
Wallas Johnson          Son             7       Iowa
Floyd Johnson           Son             4       Iowa
Martin Johnson          Son             4/12    Iowa

William Lifka           Head            26      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer
Flossy  Lifka           Wife            23      Wisconsin       White
William Lifka           Son             3       Iowa
Frances Lifka           Daughter        2       Minnesota
Marie Kathleen Lifka    Daughter        8/12    Iowa

Carl Narveson           Head            40      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Anna Narveson           Wife            38      Iowa            White
Clarice Narveson        Daughter        4       Iowa
Grace Narveson          Daughter        2       Iowa

Ruben Fostenson         Head            41      Iowa            White         ???   Farmer
Augusta Fostenson       Wife            30      Iowa            White
Lavon Fostenson         Son             10      Iowa
Dolores Fostenson       Daughter        1       Iowa
Derwin	Fostenson	Nephew	12
Christian Dahl          Father-in-law   70      Norway          White   1880
Anna Dahl               Mother-in-law   66      Norway          White   1882
Delmar Michell          Hired Man       29      Iowa            White               Farm Laborer

Herman Backhaus         Head            59      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Lillie Backhaus         Wife            60      Illinois        White
Irving Backhaus         Son             30      Iowa                                Farmer
Herbert Backhaus        Son             24      Iowa                                Farm Laborer
Lena Mae Backhaus       Daughter-in-law 22      Iowa

Arthur Dahl             Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Cora Dahl               Wife            34      Minnesota       White
Palmer Dahl             Son             7       Iowa

Peter Dahl              Head            64      Norway          White         Own   Farmer
Mary Dahl               Wife            61      Norway          White        

Cliford Knowles         Head            25      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Edna Knowles            Wife            22      Illinois        White
Delivan Knowles         Daughter        2       Iowa
Alice Knowles           Daughter        1       Iowa
William Knowles         Son             0       Iowa

Nes Christiansen        Head            37      Germany         White   1922  Rent  Farmer
Helena Christiansen     Wife            35      Germany         White   1922
Henry Christiansen      Brother         34      Germany         White   1922        Farm Laborer
Augusta Christiansen    Sister-in-law   27      Germany         White   1922
Breyetta Christiansen	Daughter	5

Fred Navratil           Head            26      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Hellen Navratil         Wife            21      Iowa            White
Richard Navratil        Son             5/12    Iowa

Conrad Lifka            Head            59      Illinois        White               Farmer
Mary K Lifka            Wife            51      Czechoslovakia  White         Own  
James Huizel            Brother-in-law  55      Czechoslovakia  White   1885        Farm Laborer            
Pauline Kristine Huizel Sister          50      Illinois        White
Adalene C Huizel        Niece           16      Iowa            White
Norbert Huizel          Nephew          12      Iowa            White

Arthur Knowles          Head            40      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Etta Knowles            Wife            33      Iowa            White
Marcella Knowles        Daughter        13      Iowa
Luella Knowles          Daughter        9       Iowa

Clayton Rowe            Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Blacksmith
Bela Rowe               Wife            50      Iowa            White

Ernest Martin           Head            41      Iowa            White         Own   Electrician for railroad
Hazel Martin            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Robert Martin           Son             15      Iowa
Margaret Martin         Daughter        14      Iowa

William Werle           Head            36      Iowa            White         Own   Iceman for railroad
Nina Werle              Wife            30      Illinois        White
Delos Werle             Daughter        9       Iowa

William Johnson         Head            43      Illinois        White         Own   Locomotive engineer for railroad
Ines Johnson            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Clifton Johnson         Son             20      Iowa

Eva Rryn                Head            60      Iowa            White         ???
Madoline Rryn           Daughter        16      Iowa
Oscar Wren              Head            53      Kansas          White         Own   Machinist for railroad
Ella Wren               Wife            53      Kansas          White
Neva Wren               Daughter        14      Iowa
Eva Wren                Daughter        14      Iowa

William Shannon         Head            24      Iowa            White         Rent  Machinist for railroad
Florence Shannon        Wife            22      Iowa            White
John Shannon            Son             3       Iowa
William P Shannon       Son             1       Iowa

Thomas Launsdale        Head            56      Illinois        White               Locomotive engineer for railroad
Sarah Launsdale         Wife            50      Kansas          White         Own  

Irvin L Wren            Head            28      Iowa            White         ???   Machinist for railroad
Lillie Wren             Wife            20      Iowa            White
Shirley Wren            Daughter        1/12    Iowa

Arthur Blivbnes         Head            31      Iowa            White         Rent  Laborer for railroad
Verna Blivbnes          Wife            28      Iowa            White

Frank Cunningham        Head            54      Iowa            White         Rent  Laborer for railroad
Olliva Cunningham       Wife            41      Missouri        White
Louise Cunningham       Daughter        12      Iowa
Frank H Cunningham      Son             16      Oklahoma

Willard Hungerford      Head            35      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
William Hungerford      Father          62      Iowa            White
Flora Hungerford        Mother          68      Canada          White   1871
Mary Mcquavre           Aunt            70      Canada          White   1871

P Raymond Newby         Head            26      Indiana         White         Rent  Welder for railroad
Viola Newby             Wife            29      Illinois        White
Robert Newby            Son             3       Illinois
Beverly Newby           Daughter        1       Iowa

Charlie Anderson        Head            49      Iowa            White         Own   Machinist for railroad
ElizabethAnderson       Wife            48      Iowa            White
Mary Anderson           Daughter        24      Iowa                                Meat sorter in packing plant
James Anderson          Son             18      Iowa

Barnard Brodersen       Head            34      Germany         White   1923  Rent  Farmer
Ella Brodersen          Wife            32      Germany         White
Irving Brodersen        Son             1       Iowa

Edward Hrubetz          Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Nina Hrubetz            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Leland Hrubetz          Son             4       Iowa
Luella Hrubetz          Daughter        2       Iowa
Dolores Hrubetz         Daughter        11/12   Iowa
Thelma Helgeson         Servant         16      Iowa            White               Servant

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 17, Pages 1A-7A, 1B-6B.

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 12/28/2004 (more information added 7/7/2018)