Kensett, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Viola Butler during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by heads of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 394

Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year    Occupation

Riu R Reyerson          Head            65      Norway          White   1870    Farmer
Sophia Reyerson         Wife            54      Iowa            White
Erling Reyerson         Son             17      Iowa                            Farm worker
Natan Ausenhus          Son-in-law      32      Iowa            White           Tractor mechanic
Olga Ausenhus           Daughter        32      Iowa
Grace Ausenhus          Granddaughter   2       Iowa
Dean Ausenhus           Grandson        0       Iowa
Asbjorn Asbjornson      Head            61      Norway          White           Farmer
Thea Asbjornson         Wife            63      Minnesota       White
Johnny Peterson         Nephew          18      Iowa            White

Peter Van Sabben        Head            39      Holland         White   1911    Railroad machinist
Amy Van Sabben          Wife            24      Iowa            White
Phillip Van Sabben      Son             4       Iowa
Ruth Ann Van Sabben     Daughter        2       Iowa
Bonny Sue Van Sabben    Daughter        0       Iowa

Lewis Knutson           Head            53      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Emma Knutson            Wife            43      Minnesota       White               
Ethel Knutson           Daughter        18      Minnesota
Verna Knutson           Daughter        10      Minnesota
Lorene Knutson          Daughter        9       Minnesota
Kenneth Knutson         Son             5       Iowa
Nora Enerson		Daughter	19	Minnesota	White
Lavern Enerson          Son             0       Minnesota

Anna Tostenson          Head            83      Norway          White   1848    None
Clara Tostenson         Daughter        55      Wisconsin       White
Herman Tostenson        Son             49      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Ole Helling             Head            41      Norway          White   1891    Railroad inspector
Leone Helling           Wife            28      Minnesota       White
James Helling           Son             5       Iowa
Phillis Helling         Daughter        1       Iowa

Martin Hanson           Head            44      Denmark         White           Railroad machinist
Minnie Hanson           Wife            43      Iowa            White
George Hanson           Son             20      Nebraska
Bunie Hanson            Daughter        16      Iowa

Andrew J Mammone        Head            55      Illinois        White           Dairying
Elmer Anderson          Roomer          44      Minnesota       White           Buttermaker

George Banken           Head            28      Iowa            White           Hardware store saleman
Emma Banken             Wife            28      Iowa            White
Leslie Banken           Son             2       Iowa

George Lindflott        Head            35      Iowa            White           Railroad machnist
Thea Lindfloft          Wife            32      Iowa            White
George Lindfloft        Son             4       Iowa

Annie Bjorgo            Head            74      Norway          White   1892    None
Julia Thompson          Daughter        44      Norway          White   1892
Opal Thompson           Daughter        15      Iowa
Arley Thompson          Son             11      Iowa
Knut Bjorgo             Son             46      Norway          White   1892    County worker

Dewey Houston           Head            32      Minnesota       White           Rural mail carrier
May Houston             Wife            31      Iowa            White
Joyce Houston           Daughter        6       Minnesota
Dana May Houston        Daughter        0       Iowa

Vern Johnson            Head            30      Iowa            White           Storeroom worker
Pearl Johnson           Wife            24      North Dakota    White
Iona Pearl Johnson      Daughter        2       Iowa

Ole Mickelson           Head            60      Iowa            White           Handles jewelry
Beret  Mickelson        Wife            60      Norway          White   1887

Tony Pinta              Head            39      Wisconsin       White           Butcher
MinniePinta             Wife            34      Iowa            White
Harold Pinta            Son             12      Iowa
ArthurPinta             Son             9       Iowa
Everett Pinta           Son             8       Iowa
Raymond Pinta           Son             6       Iowa
Evelyn Pinta            Daughter        2       Iowa
Charles Pinta           Son             0       Iowa

Johnney Olson           Head            29      Iowa            White           Garage mechanic
Hannah Olson            Wife            24      Iowa            White
E E Taylor              Head            50      Illinois        White           Odd jobs
Ida May Taylor          Wife            46      Iowa

Jim Boyett              Head            56      Arkansas        White           Road contractor
Mattie Boyett           Wife            55      Arkansas        White
Emery Boyett            Son             25      Arkansas                        Road construction
Dora Boyett             Daughter        23      Arkansas                        Cook for road workers
Helen Boyett            Son             20      Arkansas
Joseph Boyett           Son             18      Arkansas
Zora Boyett             Daughter        15      Arkansas

Gibby Olson             Head            48      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Elma Olson              Wife            36      Iowa            White
Claude Olson            Son             14      Iowa
Esther Olson            Daughter        10      Iowa
Hazel Olson             Daughter        8       Iowa
Gail Olson              Daughter        5       Iowa
Delmer Olson            Son             2       Iowa
Charlie Berge           Roomer          60      Wisconsin       White           Produce worker
H I Berge               Roomer          48      Wisconsin       White           Produce worker

Andrew Anderson         Head            45      Norway          White   1911    Hotel proprietor
Julia Anderson          Wife            50      Sweden          White   1895    Runs restaurant in hotel
Jennett Anderson        Granddaughter   13      Iowa
Kenneth Anderson        Grandson        12      Iowa
Charles Anderson        Grandson        9       Iowa

Carl Peterson           Head            63      Denmark         White   1885    Blacksmith
Johanne Peterson        Wife            49      Denmark         White   1899
Emil Peterson           Son             20      Iowa
Alimine Daysther        Daughter        18      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Marie Peterson          Daughter        9       Iowa

Marshall Lindquist      Head            43      Colorado        White           Farmer
Martha Lindquist        Wife            39      Iowa            White
Lyle Lindquist          Son             11      Iowa
Donald Lindquist        Son             10      Iowa
Earl Martenson          Roomer          18      Michigan        White

Edgar Fent              Head            43      Iowa            White           Telegraph operator
Bessie Fent             Wife            46      Iowa            White
Vera Fent               Daughter        19      Iowa
Odetta Fent             Daughter        16      Iowa
Aurelia Fent            Daughter        7       Iowa

Ole P Wald              Head            53      Norway          White   1884    Furniture store manager
Pearl Wald              Wife            46      Wisconsin       White
Surine Anderson         Mother-in-law   71      Norway          White   1881

Laura Harmon            Head            82      Norway          White   1865    None
Suren Harmon            Son             48      Iowa            White           Carpenter

A 0 Brunsvold           Head            49      Norway          White   1898    Road worker
Mary Brunsvold          Wife            53      Norway          White   1902
Peady Brunsvold         Son             16      Iowa
Ole Brunsvold           Son             14      Iowa

Bert Knutson            Head            45      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Ida Knutson             Wife            46      Iowa            White
Lavon Knutson           Son             19      Iowa                            Office worker
Carrie Knutson          Mother-in-law   76      Wisconsin       White
Anna Knutson            Sister-in-law   38      Iowa            White           Practical nurse
Nellie Keesey           Sister-in-law   71      Wisconsin       White

Ole Sando               Head            58      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Agnes Sando             Wife            48      Norway          White   1882
Theodore Sando          Son             24      Iowa                            Farm worker
Bertha Sando            Daughter        23      Iowa                            Housework
Alvin Sando             Son             11      Iowa
Tollef Flaatten         Grandfather     85      Norway          White   1870

Anton Boken             Head            60      Minnesota       White           None

Levi H Midgaarden       Head            59      Wisconsin       White           Rural mail carrier
Hilda Midgaarden        Wife            51      Sweden          White   1881
Carrie Narum            Head            73      Norway          White   1885
E O Wold                Head            62      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Barbara Wold            Wife            61      Wisconsin       White
Lana Wold               Daughter        25      Iowa                            Saleslady in store

Louis Brokker           Head            49      Illinois        White           Farm manager
Lacy Brokker            Wife            50      Iowa            White
Maxine Latham           Daughter        16      Iowa            White

L 0 Nasby               Head            29      Iowa            White           Bank cashier
Leona Nasby             Wife            23      Iowa            White

Harry L Emerson         Head            34      Minnesota       White           Runs meat market
Maggie Emerson          Wife            33      Minnesota       White
Lynwood Emerson         Son             5       Minnesota
Wayne Emerson           Son             2       Minnesota

Edward Johnson          Head            43      Iowa            White           Hardware store worker
Selma Johnson           Wife            39      Iowa            White
Melvin Johnson          Son             18      Iowa                            Hardware store salesman
Gladys Johnson          Daughter        16      Iowa
Ernest Johnson          Son             14      Iowa
Geroy Johnson           Son             11      Iowa

Martha Arendts          Head            63      Norway          White   1870    None
Arthur Arendts          Son             37      Iowa            White                
Everett Arendts         Son             25      Iowa            White           Salesman in store
Melvina Arendts         Daughter        40      Iowa            White           Telephome office worker
Nora Schultz            Daughter        26      Iowa            White
Fred Schultz            Son-in-law      26      Iowa            White

John Johnson            Head            70      Sweden          White   1884    None

Ole A Nubson            Head            56      Iowa            White           Telephone worker

Thor Sigmond            Head            55      Norway          White   1893    Lutheran pastor
Bertha Sigmond          Wife            45      Illinois        White
Ferne Sigmond           Daughter        21      Illinois
Phillip Sigmond         Son             16      Illinois
Paul Sigmond            Son             8       Iowa
Sophia Michelson        Mother-in-law   81      Norway          White   1878

Benjamin Hust           Head            44      North Dakota    White           Railroad machinist
Mary Hust               Wife            42      Denmark         White   1904
Lanch Hust              Son             9       Michigan
Richard Hust            Son             4       Iowa

Minnie Witham           Head            39      Missouri        White
Margaret Witham         Daughter        17      Iowa
Eugene Witham           Son             15      Iowa                            Farm worker
Dorothy Witham          Daughter        14      Iowa
Maynard Witham          Son             11      Iowa

Olaf H Gauder           Head            67      Wisconsin       White           Farmer
Carrie Gauder           Wife            68      Norway          White   1882

Arne S Tragethon        Head            68      Norway          White   1871    School janitor
Sigrid Tragethon        Wife            66      Norway          White   1885    

Perry J Olmstead        Head            42      Iowa            White           Barber
Hilma Olmstead          Wife            38      Norway          White   

Hans 0 Roslien          Head            72      Norway          White   1880    None
Lizzie Roslien          Wife            62      Iowa            White
Hardwick Roslien        Son             19      Iowa

Jens R Jorgenson        Head            32      Iowa            White           Oil station salesman
Rosalia Jorgenson       Wife            31      Iowa            White
Vincent Jorgenson       Son             6       Iowa
Mamie Jorgenson         Daughter        3       Iowa
Alice Brunsvold         Servant         26      Iowa            White           Servant

Ben Tollefsrud          Head            75      Norway          White   1882    None
Lavern Tollefsrud       Wife            74      Norway                  1871    White
Oliver Smesrud          Head            75      Norway          White   1884    None
Clarence Smesrud        Son             43      Iowa                            Railroad worker

Anton K Thom            Head            57      Norway          White   1885    Harness maker
Hilde Thom              Wife            58      Norway          White   1908

William M Turbert       Head            55      Minnesota       White           Nursing home worker
Arthur Turbert          Son             26      Minnesota                       Electrician
Arbie Turbert           Son             23      Iowa                            House painter
Laura Turbert           Daughter        17      Iowa
Hazel Turbert           Daughter        14      Iowa

Halvor Bjorgo           Head            39      Norway          White   1893    Highway worker
Minnie Bjorgo           Wife            32      Iowa            White           Saleslady
Clinton Bjorgo          Son             13      Iowa
Bernie Bjorgo           Daughter        11      Iowa
Harold Bjorgo           Son             10      Iowa
Carl Schutz             Father-in-law   73      Wisconsin       White           None

Gerhard Knudson         Head            31      Iowa            White
Norma Knutson           Wife            28      Iowa            White           County road worker
Nora Knutson            Sister          33      Iowa
Harold Knutson          Nephew          11      Iowa

Jay Cady                Head            42      Iowa            White           County road supervisor
Hannah Cady             Wife            42      Norway          White   1892
Crystle Cady            Daughter        8       Iowa

Kate Mammen             Head            56      Illinois        White           None
Carl Mammen             Son             24      Illinois        White           Road contractor
Lena Mammen             Daughter        21      Illinois        White
Walter Mammen           Son             20      Illinois        White           Farm worker
Elsie Mammen            Daughter        16      Minnesota       White
Marion Mammen           Son             14      Minnesota       White

Henry Asbe              Head            42      Iowa            White           Blacksmith
Ida Asbe                Wife            38      Iowa            White
Luella Asbe             Daughter        11      Iowa
Doris Asbe              Daughter        10      Iowa
Iona Asbe               Daughter        9       Iowa
Esther Asbe             Daughter        6       Iowa
Norma Asbe              Daughter        4       Iowa
Gladys Asbe             Daughter        3       Iowa
Donald Asbe             Son             1       Iowa

Gunter Balkan           Head            70      Norway          White   1866    Oil station manager
Tarina Balkan           Wife            56      Iowa            White
Alvin Balkan            Son             31      Iowa                            Railroad worker
Selmer Balkan           Son             27      Iowa                            Railroad worker
Mildred Balkan          Daughter        18      Iowa

Theodore S Baren        Head            61      Minnesota       White           Car dealer
Dagmar Baren            Wife            60      Iowa            White

Nils Gylleck            Head            66      Sweden          White   1892    Hair stylist
Ida Gylleck             Wife            56      Sweden          White   1893

Elbert E Jewett         Head            63      Wisconsin       White           None
Mary Jewett             Wife            62      Iowa            White
Elmer Breeding          Teacher         25      Iowa            White           Teacher
George Bunce            Brother-in-law  57      Iowa            White           Odd jobs

Ida Blokker             Head            66      Wisconsin       White           None
Forest Blokker          Son             44      Iowa                            Railroad worker

Henry S Louden          Head            41      Minnesota       White           Telegraph operator
Sena Louden             Wife            41      Denmark         White   1902
Zelda Louden            Daughter        18      Minnesota

Ray Boutelle            Head            40      Iowa            White
Mable Boutelle          Wife            38      Iowa            White
Donald Boutelle         Son             13      Iowa
Doyle Boutelle          Son             8       Iowa

Lever Knutson           Head            29      Iowa            White
Esther Knutson          Wife            26      Iowa            White
Kenneth Knutson         Son             1       Minnesota

Ferdinand Glassel       Head            56      Iowa            White           County home steward
Hannah Glassel          Wife            53      Wisconsin       White
Myrtle Glassel          Daughter        23      Iowa                            Registered nurse
Louise Warle            Roomer          43      Iowa            White
Joseph Walsen           Roomer          63      Wisconsin       White
Herbert Grosland        Roomer          87      Norway          White
John Hushra             Roomer          65      Germany         White   1894
Abraham Nygaard         Roomer          52      Norway          White   1907
George Riley            Roomer          74      Ohio            White
Ines Boe                Roomer          85      Norway          White   1852
Carlena Boe             Roomer          85      Norway          White   1886

Engval Bjorge           Head            34      Iowa            White           Barber
Elma Bjorge             Wife            31      Illinois        White
Robert Bjorge           Son             9       Iowa

William Mcquatters      Head            41      Iowa            White           Railroad engineer
Della Mcquatters        Wife            46      Illinois        White           Teacher
Harley Mcquatters       Son             11      Minnesota

Maud Grosland           Head            50      Iowa            White           None
Tillman Grosland        Son             9       Iowa
Helmer Grosland         Son             28      Iowa                            Carpenter
Selmer Grosland         Son             19      Iowa                            Farm worker
Ariander Grosland       Son             16      Iowa

Josephine Anderson      Head            78      Sweden          White   1881    None

Swan Edwards            Head            55      Illinois        White           None
Inga Edwards            Wife            48      Illinois        White
Essley Edwards          Son             27      Illinois                        Highway blader
Silas Edwards           Son             23      Illinois                        Road construction
Wallace Edwards         Son             19      Minnesota                       Farm worker
Edelle Edwards          Daughter        17      Minnesota
Madin Edwards           Son             16      Minnesota
Max Edwards             Daughter        14      Minnesota
Aleda Edwards           Daughter        11      Iowa
Boyd Edwards            Son             6       Iowa

Carl Arendt             Head            35      Iowa            White           Car dealer
Cara Arendt             Wife            37      Iowa            White
Stanton Arendt          Son             11      Iowa
Delia Arendt            Daughter        2       Iowa

Andrew Johnson          Head            49      Sweden          White   1903    Railroad section forman
Gyda Johnson            Wife            31      Iowa            White
Hilman Moen             Son             12      Iowa            White
Harold Moen             Son             12      Iowa
Floyd Moen              Son             10      Iowa
Rose Moen               Daughter        7       Iowa
Charles Moen            Son             0       Iowa

Albert Peterson         Head            58      Iowa            White           None
Olga Peterson           Wife            37      Norway          White   1912    Hair mercelling
Arthur Barth            Roomer          33      Iowa            White           Bank cashier

Engvold Jackson         Head            36      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Emma Jackson            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Charolette Jackson      Daughter        12      Iowa
Leona Jackson           Daughter        9       Iowa
Clade Nelsrud           Son             12      Iowa            White
Maynard Nelsrud         Stepson         7       Iowa

Roy Reierson            Head            29      Iowa            White           Car mechanic
Olga Reierson           Wife            28      Tennessee       White
Delores Reierson        Daughter        3       Iowa
Ruth Reierson           Daughter        0       Iowa

Harvey S Bliss          Head            71      Iowa            White           Postmaster
Lemona Bliss            Wife            69      New Jersey      White           Postmistress

Clarence C Hildreth     Head            64      Canada          White   1871    Mail carrier
Esther Hildreth         Wife            63      Wisconsin       White
Anna Stuersey           Roomer          19      Iowa            White           Teacher
James Mc Eldoney        Roomer          23      South Dakota    White           Teacher

Lamon Edward            Head            29      Illinois        White           Odd jobs
Lilian Edward           Wife            27      Iowa            White
Earl Edward             Son             6       Iowa

Marten Myhre            Head            45      Norway          White   1905    Railroad worker
Anna Myhre              Wife            39      Norway          White   1907
Marie Andreson          Daughter        18      Iowa            White
Elmer Andreson          Son             17      Iowa                            Produce salesman
Mable Andreson          Daughter        16      Iowa
Agnes Andreson          Daughter        14      Iowa
Harry Andreson          Son             13      Canada
Oliver Andreson         Son             8       Iowa
Stanley Andreson        Son             6       Iowa

John Knutson            Head            44      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Louisa Knutson          Wife            44      Iowa            White
Lucile Knutson          Daughter        11      Iowa
Doris Knutson           Daughter        11      Iowa

Andrew Auertaud         Head            47      Iowa            White           Mail carrier
Delia Auertaud          Wife            45      Iowa            White
Donald Auertaud         Son             22      Iowa                            Farm worker
Doyl Auertaud           Son             12      Iowa
Warren Auertaud         Son             9       Iowa
Andrey Auertaud         Daughter        7       Iowa
Marilyn Auertaud        Daughter        3       Iowa

A E Boutelle            Head            72      Wisconsin       White           None
Vernon Boutelle         Son             40      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Wayne Boutelle          Son             27      Iowa                            Odd jobs

Helge Johnson           Head            78      Norway          White   1854

Mrs. Handrend           Head            79      Wisconsin       White           None
Clarence Handrend       Son             48      Iowa
Betty Dokken            Head            52      Norway          White   1880    Does laundry
Olga Dokken             Daughter        18      Iowa            White
Gertie Burrier          Daughter        29      Iowa            White           Servant
Delores Burrier         Daughter        2       Iowa            White
James Burrier           Son             0       Iowa            White
John Schultz            Roomer          50      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Peter Jorgenson         Head            63      Denmark         White   1889    General store manager
Marie Jorgenson         Wife            65      Denmark         White   1890
George Newland          Head            33      Iowa            White           Lumberman
Ira Newland             Wife            28      Iowa            White
Alton Newland           Son             7       Iowa
William Newland         Son             4       Iowa
George Junior Newland   Son             2       Iowa
Halvia Sanden           Roomer          20      Iowa            White           Bookeeper in general store

T E Helle               Head            46      Norway          White   1892    Railroad inspector
Myrtle Helle            Wife            24      Iowa            White
Archie Helle            Son             5       Iowa
Barbara Helle           Daughter        0       Iowa

Carl Lewis              Head            45      Wisconsin       White           Oil Co. Worker
Marion Lewis            Daughter        8       Iowa            White

Martin Mikkelson        Head            50      Iowa            White           Odd jobs

Peter S Peterson        Head            54      Norway          White   1884    Methodist pastor
Edna Peterson           Wife            56      Iowa            White

Edward P Conway         Head            55      Iowa            White           Buttermaker
Bertha Conway           Wife            49      Illinois        White
Forrest Conway          Son             15      Iowa

Andrew Linder           Head            54      Sweden          White           Section foreman on Railroad
Anna Linder             Wife            41      Sweden          White   1899
Lavon Linder            Son             16      Iowa
Evelyn Staffin          Roomer          20      Iowa            White           School teacher
Lila Mae Stephens       Roomer          19      Iowa            White           School teacher

Hamilton E Gray         Head            68      Iowa            White           Proprietor of drug store
Margaret Gray           Wife            55      Iowa            White
Maragaret Gray          Daughter        19      Iowa
Clarence Nodtvedt       Head            47      Iowa            White           Plasterer
Helen Nodtvedt          Wife            47      Iowa            White           Restaurant worker
Julia Nodtvedt          Daughter        23      Iowa                            Road worker
Clifford Nodtvedt       Son             20      Iowa                            Farm worker
Lawrence Nodtvedt       Son             17      Iowa
Ellert Nodtvedt         Son             16      Iowa
Arlene Nodtvedt         Daughter        13      Iowa
Telma Nodtvedt          Daughter        11      Iowa
Clinton Nodtvedt        Son             9       Iowa
Fern Nodtvedt           Daughter        6       Iowa
Harold Nodtvedt         Son             4       Iowa

Orrin Knutson           Head            33      Iowa            White           Blacksmith
Maryann Knutson         Wife            31      Iowa            White
Maurice Knutson         Son             12      Iowa
Beverly Knutson         Daughter        10      Iowa
Mary Ann Knutson        Daughter        8       Iowa
Clem Olmstead           Head            31      Iowa            White           Proprietor of restauant
Ramsey Bates            Roomer          56      Oklahoma        White           Odd jobs

Lloyd Knutson           Head            24      Iowa            White           Machinist on railroad
Idona Knutson           Wife            27      Iowa            White


Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 14, Pages 1A-4B.

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 5/1/2005