Kensett Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Viola Butler during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by head of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 471

Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Imm.Year

Cornelieus Butler       Head            68      Wisconsin       White
Marie Butler            Wife            62      Minnesota       White
Arthur Butler           Son             34      Minnesota
Viola Butler            Daughter        29      Iowa
Norma Butler            Daughter        20      Iowa
Ansley Stromley         Lodger          19      Iowa            White

F M Estes               Head            57      Illinois        White
Lilly Estes             Wife            54      Arkansas        White
Lee Estes               Son             22      Iowa
Stewart Estes           Son             20      Iowa
Merle Estes             Daughter        16      Iowa

Alfred Foster           Head            36      Missouri        White
Grace Foster            Wife            39      Iowa            White
Luella Foster           Daughter        16      Iowa
Vivian Foster           Daughter        11      Iowa
Wilma Foster            Daughter        6       Iowa

Harvey Lau              Head            26      Minnesota       White
Cora Lau                Wife            19      Minnesota       White
Hazel Lau               Daughter        1       Minnesota
Audrey Lau              Daughter        0       Iowa
Ina Westrum             Sister          22      Minnesota       White
Henry Lau               Father          64      Wisconsin

John Mcgarraugh         Head            51      Iowa            White
Della Mcgarraugh        Wife            45      Iowa            White
Harold Mcgarraugh       Son             13      Iowa

John C Erickson         Head            34      Iowa            White
Betsy Erickson          Mother          76      Wisconsin       White

A W Estes               Head            51      Illinois        White
Stella Estes            Wife            31      Missouri        White
Hazel Estes             Daughter        8       Iowa
Daryl Estes             Son             6       Iowa

G L Towne               Head            37      North Dakota    White
Evelyn Towne            Wife            39      Iowa            White
Gerard Towne            Son             17      Iowa
Arley Towne             Son             17      Iowa
Elaine Towne            Daughter        11      Iowa
Lilla Towne             Daughter        6       Iowa
Jennie Towne            Daughter        2       Iowa

Melvin Grosland         Head            32      Iowa            White
Nellie Grosland         Wife            32      Iowa            White
Lydia Sandrag           Roomer          22      Iowa            White

Carl Olson              Head            68      Norway          White   1879
Anna Olson              Wife            63      Norway          White   1886
Oscar Olson             Son             35      Iowa
Clifford Olson          Son             33      Iowa
Clarence Olson          Son             22      Iowa

Pete Pederson           Head            46      Denmark         White   1909
Christ Pederson         Brother         42      Denmark         White   1908
Delia Lines             Servant         33      Iowa            White

James Dishon            Head            53      Kentucky        White
Millie Dishon           Wife            45      Iowa            White
Cecil Dishon            Son             22      Minnesota
Ruth Dishon             Daughter        14      Iowa
Marie Dishon            Daughter        10      Iowa
Dale Dishon             Son             6       Iowa
Alvin Olson             Lodger          19      Iowa            White

Aaron Mowers            Head            37      Iowa            White
Lillian Mowers          Wife            32      Indiana         White
Murray Mowers           Son             10      Iowa
Robert Mowers           Son             5       Iowa
Betty Mowers            Daughter        2       Iowa
Elmer Spilde            Head            40      Iowa            White
Anna Spilde             Wife            37      Iowa            White
Merlin Spilde           Son             14      Iowa
Charlotte Spilde        Daughter        3       Iowa

Jake Jaspers            Head            28      Iowa            White
Annelia Jaspers         Wife            30      Iowa            White

Henry J Peterson        Head            37      Iowa            White
Clara Peterson          Wife            34      Iowa            White
Arlene Peterson         Daughter        8       Iowa

Bennie Knudson          Head            36      Iowa            White
Norma Knudson           Wife            36      Iowa            White
Marcele Knudson         Daughter        16      Iowa            

Arne Luckason           Head            56      Iowa            White
Marion Luckason         Wife            51      Iowa            White
Hazel Luckason          Daughter        25      Iowa
Lester Luckason         Son             18      Iowa
Eldor Kerow             Lodger          19      Iowa            White
Arne Carlson            Lodger          19      Iowa            White

August Krumm            Head            54      Germany         White   1898
Clara Krumm             Daughter        21      Iowa
Kathryn Krumm           Daughter        14      Iowa
Johnney Peterson        Lodger          16      Iowa            White

John Berge              Head            36      Norway          White   1914
Alice Berge             Wife            27      Iowa            White
Alvin Berge             Son             6       Iowa
Glenn Berge             Son             3       Iowa
Mavis Berge             Daughter        0       Iowa

Lewis Kenison           Head            44      Iowa            White
Louise Kenison          Wife            44      Iowa            White
Doris Kenison           Daughter        14      Iowa
Ruth Kenison            Son             11      Iowa
Arthur Carlson          Lodger          21      Iowa            White

J F Weineth             Head            51      Iowa            White
Elizabeth Weineth       Wife            46      Iowa            White
Leslie Weineth          Son             24      Iowa
Dora Weineth            Daughter        22      Iowa
Doyle Weineth           Son             20      Iowa
Margaret Weineth        Daughter        14      Iowa
Arleine Weineth         Son             8       Iowa

William Meyer           Head            48      Iowa            White
Hattie Meyer            Wife            38      Iowa            White
Merle Meyer             Son             8       Iowa

Clarence L Stoddard     Head            35      Missouri        White
Ethel Stoddard          Wife            35      Missouri        White
Maxine Stoddard         Daughter        12      Missouri
Glenn Stoddard          Son             10      Missouri
Shirley Stoddard        Daughter        9       Missouri
Leland Stoddard         Son             7       Missouri

Howard Hilborn          Head            49      Iowa            White
Lena Hilborn            Wife            49      Illinois        White
Lilia Hilborn           Daughter        24      Iowa
Alice Hilbom            Daughter        16      Iowa

Robert Ewald            Head            37      Iowa            White
Anna Ewald              Wife            23      Minnesota       White
Maxine Ewald            Daughter        9       Iowa
Arlene Ewald            Daughter        4       Iowa
Delores Ewald           Daughter        2       Iowa
Carl Ewald              Father          69      Germany         White   

Anton Steiger           Head            62      Indiana         White
Anna Steiger            Wife            52      Iowa            White
Clarence Steiger        Son             23      Iowa
Elsie Steiger           Daughter-in-law 22      Nebraska        White
Baby Steiger            Granddaughter   0       Iowa            White
Glenn Steiger           Son             17      Iowa

Delmer Lucken           Head            25      Iowa            White
Bernice Lucken          Wife            21      Iowa            White
Jeannine Lucken         Daughter        0       Iowa

William Estes           Head            24      Iowa            White
Selma Estes             Wife            22      Iowa            White
Wayne Estes             Son             1       Iowa
Loyde Estes             Son             0       Iowa
William Moody           Uncle           46      Arkansas        White

Marshall Stoddard       Head            20      Iowa            White
Maud Stoddard           Sister          20      Iowa            White
Clarence Diedrick       Head            32      Iowa            White
Elsie Diedrick          Wife            33      Iowa            White
Laverne Diedrick        Son             9       Iowa
Mildred Diedrick        Daughter        3       Iowa
Doris Diedrick          Daughter        1       Iowa
Laurence Diedrick       Brother         26      Iowa

Elizabeth Hogan         Head            54      Iowa            White
Myrtle Hogan            Daughter        31      Minnesota       White
Agnes Hogan             Daughter        29      Iowa
Stanly Hogan            Son             27      Iowa
Harold Hogan            Son             24      Iowa
Gerald Warrington       Nephew          7       Iowa            White

Chester A Reeves        Head            36      Iowa            White
Bessie Reeves           Wife            37      Iowa            White
Gerald Reeves           Son             14      Iowa
Elisabeth Reeves        Daughter        8       Iowa
Norman Reeves           Son             3       Iowa

Tom Williams            Head            40      Norway          White   1891
Ida Williams            Wife            37      Minnesota       White
Esther Williams         Daughter        18      Minnesota
Judith Williams         Daughter        16      Minnesota
Irene Williams          Daughter        14      Minnesota
Annie Williams          Daughter        11      Iowa
Thomas Williams         Son             9       Iowa

Edward Youmans          Head            39      Iowa            White
Minnie Youmans          Wife            34      Iowa            White
Harley Youmans          Son             8       Iowa
Glenn Youmans           Son             6       Iowa
Mayme Youmans           Daughter        2       Iowa

John A Gill             Head            53      Iowa            White
Catherine Gill          Wife            57      Iowa            White
Stephen  Gill           Son             20      Iowa

Fred Paulsen            Head            56      Germany         White   1907
Dorothy Paulsen         Wife            57      Germany         White   1907
Henry Paulsen           Son             24      Germany         White   1907
William Paulsen         Son             21      Iowa
Arnold Paulsen          Son             17      Iowa

Ralph Read              Head            40      Iowa            White
Meilisa Reed            Wife            39      Iowa            White
Lester Read             Son             18      Iowa

Joseph Youmans          Head            80      New York        White
Lena Youmans            Wife            63      Iowa            White

Wilma Boutelle          Head            65      Iowa            White
Della Hoover            Servant         55      Michigan        White
Doris Hoover            Daughter        18      North Dakota
Burton Butler           Servant         70      Pennsylvania    White

Conrad S Carlson        Head            44      Sweden          White   1903
Marie Carlson           Wife            43      Illinois        White
Alma Carlson            Daughter        19      Iowa
Stella Carlson          Daughter        14      Iowa
Telma Kile              Lodger          20      Iowa            White

Arthur Walk             Head            32      Iowa            White
Tillie Walk             Wife            29      Iowa            White
Mel Zuk                 Lodger          18      Iowa            White

George Krumm            Head            25      Iowa            White
Myrtle Krumm            Wife            26      Iowa            White
Lois Krumm              Daughter        2       Iowa

Oscar Schaub            Head            57      Iowa            White
Emma Schaub             Wife            50      Iowa            White
Wilma Schaub            Daughter        15      Iowa

Mike Rademaker          Head            35      Iowa            White
Clara  Rademaker        Wife            34      Iowa            White
Victor Rademaker        Son             11      Iowa

Albin Hoydar            Head            33      Iowa            White
Clara Hoydar            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Ralph Kuntz             Brother-in-law  33      Iowa            White
Evelyn Hoydar           Daughter        8       Iowa
Shirley Hoydar          Daughter        2       Iowa

Christ Hebel            Head            39      Iowa            White
Blanch Hebel            Wife            34      Iowa            White
Veronica Hebel          Daughter        14      Iowa
Elizabeth Hebel         Daughter        13      Iowa
Adelaide Hebel          Daughter        11      Iowa
Hortense Hebel          Daughter        10      Iowa
Garold Hebel            Son             9       Iowa
Bernard Hebel           Son             6       Iowa
Emil Hebel              Son             4       Iowa
Clarice Hebel           Daughter        2       Iowa
Mary Hebel              Daughter        0       Iowa

Teman Gordon            Head            57      Norway          White   1883
Randy Gordon            Wife            55      Iowa            White
Norman Gordon           Son             29      Iowa
Laurence Gordon         Son             24      Iowa
Ernest Gordon           Son             23      Iowa
Marjorie Gordon         Daughter-in-law 18      Iowa
Richard Gordon          Grandson        0       Iowa
Gaylord Gordon          Son             20      Iowa
Gena Trustem            Sister-in-law   52      Iowa            White

Hans Kuhlman            Head            33      Iowa            White
Mary Kuhlman            Wife            35      Iowa            White
Margaret Kuhlman        Daughter        8       Iowa
Arlene Kuhlman          Daughter        7       Iowa
Dorothy Kuhlman         Daughter        3       Iowa
Harold Hagan            Lodger          23      Iowa            White

Osman Williams          Head            38      Illinois        White
Gladys Williams         Wife            33      Vermont         White
Pearl Williams          Daughter        12      Minnesota
Meyrl Williams          Daughter        10      South Dakota
Burton Williams         Son             7       Iowa
Clarence Williams       Nephew          13      Minnesota       White
John Williams           Nephew          12      Iowa            White
George Williams         Brother         34      Illinois        White
Martin Lindley          Lodger          35      Iowa            White

Carl O Olson            Head            45      Iowa            White
Ida Olson               Wife            39      Iowa            White
Kenneth Olson           Son             14      Iowa
Ina Olson               Daughter        12      Iowa
Nadine Olson            Daughter        9       Iowa
Abraham Torguson        Head            69      Wisconsin       White
Marth Torguson          Wife            66      Norway          White   1873
Albert Torguson         Son             22      Minnesota
Eva Torguson            Daughter-in-law 18      Iowa

Theodore Jenson         Head            43      Denmark         White   1903
Elenora Jenson          Wife            30      Iowa            White
Maxine Jenson           Daughter        9       Iowa
Doug Jenson             Daughter        7       Iowa
Lida Jenson             Daughter        6       Iowa
Merlin Jenson           Son             4       Iowa
Charlie Hanson          Lodger          21      Minnesota       White

Fred Zarbock            Head            56      Germany         White   1893
Eleanor Zarbock         Daughter        14      Minnesota

Halvor Halverson        Head            44      Iowa            White
Kari Halverson          Mother          71      Norway          White   1880
Cara Halverson          Sister          29      Iowa            White
Peter Halverson         Brother         40      Iowa            White

Jessie Cooper           Head            82      Illinois        White
Maude Cooper            Daughter        45      Iowa            

Henry E Mellem          Head            42      Iowa            White
Amelia Mellem           Wife            36      North Dakota    White
Beulah Mellem           Daughter        15      Canada
Walter Mellem           Son             14      Canada
Edna Mellem             Daughter        12      Canada
Lloyd Mellem            Son             10      Iowa
Laurence Mellem         Son             8       Minnesota
Elmer Mellem            Son             6       Minnesota
Ruth Mellem             Daughter        3       Iowa
Evelyn Mellem           Daughter        0       Iowa

Oluf L Brunsvold        Head            58      Iowa            White
Mallina Brunsvold       Wife            58      Minnesota       White
Cora Brunsvold          Daughter        26      Iowa
Orin Brunsvold          Son             24      Iowa
Mayland Brunsvold       Son             21      Iowa
Otto Brunsvold          Son             18      Iowa
Gladys Brunsvold        Daughter        16      Iowa

Norman Norland          Head            42      Iowa            White
Aletta Norland          Wife            36      Iowa            White
Robert Norland          Son             8       Iowa
Donald Norland          Son             5       Iowa
Phillip Norland         Son             3       Iowa
Ruth Norland            Daughter        1       Iowa

William Freland         Head            40      Iowa            White
Anna Freland            Wife            36      Iowa            White
Shirley Ann Freland     Daughter        2       Iowa

John Herth              Head            53      Norway          White   1898
Alma Herth              Wife            45      Wisconsin       White
Mendall Herth           Cousin          14      Minnesota       White
Oscar Hove              Lodger          44      Iowa            White

Paul T Peterson         Head            48      Denmark         White   1913
Marie Peterson          Wife            58      Denmark         White   1913
Erik Peterson           Son             20      Denmark         White   1913
Elmer Peterson          Son             14      Iowa

George Appelgate        Head            54      Iowa            White
Alma Applegate          Wife            43      Iowa            White

Otto A Schwartz         Head            36      Illinois        White
Anna Schwartz           Wife            31      Illinois        White
Otto Schwartz           Son             9       Illinois
Ruth Mary Schwartz      Daughter        8       Illinois
George Schwartz         Son             7       Illinois
Robert Schwartz         Son             5       Iowa
Pat Cooper              Lodger          24      Ireland         White   1914

Hilman Gaarder          Head            36      Iowa            White
Enza Gaarder            Wife            37      Iowa            White
Hoyt Gaarder            Son             10      Iowa
Donald Gaarder          Son             8       Iowa
Ilene Gaarder           Daughter        3       Iowa
Audrey Jean Gaarder     Daughter        1       Iowa
Gunnar Torguson         Lodger          24      Norway          White   1927
Evelyn Gullickson       Lodger          24      Iowa            White

Nels Hermanson          Head            44      Iowa            White
Julia Hermanson         Wife            36      Iowa            White
Perly Hermanson         Son             11      Iowa
Curtis Hermanson        Son             8       Iowa
Gilbert J Nelson        Head            46      Iowa            White
Berth Nelson            Wife            45      Iowa            White
Bernard Hanson          Lodger          32      Iowa            White

John Lilleboe           Head            48      Norway          White   1902
Edna Lilleboe           Wife            40      Iowa            White
Emery Lilleboe          Son             19      Iowa
Raymond Lilleboe        Son             17      Iowa
Avis Lilleboe           Daughter        14      Iowa
LaVon Lilleboe          Daughter        3       Iowa

John A Guilickson       Head            64      Iowa            White
Alberta Guilickson      Wife            58      Iowa            White
Joseph Guilickson       Son             25      Iowa
Donald Gullickson       Son             22      Iowa
Arlene Guilickson       Daughter        18      Iowa

William Colbertson      Head            27      Iowa            White
Dorothy Colbertson      Wife            23      North Dakota    White
David Colbertson        Son             1       Iowa

Clarence Severson       Head            39      Iowa            White
Julia Severson          Wife            39      Iowa            White
Myrtle Severson         Daughter        16      Iowa
Leighton Severson       Son             13      Iowa
Leona Severson          Daughter        4       Iowa
Henry Tue               Brother-in-law  38      Iowa            White

Martin Severson         Head            46      Iowa            White
Dena Severson           Wife            45      Iowa            White
Gladys Severson         Daughter        20      Iowa
Maurice Severson        Son             17      Iowa

Ole Harmon              Head            51      Iowa            White
Enga Harmon             Wife            46      North Dakota    White
Irvin Harmon            Son             24      Iowa
Gail Harmon             Daughter        22      Iowa
Dorothy Harmon          Daughter        14      Iowa
Phyllis Harmon          Daughter        7       Iowa
Jul Anderson            Father-in-law   74      Norway          White   1878

Julis Hauge             Head            34      Iowa            White
Ruby Hauge              Wife            28      Iowa            White
Jerome Hauge            Son             0       Iowa
Ole Tuftedal            Head            79      Norway          White   1872
Lewis Tuftedal          Son             46      Iowa
Levi Johnson            Roomer          53      Iowa            White
John Hopperstad         Lodger          60      Iowa            White
Lillian Fuftedahl       Granddaughter   10      Iowa            White
Alice Nordahl           Hired Girl      20      Iowa            White

Oliver Colbertson       Head            24      Iowa            White
Marve Colbertson        Wife            24      Iowa            White

Elmer Twito             Head            31      Iowa            White
Emmy Twito              Wife            30      Iowa            White
Kermit Twito            Son             8       Minnesota
Iver Olson              Lodger          17      Iowa            White

J H Vikaren             Head            39      Iowa            White
Bertha Vikaren          Wife            25      Minnesota       White
Howard Vikarren         Son             3       Iowa
Esther Vikarron         Daughter        2       Iowa
Bernice Vikaren         Daughter        6/12    Iowa
Engvold Mickelson       Lodger          18      Iowa            White

Andrew Fjeld            Head            58      Norway          White   1880
Bertha Fjeld            Wife            56      Norway          White   1882
Alice Fjeld             Daughter        13      Iowa
Alvin Hanson            Lodger          20      Iowa            White

Alfred Fenney           Head            36      Iowa            White
Effie Fenny             Wife            27      Iowa            White
Edgar Fenny             Son             4       Minnesota

Willian Fenny           Head            64      Wisconsin       White
Sophia Fenny            Wife            61      Iowa            White
Ernest Fenny            Son             35      Iowa

0 C Hall                Head            58      Minnesota       White
Anna B Hall             Wife            52      Iowa            White
Floyd Hall              Son             13      Iowa
Frank Hall              Son             9       Iowa

Melvin Thompson         Head            36      Iowa            White
Ernest Thompson         Brother         27      Iowa            White
Christine Thompson      Mother          62      Wisconsin       White

Martin Raisin           Head            37      Norway          White   1912
Ida Raisin              Wife            38      Iowa            White
Maynard Raisin          Son             6       Iowa
Sylvia Raisin           Daughter        4       Iowa
Mildred Raisin          Daughter        3       Iowa
Agnes Raisin            Daughter        1       Iowa
Mel Ludvigson           Lodger          36      Norway          White   1912

Erick  Johnson          Head            52      Iowa            White
Bertha Johnson          Wife            46      Iowa            White
Barbara Johnson         Daughter        16      Iowa
Genevieve Johnson       Daughter        11      Iowa
Edward Johnson          Son             8       Iowa
Omer Johnson            Son             3       Iowa
Lenard Anderson         Lodger          28      Iowa            White

Clarence Tue            Head            42      Iowa            White
Sena Tue                Wife            24      Minnesota       White
Martin Tue              Brother         45      Iowa

Palmer Butler           Head            33      Iowa            White
Georgina Butler         Wife            34      Iowa            White
Genevieve Butler        Daughter        14      Iowa
Melborne Butler         Son             6       Iowa
Margaret Butler         Daughter        4       Iowa
Annetta Butler          Daughter        2       Iowa
Earl Butler             Son             0       Iowa

Manly Anderson          Head            31      Iowa            White
Olive Anderson          Wife            28      Pennsylvania    White
Dealda Anderson         Daughter        7       Iowa
Velma Anderson          Daughter        4       Iowa
Arlene Anderson         Daughter        3       Iowa
Joy Anderson            Daughter        1       Iowa

Joseph A Trainer        Head            54      Iowa            White
Agnes Trainer           Daughter        20      Iowa            
Viola Trainer           Daughter        23      Iowa
Lowell Trainer          Son             17      Iowa
Mona Trainer            Daughter        16      Iowa

E H Gaarder             Head            61      Wisconsin       White
Harvey Gaarder          Son             23      Iowa            

William Gaarder         Head            56      Wisconsin       White

Lewis Garnas            Head            56      Norway          White   1891
Minnie Garnas           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Leonard Garnas          Son             13      Iowa
Glenn Garnas            Son             10      Iowa
Elizabeth Garnas        Daughter        7       Iowa
Robert Garnas           Son             6       Iowa
Margaret Garnas         Daughter        4       Iowa
Betty Ann Garnas        Daughter        2       Iowa

William H Pangburn      Head            62      Iowa            White
Maud Pangburn           Wife            43      Wisconsin       White
Milo Pangburn           Son             20      Minnesota
Helestha Pangburn       Daughter        10      Iowa
Maxine Pangburn         Daughter        8       Iowa
Hannah Pangburn         Daughter        5       Iowa

Ed Erickson             Head            41      Minnesota       White
BessieErickson          Wife            38      Iowa            White
Lucile  Erickson        Daughter        16      Iowa
Ernest Erickson         Son             13      Iowa
Norman Erickson         Son             11      Iowa

Carl Rone               Head            39      Iowa            White
Agnes Rone              Wife            42      South Dakota    White
Carol Ann Rone          Daughter        5       Iowa

Ole A Bratrud           Head            35      Norway          White   1914
Clara Bratrud           Wife            33      Iowa
Bernice Bratrud         Daughter        7       Iowa
Ordn Bratrud            Son             5       Iowa

Russel Patterson        Head            22      Iowa            White
Erma Patterson          Wife            26      Iowa

Roy White               Head            32      Illinois        White
Elizabeth White         Wife            25      Iowa
Lake Versteeg           Brother-in-law  28      Iowa            White
Galen Hauge             Lodger          19      Iowa            White

Orang Gunderson         Head            44      Norway          White
Dena Gunderson          Daughter        15      Iowa
Sidney Gunderson        Son             12      Iowa

Ira Erickson            Head            62      Illinois        White
Gurene Erickson         Wife            49      Norway          White   1887
Everett Erickson        Son             19      Iowa
Eva Erickson            Daughter        14      Iowa
Naomi Erickson          Daughter        12      Iowa
Judith Erickson         Daughter        8       Iowa

Juls Stinie             Head            55      Iowa            White
Andrene Stinie          Sister          53      Iowa            White

Iver Olsen              Head            59      Norway          White   1891

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 15 Pages 1A-5B.

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 5/2/2005